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Published by on 2024-05-09

About: Shazam will identify any song in seconds. Discover artists, lyrics, videos &
playlists, all for free.

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Developer: Apple, Inc.

E-Mail: [email protected]

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Reported Issues: 11 Comments

4.9 out of 5

By Matt

1 month ago

I have tried everything listed in your help pages and several other sources online. No matter what I do it won't sync my previously shazamed songs to my new device.

By Christos Gavriel

1 year ago

Hi can you please phone me.I am in uk can’t find customer support.Shazam uk. Have new

By Victor the music mule

1 year ago

Shazam SUCKS !!! Want to do corp. business with them but they make it impossible to connect with.'re Goneeeeeee

By Lorenza

1 year ago

Hi, I'm not able to login with FB account as I used to do, so is no more possible to see all my saved library. Why this???

By Ro

1 year ago

I'm unable to use shaz

By Jose artur

3 years ago

Fonte fuction , no reconecion music

By Dr Vinod Kumar

3 years ago

My Shazam App is not working on my Apple I phone XS Please help me to recitify the issue Thanks

By Ken Bolling

3 years ago

I have been using the Shazam music app for 3 years or more. As of two weeks ago the app want allow me to listen to my music using for iPhone data.

By Nickka8809


this used to be the best of all time for finding it’s out right embarrassing that it takes me recording it like six times and the entire song is over and it still has no idea what song it is. not to mention the songs that keep getting recommended to me sound ABSOLUTELY NOTHING LIKE THE ONE IM TRYING TO FIND! i’ve been disappointed and let down more times to count thanks to this app. the worst part is, i type two of the lyrics into google and i found the song immediately. also siri knows most of the songs i try to shazam because they tell me 90% of the time when shazam can’t even give me a song of the same genre or even by a related artist. this app is just embarrassing at this point. it’s embarrassing you call yourself a song finding app and you can’t EVER find a song. my phone works perfectly fine, so it’s not my microphone. it’s embarrassing standing there for the entire duration of a song completely still with no one breathing so it can hear you and it recommending completely wrong songs. over and over and over and over. DO SOMETHING. this all is garbage and belongs there. nothing has changed in years and it’s progressively getting worse every update.

By Maya_DMayanBruja

Almost Great but Still got a BUG ☹️

I LOVE 99% of EVERYTHING about Shazam. It Records & SAVES the Music I hope to ALWAYS have. It’s been recording & saving ALL my Music, even the ones I can’t remember I saved. And all to my Email too (Which I’ve had for YEARS). I love how instant it works & how it can find Most of the songs. Yeah, it still has trouble finding My Spanish speaking Music, but I Trust Shazam will get there Eventually. Although, I regret to say, but I have the Shazam app Icon, on my Scroll down menu (on iPhone 11) & yes, it does the job. I can tap on it & Shazam will instantly start recording & recognizing the song/music being played (on/from another app). BUT…… Once the Notification is shown/pops up & goes away, I later go to my actual Shazam app & the song I KNOW I just played & wanted memory recognition from, is NO LONGER THERE. Yeah Shazam tells me the songs I shazamed for THAT DAY & the days/weeks/etc. Passed. BUT MOST of them are NO LONGER THERE. Like they simply VANISHED. PLEASE Shazam. FIX THIS BUG. I Hate how it’s beginning to Defeat the purpose of even having a Shazam if it won’t properly store my songs anymore. & Who knows how long this has been going on. I’ve probably been missing hundreds of songs that I “thought was saved” when really, they weren’t. Moments GONE☹️ Be awesome Again!!

By Kokubu

Not nearly as accurate or useful as claimed

I really don’t get the appeal of Shazam. It usually doesn’t work. If it’s a top-40 song, it works pretty well. Anything else, and most of the time it says “No result”. Or it picks a song seemingly at random. Then if you try again, it picks a different random song. It has no concept of “I’m not sure what this is so here’s a couple guesses”. The wrong answers are never even from the right genre. It’s like talking to a smart-but-dumb computer on a 1960’s sci-fi movie. There isn’t a way to train it, either. It’s even difficult to remove an incorrectly Shazam’d song from the history — it takes about 6 taps, which is about 5 too many for something I want to do half the time I hit the Shazam button. The other case where it’s good but not useful is classical music. Its accuracy with classical music is excellent. Unfortunately, again, it snatches defeat from the jaws of victory, this time by displaying only the title and *performer* (usually conductor), but not the composer. “String quartet #7”? I guess that narrows it down but it really wasn’t what I was looking for. I wish Shazam worked well, and provided results in a useful format. Right now, it’s a novelty when it works at all. UPDATE: Now it’s started nagging me about “cloud backup” and a bunch of other useless stuff. Please stop. You have one useful feature. Make it better. Don’t go trying to make me integrate my life or some garbage like that.

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