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Published by on 2019-12-18

Discord is the only cross-platform voice and text chat app designed specifically for gamers. With the iOS app you can stay connected to all your Discord voice and text channels even while AFK. It is perfect for chatting with team members, seeing who is playing online, and catching up on text convers...

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Discord Reviews

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    New display on lock screen

    So discord has been pretty much great overall, I love using it every day and never really had any problems with how it looked or worked, until this recent update. Now, while during a call, when I lock my phone on my iPhone, discord shows up as a call for everyone to see and access, like an iPhone call. I do not feel comfortable that anyone can just see that I’m on a discord call; that’s what I liked about discord. I could only access the call via the app, that’s why I used discord. If I wanted to access the call via the lock, I would’ve just called someone. Now discord is acting like an iOS phone call by making a new tab appear which is also annoying and difficult to just look at and manage with other apps that are opened. There was no original issue with how discord calls were displayed, now they’re blatantly out in the open for people to see and I believe it’s not convenient at all. It also bugs out when I just try to lock my phone sometimes. It won’t actually lock and when I tap my phone, the call will appear with the new look and my phone will be unlocked. I know you guys are trying something new but this is a bit of a stretch. Discord was discord by not looking like an iPhone/apple created application. At least make it an option to remove the display of the discord call on the lock screen, it would be greatly appreciated by those who desire some privacy.

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    Integrated Phone Calls

    Discord is an amazing app that lets you do casual conversations without the loud notifications you would usually get from text messages. It does an amazing job at keeping notifications hidden when you want them to be. But I cannot say the same for calls. Recently, Discord started integrating their calls with actual phone calls. This means that every time I get called on Discord, it goes through to my ringtone. The whole reason I use Discord is to keep my online life separate from my personal life. Although there is a setting that allows you to disable this feature, I still get the ringtone. Whenever I get called on Discord, even though the app is closed, I still get a ringtone. I even have all notifications turned off in my settings. The ringtone only lasts about 2 seconds before it realizes that it should not be there, but it gets pretty annoying, since it forces me to stop whatever i’m doing on my phone. What annoys me the most is that this issue has been fixed before. The previous update had the setting that disabled the integrated phone calls, but it actually did its job, unlike this recent update. I had no calls going through no matter how much I was getting spammed with calls. I thought this problem would be gone forever, but it still managed to find its way back. I’ve resorted to having to delete the app just to avoid the ringtone...again. Please fix this issue.

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    Please, please bring back the private call option

    Sure, Discord is much better in terms of quality, but by far my biggest complaint is the removal of the private mode option while calling people. I deserve a right to privacy, as does everyone else, and it’s too loud for that to be an option. Other people can hear my conversations and it’s very bothersome. I miss having the option between the two. Don’t fix something that isn’t broken please! Otherwise, there’s this constant bug with webcams/ turning on your camera. sometimes it never loads and you have to turn it off and on to get it to work properly. I’ve had to do this up to 3 times maximum to get it to work finally, which is nothing at first, but becomes annoying. Finally, (most likely not 100% discord’s fault, you can ignore this if you want) the connection seems to be getting worse. I used to love discord for the quality of the calls, but several times a week the quality becomes so bad that I have to restart the call several times to understand a sentence the recipient. The most common connection issue is definitely the that audio seems to skip out entirely for a few seconds sometimes. I understand that this could also be due to my own connection and the recipient’s connection, so take this with a grain of salt. Considering that, many times before there has been nothing wrong with our internet and this still happens.

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    Please read this

    From the very beginning, I have had numerous problems with this app. The only reason I am giving it two stars is because when it does work, it is phenomenal. When I first got the app, it wouldn’t let me join the server I wanted to and said I was banned (even though I’d never used the app before). I re-downloaded the app recently because I was joining a clan and they required discord. I got the app and I was still logged into my old account, which was glitched, so I created a new one. I actually had to create that account on my browser because the app didn’t even let me do that. I created my account and tried to login on the app, no success. I’ve re-downloaded the app numerous times since then and still, no success logging in. Luckily, my browser still works and I use that to chat with my clan. Unfortunately, even when I turn my phone sideways, I can’t see all of the writing because it shows all the members of the group on the right hand side and it takes up half of the screen. Then, I have to read downwards one letter at a time and I don’t have the patience for that, especially with all of the scrolling it requires. If I could get on the app and not have to worry about that, I would have no complaints, but this simple fix is ruining the entire app for me. If you want people to use your app, they have to be able to create an account, but so far I haven’t had any luck with that.

