ArriveCAN Reviews

ArriveCAN Reviews

Published by on 2022-10-01

Notice: Starting October 1, 2022, all COVID-19 border requirements, including
vaccination, mandatory use of ArriveCAN, and any testing and
quarantine/isolation requirements will end for all travellers entering Canada
whether by land, air or sea. ArriveCAN no longer collects information...

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Reviews (21)


Poor user experience & synching to border agents

ArriveCAN is supposed to make travel to Canada easier it is a fairly laborious process to fill it out and it doesn’t link well with the border agents. What would make ArriveCAN better, especially for repeat travelers back to Canada, is to remember some of the basic information about the traveler. ArriveCAN forces you to manually input information about your identity, vaccination status, and testing every time you return. Although some of these things of course will change over time some of the basic information stays static to the profile of the traveler. My advice is to take the time ahead of your travel to ensure that you have ArriveCAN precisely completed. The second major issue with ArriveCAN is the connection with the border agent. We are repeat travelers back to Canada and at the border each time the border agent has given us the permission not to quarantine - double vaccinated and had negative tests. This however was not reflected in ArriveCAN nor our communications back to the government of Canada. Daily we would receive notifications from ArriveCAN about needing to quarantine in place even though we were permitted to travel per the discussion with the border agent. This caused us quite a high degree of anxiety not knowing which was right. Again, my advice to all those who are using ArriveCAN is to ensure that you have clear guidance from your border agent so that you do not have to worry about what ArriveCAN says.


Seriously Unnecessary & Confusing

First and foremost I’d like to say we all waited for 2 years for the border to open up. But how can you cross now? I have your answer. A complicated app that requires to capture your passport, drivers license and COVID results but in reality you don’t 🤣 *BOTH American and Canadian border websites must act updated 24/7 on how you need requirements to cross the border. My boyfriend and I ALWAYS check both websites and we’ve never seen anybody update it until “August 21” the big opening to cross. Little did I know, I had all my information by hand and I was immediately refused by Canadian officers because I did not have proof that I needed a NEGATIVE PCR test. This was the day after they had opened the border. Everything had to be electronically documented on the Arrive Canada App and again I didn’t know since their website was not updated. I was frustrated waiting to be sent back to America along with other people waiting in their cars. Also, I had a bad experience with officers from BOTH sides. That was not my day…


Doesn’t recognize names nor dates

I tried all possible border crossing names but none was accepted. There is no list to chose from. If you want to use ArriveCAN AFTER arrival, you are out of luck, as it only recognizes dates in the future, not in the past. For me, ArriveCAN was a complete non-starter. But it gets worse: at my second attempt BEFORE arrival, using the “forget password” option produces a popup that blocks the text field, so you are stuck. Sorry, not working. For an “essential” app to cross the border it’s a major nightmare. PS: Getting far worse: after choosing a strong automatic password on my iPhone, the automatic fill in first replaces my email address with the confirmation number and then doesn’t find my password because it looks for some Canadian website. The last problem may be an iOS problem but I am sure ArriveCAN developers could have avoided that - like all the other app developers who managed to do so. Sorry guys: one of the worst apps I used in along time.


Well developed + intuitive design

Really appreciate the user experience flow and design of ArriveCAN. Works smoothly with features for saving your process as you go and for multiple reviews of your info before submit. Attractive interface. I recommend a little more instruction around the “Add traveler” feature, as it was a bit confusing for two adults traveling together—should we both add each other? Should we have the information only on one device with the second person as an additional traveler? We ended up calling the border crossing (a challenge in itself!) before arrival for advice.



Far too difficult for a 71 year old to first understand the 72 hour time limit when we have to be at the airport 3 hours ahead and we board the plane at least 20-30 minutes ahead. So when it says 72 hours ahead of boarding plane or scheduled departure time you are really not saying 72 hours ahead. I had to go in over and over again to be able to register. Very frustrating and no I will not be coming to Canada again. Trying to register on an iPhone is difficult but had to use it so we could download app. Some of the areas during registration were hard to get to because they would be covered up by some “message”. And I wasn't sure what you were asking. Ex: near the end it mentioned having to do something in Canada in one area but wanted me to fill in the United States of America as my place of originating or citizenship although I did not understand what your application wanted. I tried 3 or 4 times until I understood that. This was a very frustrating process. Also you wanted covid tests to be within 72 hours which puts it very close to departure time and date. Especially since you wanted the results before boarding time. Did I mention I have been frustrated for 3 days trying to “jump through hoops?” I pray Canada will not disappoint on our first vacation out of the country in several years and first land tour in Canada.


