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Published by on 2022-04-25

As part of Canada's efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and prevent
importation, use ArriveCAN to comply with the Government of Canada mandatory
travel requirements before and after your entry into Canada. Traveller contact
information, vaccination status and potential quarantine location may be
collected by this application.

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By Lisa Claridge
Aug 07 2022

Freezing while submitting form. Stays on 0%. Not allowing to submit form

By Glenn Plummer
Aug 06 2022

Could not get any more android updates from Samsung went fro android 6 to 8 so no more updates supplied. So went to Lineage 18.1 OS which is based on Android 11. Now arrive Canada app says phone is rooted or does not support existing system. How do I fix that so app works.

By Glenn Plummer
Aug 06 2022

Could not get any more android updates from Samsung went fro android 6 to 8 so no more updates supplied. So went to Lineage 18.1 OS which is based on Android 11. Now arrive Canada app says phone is rooted or does not support existing system. How do I fix that so app works.

By Dwight Lowe
Aug 03 2022

My phone has failed. Can I cross or get arrivecan a different way ?

By lindsay Martland
Aug 03 2022

Not receiving verification code to create new account. Yes, we do have correct email info entered.

By Diana Harrington
Aug 03 2022

Can’t log in because the password wasn’t recognized and the request to reset password wasn’t answered with an email containing a verification code.

By Neil Ferguson
Aug 02 2022

Signed in, entered passport, vacc dates and card , then message please wait with a circle , while traveller info uploaded. Nothing happened. Multiple attempts made including one by border official but couldn’t get further. Eventually someone else had to do for me ….Why the problem and why apparently no way for border officials to override manually??

By Martin Coulombe
Aug 01 2022

I have a account using this mail from my travel to canada last year, but the password is not working anymore, and when i try to reset the password, the app tells me it is sending a code to my mail but i don't receive any mail.... tried four times, but i receive nothing. My plane is on thursday. thanks for the help.

By Pamela Markwell
Jul 31 2022

The app has sent a receipt for my husband but not for me. I am the one with the account and added my husband as another traveler.
My details are on the account but I have no receipt. Traveling on the 2nd August what can I do?

By Dorothy McGlynn
Jul 31 2022

Won't let me edit a completed section.

By Janelle Taylor
Jul 31 2022

After completing all the information and uploading proof of vaccination, a screen comes up saying “please wait while your ArriveCAN traveller is saved,” but it stays at “0%” and does not move no matter how long I wait. I am travelling to Canada tomorrow (Monday Aug 1) so worried about what to do

By Carzon MOJICA
Jul 28 2022

It wont let me submit our keeps saying code PF-400.what should i do

By Robert Foster
Jul 28 2022

Doesn't accept POM1Z0 as Hornpayne Ontario postal code

By Robert Foster
Jul 28 2022

Doesn't accept POM1Z0 as Hornpayne Ontario postal code

By Toni R Johnson
Jul 25 2022

Keep getting error PF-200 when trying to submit the form

By Toni R Johnson
Jul 25 2022

Keep getting error PF-200 when trying to submit the form

By Sylvia Beauregard
Jul 23 2022

My husband and I are quarantined and we aren’t even Canada. We were there for a family get together for a few hours then returned to Vermont. We are totally discusted with the way we are being treated. We were just about to book a wonderful trip to the Canadian Rockies but the next day we cancelled the trip. I had many issues getting my husbands information to download. We live on the border and looked forwarded to traveling again in Quebec as we shopped there a lot at one time. I can assure you that until this nonsense stops we along with many others have no interest in crossing the border. If the Canadian Government wants to make us feel like our only interest is to infect Canadians especially when we are fully vaccinated and have some kind of criminal intent we are not interested in being treated this way.
We don’t need to go to Canada.
By the way both my husband and I are Canadian citizens.
Sylvia Rose Beauregard
Joseph Gerald Maurice Beauregard

By Robert
Jul 23 2022

Just posted above. I reinstalled app and got same results. However, I started tapping where I thought the "Accept" button might be and accidentially touch just below bottom border line (progress line) and the buttons appeared. I was able to continue through rest without problems.

By Robert
Jul 23 2022

After clicking on "Public Health requirements" there is no acknowlegement button for the admonition. Bottom border line of page just blinks at a rapid pace.

By Raymond McGinnis
Jul 22 2022

ArriveCan app doesn't recognize password. But is now frozen in an unending loop for over an hour. It doesn't tell me password is wrong. Just frozen. So I can't click "forgot password" or anything else to get out of password hell.
Will have to try to uninstall ArriveCan App and start over tomorrow.

