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Published by on 2022-09-01

This is a set of sport band. It is mainly concerned about the fitness and health
of the population designed to help users understand their own health.

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Reported Issues: 100 Comments

By Jane Travis
Nov 28 2022

Blood pressure readings are inaccurate. Readings are high. How to reset so reads correctly. Manuel readings are much lower. I bought this watch to monitor BP. Disappointed

By Angelia Gavin-May
Nov 27 2022

My watch is not recording sleep time please help

By Sophie Guest
Nov 24 2022

My steps are not getting calculated properly. I would leave work with 10, 000 steps just over a week ago and now come the end of the day, I’m not even achieving my target goal which is 8,000? It may sound like a very trivial statement but does the watch need troubleshooting?

By Sophie Guest
Nov 24 2022

My steps are not getting calculated properly. I would leave work with 10, 000 steps just over a week ago and now come the end of the day, I’m not even achieving my target goal which is 8,000? It may sound like a very trivial statement but does the watch need troubleshooting?

By Lynda millward
Nov 23 2022

Just realised my watch have never shown blood pressure

By Pat Brighella
Nov 22 2022

How do I change from metric on walking to american

By Eric H Tai. Bem
Nov 21 2022

Why does the Gloryfit blood pressure readings not show an accurate reading. I have been using for almost a year and the readings are always between 142/83 to 149/86 approximately. I have a expensive BP monitor which show my correct BP which is different from the watch even if I take my BP at a similar time. I purchase a Gloryfitvwatch for a friend about three weeks ago an he having the same problem. Infact the readings are the same as mine, why? Please advise

By Lynsey Beardshall
Nov 13 2022

My sleep counter isnt working on watch

By Mark
Nov 09 2022

Just got one of these today. The watch wont wake when I lift my wrist, have to press the button to wake it up...does it not have a tap function?The heart rate is 0 as well as the steps.

By ted
Nov 07 2022

just purchased the gloryfit watch. The blood pressure reads extremely high and there is no way to calibrate it down anywhere close to my actual BP.
If I cant resolve I must the watch back.
thank you

By robert bruckner
Nov 03 2022

phone wont charge

By JG Mohan
Nov 03 2022

Having similar problem to the folks who say blood pressure readings are off. I checked with a blood pressure cuff and numbers were way off. Also said mine were 145/86. Cuff had me 110/68

By Lee J. Ostrader
Oct 31 2022

The reading for blood pressure is always 144/84
how do I recalculate it

By Lee J. Ostrader
Oct 31 2022

The reading for blood pressure is always 144/84
how do I recalculate it

By Hector
Oct 28 2022

The GloryFit has every minute a vibration
Please I need help with this annoying issue

By Jim
Oct 18 2022

Only turns on to first page, will not change page.

By linda treitl
Oct 12 2022

My watch is recording my steps andctraining but not loading onto my phone. Its been ok until this week. Ive checked my bluetooth is ok. What can i do?

By Frank Seddon
Oct 03 2022

Had phone less than a month now not working

By Marc
Sep 26 2022

I'm having an issue with sleep tracking. I'm not sure if the software isn't working properly or the watch is malfunctioning. I also get this message: 'Wear device properly and try again'. I've adjusted and readjusted the watch but I still get the message. I have to press the watch very firmly against my wrist and then it gives me a reading. Please provide some help for this issue. Thanks in advance.

By Dennis D Dryer
Sep 23 2022

The BP measurement is consistently high by 28 mmHg, both systolic and diastolic. How can I adjust the watch to be more accurate?

By Larry Hooper
Sep 17 2022

Temperature sensor reading extremely high. Have reset, Clean everything. Help

By William Walsh
Sep 16 2022

Sleep record not working in model P 32. All indicators read zeros, not sure what in phone LG - ANDROID to activate to make monitor work.

By Phyllis McCormack
Sep 14 2022

Glory fit will not recharge

By Win
Sep 13 2022

The Movement Path details have stopped working since the 6th September 2022.

By Jane Lambert
Sep 03 2022

The oxygen level & blood pressure reading doesn't stay on watch

By J Galt
Sep 01 2022

The weather/temp does not sync with current location....totally different state!!!! What the heck!

By Myron N.
Aug 31 2022

Watch connects to phone but wont connect with app.

By Bonnie L
Aug 26 2022

Glory fit has to be charged daily. I have left it on the charger for 24 hours and have it run out of battery in 10 hours

By Susan Seegolun
Aug 26 2022

My GloryFit watch P40D watch isn’t recording my steps, today I’ve done over 9,000 today but the watch only states 1646. Can you advise me please.

By Jim Allen
Aug 26 2022

Why does the sleep monitor start at 2 in the morning instead of when I go to bed. Also the heart monitor is showing the same everyday., also how can the steps be right as you don't have to put step length in anywhere. My wife has a smartwatch as well and our steps should be about the same but they are way out of sync . Not happy with this watch at all. I have tried unbind and checking Bluetooth but nothing changes.