Glitchy App

ArriveCAN must’ve been put together quickly and without much thought. ArriveCAN does NOT save your information as you progress through it not does it work well on an Apple 8plus phone. Trying to call Technical Support for assistance was a 2 hour deal with surprise from who picked up on the other end worrying more about HOW I got the number! I submitted everything requested and got to the last step to submit and was sent a message saying I had to connect to the Internet (which I already was per going through ArriveCAN steps) and couldn’t finish the whole process. This Application and the programmers are severely lacking and quality control needs to happen. This is a terrible App to try and use. Apparently, it’s needed to be used on a newer device (ergo why I got it done on my BF’s new phone). And seriously, if you believe in a fully vaccinated Canadian trying to get to Canada - WHY require such strict rules for crossing? ArriveCAN is out of whack.


Very good app, but Save&Close backs you up

This is a very good app, but most people are going to be getting only part way through before they are ready for the receipt. It would be improved if people were asked for their quarantine plan first, before being asked for their negative test result. Instead, you have to wait to get your negative test result for your entire party before handling the quarantine plan. Also, when you Save&Close, the checkpoint created backs you up to much. The next time you start ArriveCAN you will have to back up and re-answer the same questions. ArriveCAN could also be improved if - like uploading the vaccination images - you could also upload the negative COVID test results, either as a pdf or an image.


App Review

I find it’s ArriveCAN not to userIssue friendly. From a Government user point of view, it makes sense. From a user point of view, it doesn’t 🤨. There are so many entry points into Canada 🚗🛻🚌🇨🇦. The problem is that the entry points are listed in Canadian Cities. I am crossing from the USA 🇺🇸. Shouldn’t it post; Surrey/ Blaine. PAC HWY has 2 entry points in the same town. Upon trying to find my entry point, I need to find the name of the Canadian side city in order to fill out the Canadian entry form📑. It takes a lot of time & research. 😠 Why do you need to manually enter the date of your COVD Immunizations & photograph your card too. It’s on the COVD Immunization card. ArriveCAN is only set for an extended stay. 1 day visits are not an option. ArriveCAN only excepts a designated place to stay if I get exposed to COVD. My advice is too re develop ArriveCAN . 🤔


Arrive Canada app

I arrived at the Canadian border in Vermont today with all required paperwork. I had filled out ArriveCAN and submitted it. I was unaware that it did not go through completely and as a result did not have an activation number. Because of no Wi-Fi at border (which makes no sense to me), I had to return to the US, find a place with WI-Fi, hit the submit button again which took all of two seconds, return through Customs again with my activation number. Very frustrating and upsetting. If it had been made clear to me when I submitted ArriveCAN that I should make sure I had a confirmation number, I would have known I wasn’t done and it would have saved a lot of time today. I am in Canada for my Mom’s funeral and was anxious to get to my destination.


Nice app!

ArriveCAN is aesthetically pleasing, and I appreciate the government’s attempt to quickly roll out ArriveCAN (I suppose part of the reason was to minimize people looking for paper forms and lining up to fill them?). The development team does a very good job of responding to questions and updating ArriveCAN as necessary. ArriveCAN has certainly come a long way since its launch. I do have one suggestion. It could help grouping land border crossings per province (or include their province for the search feature) as not all the border crossing names are known by the nonlocals. This can save a visit to Google Maps!


12 and under proof of vaccination - can’t enter

My eleven year old is fully vaccinated, but ArriveCAN will not give me an option to upload the document or even ask me about it. It just assumes “no”. When I called the “help” number they told me to create an entirely new account with a different email or try to do it on my desk top. So create an account for a minor with an extra email I don’t have? Also, doing it on the desktop, did not work. When I asked if I can just show the border officer the documents and still get into Canada, the response was….”it depends on the border officer!” I can’t tell you how frustrating this is! I am happy to follow all rules and get all documents together, but we his process has many flaws! I’m going to drive 7 hours to drive the border and I may or may not be granted entry. I’m Canadian with my American children.


Need update for current regs

Unfortunately ArriveCAN does not accommodate the most recent requirements for vaccinated US citizens to enter Canada. As requirements updated this week, vaccination documents must be entered 2 weeks prior to arrival at the border. ArriveCAN version only allows info entry 3 days prior to entry into Canada. Look forward to getting back to our cabin and hope this roadblock will be cleared soon. UPDATE: I appreciate the quick developer response. My error was in understanding data submission deadlines. Thats what I get for getting info from the media and not official sources. Will update my review again when I finally get to use Arrive CAN, 72 hours prior to the border arrival.



