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Published by on 2023-06-20

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Developer: Truist Financial Corporation

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit Truist Website

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Developer: SunTrust Banks, Inc.

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit SunTrust Banks, Inc. Website

Reported Issues: 14 Comments

4.7 out of 5

By Ann Hamilton

9 months ago

Can’t logon to myaccount

By Kenneth

1 year ago

I have an inappropriate charge on my debit card I wanted to dispute the transaction. However, this mobile function is not available at this time. This common feature always worked on BB&T banking. What do I do not? Trust certainly does not care!

By Patricia Davis

1 year ago

Can’t get on mobile banking. Got logged on and next page comes up about going paperless. Can’t get any further. This is ridiculous!

By jimmy a faircloth

1 year ago

i have alway been with suntrust but now it is truist i cannot get into my account when you call they put you on hold for 50 or 60 minutes people cannot help me i am 78 and not as fast every time i get my pass word blocked because o f two many failed attemps ?SOMEBODY HELP MEII I CAME HOME FROM VIETNAM IN 1969 AND OPEN ACCOUNT WITH THEM??

By Tammy wiggins

1 year ago

Locked me out need to be unlocked bi the online support team

By John Barnes

1 year ago

Made a change on the bill pay SunTrust app late December.Did not show up on the truist bill pay app. so account files were copied early in December and not updated before Truist app online. change has still not updated and bill pay not up to date on Truist app 3/16 2022. Called bank and got hung up on 2 times from bad transfers. no help from branch. I have over 40 years in computing software and they cannot provide simple software file updates and app availability.

By Arthur W. Williams

1 year ago

Some one changed my password and now I can not get into my account. I have waited over and hour three different days and can not get through. I got through once and was told that Truist is having issues solving my problem; so no help was received. I still can not use my online banking. Arthur W. Williams

By Ronnie S. Youmans

1 year ago

Need payment history for 2021 on the loan I have on my truck. Need for tax purposes. Have called several times and have been on hold every time for more than an hour

By Nathan Smith

1 year ago

I have been on hold for 3 hours and 4 mins with truist fraud department and still have not a single person. BRING BACK SUNTRUST!

By Tim Reynolds

1 year ago

Mobile banking does not work and I am locked in a loop. Tried logging in as before into the Suntust mobile app that I always used, and am told that I am now ready to switch to Truist, and it goes not further. I DL'd the Truist app, and tried to log in, and it says the Truist app will be ready in Feb, and to continue using the Suntrust app. Huh? Not impressed so far with this merger thing.

By Glenn Gross

1 year ago

I understand the difficulties in changing from BB&T but I am unable to get on either sight to view my account. I have followed the protocol maybe 10 times and am told I have either the wrong username or password. I have no problem making a new password but don’t see anywhere to do so. Appreciate your help so I can watch my account on line.

By catlady11111

Why did Truist not keep using a proven BB&T app?

Just tried to deposit check using new Truist app. Kept getting message that amount of check entered did not match the check photo. Tried re-entering amount, closing/re-opening app, taking new photo of check nothing worked. Finally called Truist support. Rep had me delete app & re-install, which did not work. Then she had me load the app on my iPhone (I had been using my iPad because that is the only device that I use for banking). I was able to deposit check with I phone (I think). I got confirmation number but the deposit is not showing as pending in the account, nor did I get a confirmation email, which is apparently not an option with Truist, as it was with BB&T. At that point, the rep felt that she had done her job; it was now MY problem that the app does not work on the iPad since it works on the iPhone. Told me to check my settings & updates. Well, I did; they are the same on both devices; all operating systems & apps are up to date; the devices were restarted yesterday. And the BB&T app worked on my ipad; Bank of America app works on my ipad. If I cannot deposit a check using the Truist app on my ipad, maybe I need a new bank. What happened to BB&T’s customer service? Did that get lost in the merge along with a working mobile app? Also, the deposit should show immediately in the account as pending, and we should get a confirmation email. BB&T did; Bank of America does.

By Ayesme5

Learn from BB&T app

I was abroad when suddenly this app logged me out for no reason and left me with no access to my account. First I never wanted to make this change I was obligated to download this app because It didn’t give me no other options to stay with the BB&T app, second there is no options to reach customer service through the main screen on this app, and third I don’t feel like this developer cares about the customer service experience but other than the fact of just creating a Mobil app. To my perspective I had 4 lovely years being with BB&T never had any issue with the bank or banking online. I’m still trying to configure what’s going on with this app that doesn’t let me sing in because it says that my ID or passwords are not being recognize by the system but yet I was able to do it once before I went abroad and everything seemed like it was going well until this app started to glitch and crash. No better serving for sure and I have to be honest about this too, I had to write a review not for the clients to see and not download it because obviously we are being obligated to have to use this mediocre app, but for the developer to have a conscious and understand this app needs to be exactly or way better than BB&T other wise there is no way it can be a better banking experience. And waow I’m not the only one here writing a negative feedback.

By KodaW252

SEVERELY displeased

As a 26 year old male I can say with certainty that it’s is not the “older generations” that don’t like this new app. Several of those with higher rated reviews are probably just individuals with direct ties to the banking organization itself. Overall, the usability of the app has gone from easy to difficult. Several features that were once prominent on the “U by BB&T” app have been removed entirely such as the quick view balance, the credit score check, the account nicknames, and Home Screen widget. 96.1% of login attempts are met with a pop-up message saying that “these features are unavailable at this time.” What does that even mean? I can’t check my accounts on the go any longer? Not to mention that when I am scrolling through transactions the app literally kicks me out, less than a full 60 seconds into being logged on, and tell me that my session is about to expire. I also am more concerned with privacy using this app. After logging out and force closing the app, I still receive a notification 5-10 minutes after the fact that my “session is about to expire.” Should it not have expired when I logged out? When I force closes the app? Overall, this merger has made me trust the banking system that much less and this app has really been the final straw to break the proverbial camels back. Thanks but no thanks.

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