Truist Mobile Reviews

Truist Mobile Reviews

Published by on 2022-03-31

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Truist Mobile Reviews: 20 Reviews


Improvements made

I NEVER write reviews, but felt I should this time. I waited until I HAD to download the new Truist app (old U BBT app no longer worked). I did so with dread, as I do hate change, and the reviews for this new Truist app were anything but encouraging. Once I logged in (and my old user name and password worked on the first try), facial rec. was turned on, things SEEM to be working correctly. It seems there have been a number of updates since the app was released 2 months or so ago, and they must have helped. I read a number of the previous reviews and many of those items seem to have been fixed. The app seems similar to the old UBBT app. I was able to find most of the info I was looking for relatively easily. 2 items that could be improved- 1) the color/font/boldness of the writing could be improved. As others mentioned the text (and sometimes numbers) are a little difficult to read. 2) the bill pay area, again as others mentioned, it would be nice if the nicknames appeared next to the payee name (as they did in the old app). Especially true if you have multiple accounts with the same payee name (life and auto ins. With the same carrier). Overall I am pleasantly surprised by the app, as I was really not looking forward to the change. Maybe they are listening and there is hope!


Why did Truist not keep using a proven BB&T app?

Just tried to deposit check using new Truist app. Kept getting message that amount of check entered did not match the check photo. Tried re-entering amount, closing/re-opening app, taking new photo of check nothing worked. Finally called Truist support. Rep had me delete app & re-install, which did not work. Then she had me load the app on my iPhone (I had been using my iPad because that is the only device that I use for banking). I was able to deposit check with I phone (I think). I got confirmation number but the deposit is not showing as pending in the account, nor did I get a confirmation email, which is apparently not an option with Truist, as it was with BB&T. At that point, the rep felt that she had done her job; it was now MY problem that the app does not work on the iPad since it works on the iPhone. Told me to check my settings & updates. Well, I did; they are the same on both devices; all operating systems & apps are up to date; the devices were restarted yesterday. And the BB&T app worked on my ipad; Bank of America app works on my ipad. If I cannot deposit a check using the Truist app on my ipad, maybe I need a new bank. What happened to BB&T’s customer service? Did that get lost in the merge along with a working mobile app? Also, the deposit should show immediately in the account as pending, and we should get a confirmation email. BB&T did; Bank of America does.


Learn from BB&T app

I was abroad when suddenly this app logged me out for no reason and left me with no access to my account. First I never wanted to make this change I was obligated to download this app because It didn’t give me no other options to stay with the BB&T app, second there is no options to reach customer service through the main screen on this app, and third I don’t feel like this developer cares about the customer service experience but other than the fact of just creating a Mobil app. To my perspective I had 4 lovely years being with BB&T never had any issue with the bank or banking online. I’m still trying to configure what’s going on with this app that doesn’t let me sing in because it says that my ID or passwords are not being recognize by the system but yet I was able to do it once before I went abroad and everything seemed like it was going well until this app started to glitch and crash. No better serving for sure and I have to be honest about this too, I had to write a review not for the clients to see and not download it because obviously we are being obligated to have to use this mediocre app, but for the developer to have a conscious and understand this app needs to be exactly or way better than BB&T other wise there is no way it can be a better banking experience. And waow I’m not the only one here writing a negative feedback.


Horrible app! I hope the merger isn’t the same!!

Where do I begin?? If the app even opens it crashes. When it does open, the accounts don’t even reflect an accurate accounting of my transactions. Past transactions are missing or daily balances are unrealistic and show amounts I’ve never even had in my account. I’ve been in the accounting profession for almost 30 years and if they can’t do a simple data transfer from one system to another after all the time they’ve had for this merger is alarming. My mom was with BB&T and I got her set up with their app-it was not very user friendly. I assured her that after the merger they would logically follow the format of the stronger more streamlined SunTrust app. Boy was I wrong. The previous SunTrust app would show an accurate real time balance that reflected “pending” transactions. The Truist app has a weak pay bills section with buttons “grayed out” implying you can’t press “pay” or “done”. The Zelle feature is ridiculous— just 2 big buttons. You know an app is bad when your 23 year old son in IT and your 27 year old tech savvy daughter are both complaining about it and questioning whether it’s safe to stay with Truist. I have to agree with them.