I don’t know what “this app” app the government has, but they continually ask me to go on ArriveCAN and report if I have symptoms. There’s no where on ArriveCAN to do that… ??? … it only allows you to pick an arrival date and that’s it. No daily reporting or anything of the sort. This is extremely confusing… UPDATE: developers are good at feedback I’m impressed. However, it was stated that ArriveCAN sends you a notification every day at 10am. I’ve quarantined 4 times due to work travel, and not once have I received a notification to report symptoms. Note that I *DO* have notifications completely on (banners, Home Screen, persistent, etc) and do not get these notifications. Would be glad to work with developers to sort it out because I’m sure I’m not the only one.



I have to give a good review for this particular app for people who is going to enter Canada as a transportation driver. It’s very user friendly and easy as long as you established a profile. Thank you. It makes my job much easier. But one thing is not clear to me is; If I have to drive my own transportation (car) to enter Canada for company’s business . Do I still have to go through all the regular procedures? Do I have go get another testing within 82 hours? Even though I across the board every other day by driving company’s truck.



1.) The prompts are very confusing. 2.) The “Save and Close” feature takes you completely out of the program, which means you have no way to verify anything is being saved until you reach the final screen. 3.) The wording of many questions is awkward and ambiguous. You are expected to be completely transparent (good thing). But the wording of many questions causes you to struggle with your answer. 4.) The disclosure appears to provide the Canadian government virtually unlimited access to do what it wants with my phone. I thought the sole purpose was quarantine compliance in Canada. 5.) I filled out the this app registration 4 days before I am scheduled to cross the border. Am I being tracked right now by Canadian authorities even though I am still in the US? That should not be the case, but how do you know?


Stop Harassment

Hopefully the arrive Canada app Will lessen all of the harassment that people have to go through to enter Canada,Including Canadian citizens. There is a limit to what people should have to go through because of COVID-19. For example, you don’t kill a mosquito with a sledgehammer. Three years of Covid and I have never been to a Covid funeral, nor do I know anyone else that has gone to a Covid funeral. Something is big-time wrong with the COVID-19 information we receive daily. It is extremely questionable, in the highest degree of the word.


Reporting is one day late on app..

Hello, I was able to use my app to cross the border as the border guard said my information indicated that I filled out ArriveCAN . Unfortunately, reporting my daily symptoms seems to be a day late. I received a call from health Canada which notes my arrival date and my quarantine aligning with that, but when I fill out my daily symptoms on ArriveCAN , it seems to be reporting one day behind. I am concerned as to which to follow. I also completed all necessary updates and it is still one day behind.. Suggestions? It says I should not delete while quarantining so I am apprehensive to do anything..


United States more likely than United Arab Emirates

So when picking from pull down menus after you’ve indicated that you’re driving into Canada, at the Peace Bridge, why on earth wouldn’t an app designer populate all lists with United States as first choice instead of forcing the user to type in the entire word United and the letter S? I’d assume that United States would be the most likely response under such circumstances? Much less likely that someone is from the United Arab Emirates or the United Kingdom. United States Minor Islands before United States? Really? May want to reconsider. Otherwise it’s a really easy app to use. Nicely done.


One screen can’t hit a button

ArriveCAN is easy to use except for one screen when the ask if you have traveled to any other countries besides the United States. The buttons No and Yes are below the save button. I tried to slide it up and quickly hit no. It took me a super long time and a quick finger to hit that button. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall, turn it horizontally and a bunch of other “tricks” nothing works! If you could please fix that it would be great! The same issue is with a few more people we know so I know it’s not just my phone.


Review: ArriveCan

I really appreciated the way that this was designed - to not have to know everything that needs to be submitted at once - because you don’t know all of the info needed until you go through ArriveCAN . It was very kind, that way. I needed to go out and then return into ArriveCAN a few times (e.g., ran out of time) and it allowed for that. It also allowed for changes to your response in case you’d misread the question after you’d passed that page. Thank you very much.


Border Gard Never Heard of it !

We returned to Canada on May 2. We filled out our info on ArriveCAN and went to the border crossing at 1,000 islands. Did not see any code displayed to enter into ArriveCAN . Asked the guard about it and he had never heard of ArriveCAN and knew nothing about the code. He asked us all the same questions we had answered in ArriveCAN . He was pleasant enough and the crossing was easy. It seems the rollout of ArriveCAN has not been done to all crossings. Seems like a good idea, just need to implement it everywhere.

