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Published by on 2024-05-15

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E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit TIDAL Music Website

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Reported Issues: 9 Comments

4.7 out of 5

By Zakena Castelonia

1 month ago

I paid just recently my 13.99 for tidal but the app is saying that I’m not subscribed. Do you know why it’s doing that?

By Beatrice DOhrn

1 year ago

I just signed up for a trial. The app is all loaded and appears on my Squeezebox Touch but every track that it tries to play generates the error message " failed to play stream xyz,,,," and it goes to the next and the next track endlessly generating the message for each one. I have st the audio quality to the lowest available.... tried rebooting, etc.... What next?

By David Blades

1 year ago

I have just renewed my subscription and I can’t log in to tidal for some reason. Can you give me details of how I can do this or do I have to reset my account somehow? Thanks Best regards David

By Arthur Burt

2 years ago

In March 2020 I signed up for free trial and tried it out for an hour and cancelled right away. You for the next 3-4 month's until I was able to get my credit card company to stop the charges. I signed up again last week for Tidal and cancelled within 15 minutes. You charged me again even though it was a free trial. I will never ever have anything to do with Tidal again. I won't deal with a company with little to no ethics. I thought that maybe this time it would be different but you were dishonest back in 2020 and still dishonest. Never again!! Art Burt

By johana coronel

2 years ago

me quiero dar de baja en esta aplicacion ya que tengo una cuenta la cual no utilizo porque me olvide de la contraseña y me cobrar cada vez..

By Tyrell Moten

3 years ago

I’m an artist that is looking to create a artist profile on Tidal, I currently have 4 project released on Tidal through Tunecore, My stage name is Ty 4 Thought

By jmarcus

Read the Zappos book on customers

I started selling high end audio equipment back in the 90s, to me the popularity signaled the end of the high end audio Industry and the backlash of consumers against record companies for producing and supporting music distribution mediums that wore out, or scratched easily. I should have known better that people would help move file based music into the hi-fi so many of us cling too. Supported by this trend, I signed up for Tidal with a hi-fi account. The sound quality does come through, and my Oppo application usually works with Tidal, that about where my satisfaction with Tidal ends. First UX, what year is it? Offline sorting, display of albums, vs artist and general navigation smack of early 2000s expect the availability of modern program languages reveal either the incompetence of Tidal’s product team or they have outsourced their UX to a bank. Customer support is impossible to contact. The last time I tried, their wasn’t any authentication between the app my account and their ticketing system, so each time I wrote a ticket and submitted it, I got a message saying I wasn’t authorized. I unsuccessfully emailed and took to Twitter, none of the channels replied. What a dismal and useless waste of money. I consider this a major management failure. Good luck, when you are selling for pennies on the dollar refer to this review. Make your customers happy and they won’t have to lower their gaze when people ask why they are using Tidal in public.

By Arby57

Terrible, not worth the $$$$$.

I like hi quality sound having grownup with vinyl as basically the only form of recorded music. That said, I find it hard to conceptualize how HiFi, being analog by nature, can be completely reproduced in a digital environment. That said, I thought I would give it a try and might have even heard a little difference but for the $25 per month I am not sure it is worth it. Considering that is more money monthly than 2 HD video streaming services and considering that TIDAL doesn’t seem to interface well nor does it feel very intuitive. But, here is my biggest pet peeve; I contacted them for service and found no phone support! Twenty-five dollars per month and no phone support! Outrageous! Worse, I emailed them and 3 days later they responded and so it went. Two weeks later they had not even figured out my account. I am not used to being treated like that especially for $300 per year. If we are going to pay that kind of money for music streaming service they should be prepared to treat us like royalty. HD music from Apple and Pandora sounds good to me and while some may be saying I don’t have an ear, I studied voice with one of the top coaches in the country with gold records on his wall from a number of his students and my father was one of jazz’s greats. I am willing to pay for what I get if it’s worth it but I ain’t paying for a limo and riding the bus!

By Ogan040506

Ridiculously Buggy

The app constantly has performance issues. I want to like TIDAL because it pays artists better than most streaming services but the app is consistently terrible. Currently it has just deleted all of my liked songs and upon redownloading the app it also deleted all of my playlists. The app also tends to pick favorites out of your liked songs and play them several times a week over other songs. There is no rhyme or reason to why these songs are played more they just are and it’s incredibly annoying. The search function will also only pull up songs from smaller artists if the song title and artist name are searched for and spelled exactly right and before you finish typing it will show “no results” so until you type everything out exactly right there is no chance it will pull up what you are looking for. The app is also very slow to load. If you click from search to liked songs expect to wait 10-20 seconds minimum for tidal to load so you can scroll through the liked songs area again. Terrible app. I really want to like this app but I simply can’t recommend it. As soon as I am able to get my songs back I will be canceling my subscription and moving to Apple Music.

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