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Published by on 2023-12-12

About: Use the Amazon Alexa app to manage Alexa-enabled devices, control music
playback, view shopping lists on the go, keep track of upcoming reminders, check
on active timers and much more. When you enable hands-free with Alexa, you can
talk to Alexa by simply saying “Alexa” when the app is on your screen.

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Reported Issues: 23 Comments

4.6 out of 5

By Richard Brookfield

1 year ago

I bought a remote control for the amazon alexa and I can not get it to work?

By Wayne Culbertson

1 year ago

Keeps rediscovering devices, I’ve about had it. No one to call…. Basically no customer service…. Is there anyway to turn off discovery? Signed, pissed off Cistomer

By Bill peckat

1 year ago

Needed to talk to someone live give me a phone number I will call to fix or replace my Alexa please help me the wife has try everything the pad said

By Anthony M Barlow

1 year ago

Bought a new Alexa dot 4 need to cancel contract on echo dot 3 please advise.

By Gary

1 year ago

Echo and Echo Dot has circling green light. I've tried, 'what are my notifications' - no notifications, 'answer' - no call current, I've gone into the Alexa App and turned every thing off, notifications, privacy, etc., still have green circling light. This all started after I returned 2 items I had purchased on Amazon. How can I stop the circling green light?


2 years ago

what is Alexa's phone number so i can talk to a person not a machine? I know of a lot of your customers are having the same problems as I 'am. Robert Grega

By Anthony Leavey

2 years ago

All attempts to reset my forgotten password with Alexa failed, return of a code to my email address never happened, is it possible to overcome this problem.

By Danny

2 years ago

Why is that when I ask Alexa to play a song and then while the song is playing then I ask it to isolate the vocals so that it it automatically removes the background instruments from the song mix then why doesn't it isolate the vocals?

By gerald leduc

2 years ago

the clock on the screen jumps ahead by 2 hours after 12 pm the clock returns to to regular eastern standard time after 12 am

By Joe Ray

2 years ago

Trying to reset password and you will not send a notification number. A telephone # would be nice also.

By Carol R Thompson

2 years ago

My Alexa is not working.

By Milton G Mckellen

2 years ago

Alexa will not play my purchased music from my library. I have reset it and it will not play. It plays radio stations but not my library. Can you assist? It has good wifi connection.

By Vonnie Warren

2 years ago

I am almost blind. Alexa, therefore, is a God-send to me. She would READ my e-mails to me. I didn't have to give up communication with my friends. And she would read me her OWN letter - where I learned more things she was capable of doing to help me. I had a computer service man set it all up for me. She was turning on my lights, playing music by just ASKING, serving as a clock for me, and a timer when I'm cooking, and alert me to weather conditions. But now you've taken her ability to READ to me away. WHY??? Is there any way you can re-instate that feature, so I can continue to be more independent? Sincerely, Vonnie Warren

By Edward R Loveland jr

2 years ago

I have the Echo and two dot devices. I'm having problems getting Alexa to recognize some Sengled 60 watt bulbs. I have 5 that are recognized and 6 others that cannot be discovered by Alexa. How can I fix this problem or do you think the bulbs are defective?

By Al Boden

2 years ago

Voice activated dialing feature no longer functioning. Max #’s accepted is supposed to be 10 but instructions to reset do not result in a working unit. Please do something!!

By Vertie D. Brewer

2 years ago

Recently my Alexa is no longer a connecting or responding to voice commands to turn on my ADT Pulse devices like lights around my house. When checking the Alexa app it shows these devices are unavailable. I found that if I disable ADT and enable ADT again the Alexa device will turn on or off. However, within a few seconds the ADT devices stop working again. I had an ADT technician check out the ADT system and he said it should work with the Alexa but unfortunately it doesn’t. This is very frustrating as it worked well for 2 years and no try

By Laurie L Glasser

2 years ago

my echo 2 just stopped supporting reminders. I've unplugged it, reset it, and done everything else possible. Reminders work via the app = when I type them in... but not via voice, which I use ALL the time, ALL day. I've had it for about 2 yrs and NEVER had an issue. But now, it just stopped. It asks me what to remind me of, and then it says it doesn't support it. It works on my other Alexa devices around the house. Help!!!