New app, few improvements

Coming from the beloved sun trust app I was forced towards using this one. Okay makes sense with new branding and whatnot. I wasn’t happy but not really to angry. Just annoyed but I get it. Personally I absolutely cannot stand the color scheme but that’s whatever. Tiny thing. For the most part it’s easy to navigate and relatively similar. But the mobile deposit function needs work. At one of my jobs we are given hand written checks weekly. Old school and annoying but what are you gonna do? It pays. With the sun trust app anytime I wanted to mobile deposit and the app didn’t agree with the amount I put in vs what was written on the check I simply had to hit “confirm amount” and that was that. Money is there next day. Truist does not offer that function. It gives you one option. Retake picture. Pretty useless. So now I have to drop this check off at the bank even though it now has “for truist mobile deposit only” written on the back. Incredibly annoying as it’s now required. So if they want to enhance online banking, the developers of this app or trust or whoever makes the design calls needs to step up the mobile deposit function. One of a couple reasons I’m considering switching banks anyway.


SEVERELY displeased

As a 26 year old male I can say with certainty that it’s is not the “older generations” that don’t like this new app. Several of those with higher rated reviews are probably just individuals with direct ties to the banking organization itself. Overall, the usability of the app has gone from easy to difficult. Several features that were once prominent on the “U by BB&T” app have been removed entirely such as the quick view balance, the credit score check, the account nicknames, and Home Screen widget. 96.1% of login attempts are met with a pop-up message saying that “these features are unavailable at this time.” What does that even mean? I can’t check my accounts on the go any longer? Not to mention that when I am scrolling through transactions the app literally kicks me out, less than a full 60 seconds into being logged on, and tell me that my session is about to expire. I also am more concerned with privacy using this app. After logging out and force closing the app, I still receive a notification 5-10 minutes after the fact that my “session is about to expire.” Should it not have expired when I logged out? When I force closes the app? Overall, this merger has made me trust the banking system that much less and this app has really been the final straw to break the proverbial camels back. Thanks but no thanks.


Why is the mobile browser view better that the app???

**Truist reps: no I don’t want an email to contact as it clearly seems like it hasn’t made any difference** I have been a BBT user since I first had a bank account, and had absolutely loved how easy the old app was (functionality, view, ease of access, etc). I knew the transition was coming, but it was so SUDDEN. Normal app transitions at least warn you (this app will be inactive in XX days) to at least get you prepared. NOPE. Was forced over to the new app and could already tell the functionality is much worse. I don’t understand the “dark view” purple background when a light screen is so much more user-friendly, digging around to find functionality is difficult, and it’s hard to see your pending and current transactions because everything is that same color scheme. The icing on the cake? THE MOBILE WEB VIEW IS SO MUCH BETTER. Why don’t you all use that?? The icons differentiate accounts visually, it’s not a dark scheme, and so much easier to see everything in a combined space. I work at a large company and have gone through a few mergers and know the growing pains, and that it’s not easy when the higher ups push this down the chain. But at this rate it’s a major business error, so please escalate these complaints up the chain before half of the “Truist” customers disappear.