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    Dear, Discord.

    Discord is a great tool for gaming, streaming, and almost anything you need out of a communication service/application. Yet it is lacking sometimes there is server lag or buggy happening on pc and the phone version usually just the phone version but its come along way and most of the bad issues are completely fixed. I just wish it was more compatible with certain devices, for example i don't have a great pc but it is good enough to play arma 2 - 3 with 60 frames yet discord likes to kill my cpu time usually freezes and such as well, despite playing with the prioity setting it higher or lower doesn't fix the problem. Ios version seems fine most of the time but sometimes has server lag or disconnects. But all in all its one of the best alternatives to paid communication services for gaming and streaming, and i am if it wasn't free it would be the best of paid applications, its simple you can create free servers and manage those servers with ease. btw in your update log you wrote "with relative easy" instead of relative ease. The best part i would say is how easy and how quickly you can create and connect with people so you can just get into your game and start playing. Thank you discord! i hope you continue to improve and fix this application, its been a few years since i have even looked at teamspeak and its all thanks to you guys|~<3

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    Keeps crashing and marking unread messages as read.

    I like Discord for what it offers, but the iOS app crashes randomly whenever I try to load a picture, gif, song, or other upload someone else posted, and crashes when I try to post pictures quite frequently. I know that a lot of people upload stuff, so the fact that it crashes as often as it does is a major concern for me. Another issue is that the app has decided to randomly mark all messages in random chat channels as read when I open them, even though I’ve still got dozens to read before I reach the end of the string. Or I’ll be reading the messages, and suddenly it marked all messages as read, to include ones that happen while I’m reading, and not even remotely caught up. It happens randomly, so I don’t even know what might be the issue. It might happen to a chat every time I open it, or just once in a while but it’s a bug I want to see gone. Being tagged in a message, and then having that indicator removed randomly is an issue. I don’t always have time to read everything in one sitting, so I want to be assured that I can read it later. It is a major issue when it starts you over at the end of the conversation, and doesn’t save from where you had to leave off. (This is mostly for my admin duties on servers.) I like that I have the ability to take Discord with me, but if I can’t use it half the time, then it’s like I don’t even have it at all.

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    Simply the best

    I started to use discord around a year ago, with that said I use it for everything, I own a few gaming teams and it is so nice to communicate with other team members, other teams, etc etc, I also use discord to communicate with friends, teammates ( especially in games where a mic is not supported ) discord does not affect my frames which is something I enjoy, I can still play my favorite games with discord open without sacrificing graphics or frame, I also have a few servers which I moderate and using bot support I can easily put up chat filters to prevent people from using certain words that may be deemed inappropriate, setting discord up was surprisingly easy and I had no trouble what so ever, I have never been let down by discord either, there servers have never been down allowing me to always communicate the quality is purely amazing, for any game devs out there I would use this as this app allowed my favorite developers to host polls, show updates, and even do giveaways, simply put this is the best way of communication for any devs, gamers, or fans, and even friends and would highly suggest that you get this app

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    Suggestion: Please Read.

    Hello there ‘Discord’, I hope you’re having a wonderful day. Now, this app has always been amazing. I’ve never really had a problem and to do this day no complaints. Complaints and suggestions, two things often misunderstood. But I am here to say I am not making a complaint. All i suggest is that we have the same options as computer users. I’d like to change my game status on my mobile phone because obviously i’m not able to take my computer just anywhere with me. The games mode isn’t available in the app or web login unless it’s on the computer. It slightly bums me out but since discoed has always been such a great app i overlook it. I think everyone would be happy if the game status option would be on mobile as well. Playing on the go IS a thing. Why not add it for us too? All in all that is my suggestion, the ability to change my game status on mobile just like in my computer. Yes, I understand that this may take time. But it is worth waiting for and I know you and your team can accomplish it. Thank you for reading and have a great rest of your day. (If you would like to speak 1 on 1 for any particular reason or questions, my discord is iisabxla#2993)

