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Published by on 2022-09-15

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Reported Issues: 85 Comments

By Susan
Jan 31 2023

When I try to log in it keeps saying error forbidden 403

By Joanne
Jan 28 2023

App is stuck on breakfast. This happened weeks ago too. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. Now it’s doing it again.

By Susan Gates
Oct 17 2022

I have had the app about a month
It has worked well. Today the app is not on my phone. I'm leaving this comment before I download it again. I had almost $20 on my wendys mobile account the last time I ordered. I am hoping that my money is still on my account. Otherwise I'll be making a appearance to my local Wendy's to fix. Wendys is my favorite fast food restaurant. Please fix this problem

By Fred
Oct 06 2022

I've tried several, if not more times to create an account and include my military info into the app. I can't do so whether it's with or without the military info in it. So, I'll take my business elsewhere. Subway and Jimmy John's works fine so I'll take my business there.

By Ken Francey
Sep 01 2022

Make a new app. This app almost never works. have to go into the store to order, and the app will not work in the store.
offers and deals are useless if the app won't even run in the store. The store manager told me that people are complaining all the time that the app does not work. The app should be re done by someone who knows what they are doing.
Who ever wrote this app should be ashamed and it should never have gotten through beta testing. Hire a company to make a useable app.

By Linda Jones
Aug 28 2022

Just keeps scrolling, doesn't stop so I can order

By C. Pease
Aug 22 2022

This app NEVER works... Just scrolls through pictures of the little hamburger fries and fries.... FOREVER!
Initially when I tried to sign in , it would say there is no account for that email. BUT, when I went to create an account it would then say that there's already an account for that email! Says to go ahead and sign in... and back-and-forth and back-and-forth... Finally I just used my husband's email. Now apparently we have an account for an app that does nothing but scroll through cartoon pictures of food. Completely and utterly WORTHLESS! (not to mention extremely frustrating when I've used up my lunch break in the drive-thru line at Wendy's and the app still hasn't loaded when it's my turn so I can't use the deal I saw earlier thet prompted me to go there in the first place!)

By C
Aug 22 2022

This app has never worked properly. Initially it

By Valerie
Aug 20 2022

Wendy’s app won’t let me pay. Items are in cart and can’t go any further with the order.

By Megan Denard
Aug 18 2022

My app won't install

By abigail
Aug 08 2022

i can’t add my gift card onto my wendy’s app

By Gary
Aug 05 2022

App constantly circles in startup screen never makes any progress

By Kara miller
Jul 30 2022

My Wendy's app is only showing me breakfast options to order. It's near 7 at nigjt! Lol

By Dallas
Jul 26 2022

#1 - After the pickup order is placed and click on "I'm Here" I get an error messages "Uh oh, we're fixing this error. You can try again or skip for now (which you can't skip). This error has been happening for over 3 weeks now. I usually order a Caesar salad every day so I know it has been 3 weeks. I get charged for the order but it never gets sent to the kitchen. When I get there to pick up the order they have no record of it so I have to place a new order and pay again. Without online ordering I won't bother going at all because I have a very short window for lunch and the wait is too long.

#2 - I tried to submit a complaint about this but it won't let me send it because I get an error saying my email address is invalid. How is my email address invalid if its the same one I use for my Wendy's account. There is no problem with my email when I place orders but its funny that there is a problem with my email any time I want to send a complaint.

By Jeff Platt
Jul 25 2022

I loaded the Wendy's app and was looking through my offers and I was excited to see one of the offers I had was a free breakfast sandwich with any purchase BUT when I push on the chosen free item it goes to the next screen Wich had a choice of using it in a mobile order or use at restaurant so I push the use in restaurant and it takes me back to the "VIEW OFFERS" screen so I tried it a couple more times and it keeps do the same thing instead of a # code or a bar code for the cashier to ring up it just takes me right back to the view OFFERS screen !? Any help would be appreciated thank you sincerely jeff

By Carolyn R
Jul 21 2022

This is the second time it won't open file to attach receipt photo for proof of order. We didn't have phone for app with us when picked up food.

By Hope
Jul 20 2022

Unable to order on the app because I get an error when I try to look at locations. This has been happening for at least 6 months. I’ve tried several things to fix it and nothing has worked.