I’ve been banking with Suntrust since they were Citizens Bank, probably more than 30 years. I, like many other reviewers, am just about done with this app, and by extension, this bank. I recently closed an account with another bank because I moved to another city, and the other bank just wasn’t convenient for me anymore. However, since opening this new account I’ve been nothing but disappointed with the relative lack of technological expertise invested in the development of said app. First of all, I have an account with Suntrust. But when I log in with my credentials on Truist, I’m routed to Suntrust bank on my web browser, not the safest option. Once logged in there’s no option for me to deposit a check on the app. I actually had to physically go to the bank just to deposit a check earlier today. That’s absolutely unacceptable to me. My family has 4 accounts with Suntrust/Truist, but I’m on the verge of taking the money that I recently deposited in to the new account and opening an account elsewhere. I just don’t have time for these types to inconveniences in my life right now. I even took my phone into the bank just to see if anyone there could show me how I’m supposed to make a mobile deposit, to no avail. This has been way more trouble than I ever bargained for. I’m out!


not bad at all! pleasantly surprised

i’ve only been using this app for a day after transferring from the U by BB&T app, and truthfully i had low expectations after reading the reviews. however, after downloading and messing around for a bit, it seems as if people have older versions of the app or are just a bit too harsh on this app. change can be hard to deal with, but not all change is bad! do i think the BB&T app was a bit more user-friendly? sure. i can understand the complaints about the dark purple vs the font and how it’s harder to read. but, with that being said, i don’t have anything negative to say about the Truist app. depositing a check was super easy, viewing my balance(s) is a breeze, it still gives insights just like the app i was using previously, basically everything is the same except for the layout except it’s more sleek now. i have an iPhone 7 Plus that sometimes doesn’t even like to open apps so... if it’s working for me, i can’t understand it not working for people with newer phones unless it’s programmed for my system and is a bit outdated. all in all, pretty dang good! exceeded my expectations.


Never able to sign in

The app refused sign in since the change from SunTrust. I was told an update would fix it: bupkis. My consternation with this bank came after a five hour wait time on the phone. I had a fraudulent transaction on my card (first time in my life) after the transition from SunTrust. Once I got a hold of someone, I was assured it would be resolved. Weeks later it was refunded, but only after much time and persistence on my end online/phone/ and in person. What made matters even worse, I no longer had access to my SunTrust card because a new one had been sent. At least, that was what we thought. Turns out it wasn’t sent. “Your batch of cards was simply not sent” my local teller informed me. Another was requested. That one never came either. Upon reading my new user agreement (which I never agreed to; I signed the SunTrust agreement, NOT Truist) I learned that if I made under 3k a month, I would be paying a $20 service fee. I made enough to cover their fee, but what if I didn’t? As a member of an “under served community” that Trusit’s marketing proclaims to care so much about, this irked me. There was a time when I didn’t make much and $20 could easily throw me into overdraft. That hypocrisy was the final straw; moved my modest income to a local credit union and grateful I got outta there


Crappy App

2/7 Just tried to sign in and the app DOES NOT WORK…you idiots. Every since you guys merged to become Truist(imbecilic name for a financial conglomerate…ever) you people developed excrement for brains. What happened to conservative SunTrust that always use to put their clients first. That went out the door with all their recent bone headed moves by hiring the developer of this so call crappy app. Well, idiots, l tried to update the app, as instructed, 5 times, and guess what… bingo…IT DOES NOT WORK!😡 I have had it with you guys… hated the app anyway with its doom and gloom colors and that’s exactly what l got… l certainly don’t want to be around when you guys come up with your next great initiative. 2/9 Currently in the process of looking to transfer all my relationships to another bank. This so call crappy app still glitches. I think a kindergartner could have done a much better job creating a functioning app that works. Why reinvent the wheel when the SunTrust app was working perfectly well with no issues compared to now. Even, when reading these reviews, it appears the BB&T customers were also very happy with their app. So you had two perfectly functioning apps and some degenerate genius came up with the idea that creating a new godawful color scheme app that just does not work is “Brilliant”.


