My Sprint Mobile Reviews

My Sprint Mobile Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-12

The My Sprint app keeps customers in-the-know while on-the-go. It’s got the
basics you need like bill pay and support as well as the fun stuff like custom
offers and app-exclusive experiences. Your account is always at your fingertips
with the My Sprint app. Please tell us what you thin...

Table of Contents:
1. Reviews
2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
4. App not working?
5. Report Issue

My Sprint Mobile Reviews

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    Sprint is the worst!

    Like a fool, I switched to Sprint from AT & T, and I have regretted it every day since!! They make false promises, charge you more than they assured you your monthly bill would be per month, have terrible service AND the worst customer service I have ever experienced. And good luck if you happen to get a bad phone! You will just have to deal with it because once you sign up, you are insignificant to anyone Sprint from that day forward. They are only helpful the day you sign up!! I have nothing good to say about Sprint!! They owe me money for a deposit I made that was supposed to be credited back to my debit 6 months ago, they assured me it would be when I paid another full deposit on the phone I exchanged the initial crappy phone for. Have chatted with customer service about it, they referred me to the store, who tried to direct me back to customer service, asked to talk to a manager, he wanted to see my receipt, which to his surprise, I still had! He grumbled something about being right back, and came back 10 min later saying he was gonna call corporate and have them send me a check, and that he would call me when he knew approximately when that would be sent out. That was 4 1/2 months ago, never heard a thing and never received any check!! I’m stuck with Sprint for Lord knows how long, and it makes me miserable every day!! DONT EVER SWITCH TO SPRINT!!

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    Sprint Is The Worst Service

    I switched to Sprint in 2016 from Metro PCS for hopes of getting better quality phones and phone service and possibly better customer service. And I am still kicking myself every day for doing so. Sprint did not honor the buy one get one free iphone offer that I switched for. They sent me two little cheap lg phones and made me pay FOR BOTH before I could add an iphone on my daughters line that I also paid for at the apple store. About six months after i switched from the lg and sent it back AFTER I PAID FOR IT, I noticed Sprint was charging me a monthly lease fee for my apple phone. NOTHING has been corrected I have the worst experiences trying to communicate with Sprint as they are based out of the middle east. I am also a single mother that works very hard for her money, AND I am battling cancer on top of this cellular nightmare. Sprint has been ripping me off for almost 3 years and no one wants to take responsibility or take action to correct their mistake. I am still being drug through the ringers and regret ever making the switch. I wish I could go back and rethink the decision but the damage is done. And as soon as I am able to look around for a different carrier I am canceling Sprint and never looking back!! Save yourself a bundle and a whole lot of precious time and dont get caught up in the Sprint web of greedy money hungry lies!

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    Worst company ever

    So I have made many mistakes in my life but switching to sprint is up there. Like many other fools we were swindled into the buy one get one free buyback offer. Well, what they don’t tell you is that T-mobile are the only phones that are comparable with sprint so basically everyone else’s phones are not eligible. The app did t work at all for me so the manager had to submit my old bill to which I am yet to receive both credits more than two months later. Besides that terrible promotion the cell service takes you back to when cell phones were first invented. Everything is muffled, calls drop and I can’t call my wife if she’s right outside the door without it sounding like I’m calling another country. My bill is almost twice as high because I was misquoted. AT&T is so superior to sprint from Custer service all the way to service. I regret ever walking into a store thinking that their promotion was at all accurate. Do yourself a favor and never use sprint. They don’t follow through, they lie, they don’t resolve problems, everything is outsourced like customer service all the way to the third party company that sends you a credit card for turning in your phone. I hate sprint yet I’m stuck with them. Go to any other network. Their commercials are all lies.

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    Don’t Get Sprint

    10 year loyal customer just switched to Verizon. Called Sprint numerous times due to degrading data access to the point where I had to walk around my house and garage to get a data signal. Nothing but lip service from Sprint except that ‘our equipment shows the 3G is working fine’ and get this - blamed the poor data signal in a tree lol! It got to the point that I was going into extended coverage and roaming at my house. They filed a technical issue report but no action - when I called back they told me my issue wasn’t a high enough priority to investigate yet. No solutions offered until I threatened to switch carriers then all of the sudden I could get a ‘Magic Box’ signal booster that wouldn’t be available in the warehouse for 6-8 weeks, and they offered me an insulting $10 per month reduced bill. Why would I continue to pay anything for services they promise but don’t deliver? Switched to Verizon and instantly I can have multiple apps open concurrently while uploading pictures, no more buffering on Pandora and videos, can actually use my data during a phone conversation. I will never do business with Sprint again and will tell anyone that asks to go someplace other than Sprint because you’ll be throwing away your money.