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    Mobile app has issues

    Discord works great on a desktop computer/laptop, other than finding the right chat room and general navigation issues like getting a message noise but never seeing the message because you were in a voice chat room. Could use a redesign. Like why isn’t voice just enable in the same chat room so there’s no switching back and forth? However, this review is for the mobile app. It doesn’t work. Every time I do so much as sneeze (another app notification/text message comes in, if I get a phone call, etc.) the app stops working. I get that the voice should stop but after switching apps and coming back or after ending the phone call, the Discord app never recovers and must be restarted, rejoin the room, and then it works...for a while. Until almost anything else happens. Worst of all, when my phone falls asleep, so does Discord, sometimes. It’s unpredictable when I’m just randomly disconnected from Discord. My friend reported his phone calls not coming through when he’s on a Discord voice channel. Not sure which problem is worse. I’d highly recommend using a different app. Often, my friends and I just use a phone conference call. And I can send a text message while on a phone call. So how does this app improve my gaming other than taking bandwidth from my gaming?

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    Used to love, now not so much. EDITED!

    I love discord! I’ve always loved it on the desktop version, and have had no issues with it on there. I get mobile is behind and you can’t really get all the features, and of course it’ll be different, but I absolutely HATE that calls act as phone calls now. The sole reason I switched from typically using FaceTime Audio calls to Discord calls was to be able to lock my phone while talking, have my phone on my bed without the screen turning off when something covered the sensor, other people not being able to see what or who I was talking to, and it not stuffing up my call logs. Discord used to be wonderful. The thing that bothers me the most is not being able to lock my phone without the call ending. An absolute pet peeve of mine and it’s awful. Please please take it away, we were FINE without it. Stop trying to be FaceTime. EDIT: You’ve now gained back my affection, discord. You rolled back those changes and now the app is wonderful and back to how it used to be! 5 stars for this amazing app and customer service that actually reads reviews and takes action!!! Very Impressed!

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    My Favorite Social App, But...

    I’ve been using Discord for about a year and half now, the app for maybe a year. They’re been a lot of improvements since then that I was happy to see. The CallKit was definitely not one of them. I wish there was an option to at least disable it. I don’t like my Discord calls showing up in my history. I don’t like Discord calls ringing on my phone like a normal call. Also, I’ve had a lot of audio problems since it was added. My alarm goes off? Can’t hear or talk anymore, have to leave and rejoin the call. Someone calls my phone? I can’t just mute my mic and answer anymore. I have to hang up. And even if I decline the call? Audio problems. Can’t hear. I also hardly ever get proper notifications anymore. People send me messages, but I don’t realize I get them because the sound doesn’t go off while I’m in a call. A few times I just never got a notification at all. And I’ve missed a lot of calls because Discord never rang. I actually like the new update that lets you choose whether or not to use speaker. I was sad to see the option go, so I’m glad it’s back. Wish speaker was default though. Still, it’s nice to have the option.

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    Amazing app, one suggestion though. Please read.

    I absolutely love this app. Finding a gaming partner is way easier using this! I’ve actually found a group of people that I frequently game with and talk to that I honestly really love. My experience this past year has been really amazing, and without trouble. However, only one thing really annoyed me in my time using discord. When you want to leave a server you’ve created, you have the option to pass ownership to someone you trust or someone that’s qualified. It isn’t the same for group chats, though. If I had created a group chat, and had to leave, I would also want to pass the ability of owner to someone trusted, but it randomly picks a member to make the new owner. As the owner, I think I should be the one making that choice. Because even though I absolutely love my discord friends, some of them tend to abuse the power of owner chaotically, and I don’t want to be added back into that kind of environment. Leaving a group chat you and wanting to be added back soon just leads to you crossing your fingers and hoping someone worthy got the crown.

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    The most illegal activity I’ve ever seen on an app like this

    I have never seen such a huge amount of unmoderated social groups in my life. Child porn, pirating, doxxing, Ddossing, terrorism, stalking, animal abuse, and so much more. At the very least, you can pick and chose who can contact you, who can enter your servers and such, but the sheer amount of spam accounts and hackers that go unpunished on this thing make even that nearly impossible when some basement troll uses his 600 accounts to absolutely blow up your inbox or your server with graphic images or death threats. The staff of Discord are very quick to delete accounts reported with proof of things like that, but there are massive servers full of thousands of accounts, in some cases solely dedicated, to the illegal distribution of pirated merchandise or underaged sex that staff aren’t allowed to touch unless someone makes a report. Usually, these things go unreported. In my time on Discord, over 20 people have gotten arrested for illegal, vile acts found solely on this app/website. I like Discord for what it is, but staff needs to make an effort to control their people themselves instead of just letting them run rampant. Don’t ever let your kids on here, even if you think you are moderating them. People WILL attack them, just like they’ve attacked me, even if you never join a server or speak to anyone besides friends.

