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Naughty Live Video Chat - Yboo Reviews

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About: Yboo is an app for women who are interested in dating where you can choose men
depending on their ideal on beautiful date If you like his ideas you can start
chatting with him and then you have 24 hours before all the conversation is
deleted No one can see your profile before you click like in someone. And if
you decide that you can have a great time together you can meet.

About Naughty Live Video Chat

What is Naughty Live Video Chat? Yboo is a dating app designed for women to choose men based on their ideal date. Men can create their ideal date and wait to be chosen by women. If a woman likes a man's profile, they can start chatting and arrange a meeting. The app has strict policies against harassment and inappropriate behavior.



- Women can choose men based on their ideal date

- Chatting is available once a woman likes a man's profile

- Conversations are deleted after 24 hours

- No one can see a woman's profile until they like someone

- Strict policies against harassment and inappropriate behavior

- Men can create their ideal date and wait to be chosen by women

- Subscription to Premium account is available for additional features

- Auto-renewable subscription with a free trial period

- Personal data is handled under the terms and conditions of privacy policy.

Overall User Satisfaction Rating

Positive experience


Negative experience

~ from NLP analysis of 7,418 combined software reviews.

Key Benefits of Naughty Live Video Chat

- Friendly and active user base

- Free searching, browsing, chatting, and trial of VIP

- Photo verification to eliminate spams and scams

- Easy to use and friendly interface

- Helps to find couples for swinging lifestyle

22 Naughty Live Video Chat Reviews

4.3 out of 5


Great idea, terrible results

So, after reading a great number of positive reviews about Taboo, I had high hopes. This concept is highly original though limited in scope. You only get so many choices of scenarios and they’re not realistic. Candles and wine on a first date? In what alternate universe? I do like the idea of this but they need to upgrade the choices you can make so they’re a little more realistic. My second gripe is that there’s no location setting of any kind so you don’t know if who you’re talking to is located near you or not and you end up wasting time if they’re not, especially if they’re not looking for the same thing as you. That brings me to my third gripe...the obvious spammers/scammers. Out of the four women who I chatted with, only one was legit and, referring back to my previous comment, she 12 hours away from me and not looking for the same type of relationship as I am.
I was generous with giving this a 3 star rating. It’s barely that. I really do like the idea of throwing yourself into unfamiliar, uncertain situations. That’s the only redeeming quality of NaughtyLiveVideoChat so far.


Trustworthy! Real people with verified photos!

Most friendly and has a large amount of active users, NaughtyLiveVideoChat has it all: free searching, free browsing of profiles and pics, free chatting for mutual likes, free trial of VIP, a lot of real beautiful women to hook up with... And it requires you to get your photo verified: take a selfie to prove you are real and look like the profile photo. I can see they are trying to eliminate the spams and scams away. This is great and trustworthy. I have dated with several women in my city and they are the same as on NaughtyLiveVideoChat. It could be better if more women know NaughtyLiveVideoChat and can join. Maybe NaughtyLiveVideoChat can give females life-time VIP membership. No real problem, just a suggestion for improvement and hope WILD can really grow wildly in the future, to match up with its name. This free dating app has great potential! Will definitely recommend it to friends.


Positive first impression

Just signed up, navigating through NaughtyLiveVideoChat , very easy to use and friendly interface. Don’t know if it works yet, just 5 minutes experience so far...

After 2 days, still positive feedback, lots of interaction with people, it gets a bit expensive if you send lots of chat requests but it seems to work.

As I keep using it on day 4, I’m starting to tell the real profiles from the professionals and it’s really interesting to discover the modus operandi. Gorgeous girls for sure, I have not been able to meet any in person. I have chatted a lot, met interesting people and exchanged pictures.



NaughtyLiveVideoChat is horrible. First when you open NaughtyLiveVideoChat for the first time you make an account (obviously) but when your done it brings you to a subscription page that is almost near impossible to exit out of to start the free trial promised. Once you spend 30 minutes trying to figure out on how to start the free trial you can start liking/messaging people but guess what?? that’s right you guessed it it’s filled with bots and scammers. I’ve used NaughtyLiveVideoChat for more than a week and haven’t come across one real human that isn’t trying to scam you. Another thing when you set the distance you’d like for people you meet to be it dosent matter what distance you put it’ll give you a random location in united states. I live in california and i set my distance to 50 miles one of the people i matched with was in new york and most likely a scammer. To conclude don’t download this trash app download tinder something reliable it’s definitely not worth a penny of your hard earned money.