App does not work

I am a Suntrust customer of almost 15 years who was switched over to Truist after the merger/acquisition. The Suntrust app always worked just fine. Tried logging in to that app, was advised to download the Truist app and enter my login info. Naturally, it does not work and I get an error stating “Your current version of the Truist app may no longer be supported.” I click update which just takes me back to the App Store and of course there isn’t actually an update available. Tried calling customer support and the line automatically hung up once I got to the “the next available representative will be with you shortly” crap. Tried to call again, same issue. Ended up just hitting zero a few times and got to the actual customer service queue. Then waited on hold for about an hour (was told the wait time was 20 minutes) before I finally hung up. I’ve never had this issue with Suntrust customer service. Truist clearly did not ensure the kinks were worked out prior to pushing the app onto Suntrust customers and they can’t even manage to have easy access to customer service to help remedy the issue. Luckily the website works otherwise I would effectively be barred from accessing/utilizing my own bank account. I’ll be looking for a new bank.


Downgrade from U by BB&T

First of all I would like to talk about missing features that were included in the old app. One feature that I used consistently was the Quick View Balance widget. It was extremely convenient to see my balance without even opening the app and I was very disappointed when I had to transition to the new app. The BB&T deals widget is also missing but I did not use that feature. The second thing that I would like to mention is the lack of improvements or new features. I could do everything I needed to do with the old app. This app offers me absolutely nothing new or beneficial but instead has features taken away as mentioned above. Finally, my last concern is the color scheme and design of the app. Since I have gotten the app, there has been a tip about enabling Touch ID at the top taking up space. I have had that feature enabled the whole time and I can’t make the tip go away. In addition, I understand that Truist has different brand colors than BB&T did before but the way that the purple is used in the app makes some things difficult to read. The old color scheme was perfect and easy to read. I will gladly update my review if changes are made in the near future.


Major disappointment that makes me want to change banks

I have used BB&T for decades and started using the BB&T app followed by their U app which it was a slight decrease in user ease. Then suddenly I was forced to go to Truist. Since I have been using it, I have had problems with almost use. The mobile deposit feature is particularity frustrating. BB&T and U apps each had a framed area to center the check. Truist has no such feature and keeps telling me to move closer, until almost half the check is out of the field. It also kept saying I needed to use a darker background. I have no black surfaces in my house, so I have always used a navy blue or brown background without problems. Not so with Truist. I have also had issues with transfers. I have twice tried to transfer from my checking account to my credit card that totally failed. I did all the setup to transfer a relatively small amount to my credit card shortly before my due date to avoid penalties. Each time, after I had selected my checking account to transfer from (selected by pop-up showing my balance) when I got a message at transfer saying the account was not valid. I quit the app, restarted, and retried with same results. I am considering moving to a bank that doesn’t use Truist.



Truist truly was not ready, this app is such a disappointment. In addition to being forced to switch from my Suntrust app this app rarely works, the layout, design and ease of use are terrible. Each time I access it there is a message in app that says the service your requesting is not available. I have used my Suntrust debit card for years to receive and send funds via Cash App. After being forced to switch to Truist, I was unable to receive or send money using Cash App. The error said your card is not allowing deposits please add a new card. I had to call Suntrust the rep initially told me to contact Cash App, I told her the problem started as soon as I was forced to switch to Truist. After going back and forth with her she said she refreshed my card which corrected the error with cash app. I tried to send money from cash app today I’m getting an error saying your bank declined this payment please update your card. Not only that, but I attempted to use my debit card in the grocery store yesterday and it was declined. I have used the same card for years. We were assured there would be no interruptions in services, but for me that clearly has not been the case. Truist you need to go back to the drawing board.


Not user friendly

I tried to log into my Suntrust app and was sent to Truist and asked a bunch of information…once I put in the information they said it was wrong and I was eventually locked out…I even tried calling to figure out what was going on and they had too high volume of calls to talk…or rather I could wait 30min and THEN they’d get to me…all I used to have to do to check my balance was put in my User name and then use my fingerprint…I am very tempted to switch banks now b/c I haven’t been able to access my own account in days…this is unacceptable…I am going out of town and need to know what is going on w/my account…for anyone thinking about switching banks….don’t switch to Suntrust/Truist…the merge has completely ruined that bank and I have been banking w/them for as long as I have had a bank account…I loved Suntrust and it’s people…whatever they are doing now is just dumb