By Alasdair John Lindsay
Jul 22 2022

I am told to quarantine after proof of being fully vaccinated and receiving the appropriate confirmation
from the app. No positive test. Why I am being told to stay under quarantine. This app is faulty and not working.

By John
Jul 21 2022

Hangs at 80 percent..Uninstalled and reinstalled sane issue..latest version

By Brenda M Craft
Jul 17 2022

The app is frozen. Hours later I'm still logged in and the screen is frozen.

By Sandra Birthelmer
Jul 14 2022

The covid assessment won’t come up on my app when I press it.

By Teresa
Jul 12 2022

Submission of ArriveCAN form has been at 0% for over an hour. Just horrible and so unnecessary.

By Michael Knight
Jul 10 2022

I’m trying to create an ArriveCAN account using my enhanced drivers license from the State of Michigan. Each time I enter the first chapter of the document number, I get the following error: “The document number is 7 to 17 alphanumeric characters”. It doesn’t matter if I start with an alpha or numeric character; I get the error as soon as the first character is entered.

I am using an iPhone XR with IOS version 15.5.

By Abderrahmane TIFOURI
Jul 08 2022

Bonjour, j’essaie de soumettre mon formulaire ArriveCAN mais je reçois un code PQ-503. Comment dois-je procéder? Merci.

By George Kilvington
Jul 08 2022

Prior to returning to Canada from a road trip, tried for four hours to get this useless, idiotic form to work. I don't have a smart phone, so already at disadvantage. Finally got a confirmation that data was received, but upon arrival at the border, it did not record my wife's info.
Fornunately we had a border agent with an abundance of common sense, and, as well, we had our printed copies of vaccination records, so we were passed without incident. Why can't travellers just carry their vaccine passport? That's all they seem to be interested in anyway, instead of having to perform this elaborate waltz with ambiguous forms? It also cuts into your freedom of movement by restricting you to one border crossing designated on the form. Instead of extending this frustrating process, the Gov't. needs to scrap it NOW!!!

By Michael Whitley
Jul 07 2022

Twice I attempted to submit my ArriveCan form. Both times the "please wait while your ArriveCAN form is submitted" appeared, but then does not submit form, even after 30 minutes.

By Kevin Smith
Jul 06 2022

After downloading vaccine info.....saves info to 80%, and then freezes....tried 3 times same result.

By Andrea Ansell
Jul 06 2022

I keep getting a error code 5-503 even if on Wifi or 5G

By Nishi Mohan
Jul 06 2022

I have attempted completing the Arrive Canada multiple times now. The first time it completed at the end and stopped at 80% and froze. The next couple of times it gave an error that said code 3 - 510.

By Wayne Leslie
Jul 04 2022

Unable to sign in, keep getting message that its timed out immediately after clicking next, I re-installed app then it said it doesn't recognize my email or password even after changing password, tried both on my android phone and on my i-phone neither system works. I would say App is another federal government failure

By Jovanka Buchanan
Jul 03 2022

Forgot password & tried to reset on my iPhone. Told I was sent email with code but it did not arrive. I have rebooted & tried many times in last 2 days but no email has arrived . I’m travelling in a couple of days, what should I do?

By John Palumbo
Jul 02 2022

Garbage version. Unable to submit final form and stalls. Typical incompetence. Just get rid of this useless reporting requirememt.

By Peggy Tomlinson
Jun 30 2022

Tried everything..even spoke to someone at ArriveCAN..did their best to help me but still wouldn’t let me create an account..frustrating..have spent 6 hours trying to get this to,help,help.....

By John Harper
Jun 30 2022

I would really like to go and visit my brother in Vancouver Canada. His wife passed away from cancer recently. I am living in Mexico.
I was advised that I would have to use the ArriveCan app to clear customs in Vancouver. I tried a trial run of the app. All went ok till the very end, it advised me that my application was refused, no explanation. I have all the required documentation, passport, Vaccine documents, etc. I supplied all of this in the application.
I went online and disscovered that there were numerous issues with people trying unseccessfuly to use the app at the airport.
Quite frankly I do not feel like gambling with this situation. Book your flight & hope that all goes well, app does not crash, WiFi in airport is working, phone doesnt do something unexpected, no thanks!
There is too much at stake to rely on this app working properly. Maybe they should adopt the system that the Puerto Vallarta had for many years, push the big red button, red light comes on too bad you get the full inspection, green light, off you go have a nice vacation.
I will wait a while, hopefully they will scrap ArriveCan.

By H.L
Jun 29 2022

Stuck at final step of submit. "Please wait while your ArriveCAN form is submitted 0%"

By Garnet Rogers
Jun 29 2022

Cannot download APP. Cannot enter new password. I get message that an email has been sent with new password. No email. Been trying for 3 days twice a day. What a complete mess.

