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Published by on 2023-12-11

About: Sing over 10 million of your favorite songs with music & scrolling lyrics! Sing
your favorite songs solo, have fun creating a duet or group performance with
friends, collaborate with other singers from around the world, or sing alongside
recordings of popular music artists! Record with your camera on or off and add
professional audio FX to sound amazing and have fun! With millions of karaoke
songs to choose from, you’re su.

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Reported Issues: 19 Comments

4.5 out of 5

By Debra Carter

1 year ago

There's been too much money coming out of my account too often I thought I was only supposed to pay $9.99 per week but you've taken out $9.99 3 days in a row can you please put it back.

By Songstress_D1

1 year ago

There is sexual content on Smule. DavidLeeBanks17 and DavidLeeBanksB7 has been making multiple accounts, just to exhibit porn on his joined videos. Please look into this, as this is not appropriate and fair to us paying customers. I look forward to hearing back from you. And yes, I’ve blocked him already. As I’ve said he continues to make other accounts. Thank you

By Shane

1 year ago

App not working for some reason . Have uninstall and reinstalled Reset phone . Annnnnnd yeah app opens but nothing loads (profile song's notifications ..) (Using android)

By James O'Bryan

2 years ago

If u don't cancel my prescription I'll see u in court have a nice day

By Nihad greene

2 years ago

Ok my problem is until now never been solved and I am actually waiting patiently to see if they really going to help because the last things I’m doing hiring a lawyer I’m going on channel 2 on the LocalTV , because there’s facts people did not know I’m in my 40 and I got bullied from a bunch of people and still now I am out of my account when I got the app I fell in love with it but you deal with psychos really they hack my account they still in my account they took my private information they got to my Facebook my messengers my pictures my family my bank account my money my life and I’m so good at singing that’s makes them angry I was often on most famous singer and turned song that they hacked my account they erased a lot of my videos my songs they got to my followers they block some of my friends they actually took off like 100s followers A day And when they followed me back they took them off again it’s like a game to them I write some acting scenes and I work so hard in my account I put some music and I loud it to my account they arrested all it been emotionally tiring really making me sick been complaining to Smule back-and-forth with emails and then finally they answer me back they froze my account so they can get hacker out of my account , I made up a new email And password in the past but that didn’t make the hacker stop because it supposed to be from Smules end to fix that and now after they Froze the account on purpose for the hacker to leave for god sake now we start over again back-and-forth with emails to unfroze my account another battle another problem I’m sick of it it made me really hate singing and the problem is all this time I am paying for it still and paying fo VIP AND I AM NOT USING AND ITS NOT CHEEP SO CALL ME STUPID YES I NOW I EVEN PAID THESE. AD PEOPLE MONEY LIKE Thousands of dollars just to leave me alone and there’s no use now do I get the blame what’s my reactions going to be next I don’t think soo now o am really sick mentally and physically 😞😞🥺 any body can tell me why is it so hard to get your right but whenever they want money they are on top of things they go out of their way to help you these companies to get your money why can’t be both ways though it’s so sad 🥺🥺🥺

By ConquesT_Dev

2 years ago

Sir, my profile features have been changed suddenly. After that I'm totally unable to mention or pin anyone. Viewing channel songs or fav list are not easy now. So lengthy process. I'm Helpless fully. Plz do something. I love singing love smule. Plz my profile like earlier. Don't change sir ...Thanks

By Daniel Infante

2 years ago

This new update sucks.. can you leave like it was before??

By Karen M Clark

2 years ago

I thought I deleted my old account, (Indian Angel 79), I started a new account, Gabriella. How can I combine some information, from my old and new account, and delete others, and make a single account? Also, can I transfer songs/gifts from my old account, to my new...since they are bought and paid for?

