Harris Teeter Reviews

Harris Teeter Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-11

Order groceries for convenient curbside pickup or home delivery. We’ve taken
your shopping list a step further. Shop for groceries directly from your phone
or tablet and pick them up at the store without ever getting out of your car.
- Search for any item and view details like price,...

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Harris Teeter Reviews

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    Great service, app needs work

    Hard 5 for convenience factor and customer service. I use this weekly instead of dragging two small children around the store and ending up with way too much junk. I find that I save money as well as time by buying only things that I need instead of impulse shopping. My local Teeter employees are always quick, helpful and friendly. Many times I will write in products that I know they have but the app can’t find, and the employees always get me what I want. They pick great produce, they're always quicker than the approximate pickup time says and they call me as soon as they’re finished to let me know if anything was out of stock and suggest replacement products. They pack and load groceries with care and a smile. The app is a little glitchy. It would be helpful and save a little time to have an “add to cart” button instead of “view item” button on some pages in the app. The search and find needs some work. It would be nice for the search to begin populating as you are entering search items based on items in store or from previous purchases, not items that you have just typed in this session. When using search and find, I have found that I have to type specific brand names to find certain things. For example, typing in chicken only populates about 5 items. Overall, a great service offered by HT but the app could use some TLC!

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    Convenient shopping... they always get it right.

    I love the convenience and ease of shopping online and having my husband swing by after work to pick up an order every couple weeks. The shoppers have gotten everything exactly correct so far... all produce is fresh. All fresh, frozen, refrigerated, room temp foods & household items are bagged separately. And bagged in paper. The yearly fee is worth it to me. Be aware that they put an extra $20-30 hold from your bank on each order. (I guess in case you don’t pick it up?). But it is refunded when you pick up. I really don’t think this is necessary, if they just charge for the order when the order is placed. I don’t like the necessity of looking back at my bank account to confirm the hold $ was refunded. HT should reconsider this practice. But overall, I’m happy with using this convenient service.

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    Addicted to saving time!

    I’ve been using the app and online shopping service for over a year now. The app is easy to use, searchable and keeps a history of orders to order from again. I order 2-3 times a week, so with an annual subscription that calculates out to under $1.00 per online order. My time and sanity is certainly worth that, so now I ask myself why I didn’t utilize this service sooner. Initially, I feel my hesitation was my lack of motivation in learning another app. Pick a lazy Sunday afternoon and start adding items to your cart. It will save if you don’t finish. Once you place the order, it will be ready in a couple of hours and the store will call to confirm it’s ready. You’ll be hooked and grocery shopping on the couch in no time!!

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    It used to work, but now... don’t bother.

    I used to love this app! Even with the blurry pictures of the products. I meticulously created and developed my Favorites and special lists over the years since having kids and needing groceries delivered. But here recently in the last few updates, the “Favorites” and other lists have disappeared!? I don’t know where they hid them, but it’s definitely not intuitive. I can still add to the lists but no actual access to make future orders easy (the lists’ intended purpose). Fix your app HT!!!! Also, they no longer have Uber delivering the groceries, it’s through Shipt in my area. Since that time, only one Shipt delivery has actually gotten to my house. All others never showed up and I had to drive to the store to pick up. Since then, I have changed to pick up services only. So sad! But at least my kids are older and I can get to the store. I feel bad for new parents who could benefit from the delivery option. Otherwise, it’s a decent app. Lol!

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    Online shopping

    I have used HT online shopping since it was introduced many years ago. I now use the app which makes it easy for me to look at the weekly ad and drop items into my cart from the ad. The “your specials” feature allows me to see at a glance the items I use that are on special helping to save me time and money. It is a very convenient way to obtain quality groceries at budget friendly prices. The easy navigation allows me to search for any other items that I might need to complete my order. The pick-up and delivery options with 4 hour advance ordering allows me to pick up or have my items delivered the same day. . I am very satisfied with the online shopping experience. T. Fitzpatrick Virginia Beach

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    Teeter app should mimic Kroger

    Same company, though Harris teeter app is useless. Weekly ad on app differs greatly from print add. My Fuquay-Varina store is not even listed as an existing store on app, though it’s been physicality here for 15+ years. Pharmacy part of app only lets you transfer or refill but no history of meds. No way to be notified If meds are ready, you must call store directly (like it’s 1985)to find any info. They should offer $100 to transfer prescriptions, because they have gotten only one correct out of 8 submitted along with several trips or calls to see if they are ready yet. Or even filled correctly. Harris Teeter used to be the chic neighborhood store, but I’m guessing the way they treat their employees is why the turnover rate is so high. Wait til Wegmans or Publix comes into the market, we may have to say goodbye to HT forever. Time to refurbish ALL H/T stores to modern times, many I’ve seen you can’t tell the difference between them and Walmart neighborhood store, with Walmart coming out way in top. My advice would be to hire a few extra employees, treat them like humans, and clean up/modernize the stores. 24 hr stores might be asking too much, but hey, competition is coming. Once you take over the Kroger near Bank of America, close the old one on main st, and totally refurbish it. It’s time. Looks like a thrift store there to me Good luck, otherwise, hate to see you go.

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    Life saver

    This has been a huge life saver for me. I live out of town and have 3 kids. So I spend a lot of time on the road after working all day and it’s so nice to just be able to drive up and go. Plus- not having to take kids in the store? Heck yah!!! 100% worth it. Another good thing I found is I can get everything I need without getting all the extra stuff I end up picking up if I run in. No extra nonsense we didn’t need. The one thing I was concerned with when starting was whether or not the produce and meat would be good or if they would pick out older not as fresh items. The answer in my experience is they pick great produce and meat. I’ve only gotten 1 item that was ‘eh’ and they were grapes. No biggie though.