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact ArriveCAN customer service directly
via Email using our new site -

Contact ArriveCAN directly

Is ArriveCAN Safe?

Yes. ArriveCAN is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 380,422 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for ArriveCAN Is 38.3/100.

Is ArriveCAN Legit?

Yes. ArriveCAN is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 380,422 ArriveCAN User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for ArriveCAN Is 38.3/100.

Is ArriveCAN not working?

ArriveCAN works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 33 Comments

By Tony Cudrak
Sep 19 2022

Tried to create account. Will not send verification code. Tried over and over. Piece of crap.

By Chester Bartel
Sep 06 2022

The Arrivecan app is a complete disaster, tourism is down 60%, relatives living in other countries mock Canada saying why would they come here to be tortured at customs and watched more closely than in China. We are the laughing stock of the world!

By no more bad gov
Aug 24 2022

i'm still trying to figure out how 1 of the 5 alleged developers wound up getting a 14,000,000 no-bid contract with an addy at some lame ass cottage in ontario?

as for the app? tits on a bull have more purpose..

By Alona
Aug 13 2022

Your app doesn’t work. I’m spending 3 hours trying complete the form , bu it still doesn’t complain . In the end of the all stage they white me that it’s error and try to connect the internet, but it was okay for all this time . What I should to do? Fix it

By Alona
Aug 13 2022

Your app doesn’t work. I’m spending 3 hours trying complete the form , bu it still doesn’t complain . In the end of the all stage they white me that it’s error and try to connect the internet, but it was okay for all this time . What I should to do? Fix it

By Moko Price
Aug 09 2022

The ArriveCan app is not mandatory or required for Canadians and permanent residents to enter the country nor do you need a covid test to enter the country.
When at immigration, when asked about your vaccination status or if you have the app installed, tell them that this information is private and that the app is not necessary to enter the country.
Tell them you do not want to talk to public health PHAC (Public Health Agency of Canada) but in all likelihood, you will meet with them.
If you find yourself with public health, do not follow/go with them, do not share any personal information with them.
Do not comply with their requests.

You can tell them that you are in good health and would like to leave now. Don't let them intimidate you. Be firm and say that if you are not being detained, you would like to go now. They do not have the authority to detain you.

If at any point they say that they will have to fine you for not having the app, decline the fine.
Do not accept any fine and do not give them your address.
Ask for your documents and say that you want to leave now.

Many people are waking up to this and it is important to not comply by using the ArriveCan app otherwise the Canadian government will try to make it permanent and impose more of these tactics. Let's get back to pre-pandemic travel requirements.

PHAC/public health is only at the airports between 9-5 so if your flight is outside these hours, you may be told that they will follow up with you.
If you do give them your number and they call you, tell them that you are healthy and goodbye. If they tell you that you need to go into quarantine, tell them that you do not. This is not a requirement to enter the country.

If you are trying to board your flight outside of Canada and they say that you need the ArriveCan app in order to board your flight. This is incorrect. The Canadian passport states that you can enter and leave the country freely. There is no legal requirement to have this app installed on your phone. This also applies to permanent residents.

Know your rights or we all lose them.

By Karri McDonald
Aug 09 2022

Ya. We had problems too. Why is there no wifi at the border crossing, for one?
I had our app all ready to go with our passport info and vaccine info before we left for our trip to the States. When I tried to sign in to complete the app, I could not get in. Very frustrating!! I was hoping as we moved up towards the Canadian border that there would be wifi so I could try one last time to get in on this darn app. Nope. No wifi. I tried I don't know how many times to get in while we were in wifi zones to no avail done in the States. The border officer looked at me like i didn't even try to use the app. So now we have used up our one lifetime exemption for entry to Canada. What are they going to do with us the next time we show up at the border and that app hasn't worked?
I tried again when I got home and they have sent me numbers to change my password and you guessed it.... they don't work!!
Getting into the States is nice and easy. Hand them your passport and that's it. What is wrong with our country? We have our passport, our proof of 3 vaccines and our Can Arrive app on our phone , that won't work. I guess we won't be able to travel anymore. Thanks.
I hope my comments help our government to make a more user friendly app. It's hard when you are getting ready to go on a trip. Stressing about packing and other things you have to do get ready to go. This app should not add to the stress.

By Peter
Jul 31 2022

Used it twice. No problems

Jul 30 2022

This app is holding travellers up and forcing quarantine on anyone who questions the apps porpoises
Complete junk liberal red tape

By Lance
Jul 26 2022

Get rid of the app. and Trudeau!