By Ann Nguyen
Jun 28 2022

I correctly entered my email and password but App ArriveCan notified wrong sign in info or device not connected to internet. I changed password then , but no email received for verification code

By Deborah kelly
Jun 27 2022

After entering address in Canada unable to progress further.

By Brian Moak
Jun 25 2022

Says I have email account,I don't, ask for code to change password I don't have, says code sent to my email, it is not, have reservation for 2 days hotel and expensive tours and not a way to get into Canada. 15 days away!!!

By Laurel
Jun 25 2022

So tired of this Arrivecan. Telling us that we should quarantine for 14 days when all of us are fully vaccinated. Has added so much stress to my life. Can someone please contact me to fix this issue. TY in advance

By craig noon
Jun 25 2022

So frustrating leaving with my daughter back to Canary soon and the app is frozen blue circle at 80%
Any suggestion and help is appreciated

By edward gaffey
Jun 23 2022

My wife an I have crossed the border at the peace bridge two times now .Both times we filled out the arrivecan app an when we came back the border agent told us that every thing was in order and we were good to go. The next day on both times we received a email stating that we where to quarantine for 14 days .We tried to get this problem resolved by calling arrivecan but no one new how to help us in order correct this this problem. We have had all of shots and are healthly .The arrivecan app. is now frozen with the never ending blue circle and I have to go over to Buffalo to night please help to get this problem corrected asp. Thank You

Jun 22 2022

I could not get away from the 'Stuck at 0% and “Please wait…”' problem described here by others, after completing my vacc status.

The work-around was to use the web version of ArriveCAN. After filling out my details there and receiving my QR code, the same QR code was available within the app on my iPhone as well.

By Richard Sibner
Jun 22 2022

Got as far with the Arrive Can Ap as to “submit” but when I clicked on submit & the next page appeared with a circle saying 0% & “please wait while your Arrive Can form is submitted” & nothing more happened. Stayed at 0% completed. Help!

By Austin Toner
Jun 22 2022

Asks for quarantine details and negative covid test even though I’ve uploaded vaccine passport?

By David Gray
Jun 18 2022

My fault. Have forgotten my password. Have tried to get a reference number from you so I can change my password. Returned saying check my email. Have tried twice. Nothing on my emails. Not travelling until 28 January 2023 so not urgent.

By Martha Clanton
Jun 16 2022

I’ve tried to create an account over the past couple weeks but app continues to show “Loading. Please wait.” After I press create account.
I’m planning to cross the border by car at the International Falls crossing, tomorrow, June 17, 2022. Please advise.

By Julio
Jun 14 2022

Wont be able to submit and freeze at “Please wait while your ArriveCan is submitted” at 0%.
Very frustrating!

By Jill Griffiths
Jun 10 2022

App will not progress beyond contact details entry

By Mark Neff
Jun 07 2022

Can't log in through the App or online. Says "Error 1: Please check the email address and password you entered were correct, and that your device is connected to the internet".

The email address and password is correct, I just created the account and wouldn't have been able to create the account if I wasn't connected.

Zero luck getting logged in through the App or the website.

By George Dube
Jun 05 2022

I got as far as "Please wait wihile your ArriveCAN traveller is saved". I froze at 80%.

Can you help?

By Paul Witt
Jun 03 2022

Please wait while ArriveCAN is saved went to 12% and stopped almost an hour ago.

By Linda Tiberi
Jun 01 2022

I completed all details on the app numerous times & I says I have to wait after I uploaded my vaccine info. Then it tls me to wait 12 seconds or 46 seconds & it times me out. Very frustrating as I have to keep uploading the documents.

By Jasdev Bhalla
May 31 2022

My Arrive can app for some reason has started showing that I should be in quarantine, but the rest of my groups arrive can ard fine . My status is also ok if I use my wife’s app as an additional passenger . I called the help line and was informed that many other people are getting the same error message and the emails should be ignored for now.
I was not told at the border that I should be in quarantine or anything similar.
But in the meantime my app is not working, any way to fix that ?
BTW we are all triple vaccinated and no symptoms. We just travelled to US over the weekend

By julian halls
May 30 2022

I tried to log in it worked but was 12 hours out of arrival time so I attempted to do this again BUT then it kept telling me I was logging in too soon BUT I was well within the 72 hours. I then re booted , arrive can then deleted all previous uploaded proof of vaccination status and when I attempted to upload AGAIN it just said failed and the screen stuck solid. Incredibly frustating pile of excrement

By Eugene Chan
May 29 2022

Stuck at final stage. "please wait while your ArriveCAN form is submitted"

By M J Robinson Fisher
May 28 2022

I am not receiving a verification code, to be able to enter a new password, as I have forgotten my original password. What am I supposed to do? This app is not useable. Will they understand this at the border?