By Diane Shares
Jul 16 2022

Once again cashier scanned my phone for points that do not show up on my app. I have tried to fill out missing points form but it never goes thru just keeps loading for an hour. I should have enough points for a free salad by now because this isn't the first time this has happened. I hope you correct this issue.

By Jessie A
Jul 14 2022

My most current location for Mobile ordering isn’t popping up on the app

By boBinVentura
Jul 13 2022

App would not load. Just kept scrolling through Wendy, burger, fries, frosty, repeat, repeat, repeat.
Uninstalled. Reinstalled. Signed in. Rewards still there. All better now. Except for those crappy new french fries they have.

By Ryn
Jul 12 2022

Been trying to use the app for weeks now and it will not log in at all. Keeps telling me it can’t create an account even though I’m choosing log in instead of create.

By Kathryn Huls
Jul 12 2022

Ap would not update on Samsung Galaxy 20. Uninstaller ap, ans now it won't install.

By Candace Weymouth
Jul 11 2022

Meeting friends for lunch today. Wanted to use one of my offers but can't get into app. It just keeps scrolling pictures of hamburger, Frosty, etc. DISAPPOINTED!

By Kari
Jun 29 2022

I'm trying to upload a picture of my receipt to earn points because the app would not open while I was in the drive-through. When I click on "select photo", nothing happens. I have checked all of my permissions on my phone for my camera and and the issue seems to be on your end. Why will it not let me upload a photo and how do I get my points since Wendy's only allows 24 hours to before hours to upload the receipt?

By Joe Norato
Jun 27 2022

app just scrolls and scrolls....endlessly.

By Richard Johnson
Jun 25 2022

it literally just scrolls the little food and logo animations when I open the app. I've tried everything. I shouldn't have to even do this. if you can't devote enough resources to your app, fine. don't have an app. but it always does this, never lets you load gift cards, isn't up to date.... I could go on. seriously, if you're going to force people to download yet ANOTHER useless app in order to get deals/coupons/rewards, get it together. otherwise just go back to paper coupons and punch cards.

By Biao Han
Jun 23 2022

The app has not been working for the past month or so. Starting about a month ago it does not load -- keeps scrolling pictures and a couple weeks ago I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it and it seemed to work. Now the app keeps crashing when I try to add an asiago sandwich to my order. Very disappointed. The software engineer(s) who are working on it must not be doing their jobs properly.

By Bryan
Jun 23 2022

App was just looping through burger, fries, frosty, as others described. Uninstalled and reinstalled, it works! Logged back in and rewards are still there. Looks like they added an upload offer option, but you can't put your free jr frosty key tag in there. Still can't order no ice in your Dr. Pepper. Still says last update May 24, 2022, but works for me now.

By Kathy
Jun 21 2022

Wendy's pictures were scrolling screen while in app. After few days it didn't stop. I uninstalled the app and tried to reinstall it. I get an error message when trying to install. Trying over a week.

By David J Werner
Jun 18 2022

My app keeps showing the four pictures that are shown when I turn it on, the burger, the fries, the frosty and Wendy and keeps repeating those four pictures and won't do anything else.

Jun 15 2022

Your app keeps having service errors when I attempt to pay. First time trying to use it. Will probably be the last time too.

By Kesha
Jun 15 2022

App kept crashing and all.my reward points are lost. Called a eep 3 times and still nothing, really sucks...

By June Schumacher
Jun 14 2022

I signed up I have the correct email it worked for awhile now it doesn’t it says my email is registered then it says it’s not valid so I lost All my points

By Ray Bender
Jun 12 2022

App won't except receipt or photo in account to record past receipt

By Michael Loomis
Jun 09 2022

I had the same problem with the pictures scrolling forever! I wanted to make sure I didn't loose my loaded balance or rewards points so I called 888.624.8140 and waited on hold for over an hour. The woman that answered was able to do something on the back end, then had me delete and reinstall. That worked and I had my loaded balance and rewards points! I'm not sure I would still have those balances if I didn't call.

