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Published by on 2022-09-22

The Tangerine Mobile Banking app makes your banking experience even more
convenient than ever before with a fresh and intuitive design. Manage your
Accounts, review transactions, transfer funds, locate ABMs, and receive
important notifications.

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Reported Issues: 6 Comments

By Jirair Afarian
Oct 05 2022

Been with Tangerine for years, first time I am having this issue where I'm unable to log into my account using my PC. I am always getting the "This function is currently unavailable, please try again later. We are sorry for the inconvenience". I have been having this issue for the past month.

By Karen m Connors
Oct 03 2022

The app sometimes doesn't open, it just hangs, then I get the "We need a moment". When it does decide to open, it's a full two-minute process for something that should take less than 15 seconds. Please swap this app out for something that makes a person want to bank, not something that makes a person dread having to bank.

So very disappointed. I referred a friend to this bank, but his issues are identical. He has decided to move on.

By lesley
Sep 28 2022

I have had problems for over two weeks I cannot get on with my PC. Talked to customer service, it opens on my phone and my Chromebook, but it will not get beyond 'log in' without the circle of death. I reset my computer and it took all evening yesterday to reset everything and I was able to get on once, now the next day, I can't get on again. I've been a customer for four years. I tired disabling security as well, it did nothing.

By Lucie brings
Jul 21 2022

That system stings and as soon as I am in, I will close my accounts
For months I am trying to change my password and it is problems after problems
I was on Chat with you and she sent me to a paying technician with Apple
Which I refused to do and she blocked me
Very sick and tired of Tangerine

By Graeme S Mackey
Jul 03 2022

New client, app will not allow me to open up a chequing and savings account, im trying to apply promo

By Kaden Kuusselka
Jun 16 2022

It never let's me download the tangerine app but when I try to download something else it works it just the tangerine app that can never download

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