By Dionne Hassam
Aug 22 2022

When I go to sport and go to walking it doesn't track the correct kilometres walked. How can I fix this problem?

By Dionne Hassam
Aug 22 2022

When I go to sport and go to walking it doesn't track the correct kilometres walked. How can I fix this problem?

By Humayun
Aug 20 2022

Hi. I can't connect my smartwatch with gloryfit app. Tried everything and it still doesn't work. Watch can connect to phone but not to app.

By Peter Pischek
Aug 19 2022

Blood Pressure is the same reading
144/84 I need to monitor my blood pressure because I have a hat problem. This watch does not neets my expectations

By Jo Grier
Aug 18 2022

I am not receiving text messages from my iPhone to my watch .. I get WhatsApps but not direct text messages ??? Please help

By John S Martocci
Aug 15 2022

Blood Pressure is the same reading
Reset watch and still same reading

By Susan
Aug 14 2022

My watch has stopped vibrating when alarm set. Unable to find solution

By Eduardo Contino
Aug 08 2022

I buy a Gloryfit watch few days ago and I can’t fix the date time. Work for a two days but shows 0 in the hour only shows the minutes. Can somebody tell me what I have to do?

By Georges Mobile
Aug 07 2022

Movement path has stopped being recorded in the app

By Ann McMenemy
Aug 06 2022

Where do I purchase a new charger?

By William Moss
Aug 03 2022

My wife and I both have gloryfit watches. When we play gold my wife’s reading is 10000+ steps and mine is 5000 approx. Mine is always much less than hers. We swapped watches and she still did 10000+ steps and I did 5000 approx. How do you explain this?

By Doug B
Jul 31 2022

Route mapping no longer shows. Will show total distance, but does not show route on map anymore.

Last date map route recordings showed was morning of 7/28.

By Ellen Catherine Abbott
Jul 31 2022

I can't open the app

By Fiona
Jul 29 2022

Unable to track sleep before 10pm, how can I fix that ?

By Pam edwards
Jul 29 2022

BP incorrect readings, not even close to being correct. It is a nice watch, but purchased fore health reasons which I can’t trust

By Fred Macciocchi
Jul 28 2022

Heart rate during exercise is incorrect. Blood pressure provides same high number all the time. Bought watch for monitoring heart rate during exercise but watch doesn't work for that. There is a large lag and I have to remove it and reinstall to get a reading close to actual. What can I do to get it to work properly? Can it be used without app running on phone????

By Dawn Green
Jul 28 2022

Doesn't track my sleep correctly, this has happened recently, it was working correctly before

By stella
Jul 26 2022

please how do i turn on the sleep tracking function in gloryfit

By Jon Mooney
Jul 25 2022

dial center does not load ever it seems, just a blank screen. no watch faces available except the ones that come on the watch.

By Bonnie
Jul 25 2022

Watch and app not syncing have had for over a year and first time issue

By Tammy-Ann Blackett
Jul 24 2022

The font is too small to read messages How can I increase the font size?

By Wendy
Jul 24 2022

Blood pressure worked until recent update but is now way out. The sleep monitor is also flawed

By Al Greene
Jul 24 2022

I can't find the blood pressure reading anywhere on the watch.

By Wallace Rick
Jul 23 2022

Weather data wrong. Also blood pressure is way off

By John Cohen
Jul 21 2022

Have loaded app but cannot get past gender screen. Have tried re-install but problem persists

By Phill
Jul 19 2022

Weather app not syncing

By Hazel Donaldson
Jul 19 2022

Watch fully charged and operates as expected. Power is lost when unplugged from charger.

By Lamoyne Buser
Jul 19 2022

Since downloading the latest gloryfit app to my Samsung Galaxy Smartphone I am unable to complete the log in process. The app worked fine before the update.

By William Huggins
Jul 18 2022

Just updated Glory Fit to fix: known issues & improve stability. When I open GloryFit it isn't syncing to my activities anymore. How can I get back to it?
Thank you

By Michael
Jul 17 2022

My gloryfit app doesn't always record my sleep my fit watch does but it doesn't get put on the app

By Michael
Jul 17 2022

My gloryfit app doesn't always record my sleep my fit watch does but it doesn't get put on the app

By Carlos Covarrubias
Jul 08 2022


gloryfit weather

By Michelle
Jul 07 2022

Sports on R3 will not exit to main watch screen.
Blood Pressure not working

By C Welch
Jun 28 2022

Unable to load on Moto e5. Says pending!

By M E Calloway
Jun 27 2022

Weather will not load to app or device, I have iPhone 13 Pro

By roy barnes
Jun 23 2022

The blood pressure monitor is not working. It gives very high readings which are incorrect when checked with a blood pressure manual checker. Now it keeps saying Loading and cannot stop

By Eric Johnk
Jun 22 2022

I have found the blood pressure readings to be inaccurate. The oxygen readings are also inconsistent. The sleep monitoring is also not accurate. I have not messed around with the other settings, so can't comment on those. I bought two of the watches for my elderly parents. The readings are not reliable. I was told to unpair, reset watch, delete app, re-download app, pair watch/phone and try again. I got same inaccurate results. The app doesn't allow you to track or test oxygen. I find the watch and app lacking.