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    Pretty Good

    All in all, it's a great app. In fact, I'd say it's nearly perfect on PC. However, there are some features on PC that you can just not access on mobile. For example, you can't change privacy settings to turn off DMs on a certain server, which can be a struggle for people with, uh, fans. Another thing is that you can't change somebody's role on mobile, which is very aggravating. I'm a moderator on a server and we have a specific role to give to misbehaving people which prevents them from sending messages. But, I can only do my job as moderator if I'm on my PC, because mobile won't let me change roles. In addition, for whatever reason, certain pictures refuse to upload, and it’s not the channel settings because it’s only with certain pictures (only on mobile). The last thing I recommend, which is currently neither on mobile or PC, is having some version of read receipts for DMs. I know that's probably gonna be controversial, but I personally know that some of my friends are big YouTubers, so they get caught up, and forget. However, if I was able to tell if they'd read my message, I'd be able to yell at — er, uh, talk to them about it.

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    Please help

    Discord is a great alternative to other apps, I got it because I was in a group and that group required you having Discord, and at first it was really complicated but then I got a hang of things. The problem started randomly, what would happen is whenever I open Discord it goes completely black, like the first time this happened I literally thought my IPad died, but nope. I closed the application, and on the screen, it showed “discord” but the app screen was almost empty discord was going very faint, and I can’t do anything on discord, I deleted it and reinstalled it multiple times. Still, nothing changed, idk what to do now, because when my clan is hosting a training or a patrol to get promoted, we NEED to be in Voice Chat. This has been limiting my ability to be a active member in my clan, the only way I can use Voice Chat or chat or other servers is by using my phone. But using a iPad to play games, and a phone to communicate is really hard. Other than this I have had no problems whatsoever. This would have been a five star but this issue has made things VERY difficult. Please Help.

Is Discord Safe?

Yes. Discord is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 731,824 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 5/5. Justuseapp Safety Score for Discord Is 70/100.

Is Discord Legit?

Yes. Discord is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 731,824 Discord User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Discord Is 50/100.

Is Discord not working?

Discord works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Twitter Reviews for Discord

@pokycraftgamer9 @discord update hes now trying to tell you that im lying but im not ive told him i said hes spreading the rumor but hes saying that i said he made the rumor and that i didnt say

@MidamultitooI @TenkaLion @USArmyesports @discord C'mon scarlet these were all legally shown to not be war crimes... it was the us army who decided on that though not a third party

@rubeno4_ Hello @discord, do you have any option in the app or on the website to report this error? If I open spotify from discord (PC), spotify opens but discord stays on this screen that I can't leave. It forces me to quit discord and reopen it https://t.co/26VKOqyzTI

@Unplugged_Alex @discord there’s a huge problem with an account/accounts leaking people’s info and even leaking friends on their list’s info like ip and last name. Please take action to help your platform. If you see This tweet please reply.

@ikessauro @discord Hey @discord why is my call volume so low? Since the last update all my calls on the mobile app are so low I can barely hear. Volume is all the way up to 100% on every setting.

@Tactical_review Be sure to join our @discord channel by clicking here > https://t.co/EnlZm0d4Od < Enjoy the freedom to talk, join in our #podcasts to ask questions live during #TheMondayNightEdition. https://t.co/rjGlQcAiM9

@LocalSpaceBear Ever since @discord updated the mobile app its been a big headache to use voice chat between PTT being bugged and lives much harder to get to.. D:

@Nikkaela9 @discord can we get a search bar in the chats? theres some messages that id love to find again but i forgot to pin them

@HankQ42 My @discord account got disabled. Probably because some bot and a review team doesn't understand that BLM means Bureau of Land Management. Let's see if they actually care or if I need to spin up a new account for work on Monday. And then get SWATed later. #BLM