Worst bank ever

I’ve been a Suntrust customer for in excess of 11 years. Truist takes over and forces you to download their new app which doesn’t allow you access to all your accounts. I was vacationing in Florida and needed to check my accounts and transfer money (which I couldn’t do ) . The app says your login and password are not valid. I call customer service and I’m told it’s a 2 hour and 34 minute wait to speak to a representative. I try to call several more times and receive similar wait times. Once I return home I go into my local branch and speak with a banker . They tell me they just had to reset my app and it will work fine. I went home and tried again . Still locked out . I call the branch and the general manager says he will fix and get right back to me . 14 days later I had to go back in the branch and after another 2 hours I had access to my accounts. Now I just tried to sign in and it says you must update the new version . I do that and it says you must update the new version . I’m locked out of my accounts again. This is by far the worst app and bank I’ve ever experienced. I will be moving everything to Navy Federal in the morning. Truist you stink on ice .


Not even close to the BB&T app

I really wish the developer would have paid more attention to the ease and features of the BB& T app. This app is not user friendly at all. There is no quick look at balances. There is no way to order the accounts if you have multiple but by far the absolute worst pitfall I have found is the bill pay aspect of the app. The BB&T app made it so easy to pay bill, edit existing bills, and really manage all my banking on the app without logging in on a computer. When I try to edit an existing payment for something that varies month to month like a utility bill it blocks it saying there is already the exact payment for the exact amount already scheduled on that date. Well last time I checked if last month I paid $72 and this month I change it to pay $97 then it isn’t the same amount on the same day. I have went from only using my phone and app to bank to being being forced to wait until I am home at night to take care of any banking needs I have. It’s enough to make me want to change banks completely which I plan on doing as soon as I check out their competitors apps for ease of use. I only wish I could give negative stars for this app.


Please make some changes!

I previously had a 1 star review. I’m upping it to four after they’ve made some changes. I’m still not a fan of the purple, but I’m super excited that they finally added the balance preview when you tap on the app! I never needed the widget and never felt comfortable having my balance displayed without unlocking my phone. But I’ve always been a fan of the balance preview without having to sign in, so im super excited that they’ve added this feature back! The only kinda BIG problem I have with is now is that they have an “X” on the log in screen view balance option. You tap that and the option goes away and i had to spend a few minutes going back through the settings to find where to turn it off and back on to bring it back. Can we please get rid of te exit option for tapping to see the balance? Or at least move it to the other side? Considering the majority of the people using this is right handed, it’s WAY too easy to accidentally close that out.


New App… Needs An Update!

I understand making us switch to the new app, but now that I have, I can no longer view my account balance from the side menu of iPhone (which was extremely convenient). WE NEED A WIDGET. Please include with the next update a Widget feature that you can add to the iPhone iOS Home Screen left side menu. The widget makes it easy to check the balance of your account without actually having to open the app and signin to check. This helps the user be more aware of the status of their account without having to actually do anything… Like go into the app specifically and then have to login, that can be a hassle if you are only checking the balance to ensure there is nothing wrong with the account or to catch any fraudulent transactions early on. With a WIDGET on the side menu, the user can easily see their daily balance along with their other widgets used to manage their lifestyle. Thanks for reading. Please add a “bank account balance” Widget in the next update to solve this issue.

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Is Truist Mobile Safe?

No. Truist Mobile does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 238,754 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Truist Mobile Is 16.9/100.

Is Truist Mobile Legit?

No. Truist Mobile does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 238,754 Truist Mobile User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Truist Mobile Is 16.9/100.

Is Truist Mobile not working?

