PayByPhone Parking Reviews

PayByPhone Parking Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-25

PayByPhone is the highest-ranked parking app in the world with over 20 million
users & 150k five-star reviews (App Store). The PayByPhone app can be used in
400+ cities worldwide & is now available in 12 languages! Use PayByPhone’s
parking services to find nearby parking, pay for parking...

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PayByPhone Parking Reviews

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    Works poorly with congested bandwidth

    The commuter rail station I park at is in a small town an hour outside Boston. Cell service is fine except for when it hits high saturation levels as is the case in the 10-15 minutes prior to an inbound train arriving. That’s when this app doesn’t work at all. It seems like it always has to talk to a server for every step of the transaction: pick location, pick vehicle, retrieve parking rates, make financial transaction. However, my banking apps, train ticket app, other apps still work in the same situation, although slower, but still work! I have to wait to do my parking transaction until the next train stop which is at a bigger city center and had more cell service capacity. Seems like work needs to be done on the app to make it more efficient on the backend. If I mark a location as a favourite (spelling intentional) then why isn’t the favorites tab presented to me first? And when I pick a favorite location why does the app have to go verify the location exists? Maybe you need to work on your analytics and caching.

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    Didn’t work

    App wouldn’t process my transaction when I was parking. Tried different cards, but to no avail and despite many repeated attempts. Verified my information was correct, but my transactions would not go through. Tried my cards out in the store late and they worked just fine. Had to scrounge up cash and was lucky I had any. (Paying with cash turned out to be another little nightmare, as the kiosk kept rejecting my dollar bills that were not perfectly flat. I had to keep ironing out a tiny crease. I know the kiosk’s temperamental nature is not at fault of this app, but it certainly didn’t help the situation. If this app was an option and this app is supposed to be smart, convenient, and useful.... well, it wasn’t this day.) Really disappointing. The interface is just short of pleasant and intuitive. It ran slowly. I also wonder if the app struggles to process payments, then how it would do when you need to quickly park and move on, or when you need to modify your parking transaction. This app has left a very poor impression on me.

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    Good, but where is the map?

    It works pretty well, but why am I always typing in codes? It knows my gps. Just show me the map and I can pick the pay station with one tap! Or QR codes on the signs - especially now that iOS supports QR codes natively in the camera app. Could be so much faster to use. The other annoying thing is I usually want max time - and unless you can calculate the exact total minutes, it’s a lot of taps to switch to hours and then type in the correct hour. Could be just one tap! Ironically, the physical pay meters are easier to use in this way - they have an add-time button. A few taps and you are at max time.

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    Seattle Parking Made Easy

    I work installing communications equipment in Seattle and Olympia WA. The parking app allows me to easily pay for parking and then submit the parking receipts to my employer at the end of the week. The app has become one of my “tools” when I work in Seattle or Olympia. I have told other people who park in Seattle about it and they tried it and love it too. Additionally, when one of my jobs takes longer than expected, I can easily extend my parking time on the app without going back to the street and putting more money into the ticket vending machine. Really makes my life easier.

  • Clunky

    Had to update my review because the latest updates keep going further and further in the wrong direction. I park in the same place with the same car and use the same credit card every work day; this app has always made that a chore and it has only gotten worse with the updates. Two big problems, one; even though they have a captive audience (most locations force you to use this app and only this app if you want to park), the makers continue to try to force you into using location services -presumably to sell your location data. This is clearly bogging down their servers at peak times. Problem two; the designers of this app have no clue about frictionless design and require the same inputs day after day instead of being smart enough to consolidate those inputs into one “repeat previous” button.

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    Works well unless you have an unauthenticated wifi connection

    Has been great for a few years especially being able to reload parking from afar. My only heartache was once running late and the App continuously refused to find the zone I entered and without any sort of error message. Turns out my phone had camped on a WiFi from the office building without bringing up the sign on page. So the app couldn’t reach home to validate the zone number. Once I turned off WiFi it worked fine but had me wound up for 15 minutes before I figured it out. Had the app given some sort of connection error I would have been set.

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    Although it’s very convenient to pay by phone, especially if you’re at the beach I decide to stay, don’t be fooled by the purpose of this app, which is the bag you when you’re over time. My meter ran out and I reloaded the app four minutes after the time but when I return to my car I had a $30 ticket waiting for me. The people who run this, get on their computers expiration is so they could immediately run to the car and give you a ticket. I bet if I had the old printed ticket on my dashboard they would’ve never even gone to my dashboard to see it. Keep that in mind. Of course I’m pleading not guilty to my ticket and have proof that I paid before and after with a four minute lapse between times of reloading. We’ll see what happens.