By Joe
Jul 23 2022

I have used arrive can twice before with no issues, both times over wifi with no cell service due to being out of the country.

Today I have been trying to use it all day to upload information as I am returning to Canada tomorrow after a week in the States. The app simply shows me as offline and doesn’t allow me to do anything, simply stating ‘There is no internet connection. Please connect to the internet and try again’. I am connected to the internet however and resetting my connection, or deleting and re-installing the app doesn’t change anything.

Super frustrating and annoying for something that is required to do to re enter the country even tho it is completely unnecessary and useless. All it does it provide extra stress and headache for travelers and increase wait times.

By Sukhi K.
Jul 06 2022

I entered my password kept on saying check your connections and email and they are fine. Finally I reentered with the security code provided still the same problem. I am just going to travel without filling Arrivecan. It is a mess

By Alex Macleoc
Jun 28 2022

Have changed my password twice and still can't connect to ArriveCan. Have used it before without any problem. Will be crossing the border tomorrow. No idea what will happen.
I do not seem to be alone.
Time to ditch a cumbersome and irrelevant app.

Jun 28 2022

We are seniors and not too tech savy, I only went to Vermont about 2 months ago and when I crossed back to Canada the Arrive Can ap was not filled in well and I had to spend 14 days in quarantine.
When will this useless and complicated ap for seniors stop.
Will certainly influence the way we vote at the next federal election...

By Shirley MacKenzie
Jun 27 2022

Had ArriveCAN on cell. Then forgot my password. Said it was sending me the code, never received. Instead I got all sorts of unfamiliar looking crap on cell and none of my own apps would work. So I took cell back to Factory Reset and left it at that until I got home. Luckily they let me through the border. This is nothing but alot of nonsensE!

Jun 26 2022

After much effort and thought, I truly believe this app is designed to discourage American citizens from planning a day visit to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. I’m giving up on experiencing the beauty of the Canada side before my frustration leads me to consider not even visiting the beautiful U.S. side. I’m so disappointed.

By Ma Liza
Jun 18 2022

This app didn’t work for us . We tried calling the number provided but it just kept ringing, ruined my vacation. Totally unnecessary. Canada doesn’t want tourists . Visit other country instead.

By Jacques Khaouam
Jun 11 2022

After filling in all the requirements successfully, I am not able to submit with an error code (F-400)

By David Corcoran
May 03 2022

I tried to remember my password for the app and eventually had to get another password by e mail. When I entered the password sent
to me by the government or their agents, The password was invalid. I used it only about one minute after they sent it. The other thing I
read is that the new password is only valid for 24 hours so I'm going to have to request another one for my return which no doubt
will be invalid. Our government couldn't organise a booze up in a brewery.

By Linda Kenney
Apr 14 2022

I successfully entered all required information on my cellphone then got to point where it said ‘add a traveller’ so I added my husband’s information and at end end it came up with a bar code but with just his name - mine was nowhere to be seen and it didn’t let you get back into the app to alter things. Eventually deleted that application and put my info on my phone and his info on his phone No problem I thought. When we arrived in Vancouver and tried to scan our codes we were told by the machine “unable to read’ although the bar codes were quite clear. This app is absolute rubbish and a waste of time.

By Marcel Côté St François N B Canada
Apr 07 2022


By Kim Hiles
Apr 02 2022

Have tried for days to set up ArriveCAN app on my android.
"Invalid" everytime..yes i followed ALL possible trouble shooting ideas! Now i may have to cancel upcoming ..long overdue vaca. I can't afford a 2 wk "jail" punishment. Guess i will take the hit at travel office..some fees not refunded! No wonder my nerves are shot. This Gov't rollout is GARBAGE for fully vaxxed CANADIANS!!!!

By Joyce
Mar 27 2022

I just spent two hours trying to get as much information onto the Arrive Can form before a trip so that I will be prepared when it is time to use the app. It is a competely frustrating experience. I am a reasonably intelligent, frequent computer user. One of the sites said it would take "a few minutes" - what a joke. And, when I signed back into to ArriveCan to confirm that my information was there, I was led to start all over again. Now I am dreading returning to Canada because I have no confidence that this app is going to work.