By Renee C
May 27 2022

Stuck at 0% and “Please wait…” this is twice. Typical Canadian government garbage. Thanks JT. How about we get with the reality that Covid is over?

By Albert
May 26 2022

after completing all details, the screen hangs with comment "please wait while your Arrive Can form is submitted"

By Stephen Valley
May 26 2022

I am not able to access as it states to check email address or password or check internet connection. Any advice to get this app to work?

By Laura Wills
May 25 2022

Trying to add a traveler and it will load up til 46% consistently, then stops

By Warren Hendrix
May 20 2022

I lost my password and the app said it emailed me a code to use to put new password in but I never received the email with the code

By Philippa Holowaty
May 18 2022

I could not create an account on line, the sign in page was missing. On my phone I downloaded the app, created and account with a password, but have not been able to sign in. My password reset was not sent to my email

By Barbara M Olson
May 16 2022

Have tried repeatedly on two different devices and can't even login. Established PWs not accepted, multiple verification codes not accepted, and then they quit sending codes. A disaster. Disgraceful.

May 15 2022

App repeatedly freezes after submitting vaccination form photos.

I have been trying for hours, in multiple places.

By Kathleen st martin
May 13 2022

After completing my arrive can forms the screen freezes at the point Of creating my qr code
What should I do? Please advise

By Tab Tress
May 12 2022

The ArriveCAN app shows OFFLINE even though I know I have WiFi connection.

By DeNica Fairman
May 11 2022

Hello, we are flying into Calgary on Saturday 14th from the UK. We leave at 12.40 pm. Arrive Can will not accept my arrival time as being 2.30 pm on the 14th. It keeps saying we arrive at 3.40 am. I cannot get it to accept the correct arrival time. What should I do? Thanks, DeNica

By Trina Stephenson
May 10 2022

Tried to create account, but my login failed when I tried to go in. Also, my 85 old mother is travelling with me and she does not have any email accounts and does not use a computer. Is there any provision for elderly noncomputer users?

By Denise & Gary Foord
May 04 2022

Prior to leaving from Florida after hearing from a fellow Canadian and not from the Canadian government who mandated this poorly thought out Arrivecan idea, we tried to download the Arrivecan information on our laptop which according to Arrivecan may need
to have the browser changed, also our cell phone was not on their very short list of useable, & acceptable cell phones. We were unable to do so & emailed Arrivecan twice telling them of our issues requiring us to be more tech savvy and unable to use our perfectly good cell phone that we use as an emergency phone. We also provided the information required from their web sites that it said would be needed to be put on this app. At the border coming into Canada we were told that we were NON COMPLIAT and could receive fines of up to $10,000.00 each. We then were sent over to fill out paperwork in another building, where helpful border personnel also tried to download the app on our cell phone and claimed it was too old and could not put on the app. We were also informed that if we don't use this app we could face this issue every time we need to return to Canada. Having said that THIS ISSUE NEEDS TO BE is not free as the website claims if we have to buy newer very specific cell phones that we would use only for this one purpose, as our present cell phone works for placing and receiving phone calls in case of an emergency. Also this app should work on all types of electronics and be user friendly, and for those who may not have electronics be able to give their information at the border crossing without fear of being fined or charged with non compliance for simply trying to return to their own country.

By Jemal Wade Hines
Apr 30 2022

I completed all of the info twice and got to the final page and got this message « Please wait while your ArriveCAN form is submitted » It is at 0% and remains frozen there. What do I do as it is frozen and it has happened twice?

Apr 29 2022

I can't remember my password. I want to reset it. The app tells me they sent me an email. I didn't get it. I rebooted my iphone and the app still doesn't work. What do I do?

By Henry Mizrahi
Apr 28 2022

I completed fall of the info twice and got to the final page and got this message « Please wait while your ArriveCAN form is submitted » its at 0% and remains frozen there What do i do as it is frozen and it has happened twice.

By Tom Hickey
Apr 07 2022

The clock for posting arrival time in Toronto isn't working.

By w. John Rutherford
Apr 06 2022

My password is not accepted. Tried to reset several times, still not connecting. Cannot find a source of help!!

By John Seamark
Apr 03 2022

Tried to log in but password is wrong. Hit reset and and attempted to change email address to [email protected] and new password. Message told me to check email for. Code. No email arrived. Tried several times

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