By muzammil

2 years ago

sir, my id username i dnt knw plz forgot my username id display name @MuZaMMiL_PnM plz contact my email id

By Harish Kumar

2 years ago

Dear sir , my new songs not upload in my channel plese help

By Kunju

3 years ago

@_____kurumbi__. This account racke my normal chat. Open mic. Inselt me. Please ban this account please

By [email protected]

3 years ago

My current password forget. Please give me the account details. Thank you

By Hafiz

3 years ago

How can i get back my recording after delete?

By sujayar

3 years ago

i want to delete my account - and i have already sent request sumbitted to smule app Please check whether my smule account has deleted or not this is very urgnt My user id and email as per above

By Delia Beaudouin

3 years ago

I want to save the recording on my phone but not to publish. I could not see it.

By Jennifer Kania

3 years ago

I decided to try the trial, free trial, and you guys charged me 22 dollars a week. Wtf? I need a phone number to contact someone bc I want my money back. I did enjoy smule but come on.....

By Hannah M. Washington

Just listen to us for once!

I'm 17-years-old and have been using Smule since I was 10-years-old. I remember the days when Smule was called Sing!Karaoke and non-VIP members could watch videos and earn credits to open songs. Since then, things have changed quite a bit, and the changes were originally pretty good and were executed pretty well. I used to be excited when the app would come out with a new update . . . but now I dread it. For the past 3 pr 4 years every update that you guys have put out has been garbage. You continuously supply us with things we didn't ask for and ignore our complaints. There are very simple things that we want: (1) A logout button or way to change between multiple accounts without having to delete and redownload the app. (2) The ability to unlike collabs. (3) The ability to change the cover art on songs. (4) GIVES US THE OLD FXs BACK! THE NEW SYSTEM IS HORRIBLE! (5) You actually listening to us for a change. You claim that you "hear us", but it's obvious that you don't because we still haven't received anything that we've asked for. There has been outrage over your latest update and I know a multitude of people who are planning to move on to another platform, so I suggest you process this review carefully because everything I listed is not only what I want, but it's what a large majority of the Smule Community have been fighting for for years now.

By Donna Hubler

Can’t Load nor Listen to songs

I have had this app for two years with a break in between. First time the app would not load and count followers, I would get messages I had new followers but they would never be added. (So could not invite them to sing with me) I researched this on their site and they simply said it doesn’t matter your number of followers just sing and have fun. Obviously something they didn’t care to investigate nor fix. When signed up again, seems first problem I mentioned was fixed, but I have had nothing but problems loading invites to sing (I get error messages or will simply change screens) and then listening to songs I have done in the past, they WILL NOT LOAD and I have emailed support innumerable times with no resolution. I am told to send them a video? How I have asked to accomplish this with no response. I can use all of the other hundred or so apps installed on my phone along with other singing apps but CANNOT use this one. I have asked several times for my money back since I CAANOT GET THIS APP TO WORK but they ignore me. They simply don’t care. So if you have a problem don’t expect any help. I CANNOT use this app but they can use my money. Been going on since June so have wasted enough time.

By ==YangXiaoLong=

2/10 The Devs are Scummy

The devs have received over 50 to 100 USD per VIP access purchased by each user yearly since 2012 and yet they have done nothing with that money except make poorly received changes that their community doesn’t ask for and minor bug fixes. All that you get from VIP is the ability to sing any song anytime (unless you uploaded a song, those you can sing regardless if you have VIP), the ability to display your mutuals on your page, you background color & background, and you can join other users songs regardless of when they expired. Non VIP users can change their profile pictures and can only join songs that VIP users have opened or songs they’ve uploaded. That’s it. They also can’t join songs that have expired. Overall, VIP isn’t worth a fraction of what they charge (it should be 25 USD yearly because of the lack of content) and because they don’t listen to criticism all the income they receive is 99.9% of the time misused if it’s not pocketed first. It’s been so many years that VIP features should be accessible by all users and should serve only to support development of the app (not that it would be utilized). It has potential but it is ultimately led by greedy weasels

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