Do not waste your time or risk your money

I’m a freelance app tester. After reviewing NaughtyLiveVideoChat, I’ve concluded that this is just one big catfish. After reading some of the 1 star reviews, I decided to immediately cancel the subscription in my iTunes account to avoid being billed as some fell victim to. After doing so, you still have access to your 7 day trial. In the 7 day free trial, you get minor viewing activity of your account and maybe 1-2 “people” that message you. What’s funny though is the day your trial is over. You will get flooded with “people” sending you messages. So of course you can’t view them unless you buy the subscription. I personally got over 14 in the span of 6 hours. So this company is either syphoning the amount of activity you get during the trial. Or, they are guilty of false advertising for flooding your phones with message notifications. If you don’t feel convicted yet, read some of the 5 star reviews and tell me that they are not bots.


this 3 fun app better than tinder

I used tinder before, but I didn't have any matches on tinder app because I looked for swingery couples for swinging lifestyle. Tinder did not give me more chances for connecting with mf couples in my city. 3Sum is a great app, and helped me find many couples in my area and we have enjoyed my threesome love on many couples' bed. They like my job and I love them, too. Now, I can change my three way partners every week. We just need to decide where and when to meet from this tinder threesome app. it is very great. thanks. in addition, it's free to send and reply message. It's very good. Thank you again.


100% Scam [Real]

NaughtyLiveVideoChat preys on the ever-hopeful men who just want to get laid by sending them fake messages from “girls” they can’t see under the guise that it’s protecting their identity. It’s the same scam model countless sites have used in the past: they make you think all these women are interested in you to get guys to sign up. Then once they do? Crickets.

The reality is that no self respecting woman would ever feel comfortable sleeping with a man who’s ready and willing to “go” before even seeing a picture of her. Girls want to know guys are being selective too. Tbh it set off red flags the moment I opened NaughtyLiveVideoChat .

I signed up for the free trial and every time I uploaded a photo it got rejected. So no photos uploaded. But somehow two girls still wanted to meet me? Don’t waste your time with this. It’s crap and any positive reviews here are bots. Just look at the awkward wording/ lack of specificity in the reviews.


Mostly scammers

I downloaded a lot of dating apps at the same time to see if any seem legitimate.. I get lots of responses here from “women” who are interested in me... the problem is most if not all seem to be scammers.. I’m 56 years old and all these women are 25 - 35 years old and all look like supermodels.. most can’t write a clean English introduction... they say Hello, when most Americans would say Hi .. or their English sounds like robot talk.. I still have NaughtyLiveVideoChat and “respond” to some of these ... but the truth is no 40 or 50 supermodels that are 25 to 35 years old are interested in a 56 year old man... all scammers... some want to Chat via WhatsApp but have no camera for video chat... hmm 2020 ? I don’t know what they want.. a few ask for money most just don’t seem to know how to spell English correctly... Good luck with this.. I won’t pay again that’s for sure..


Account Blocked for no reason

After just over a week NaughtyLiveVideoChat won’t open. It says “OOPS! Something went wrong. We are checking the issue. Account is blocked”
Prior to this I found most female responses to be “Catfishing” or what you could call a bot. After only the 2nd or third response they want to move you to text and from there to a website to verify ID with a credit card...SCAM. Don’t fall for it. Or they overwhelm you with gushy love talk and then suddenly need monetary help. Can you buy them a gift card and take a picture of the barcode for them. Or they have something valuable to ship can you help. It’s all scams preying in a guy looking for romance. I’m not sure how to weed out these predators but it makes the online experience less than satisfying and now I’m locked out after paying for a month’s subscription.