By John Flohr

2 years ago

Everyday at 5:30 pm my subwoofer rings three times. I have tried everything to stop it. Any suggestions.

By douglas skene

2 years ago

alexa keeps finding new devices every other can I stop this

By william strobl

2 years ago

created new account by accident,will you remove old account and stop payment on it. William Strobl


Units not in sync, cannot redesign lists order

Our sons and our bedroom are close together. He has an echo kids. When we say good morning Routine it plays on our echo in our bedroom instead of his bedroom. We constantly miss listening to our morning news and weather. Other than changing Alexa’s name we wish you could make Alexa ignore a 2,3,and 4 year old. It was cute at first but now it totally annoying to the point where we just want to get rid of Alexa and the 4 units we bought. I like being able not to have to talk to Alexa and being able to type commands or to switch buttons. I don’t like the volume control as it blasted as it jumps several volume levels at a time and help destroy my new very expensive speaker system on my stereo which also is hooked to sound our TV. This is bad having Alexa listen to your 3 year old crank up the volume. A lot would have to change for me to ever give it 5 stars. There are some nice features but are outweighed by the bad. Alexa needs more and better Setting Controls and a way to ignore small children who like to change music every 5 seconds. I want to turn on my garage lights first and after I scrolled through every other light in the house I finally arrive to where I can turn the switch on; you should be able to arrange the switches the way you want. Still haven’t figured Kids Free time out. Hard to have other main adult family members use the app too; only one master.

By Clamsterdam

A duplicate device every time! Frustrating for those with a lot of Smart Devices

The app would be great if there were more control over the items you have connected. Every time I open the app it’s discovered the same devices again. I have duplicates and triples of just about every device. I’m aware of why it’s happening, but there’s no way to stop it from happening. There’s no way to hide devices and getting rid of items is painfully slow and tedious. In the end it’s not even worth it because the next time you run the app it will just re-discover all of the devices that you just spent hours deleting. Also, there’s no easy way to distinguish which of the multiples are the devices you’ve actually set up for routines or rooms. Essentially you have to turn things on and off to see which ones respond before you can determine the ones that need to be removed. Not like it matters though because of the aforementioned comment about them just coming back. I love Alexa, but there needs to be a better way to manage devices and for Christ’s sake please give us a way to do away with all of these duplicates!!!! I’m tired of having to spend hours re-doing my entire smart home. Maybe stop pushing out all of these new devices and work on your app infrastructure. As of right now your devices are smart but your app is clearly the kid in class who just doesn’t get it.

By SmeeIsMe

Room for improvement

The Alexa app, for me, is only used in connection with my Kindle so that I can utilize the voice feature of Alexa to read my kindle book. The front face of the app doesn’t allow for ease of navigating between starting/stopping the playback of the book or rewinding to catch a missed sentence. Regardless of Alexa’s lack of inflection and intonation (after all, it’s not the audiobook recording of the story and truly is just the monotone of Alexa’s voice), the app glitches enough that she repeats multiple sentences within the same chapter causing me, the “reader” to be throughly confused. Fortunately, but rather time consuming and a bit frustrating, the kindle app holds the “print” version of the book for my own ease in referencing. I’ve had to go back to do that. While I’m not complaining that I actually need to read the book for comprehension purposes thanks to her “glory”, having Alexa read to you that “lives” (as in “he lives for sugar”) not be read as “lives” (as in “he took fifteen lives in the war”) is chuckle-inducing but again, frustrating. She is, of course, a computer. But, as a computer, I figured she should be smarter than that mispronunciation debacle. TL;DR: the app isn’t super user friendly for book readers; the voice/intelligence of the personification of Alexa could use some work

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