By K Gordon
Jun 08 2022

I loaded my digital account. Nine times out of 10 it stalls with error message on approving digital account use. How can I get the balance of my digital account in Wendy coupons? I'm really tired of dealing with this. Thank you

By Chris H Routzahn
Jun 07 2022

My Wendy's App, which I used all the time (being in a wheelchair ordering & paying with the app made life much easier) the week or more will now load. I thought it was my phone but all my other apps still work... thought about uninstall it & reinstalling but I have a few thousand reward points & don't want to lose them! Any suggestions? I have been ordering on the Wendy's online site, it works but no rewards!

By Gregory Erway
Jun 07 2022

When opening, it just keeps scrolling a picture of Wendy, a burger, and then fries, over and over. It never loads. I've tried with both LTE and Wifi (including Wendy's Wifi). I also rebooted my phone (Samsung Galaxy S9) to see if that would help. I was unable to use any deals or gain points from my purchase. :(

By Ashley M Huston
Jun 05 2022

The app list all my account info and when I tried to create a new account, I get a message saying my password is inadequate and it clearly met the requirement. What the heck is going on?

By Robert Byerly
Jun 04 2022

app not loading. Just get scrolling images.

By Paul
Jun 02 2022

I was having the issue where the images were constantly scrolling.

After following the suggestion below and clearing my data, the app was able to load again.

By Cathy Stearns
Jun 02 2022

App b is not taking payment
Message appears

By Tony Paskitti
May 30 2022

Won’t load. Just keeps spinning icons for a week now. Tried restarting upgrading and reinstalling. Wendy’s is losing my business to McDonald’s and Burger King

By Traci Duncan
May 29 2022

The free drink with purchase is not refreshing on the app. I haven't used it since Friday, but it is still not populating back in my app. It's supposed to be a daily offer for the month of May.

By Arcangelo Castaldo
May 29 2022

When launching, food items keep going around and around. This has been going on for about two weeks.

By Judy Goldstein
May 29 2022

When launching food items go round and round

By David Ferry
May 29 2022

Loading screen just keeps going and is stuck

By Pamela Michajlak
May 28 2022

Have not been able to load for over a week. Stuck on loading screen.

By Ellen Pomerantz
May 28 2022

I too have been having the same problem as others, and after updating the app it only stays on the screen with the pictures rotating through. I have the free jr Frosty that I purchased and unfortunately put it as digital and now I cannot use it and my local Wendy's won't honor it saying I need to order through the app . . .which is not working. I have an android phone. Please help. Thank you.

May 27 2022

app will not do anything but carousel. tried to delete and re-download now it will not let me in at all. keeps saying I already have an account. wendys does not send new password when it sais to wait for one.

By Rich Voss
May 27 2022

Page just scrolls and cannot get to home page. Hope my points and account is still active.

By Mattt
May 25 2022

App stuck on loading screen

By John Johnson
May 24 2022

My Wendys app. just scrolls through the entry screen for the last week. I tried to reload the app from google and it did the same thing instead of reloading. I hope that I haven't lost my points. Until the app is fixed, I will go to Hardy's and Burger King.

May 24 2022

The screen just keeps scrolling through the pictures and won't stop to use. The last of our times can't get rewards or offers.

By Danielle Farthing
May 23 2022

For the last couple of months I've tried to order thru the app, and it just scrolls through the loading images and nothing else. I've stopped going to Wendy's my usual once or twice every 2 weeks because of it. I hope I haven't lost my points.

By Douglas Haessig
May 22 2022

App won't load. Just flashes through the images and never loads.

By Rose
May 21 2022

Can't login or anything else please fix

By Fatone
May 21 2022

Having connection problems. In store cant order from app and get points

By Grahm Staley
May 20 2022

When I reach the checkout screen it just says loading. I have restarted the app and my phone and nothing changes.

By miles monroe
May 20 2022

App won't load; all it does is continously show the carousel of images. I ONLY order thru the app, so no Wendy's until they get this fixed. Some people have lost their points; this is unacceptable.