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    Unhappy Client

    I am only being very honest in saying that yes, I did have my bill extended twice now (due to transitioning of jobs to which I explained to customer service, twice I might add. The last customer service agent I spoke with on I believe the 23rd of November was extremely empathetic and kind and told me “If you need to extend your bill (again,) ma’am, feel free to call our office by December 3rd and we will be happy to assist you because I understand your situation fully.” I thanked him immensely, and he said “God bless and have a wonderful rest of your day.” However, today I contacted sprint and told them again, my situation and that I would pay both bills once I get paid on my pay date.. Which is next week. Both woman whom I spoke with, we’re not at all helpful, mindful, kind, etc. Everyone has trials and errors. I’m a single parent that has to have communication (via phone,) incase of an emergency, and I was simply not only doing what the guy before had told me to do, but was hoping would give me a chance so I’m not deeper in the whole, and to be kind and courteous to their customers. Now, I do not know what to do, etc. I have had nothing but great experiences with Sprint as a loyal customer, until now....

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    Bad business!!!

    I have been Sprint customer for some time now, back some time ago talking to different people a lot of Sprint customers left Sprint. Don’t know exactly what the reason was I think it was bad business bad service. I’am old school I don’t like changes still here. I have had trouble with my phone since day one still having trouble. I’ve call sprint, sent reviews to Sprint, talk to people at the sprint store, Still have the same problem. I have been standing next to sprint customers with exact same phone we do same task and their phone 💯 times better than mind, I go outside my house and sit on the steps try to Goggle something and can pick up six or seven different wi-Fi every body but my own, leave the house no matter where I’am at can’t get on line. Sprint the amount of money I have spent and as long as I have been a customer know one have ever corrected my problem Sprint this is absolutely ridiculous, it asking for anything extra just want what I am paying for. No one never will get back with me. When people write a review is that just something you do, is it because that what business do to see how a customer feel. Bad business Sprint...Bad business Thank you

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    When I re-signed up for sprint I was looking to lower my bill. After going to the sprint store in Fitchburg mass. I was doing so. When signing up for renewal I was asked by The store associate if I was interested in a free hotspot. I replied absolutely free and the associate said yes. He just had to add another number to make that happen. So I agreed and upon getting my first bill I noticed my bill was $30 higher then quoted and when I called to dispute the charges Sprint said that I signed up for a hotspot and that was it $30 charge. I then explained to sprint that my hotspot was told to me that it was free. Then Sprint told me that I signed for it and was responsible for the charge. I’ve tried several times to dispute this and it’s been over one year. If you look at my bill I never activated the hot spot. So unless I get credited for my year plus of being charged and not using that service my next alternative is to go about it with legal action. My fiancé and her daughter were there at the time to witness The whole transaction. We’ll see how this review is handled. If I haven’t heard back by Wednesday you leave me no choice but legal action. This has been way overdue and drawn out without any results. Thank you, Bill nadeau.

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    WoW why can’t Sprint get it Together?? The App is not working like it should (AGAIN) First page states page cannot be loaded. Underneath this it says Pull down to Reload. Of coarse Nothing Happens.! Call and Discuss this matter with Sprint and they want. Me to delete the App and reinstall, Or Update it. Of Coarse I do all this before I even call them. I’m then asked a lot of Questions most of them having nothing to do with the issue I called about..So now I’m asked to Delete and Reinstall and check for updates (again) Now do all this again ad they will call me back in an hour. We will see if they call me back, Also bought a Refurbished iPhone 7 and the home button looked to be Scratched which I could live with when getting home it started act up when using the home button a closer inspection reveals it is cracked, So took it back and was exchange for another, Using this second iPhone the hearing was horrible and could only be heard well on loud speakers, Took it back and they said it was a Typical iPhone WoW these guys are good the one I was dealing with both times was a pretty nice guy but would be better and probably a bit Smarter if he would stay off the Opioids, the other person was having a conversation with a girlfriend or a Hot Momma and really didn’t have time for my problems. I guess I’m just wishing for better service and products and things to work better.?! Hopefully Sprint will make a come back.

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    Rough Service in some areas but A+++ in customer service!!!

    I homeschool so I am at home 28 hours a day unless we go on an excursion/field trip. Since I am home all of time I turn my data off and use wi-do only in order to not use a lot of data. However, when I do leave the house and depending on the area where my other half and I are at the cell service can be downright “struggle service!!!” I live in a pretty metropolitan area so it is not as though I live on the outskirts of town. All of this still does not stop me from leaving due to the AMAZING customer service I have received from them!!! AMAZING!!! Let me tell you I have cancelled many subscriptions and services, faster than a married man leaving a hen house, due to bad customer service. If I have an issue they are always quick to help find a solution and resolve as though I am a top priority customer. I could not have asked for better customer service so I will take the caveat of having weak or sometimes off cell service.