@VulpineEsports @discord we have had some queries relating to members worried about the new Blue Whale threat on DC Can you clarify that DC will not send messages to people not in a mutual server or added as a friend

@Djkamranbaloch @bondibox @justinsuntron Wow another Drama of #Tron Discord Mods. #TRX not paying to their @discord Mods. Shame on @justinsuntron and all #TRX related SCAMS. @FIatEarthMaps @CryptZen @MustacheTommy @ScottZILWarrior @stoppers_scam @ScamAlertGG

@J_denby One of the things that makes discord so good is the bots. As a verified bot dev, I think that you should do more to make us visible to others, not just an obscure badge buried in our profiles. The same goes for other hard to obtain community badges. @jasoncitron @discord

@realBerdSena @discord what does this mean? How are users supposed to understand anything by this if there's essentially no reference? Also if you're going to issue such warnings you should provide insight on what exactly was the violation! https://t.co/UPF4LA5RrM

@VenomThor2 @discord ok i dont care add a option to make this not appear or to be not clickable thanks https://t.co/h4LhZOscFi

@t0astt__ @discord hi! i hope you respond to this because I've been having this issue with a friend of mine. Everytime they try to invite me, the invite link is resolving. I restarted the app multiple times, along with my phone and nothing seems to be working. Please help,, https://t.co/RHmtox0N2I

@thunderpsi @discord how come the camera viewer in the discord app isn't accurate to what's being sent. By which I mean the aspect isn't a horizontal rectangle like in the preview, instead it's a vertical one and quality is lowered than if I were to use the main camera app? Google Pixel 2 XL https://t.co/dlSrMWWczl

@SeinfeldVEVO @discord Whenever I join this channel it says it’s the start of the channel despite me already being in there for a few weeks. Messages will show up if I’m viewing while people message in it but if I close the app or refresh it goes back to saying it’s the start of the channel.

@advait_ynk @discord I'm so glad you guys rebranded! This is exactly how I used to introduce discord to people who were unfamiliar with it, and how my friend circles used it. It's far more than just a gamer chat app.

@Matej86569221 @Sith_Trooper66 @HawkMoth65 @coinstorm_ @Defalt_Echo @ijuliank @discord you are a moron @Sith_Trooper66. i play minecraft. have any words? not to be toxic if you dont like a game just ignore it. if you dont like it and look at its new features. it means that you care about it. also roblox is a decent game. its not the best or a good game. but- decent

@benrobart @discord My tag has been #9348 ever since I started using Discord a couple of years ago, but it changed to #3101 after my one month Nitro subscription ended; how do I revert back to #9348? I'm not buying another Nitro sub just to get back to where I was before having Nitro.

@itsphysicsjim We have a weekly 'Streamer Spotlight' in the Collective @discord! This week it's @Ruiexoxo! 🥰 A fantastic lady, partial to #StardewValley, @Minecraft, @TheSims.. Join the Discord and let us know of a streamer you'd love to see in the spotlight! https://t.co/EhdP9W3cHi 👈😎 https://t.co/qIlXOzIU9R

@superboochannel Hey @discord - I've turned DMs off in a server of mine, but members in that server are still able to send me DMs, despite not being friends. Is there any way I can fix this? Does having an already existing DM history affect this?

@MrDecker1MMAGC @discord - Care to explain how this happened considering I never made a single post on discord? At least do a modicum of research before making up such utter bullshit- you're not even making an effort here. Maybe say because I never posted or something but this is amateur hour https://t.co/jVCrPv6okC

@MustacheTommy @Djkamranbaloch @bondibox @justinsuntron @Tronfoundation @discord @FIatEarthMaps @ScottZILWarrior @cz_binance @CryptZen He already lost his job right? Now he is just asking to get paid for his last month pay which is very fair. @Tronfoundation - can you guys please look into this and not drop the ball on this.

@SShanky2003 @discord Hey I'm just not able to use voice chat on my server. No one is able to connect. It just saying rtc connecting on top for everyone.

@HyprFox_YT @discord I'm having an issue connecting to discord on mobile. It keeps saying connecting and doesn't connect at all. I tried 4G and other internets but the same thing happens.