A Better one

Recently I have explored many dating apps and this one is my favorite. Although there are still some features you have to pay but they are not necessary to enjoy the service, as for me, the free features are enough. The users on NaughtyLiveVideoChat seems to be friendly and excepting. Connections are made at a pretty fast rate and communication is fairly simple. It is a fun app where you can keep searching, liking/disliking/matching, chatting and eve more. NaughtyLiveVideoChat is definitely better than some of other Apps, I totally recommend it.



I just looking for someone to talk to the only languages I see are Georgian and Russian omg, you guys should really consider filtering your languages because I feel bad that I don’t understand them and another thing why can’t we create a bio so the people on NaughtyLiveVideoChat knows what we’re looking for 😐 like NaughtyLiveVideoChat is bad in so many ways I really don’t recommend it at all it’s a disappointment and the verification thing is fake I took a picture of the wall and it was I was verified 😐 that doesn’t make sense so yeah you guys need to work on a lot of stuff and one last thing if someone doesn’t have a profile picture I don’t think they should be aloud to even use NaughtyLiveVideoChat because we don’t even know what they look like and WHY ARE THEIR SO MANY SCAMMERS OMG


Scam Alert

NaughtyLiveVideoChat is crap. Don’t play into the reviews with 3+ stars. NaughtyLiveVideoChat is a scam and a setup to take money out of your bank account by having you sign up for a free trial and then charge you for vip access prior to even using the free trial. I think the developers hope you forget about it for atleast a while so they can auto renewal your vip access this taking money out of your account when you are not looking. No one uses NaughtyLiveVideoChat. CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION: Those of you who fell for the scam and want to cancel your subscription here’s how. After you have now been made a victim wait for an email in your inbox that’s attached to your iTunes account. At the bottom there will be a link titled “my subscription” click on it and read the fine print where it will say cancel subscription.


Great dating app!

I tried online dating in 2018 after many years of being single. I’m a single mother and in my early-30s. At first I was very reluctant to use WILD because I viewed it as a “hook up” app. But after I tried other apps (Tinder, OKC, Badoo etc.), I found that WILD is simplest to use and works well for me. The men on NaughtyLiveVideoChat are openminded, friendly and very respectful to women. I can use the Filter to match with high quality men. Through NaughtyLiveVideoChat I met some nice men, had some fun and good times. Though I am still seeking the one, I am optimistic and would recommend WILD to anyone. 


I will recommend this threesome dating app to my friends

I've tried many tinder and threesome dating apps, but this one is the best wife sharing app. Very easy to sign up and use. you just need to upload some photos, soon you will get couples messges. seems girls or couples near you can see your latest update , if you are their type, they will send the message , the chat and other features are free. it's very good. so when you see someone you are interested in, send the message right away, this is best swingers dating app ever.


It’s not free if you have to pay!

It’s not free if you have to pay monthly! I’m interested in getting to start NaughtyLiveVideoChat and wanted to see if it was like the rest of the dating/ hookup apps. Which in most cases it is because you start up your account then after you put all this time in for your account it asks you to pay monthly for a 7 day free trial. Which isn’t worth it because it would be like 3 days then they take all your money. That to me isn’t worth it. Don’t make a app to say it’s free, then have to pay for it right after you complete the next step of your account. Makes me want to delete my account that i have already created and write this review, and then delete the actual app itself from my iPhone. It’s a waste of time and effort!


Local people

I have used Wild for almost a year now, and I've met a wonderful guy on NaughtyLiveVideoChat. For me as a female, and this one has been great. I have had almost no issue with it, if any at all. Some of my matches were very interesting and local, so it wasn't hard to meet up with someone if I chose too. It also allows you to do a good bit for free, which is one of the things I look for. I hate having to try to subscribe to a membership to see someone's message or to get back with them.


There are 80 swinger couples near me, wow

Im looking for a threesome date, and my friends recommend 3sum to me, it’s a very good threesome dating app, and I found there are so many swinger couples there, and 80 of them nearby, it’s amazing, people here are very active, and I can see so many nice photo they sent , I love see their recent photos, It’s very unique, other app doesn’t have this features, 3sum is very user friendly and so easy for me to use. will try more and find my perfect threesome relationship. Let’s go


Hope everything goes well

I haven't had many message, but the last one definitely has possibilities. I've met someone who looks like a scammer, i reported her to support and they replied in a minute and she's been deleted. I always ask for a picture and then some of them blew me off. So far that's pretty good. Sadly haven't met anyone yet in real world though. Only been on here a month or two though sure things will look up they already have.