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    SALES App

    UPDATE (one month later). Your app is stupid, and mindless. So are your emails telling me I can view my bill. QUESTION: When I get said stupid email, and I click on VIEW MY BILL, >WHY< does it take me ONLINE, as opposed to opening the app? Ridiculous. And, if I’m unlimited talk, text and wireless, WHY does my bill keep drifting upward, when I’ve only had this phone a few months? It only proves my point further, which is that this dipstick app is intended purely as a SALES TOOL. It’s ALL about the MONEY. Check. ANNNND, you can tell which reviews are from your Marketing Dept, Sprint. Sheesh. Give it a rest. I’m looking (“Most Recent Reviews”) at an endless stream of ONE STAR REVIEWS. And yet, you have 4.4 stars. SERIOUSLY? 🤨 ===================== Since the app is MOSTLY for payment, finding and/or upgrading lease plans (in other words MOSTLY sales-related) and I’m auto-pay, WHY would I bother updating the app? Makes about as much sense as anything to do with Sprint, which is ZERO (if you’re not Sprint). Sprint has made it ABUNDANTLY clear it’s ALL about the cash, not customers. I get that you’re in BUSINESS, it’s not a non-profit organization. But the truly successful companies somehow find a happy medium. Sprint isn’t there yet.

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    Worst Phone Company Out There

    I put $400 down on a new iPhone 6s in 2016 when i began a new service with Sprint. This was aside from the other fees to begin service. As I paid off the phone, I never received a notification that I had completed paying my phone off. I come to find out in 2019 I was still getting charged for a lease after overpaying about $400 on this phone over the years. Because I didn’t call in or specify that I wanted to “own” the phone...they assumed I wanted to keep paying for a lease...which just blows my mind. Who in the right mind would put a down payment of $400 just so they could keep paying more on top of that later. (This was the explanation of the customer service rep) Anyways, upon asking for a refund they were unhelpful and I got hung up on a total of 5 times while being pretty chill about it all. I suspect sprint customer service knows the problem exists and their trained to avoid it. Another friend has gone through this same thing with Sprint. Needless to say I have Verizon’s better service....I have a way better phone....and I’m paying $4 less a month. I’ll never be back sprint. Thanks for making my choice easy.

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    Invaded my province

    The first day I got this phone and my sprint account they were supposed to change my number to a new phone and instead they took my phone number and gave it to a totally different person she had my phone number and information for three days I am highly highly upset and I pay a whole lot of money for this phone and this bill I got no compensation for this at all I still have to pay thousand dollars for this phone not to mention $100 a month for my phone bill but you guys can violate my personal and privateInformation to another client I am highly upset and disrespected by sprint and no one showed any effort to compensate me with anythingI will hold onto this account for a couple months but I’m leaving Sprint just so you know unless you guys can show me something positive to help me out for my suffering and that you guys day for three days this lady at my account my text my phone number I am highly upset thank you

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    Service and cost

    I am extremely disappointed with both service in the store and on the phone ... I have switched to sprint from AT&T with a hope of better coverage and stable and consistent bill every month .. it seems with all efforts I am still faced with an unpredictable bill each month .. I am a single mother working full time and sadly can’t afford to spend hours in the store waiting (with appointments even ) and or be on the phone to resolve my issues ... I have made so much effort to spend time on the phone with customer service to fix my plan ,, realizing after that nothing has been changed and it has to start from scratch again ... my account it seems has not changed to unlimited as it was set up from this time last year ...and I have been billed all this time with unnecessary charges ... I’m sad I can’t tackle this properly in any way .. I have 7 months to end my lease with my phones and I wi be forced to shop towards another carrier .. I have also attempted to email managers and two locations close to my home with hope of trying to get an appointment to resolve my problem with my account ,, with no replay emailed to me ..

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    Horrible App

    Every time I use this app something happens (usually in the very last step of the long, drawn-out, seriously cumbersome process) that loses a connection somewhere and I have to start the process all over again. I can pay my bill easily, but that’s the only easy thing about this app. I decided I might try to upgrade using the app. It took me through the entire process & (of course) dropped the connection so I had to start over. When I got to the end & filled out my physical address, it kept telling me the address saved successfully, but when I would try to continue, it said my address was invalid - no explanation! Just invalid! I finally decided to cancel & they have the audacity to give me a popup saying not to cancel now when I’m almost finished!! The sad part is that their website isn’t much better! I love Sprint. I’ve been with them for years. But they need to fire their developers because this really looks bad on them. When I’m tempted to go to another carrier because of their app and website after being with them as long as I have, that speaks volumes about how horrible their app and website are!!

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    Horrible customer service

    I called customer service at 1040 am to have my phone replaced since my speaker seems to be malfunctioning. Waited on hold for 20 mins only to get disconnected when the representative answered. Well I called back, waited about another 20mins. The representative and I discussed an upgrade since the insurance that I have been paying for stated I have to take the phone in for repair first. I didn’t want to do that had the phone since 2016, ok let’s look into an upgrade. Our call got disconnected after I was placed on hold for her to inquire with the supervisor about the misfortune I had and waiving of some fees. Well I have no confidence in calling the customer service line, so I figured I use the chat on line. Same thing happened got disconnected and eventually was told do it myself on line. I requested a complementary case for the phone and sprint declined that as well. I wonder if Verizon would appreciate my business and loyalty. Sprint needs to give their employees more tools to assist the customer when you guys drop the ball. An upgrade should never start at 1040am and finish at 4 pm. Embarrassing and you should be ashamed.

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Is My Sprint Mobile Legit?

No. My Sprint Mobile does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 992,075 My Sprint Mobile User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for My Sprint Mobile Is 13.4/100.

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