Truist Mobile works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 4 Comments

By Tonya Moore
Apr 29 2022

I keep getting billed for overdraft charges from where they've paid out on stuff that's not reoccurring every month and I'm having to pay $36 fees over and over again the company has not took the time to go back and look at the fees I paid over $300 in fees since it's true it says took that account la reimbursed one and if I'm lucky they might have reimbursed one of the two today I'm not sure yet truest is not been good to me I'm the average $10 an hour worker that lives on a budget I can't pay $100 in Bank fees because they paid out to Walmart which is not reoccurring three times they should have rejected it true it says not gave me my money back for none of the three times in that incident I've been to the branch I was on the phone for two and a half hours got nowhere twisted it around to their benefit to where I supposedly owed them $70... Because I made my belts card payment on the 5th and I had a seatbelt ticket I paid on the 8th which the money wasn't in the bank and they didn't reject it they paid it and charged me and now they say that the belks is what made it go in the loop for overdraft... I literally have a picture of my account I have $124 in the bank I make a $40 payment and I make a $68 payment remaining balance well 1:00 in the morning the next day I make a $25 payment and guess what the picture shows me in the negative on the 7th way before I ever made that payment on the 8th but they don't owe me my money back I have no over count protection on my account the money ain't there the money ain't there but I bet you I'm paying $36 fees over and over and I'm getting tired of it so better Business bureau is going to be next if somebody don't give me some money cuz I'm getting very tired I don't owe truest anything they don't have the right to make me pay fees did the government literally change the law that way people wouldn't have to pay them but guess what I'm still paying them yeah I'm very upset and disappointed it's just been going on for 6 months it didn't just happen today I got pictures of my account on my phone I showed the bank and they still switched it around that's messed up and you can't call corporate office they don't have a number they don't go into a branch manager and they twisted around too she said she can't even go back to November when I paid $100 in fees how'd you know it was November and she could go back they don't want to go back yeah I really wish somebody would reach out to me and help me to get it right I've been with him since American Federal that's 28 years I've been with that company yes I've had ups and downs I've got the two cents in the bank and I've went up to 25,000 in the bank and I'm praying that something gets right cuz s******* on average person

By Madison Egnor
Mar 07 2022

Please consider bringing back the “quick view balance” in widgets for Truist. Extreme inconvenience without.

By 3crumbs
Feb 12 2022

So glad I found these reviews so I know I'm not alone. I can't stand the Truist app. So many flaws. I agree with most of the reviews. It is enough to make me want to change my online banking. I find when I look at my charges there aren't as many details as before. I have to actually click on the charger to see the details. In the SunTrust app as I scrolled I could generally figure it out. So now I'm clicking on every other charge to make sure it's one I know about, but getting dinner charged etc. I wish they had either kept the SunTrust app OR the BBT app. Seems they were both way more user friendly. Then you'd only annoy half the amount of people instead if everyone.

By William Matheos
Jan 17 2022

I have been a loyal customer with SunTrust for over (22Years). As of late, I have been very disappointed with “TRUIST”! That disappointment being on this new “On-Line Banking App” that was thrown on us “End Users”!
It is terrible! One of the most incomplete, unreliable, not very User Friendly and very annoying to use!
It does NOT work using APPLE iPads running (15.2.1) iOS), does not run on iPhones and even a Dest Top PC running WINDOWS 10 or even on my MAC Computer! Yes, I have ALL those devices!
The original SunTrust App worked just fine. Very few BUGS, but this new, APP is totally a disgrace!
Why change something that works and 8ntroduce a “TROJAN HORSE” that is so terrible?
I guess you had some Programmer that thought his APP was the next best thing to sliced bread! In other words, introduce a new APP and hope it works!

My suggestion and probably many others will agree that in order to redeem the APP and TRUIST would be to revert back to the ORIGINAL APP and shelv this one!

It is so bad that every time I attempt to use it, another feature is just another reason why I am at the point of putting my On-Line Banking I Checking into another Bank.

I stated early on, I have been with SUNTRUST for over (22 Years).
Please, in a way to prove “Great Customer Service and Great Customer Satisfaction “ pull the SunTrust Banking APP and put it back on your Servers. Remove this new disaterous APP.
Thank you

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