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1. It’s got the basics you need like bill pay and support as well as the fun stuff like custom offers and app-exclusive experiences.

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The My Sprint app keeps customers in-the-know while on-the-go. It’s got the basics you need like bill pay and support as well as the fun stuff like custom offers and app-exclusive experiences. Your account is always at your fingertips with the My Sprint app.

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Top My Sprint Mobile Reviews

  • By ftyjeerggg


    WoW why can’t Sprint get it Together?? The App is not working like it should (AGAIN) First page states page cannot be loaded. Underneath this it says Pull down to Reload. Of coarse Nothing Happens.! Call and Discuss this matter with Sprint and they want. Me to delete the App and reinstall, Or Update it. Of Coarse I do all this before I even call them. I’m then asked a lot of Questions most of them having nothing to do with the issue I called about..So now I’m asked to Delete and Reinstall and check for updates (again) Now do all this again ad they will call me back in an hour. We will see if they call me back, Also bought a Refurbished iPhone 7 and the home button looked to be Scratched which I could live with when getting home it started act up when using the home button a closer inspection reveals it is cracked, So took it back and was exchange for another, Using this second iPhone the hearing was horrible and could only be heard well on loud speakers, Took it back and they said it was a Typical iPhone WoW these guys are good the one I was dealing with both times was a pretty nice guy but would be better and probably a bit Smarter if he would stay off the Opioids, the other person was having a conversation with a girlfriend or a Hot Momma and really didn’t have time for my problems. I guess I’m just wishing for better service and products and things to work better.?! Hopefully Sprint will make a come back.

  • By Cats' N Bearz

    Rough Service in some areas but A+++ in customer service!!!

    I homeschool so I am at home 28 hours a day unless we go on an excursion/field trip. Since I am home all of time I turn my data off and use wi-do only in order to not use a lot of data. However, when I do leave the house and depending on the area where my other half and I are at the cell service can be downright “struggle service!!!” I live in a pretty metropolitan area so it is not as though I live on the outskirts of town. All of this still does not stop me from leaving due to the AMAZING customer service I have received from them!!! AMAZING!!! Let me tell you I have cancelled many subscriptions and services, faster than a married man leaving a hen house, due to bad customer service. If I have an issue they are always quick to help find a solution and resolve as though I am a top priority customer. I could not have asked for better customer service so I will take the caveat of having weak or sometimes off cell service.

  • By evy213

    Invaded my province

    The first day I got this phone and my sprint account they were supposed to change my number to a new phone and instead they took my phone number and gave it to a totally different person she had my phone number and information for three days I am highly highly upset and I pay a whole lot of money for this phone and this bill I got no compensation for this at all I still have to pay thousand dollars for this phone not to mention $100 a month for my phone bill but you guys can violate my personal and privateInformation to another client I am highly upset and disrespected by sprint and no one showed any effort to compensate me with anythingI will hold onto this account for a couple months but I’m leaving Sprint just so you know unless you guys can show me something positive to help me out for my suffering and that you guys day for three days this lady at my account my text my phone number I am highly upset thank you

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