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    College Student Here

    You know, the convenience of the app is great. It’s super easy to set up and input all of your information. Once you get your parking location it’s just a few clicks but the one big issue I have is that it’s hourly. I go to college and the campus took out the money meters for this app and there are multiple times where I just need 20 minutes or less for parking. It would be amazing if they figured out a way to charge per 20 minutes instead of charging me $1 at least every time I use the app. It’s only $1, I know but I’m a broke college student like many others and would like to not spend $1 most days per year just to park for 15-20 minutes. Great app though!

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    Lacks the ability to choose minutes or end parking early

    How app works is great, HOWEVER, there is one problem that I have encountered couple times. I don’t know if it for US only, but the only time I can pick is hours or days, which isn’t really useful feature. Already two times I overpaid for the time simply because there is no option to end parking for the ACTUAL USED time. Sadly, this app is the only one that is used on my campus. I know that it is relatively cheap parking, nevertheless, the couple dollars went to waste can be donated to help someone.

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    Why no flexibility?

    Decent app, but there are a couple of things they should add to make it friendly. 1. The ability to transfer my parking from one location to another. I may be running errands and not sure how long I’m going to stop at one spot, so I pay for an hour and then get in and out quickly. Now I have to waste that time and then pay again at the next place I stop. Once I pay, the time should be valid for any space that costs the same rate. 2. I should be able to set a maximum time in the app, so that if I don’t hear the notification telling me my parking is about to expire, the app will automatically renew it up to the limit that I set.

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    Ease of use

    This app is phenomenal! It sends me reminders that I need to add time or hurry up and finish what I’m doing. In addition - no receipts to carry, I have multiple cards on file for personal or business expenses, and the receipts come via email! But the single best thing about this - I don’t have to wait for the meter/station to take care of my transaction. 90% of the times I parked and then tried to pay, it took way too long - and then, half the time the transaction didn’t even go through! The people you have on phone duty are wonderful! Thanks!

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    Tickets given within paid time by parking authority

    I really enjoy the system but you should fix the problem with the city parking authority. They give you tickets even within paid time. It has happened to me already 3 times. Is this the way they make the money? Do they think people will pay anyway to avoid the trip? Well the answer is no and please train them to use the system correctly to avoid affecting residents like this. Waste of time for everybody. Thanks

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    Bad App and Worse Customer Service

    On two occasions, although I had paid for parking using the app, I received a parking ticket. When I contacted them for a refund, they refused to refund the money and instead requested that I resolve the ticket with the parking court. So, instead of refunding the money as a show of good customer service, they preferred that I file a notice of appearance with the court, spend at least three hours of time at court waiting the have the matter addressed, and ultimately risk having court fees assessed. This app has a wonderful racket going on. You give them your money to park, they won’t guarantee it gets paid, and if you get a ticket, they won’t refund the parking payment. Instead, you’re left to waste time at the court. Come to think of it, there might be a good class action lawsuit here.

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    A great concept, however…

    Being able to pay and adjust how much is a great concept. However, today, when I overstayed my limit, for some reason, the app disconnected from my parking space, not giving me the option of adding more money for more time. I think that we users should have to sign out manually before we are disconnected. After I wrote the paragraph above, I discovered that PayByPhone had alerted me via text message, and then by tapping the link in the message I could get back to my original parking arrangement. So I take it all back and now find that PayByPhone is a great app!

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    Very Convenient

    This app makes paying for parking so convenient and easy. The ability to extend parking without having to go to your car is amazing! They also notify you when the parking meter is almost expired so you never have to worry about it. Adding a car is super easy too even if you are in the middle of paying for parking. I’ve added 2 cars now. Both done in less than 60 seconds. Great work all around from the devs, to UI/UX, features decisions, everybody. Thank you!

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Is PayByPhone Parking Safe?

Yes. PayByPhone Parking is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 329,342 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for PayByPhone Parking Is 26.6/100.

Is PayByPhone Parking Legit?

Yes. PayByPhone Parking is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 329,342 PayByPhone Parking User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for PayByPhone Parking Is 26.6/100.

Is PayByPhone Parking not working?

PayByPhone Parking works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Lauren
Jun 07 2021

This company is a scam. Used their w website, made a payment in Swindon council car park and got a fine then a bunch of fraudulent charges to my credit card. Had my cards blocked on my birthday and Swindon are still trying to make me pay the fine. Read all the reviews - absolutely shocking scam

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