Total scam

I agree with ALL of the bad reviews. The women are fake. Even the ones who are real, they are just terrible. One girl tried to blackmail me. But it was an epic fail. She recorded a video and threatened to post it all over social media unless we “made a deal”. I told her to go ahead and post it, I’d feel like a porn star. Pity, she did not respond furthermore. Funny thing, I was thinking maybe I should record her too just in case something like that were to happen but I guess I’m not as desperate as she is, especially for money. Aside from her, every other woman who messaged me in NaughtyLiveVideoChat claimed to be an escort or a hooker. And I’ve never paid nor will I ever pay for sex. DO NOT DOWNLOAD NaughtyLiveVideoChat!


Met azazing couples on 3Sum app.

I never thought I could meet my open-mined couples on a tinder threesome dating app so soon. At least on a new dating app, my friends recommended this swinging app to me, I tried it out last week in some different cities (I travel often between LA, NY, London and Paris). Everytime I open this tinder for threesomes app, it will show me the local hot married couples near me. It make me feel part of whole commnunity. I chat and meet many cool couples there. I am very grateful with this great dating app.


Terrible app

Don’t waste your time and money on this. Not sure how some of the reviews are so good only guess it must be family and friends. All of the profiles I see are 1200 or more miles away up to 10k, except for one that says she’s 18 miles away with a note that says she likes what I wrote in my profile, but won’t allow me to communicate with her. When I select her profile I can’t communicate with her just allows me to click the silly heart thing that I have no idea what this does. If I select her pic above my profile it says that she has seen my date request but still isn’t interested-then why do I get notices saying she likes my profile? Don’t know if this is some sort of cruel joke and someone on your staff gets off on this but I certainly don’t know anyone that would pay money to be treated like this. Also if they aren’t interested why even put them in the message area or profile area? Just leave them off.


Real people, real hookup

For these years, I have been on several similar dating Apps, but I have the best experience on this one and I really am enjoying it! Some of other App are full of robots, scammers, fake photos, this one is much better. It is very likely that you will find some REAL people to have some fun with or even more. BTW, I like the UI of NaughtyLiveVideoChat, it is quite easy to use, simple but really works. So I would like to recommend NaughtyLiveVideoChat, if you are just looking some people for fun, not serious relationship, you should definitely try this one, you will not be disappointed.


Good for Hook UP

It's a decent app, definitely. I've installed quite a few those so-called hookup apps, but they're usually hard to use, hard to understand. For me, this one seems much simpler, quite easy to use! And works overall like it should. I am finding quite a lot of girls here, some are quite amazing!!! Though it is only free for matched users, not completely free, but worth it.
Anyway, I should thank NaughtyLiveVideoChat, it brings me some amazing experiences!!!
New version is even better, with better UI, more stable

Lexi clone   2 years ago

I am alone now

Sarah 💞Mary   2 years ago

Im Sarah 💞❤️mary 32 and I’m a single and very horny lady from💞❤️

Is Naughty Live Video Chat Safe?

Yes. Naughty Live Video Chat - Yboo is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 7,418 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Naughty Live Video Chat Is 57.9/100.

Is Naughty Live Video Chat Legit?

Yes. Naughty Live Video Chat - Yboo is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 7,418 Naughty Live Video Chat - Yboo User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Naughty Live Video Chat Is 100/100..

Is Naughty Live Video Chat - Yboo not working?

Naughty Live Video Chat - Yboo works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Information

**Pricing data is based on average subscription prices reported by users..

- Free account: basic features, limited swipes, and matches

- Premium account:

- 7-day trial: free

- 1-month subscription: $10.49 USD

- 6-month subscription: $32.99 USD

- Features: unlimited swipes, matches, ability to see who liked your profile, ability to send messages without matching, and access to premium filters.

- Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. The subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal by accessing your account settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication.

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