By Howard Saunders
Jun 22 2022

What ever time I go to bed the watch only start's recording at two in the morning so I don't get the total number of hours of my sleep time please help. Howard.

By Matt
Jun 21 2022

My watch keeps minimizing and flashing back to a smaller screen of my same background but at a diffrent time. If I tap it, it corrects itself. But I feel it vibrate and minimize all day.

By Debbie
Jun 18 2022

when trying to share report it just hangs up and keeps trying to load. have to uninstall to get it to reset.

By Jane Hulme
Jun 15 2022

Cannot use feedback form to ask if the minimum number of steps can be changed to 1000

By B. Forber
Jun 15 2022

Movement path has stopped being recorded on the training walk data.
Also sleep recording is inaccurate.

By Markgleisner
Jun 14 2022

Weather app has wrong location, cannot change to correct one

By Jim
Jun 13 2022

Will not charge

By Cindy Stallings
Jun 09 2022

Steps history is not showing up

By Cindy Stallings
Jun 09 2022

BP not recording properly

By Bob
Jun 05 2022

Can't connect

By Shelley Kapach
Jun 04 2022

The blood pressure is not accurate. Tried it on myself and my daughter, it was inaccurate for both of us.

By Allen W
May 31 2022

No watch faces appear on the GloryFit app. The Dial Center is not working,

By Paddy Cleary
May 31 2022

Sleep monitor not working

By Monique
May 31 2022

Sleep tracker is not working at all. Everything else works fine so far.

By Missy Gilman
May 24 2022

The app won't load, keeps spinning and saying "pending"

By Barry Noonan
May 18 2022

When I try to connect to Health2 on my Samsung Bluetooth it says an app is needed to use this devise. My watch only provides me with date and time. None of the health features have ever worked. I have unpaired it several times but I never get the full function of the watch. Needless to say I am not impressed

By Dane
May 17 2022

Whenever I try to change my background on the dial center, it wont load and it's so irritating

By Lance L Hingle
Apr 27 2022

The app hasn't been able to connect to their servers since yesterday morning.

By Jane elliott
Apr 27 2022

This watch does not track my
Sleep correctly at all. I was up 4 times in the night last night but app said I was asleep. Has not been accurate since I got it.

By Amaury Rivera
Apr 23 2022

The screen is showing intermittent white lines but all features working

By Denise
Apr 20 2022

For some reason my watch keeps resetting my steps multiple times during the day and I lose them all. How do I fix this? Also the blood pressure is not accurate on the watch but when done from my phone it is.

By janice maughan
Apr 17 2022

When I used the training section to record a walk, the steps were not recorded in my daily total when I looked the next day, only in the separate sports section.

By Jess
Apr 13 2022

Live London Ontario has me in Windsor Ontario need change tried reset and unpairing no change?

By Linda Carter
Apr 08 2022

Ive only done 10 steps but my watch is saying 26

By Lori Laramee
Apr 07 2022

The issues I’m having are the screen last night was flashing and wouldn’t stop for 2-3 minutes in the Middle of the night and woke me up. Why did this happen. Also the steps already have me at 785 so what can I do to correct that. Thank you Lori

By Lorrie Stevenson
Apr 01 2022

I have reset my watch a few times, and even though the time is correct for most of the time it will vibrate for no apparent reason and show me a different time usually 4 hours off.
Why is this happening and how to fix it

By Alan Baker
Mar 29 2022

I have installed the Glory Fit app on both my Samsung Galaxy M31 and TCL 30SE, one running Android 11 the other Android 12. Both run but allow me only to get as far as the male/female selection screen after which I am unable to click or swipe to the following pages and thus cannot set up either app or watch. I do not know whether the phone or app is at fault but am guessing that it is incompatible with recent versions of Android though the requirements suggests it will run on Android 4.4 or later.

By Jorge Vitorio
Mar 23 2022

Gloryfit doesn't recognize all my apps esoecually yapster on my new phone as i use the app for work. It worked fine on my old phone but not on this one so cannot receive notifucations from the yapster app.

By Beth Martin
Mar 22 2022

Sleep tracker not working - just started using watch 2 days ago - no instructions on how to set this up in Glory Fit app or where to go to check settings. I have worn the watch while sleeping. Watch info says P32E MAC version V003623 - using with an Android phone...maybe I ordered the wrong kind of watch to use with android phone? Other systems seem to be working...
Please help

By Patricia
Mar 22 2022

Bp very inaccurate. Checked with home BP monitor

By Sandra K Carman
Mar 18 2022

Locked my phone after enabling talk back. Talkback Won’t turn off. It won’t let my phone accept my login code after trying to restart.

By Debra Diamico
Mar 08 2022

Sleep monitoring is not being recorded.

By Tracy Burgess
Mar 07 2022

My app has stopped working after last update - is anything being done to resolve this please?

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