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Published by on 2024-02-07

Becoming an environmental hero has never been easier (or more profitable!). We
believe everyone is up to the challenge with our simple deposit system.

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About this app

We're fed up with corporations and legislation lagging behind, so we've decided to fast track takeaway packaging recycling into the circular world.  Takeaway packaging that is sorted correctly will enter the circular recycling loop and get a new life.  Afterwards, you can transfer your takeaway packaging to a public, shared, restaurant, or office point for official collection.  Part of that commitment means that we supply environmentally friendly packaging to restaurants that can actually be recycled multiple times once sorted.  To really close the gap, we 100% need your help to get more takeaway packaging back into the circular loop.  By doing these two things, you provide the best chance for the packaging to be accepted for recycling!  We believe everyone is up to the challenge with our simple deposit system. ● Use earned credits to buy your next meal at connected restaurants!  It's the million dollar question! ● Once you've successfully confirmed your credit payment, show the success screen to the restaurant member and tap the screen to show it's active (a fun animation will display!  WHAT REALLY HAPPENS TO THE SORTED PACKAGING ONCE RECYCLED?  Now we're taking that same approach with takeaway packaging.  You can use credits towards your next purchase at an &this app connected restaurant.  In this way, we reduce the climate impact from disposable packaging.  Once you're done with your tasty meal, it's important to both remove any food waste and separate plastic from paper (where possible).  Together, we can make the change we want to see in the world! &this app is currently supported in Sweden and France, and more places are coming soon!  You can kickstart your recycling routine from home by registering this as a private sorting point.  And just like that, credits fall into your &this app wallet, ready to spend! 

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