@VenomThor2 ill ask this again @discord please add a option to make this disappear or make it not clickable https://t.co/hxWfHyfMgy

@KA_Minifan [email protected] is an app that’s full of furry pedofiles but decides to ban Minifans instead, sounds about right in 2020

@Lovellyservice @discord you guys actually going to reply ? It’s been 8 days I have have submit a request and no response :(?

@zavaleta_selena @discord Not anymore, you kick off Marfoogle! They were wonderful to help people.

@PyropeYT @aeonbollig @discord Just leave. Not everyone and everything has to cater to u.

@dwagonsnare Hey @discord, One of my favorite features has always been the ability to edit messages. Are there any plans to incorporate the same feature for images? Say I post a message with an image, but I post the wrong image; will there be a way to edit the message to replace it?😅

@Mr_Leroy_Fox @casual_cola @AdrianRobinette @discord That’s like saying “you could’ve just take a other route” when you just had an accident on the way to work. Moron. It’s not that I searched for this crap.

@luulink @discord how do I stop automatically connecting to voice chats from my phone‘s Discord app when I’m already using desktop app? It’s kind of annoying to leave call and rejoin on PC constantly just because I opened my phone and Discord was already open there.

@humanbe04720253 @discord i made a server and i want the link to stay the same forever, but every few hours it changes. i set it to never expire, and for it to not have a limit on how many people can use it, yet it still changes. help?

@skibitsky @iWozik @discord @SlackHQ They still haven’t fixed broken Discord Helper process on macOS. Have to kill it from Activity Monitor manually. The issue is 1+ year old and happens to the most (if not all) macOS users 🙂

@Imtoogood_swear @RigleVincent @JoeyBuckaroo @USArmyesports @discord Uh what just a reminder that the U.S isn't the only one in the middle east as much as people would like to think. There are other countries involved and and I'm not defending these actions I think they are horrible.

@planetahuevo @discord I love security but I have been trying to login for 3 minutes answering up to 10 questions from the captcha, and when I have finished them, you send me an email "to check" and then I need to start over again? It makes no sense.

@Ebeta210 Heya @discord , tying to stream a game with a friend but our call keeps getting dropped. Any idea what the issue could be?

@DedMemesFocus @discord why dont you ever give us evidence/a screenshot or SOMETHING when our discord accounts get banned? Its frustrating enough when it gets banned to begin with, and you're not even going to give us evidence that we did _____ thing that breaks your TOS?

@LXYacht @discord I preferred the server lost to slide out from the left on mobile. The conversation sliding away to the right is causing me mental anguish (okay not really but it's messing with me).

@TheUKX Anyone know why I can't invite anyone to my @discord server? My friends list never loads on browser or desktop app and the invite link is just to the Discord website. Phone app won't do it either. I am puzzled! https://t.co/kJyVJwYxLJ

@CalibriEdits @discord there seems to be an issue where I get disconnected and reconnected every 2 minutes or so and it says connecting but it’s not actually connecting me.

@fennikal @RobeanieYT @discord I don't know if that was directed towards me or not but I'ma have to say I don't I'm sorryyy

@minifankimjong @discord people are being banned from servers and not given proper notifications as to why... some of them are nitro and pay for the service... please explain

@alostgarbagecat @discord why would you take away mobile users ability to use multiple emotes from the search menu please, as an e girl I need to have many emotes all the time uwu! additionally not clearing the search menu after closing it is kinda sucky as well :(

@Blackenedragon @discord Hey beautiful people! I've had an issue with the app on my laptop. Every time I join a voice channel, the app goes haywire and the system collapses. I have to go to discord on my browser, but then lose my sound settings; anything I can do? Help plz.

@hiitsdevin_ @Freezurn @miactually_ @nokkusuu @discord accidently reminded me of how honest to god shit humanity is =/ imagine not respecting pronouns

@TUWieZ 14 days is when the deletion process is supposed to start so I'm not too optimistic, but my main email was blacklisted from being able to contact any @discord.com or @discordapp.com emails 5 days ago. ive gotten no support ticket confirmations from my main email these past 5 days

@Djkamranbaloch @bondibox @justinsuntron SHAME ON @justinsuntron AND @Tronfoundation THEY ARE NOT PAYING TO THEIR @discord MODS https://t.co/EhPveblf1d @FIatEarthMaps @ScottZILWarrior @MustacheTommy @cz_binance @CryptZen