By M Helena Ferrari
Mar 07 2022

Not sure what is happening with this ArriveCan. We recently arrived from a vacation in Mexico. Had the covid test 24 hours prior to our flight with negative results than did the ArriveCan which had been successfully submitted. Landed at YVR and the border inspector checked everything including our vaccine passport. We were NOT even selected for the random test upon arrival at YVR. He directed us to the exit door. All good until 2 days later when we started receiving calls and emails from the Federal Government that we had to login the ArriveCan and follow the instructions during the 14 days quarentine. What??? I saw a link report on CBC about Canadian citzens and permanent residents NOT need to quarentine after arrival back to Canada if you had everything done prior to your arrival.
On Sunday March 6, at 2pm I received a call from the Provincial Government checking on my status. I got angry and told her that what both Federal Government and Provincial Government are doing is a harassment. Any clues on what myself and my husband should do about it?
I just want to stop being harassed. We did everything right. We have no symptoms of any kind. So, what should we do?
Appreciate any feed back.
Thank you.

By Don Canfield
Dec 08 2021

6 days ago I entered Canada by car at Fort Frances Customs base. Everything went fine . The customs person said I filled out the app. Perfectly. The next day I check the app to find out I am supposed to be in Quorentine . It is frozen like that. I cannot believe that the Canadian Government would unleash this app without thoroughly testing it.

By Brewster
Dec 04 2021

Received 6 codes today, posted each one right away, all were returned as invalid. In their email it says the codes are good for 24hrs, they can't even get that right

By Bruce Noakes
Dec 04 2021

I registered, told they would send a code, the link said the code was good for 24hours, i posted the code right away and it comes back invalid, gone through that process at least 6 tmes

By Brewster
Dec 04 2021

I registered then it says they will send me a code. The link says it's good for 24 hours, I go back to the site right away , enter the code and it comes back invalid. Done that about ten times, a frustrating piece of garbage ArriveCan is. Email Ford and his health minister and tell them it stinks to high heaven

By Peter Elias
Dec 01 2021

The App is a nightmare to use, spent many hours. They would not send a verification code, ultimately became the biggest problem.

By Jon Whitney
Oct 14 2021

If your going to implement a app for sole entry into your country. You should make a better effort that the program works without fail. Travel during these time can be very stressful and difficult. I can see how some would be discouraged from ever wanting to return.

By Jay Lunt
Sep 09 2021

This website is the biggest piece of shit on the internet. I went in on my android and spent quite a while answering questions. The upshot? It would not accept my arrival time despite being well within the 72 hour arrival period. Three of my family members were unable to complete the form on their mobile phones. Kept getting bumped at the end...on the very last box! Also, you must send photo proof of each of your vaccinations (this requires two photos, one for each shot) despite both of my vaccinations being on the same card. not attempt to change the arrival box (car, boat, airplane?). When you go to change this you will find ALL of the info you typed in has vanished into the Canadian sunset (sorry Guy Lombardo). I understand that Canada does not want US citizens visiting right now. If it were not for a family emergency (impending death of my young nephew) I would not go. I have no choice but the Canadian government website does not need to be part of the weeding- out process. This website is a disgrace and a waste of the money of Canadian citizens. By the way...the covid test to return to the US will cost you between $160 and $300 Canadian. I guess that affordable health care we all hear about is only for the locals. You'd think if the country really wanted to contain Covid they would make the test more affordable. What did I pay for my test to enter Canada? Exactly $0.00. Good luck to US citizens traveling to Canada. You will certainly need it.

By david prins
Aug 27 2021

this form is ridiculous beyond belief. First, my computeer would not download. Finally I downloaded on my iPad. But all the information I entered it rejected. United States of America is "not a valid country

This app is ridiculous beyond belief. I won't even go into the details of how it rejected all my info. Does anyone out there actually know the
name of the airport in Edmonton? And why isn't "the united states of america" a country. I won't go any further. Suffice it to say that
I eventually got so fed-up with the nonsense and cancelled my trip to edmonton. Oh, and why is "air canada" not a valid airline.
I'm shocked by the unbelievable incompetence, and how it ruined my trip.

By anjum nasir
Jul 15 2021

The website is very difficult to use.
Today I missed my flight from Dallas to Toronto.
I downloaded the apps on my phone at the airport American airline counter. despite the assistance from the agents on the counter the apps didn't worked. lost over two hours struggling with the apps. lost 38 minutes over the phone waiting for an agent to respond while dialing 1-833-283-7403
with two Pfizer shots in Canada and covid-19 test with 72 hrs in USA before leaving for Canada with all the printed reports available at site did not make sense to introduce new websites or apps specially coming from US.

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CLEAR - Fast, Touchless Access
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