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    My neighbor bought me the ExpressLanes yearly subscription when my second baby was born and it’s been a lifesaver. I can order groceries through app on my phone. I just add to my cart as I notice we need something instead of making a list then checkout in the morning when I want to pickup groceries midday. My boys can nap in car while our groceries are loaded. I just had my third and my hubby said it’s worth renewing for the convenience and what we save by sticking to what we need. I like the past purchases view to see what I’ve purchased before to ensure I don’t miss something. I also like seeing the total tally as I add items so I can stick to our budget. Great app! I definitely recommend it.

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    Online seems better. Hope it works!

    The apps google address finder wasn't working so I had to log in online, where I registered, and added my coupons and personalized specials. I then logged into the app, only to find my shopping list is not available to view like it is online! There is a cart, but e-Vic coupons don’t go to it! I understand the purpose of the cart, but at least have a feature to view all the items you’ve looked at because it makes it so much easier for those of us who like to do the shopping ourselves. I’m about to go to the grocery store now so we’ll see if my specials work even tho they’re not showing I added them in the app. Also, fix the google address finder and we’ll be ok. The option to manually type your address should be included because you can’t register at all if you can’t put an address, and if the google address finder isn’t working you’re essentially locked out.

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    Really like HT app!

    I’ve ordered online from HARRIS Teeter basically since it was first offered! Absolutely LOVE this service. I’ve figured out how to navigate the app and have seen it improve just in the last few months. Specifically, I like that you can tap an item and enlarge the picture to read the (box) if you need more info. I ONLY shop HT and ONLY shop online! That’s how much I love this service! It’s been a time saver- I can place my order or add to my order at midnight. I can go back and add or change items easily. I don’t spend as much money because I’m not aisle shopping when hungry and grabbing everything that looks good! I only wish this service had been available when my four children were little. Shopping would’ve been a pleasure rather than a crazy chore! My daughter w/five children loves the service b/c she can pop by the store in the way home from activities and have supper practically as soon as they get the groceries in the door. And she can ask hubby or Grandma to please grab her order of milk and eggs if she runs low. So take the time to play with the app and figure out how to best make use of it. You won’t be sorry!

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    Crashes and poor search feature

    I have used this app a long time, and I keep using it because the website does not give you the option of paying online. This app needs some serious work. Each time I use the app, this site crashes at least three times. Frustrating. Also, the search feature is terrible. You pretty much have to type in the exact name of what you are searching for an order to find products. The search engine needs to be much more intuitive. I discovered last night that if I shop using the website, what is in my cart shows up in the app, so I can shop online and then go to the app to check out since my method of payment is there. It is a shame that I have to use two different systems to do my grocery shopping when the reason why I do express lane in the first place is because it is supposed to be easier than going to the grocery store.

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    I love HT and Express Lane, and it’s a godsend for my elderly parents (who don’t drive, but Mom can order and feel independent - I’m just the delivery service!) but seriously, HT seriously needs to put some money into this app. Items disappear from the app frequently - not things they no longer carry, but things I can walk in the store and find easily. So I do a custom item, and the shoppers are great, but then I can’t save the custom item (that I only need because the app doesn’t list stuff they have routinely, and I’m talking HT brand, here...) so I have to redo that Every. Time. My favorites lists vanish and reappear at random, though sometimes if I pull down at the top of the homepage, it refreshes and they appear. I could go on, but you get the picture. I still use it, because I love express lane but it’s an unneccesary exercise in frustration every week. HT, FIX YOUR APP!

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    Online grocery app that keeps getting better

    Over recent months, the Harris Teeter grocery app has continued to improve in its ease of use. Some desirable groceries are still not available through the app, especially in seafoods and meats and seasonal fruits, but the selection has definitely improved. Also, the quality of the meats and produce selected by the shoppers in the store is excellent — often better than I might have chosen for myself. Delivery has been prompt and courteous, but on occasion some items have been mistakenly left out and not delivered. That is rectified promptly when I bring it to the attention of the store. If service continues to improve as it has, I will upgrade the rating to five stars.

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    New customer

    Used this service twice. This will be first time for delivery. It is awesome! I can’t believe the selections offered. It took me almost 20 minutes to get through ice cream department. I must caution customers, as you would not go to grocery store hungry, do not get on this site hungry. I was able to stick mostly to my list with a few exceptions in cookie and ice cream aisles. What a novelty idea. I’m so glad Harris Teeter brought it to our area. The only thing I am missing, and perhaps overlooked, was a search option. I need Carmax ointment for my lips, but couldn’t locate it. Thanks for the great service that you provide to the Weddington area. I am a cancer patient and it’s hard for me to get out all the time. This site has enhanced my life.

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    Beau Rivage Marketplace

    I have been a customer every since the Beau Rivage Marketplace opened, and an online shopper when it was first made available. The service I have had in the store and with online shopping have been better than I could ever have anticipated. I do most of my shopping via express shopping. Your online shopping manager , Cass is incredible and the shoppers are above board. My orders have always been on time, the employees have been friendly and courteous, and my orders have always been correct. I am always greeted by name and always with a smile, these ladies are phenomenal. I can’t imagine ever taking my business anywhere else. Thanks!

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Is Harris Teeter Safe?

Yes. Harris Teeter is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 5,461 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Harris Teeter Is 25.1/100.

Is Harris Teeter Legit?

Yes. Harris Teeter is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 5,461 Harris Teeter User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Harris Teeter Is 25.1/100.

Is Harris Teeter not working?

Harris Teeter works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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