By Nancy DeMasse
May 20 2022

The last 3 times it just kept scanning which it is still doing. I am unable to use the app. Also last month I went to use my points 700 for a salad and had to pay for it. The app once again kept scanning. Please correct it. Thank you

By Crystal Phillips
May 19 2022

I am very disappointed with the Wendy's mobile app. I purchased a $50.00 gift card and only used it once. Yesterday I went to Wendy's to purchase food and it showed I only had $1.79 loaded on my mobile app. Plus my previous reward points were gone. I contacted customer service and I am still without my funds. I should have about $40.00 remaining on card. I will NEVER load another gift card on the app. I will tell my friends to tell all of their friends what happened to me so they won't be in the same situation. I was told there was some type of upgrade around the same time I loaded my card. well, that's not my fault. That falls on Wendy's. My trips to Wendy's will become a thing of the past. I work for my earnings and don't like to be taken advantage of. I don't owe Wendy's anything but Wendy's owe me the remaining balance on my gift card.

By Adam
May 19 2022

App won’t load locations to order food ahead of time or to use rewards. Went elsewhere too annoying to try to deal with each time I want Wendy’s :( love my 4 for $5 meals

By Andrew Thomas
May 18 2022

Can't open app

By J.F
May 18 2022

App will not open. It just shows rotating burger, drink, and Wendy.

By Brenda
May 18 2022

I cannot get the ap to work to use my points....went to another restaurant instead at lunch time...

By Travis Weberling
May 18 2022

Hi! The Wendy's app was working fine for me up until a week ago, if you guys don:t want to lose customers to Mcd's or Chick-fila, then I suggest you guys fix the app ASAP.

By Troy Close
May 17 2022

Still not working today. Back to McDonald's until they get their app fixed.

By Deb
May 16 2022

I've tried to use my app twice in the past couple of weeks. I was unsuccessful and went somewhere else both times. This can't be good for business!

By Larry White
May 15 2022

Your app stinks! Today is the third time I have tried to place an order and can NOT get help! How do you expect to ever be competitive like this??

May 14 2022

Login, is as good as loaded diaper.

By Gina G
May 12 2022

Lost my login and will not recognize it. Deleted app and started over- still gives 403 error. Will not accept alternate address either.

By Carol W King
May 10 2022

same as others who lost all rewards and doesn't recognize me as me

By Carol W King
May 10 2022

It said my app needed updated and it took away all my rewards and I can't get them back. It was [email protected] Carol King. It put me in now with other

By Susan Millican
May 09 2022

I had previously been using the Wendy’s app. Last week, I received a message that the app needed to be updated. I ran the update. When I opened the updated app, seems like all of my Rewards points disappeared, and now I have 0 points. Can you tell me how this happened? Is there any way that I can recover the lost points?

By Tina
May 06 2022

Your app crashes and now my rewards are gone. I’ve lost rewards like this a couple of times. If you aren’t going to honor rewards via having the app conveniently crash each time, then why even offer them.

By Nakesha L Harris
Apr 21 2022

Same problem app will not load and now my points/ rewards are gone. Not well

By Jahquest Wright
Apr 21 2022

Last year the app crashed so I just made a new account and it was solved, but it's not a perfect fix because the app crashed again back in February 2022, I can still order on the app but if I try to edit an order or scroll up or down in the menu it crashes, I don't know what to do, I guess the Wendy's App is broken for Android Devices.

By Kyle J
Apr 12 2022

Every single time I try to edit my order (like the toppings on my sandwich) the app crashes. This happens every time I use your app. I've stopped going to your restaurants because of this.

By Traven Owens
Apr 08 2022

Everytime I try to order and try to make edits on my order, the app will crash.

By Allen Henri
Apr 04 2022

Only on the edit screen it crashes. As soon as you try to scroll down to edit your burger it pops up the "app not working" page and closes the app.

By stuart c hawkinson
Apr 04 2022

my card has had problems now its having me sine in like I'm new and I don't have a account. I have one it will not take my pass word to get in to fix it will not work. try to get in tells me theirs already an account under that name. i need to get it fixed my cell phone number is 7639132482 home 9528930292 thank you

By Valerie Regan
Mar 31 2022

App keeps crashing, can't pay or edit orders.

By Scott Steele
Mar 26 2022

When I put my order in the cart the app will not place my order when I try to click the button.

By Daniel Pak
Mar 26 2022

Wendy's $1 deal keeps crashing the app

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