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By Steve Mackie
Oct 03 2022

Get a "Failed to save data (5016)." error message - highly frustrating

By Anna Turner
Oct 02 2022

I am trying to complete my Vaccine Attestation for my upcoming Carnival cruise .. every time I select I am fully vaccinated I get an unexpected error occurred .please refer to log files ..what does this mean

By John Jackson
Oct 01 2022

I do not receive an email from verifly when attempting to set up an account.

By Edithline haney
Sep 23 2022

My negative vaccine report took approximately 100 tries in order for it to be accepted. I don’t understand why it would take so many attempts.

By Kathleen Cooper Bryant
Sep 18 2022

Cannot get it to accept my mother's photo, either selfie or from file. Have tried numerous times in many places. Have tried both Android and iPhone. It took my very badly lit selfie the first time, but her's is either face not detected or bad image quality. She is 86 with gray hair, don't know if that's related. We have wasted hours of our vacation trying to figure this out. Also, at some point camera will stop working and I have to reboot phone completely to get out of it. I can't believe my airline is requiring this, its causing much stress.

By Lorraine Smith
Sep 18 2022

Can't get my camera to take a selfie

By Joao Roseta
Sep 17 2022

I get error messages 5016 continuously. Get emails saying I’m all set, but then always says I have actions to complete

By Jeannette Browning
Sep 09 2022

Trying to do our health declarations keeps saying system error

By Leslie Koorhan
Sep 08 2022

I keep getting ERROR Failed to Fetch. What does this mean? Why are companies using an app that is overworked and unsuccessful so much of the time. I prefer manual boarding to this stupid non-working app.

By David Benson
Sep 03 2022

error 300 cant start a trip to enable me to check in

By Janet Beacom
Aug 30 2022

Yesterday it wouldn’t accept my booking reference, said it wasn’t valid. Today it said not saved error 5016. Now it says the reservation is not valid for VeriFLY.

By Phyllis Bowers
Aug 28 2022

I cannot get past my email I also took a selfie and I don't know how to find my search button.

By Reitz Lorie
Aug 22 2022

Won’t accept Holland America booking number

By Fran Pirie
Aug 19 2022

“An unexpected error occured.. please check the system logs”. I keep getting this message when I try to enter the data from my health questionnaire…and can’t get my “pass” completed. What gives….

By Clever Vasquez
Aug 17 2022

I getting error 5016 and I can’t get my boarding pass

By Janice Fendall
Aug 13 2022

When I answer the questions for health assessment and submit I get the a system message "An unexpected error occurred. Please see the log files." Where are the log files?

By Susan K Brown
Aug 12 2022

Unknown error 3000 when trying to add trip

By Herbert Nelson
Aug 12 2022

I have created an account and added myself and my travel companions (my family). Whenever I try to "Complete Vaccine Attestation", I select "Yes" as I'm fully vaccinated and boosted, then click "Submit". I get a "System Error" that states "An unexpected error occurred. Please see the log files". I've tried rebooting my phone and that doe snot help. This also occurs with both of my traveling companions. Can you assist? Thanks

By Regina K Barden
Aug 08 2022

It won't accept my credit card or any subsequent cards.

By Regina K Barden
Aug 08 2022

It won't accept my credit card or any subsequent cards.

By Juanita Loschen
Aug 07 2022

Won’t let me complete vaccine attestation for either my husband or me. Keep getting an error message.

By Mary Jo Garinger
Jul 30 2022

What a joke. This app is awful and a complete waste of time. I've tried to use it for three separate trips and it has only worked once.
The latest issue is it will not accept the time I enter for my covid test. I can put the time in, but the only options are cancel, clear or keyboard. There is no place to accept or enter the time. Better off saving yourself the aggravation and just showing all your documents in person at check in.

By sylvia
Jul 28 2022

all the time after putting all the information of the trip
Passenger not found
I have tried everything
deleting , reinstalling the app
as continues saying the same
passenger not found !!!

By Katherine Cunliffe
Jul 25 2022

Travelling to the US and it says I need to 'Add my booking reference', but it can't find me as a passenger with no next steps even though I booked directly with the airline and getting notifications about check-in and using the Verifly app. I contacted Verify support which ends up being a group called CGS Inc. They close my ticket saying they won't action further, but then get an email from an Andreea asking for all my flight details plus a lot of personal data. Dodgy!

I am just going to print off the forms needed to travel and check in old school style! Rather wait then have my personal data used for something dodgy.

By Allan Marshall
Jul 25 2022

Verifly app does not recognise the Australian Covid19 Vaccination certificate barcode. Is is possible to upload the document from my Google Wallet?
Thanks Allan

By jose
Jul 22 2022

these app is the worst. i try too add trip too honduras. it say unknown error 3000. how can i add the trip? they say it easy and fast they lied. it stress full these app.

By Dori Sprentall
Jul 21 2022

When I try to log in Safari tells me it is not a secure connection.

By brian cafferty
Jul 20 2022

VeriFLY says pass completed but when I try check in the Aer Lingus site says can’t check in until VeriFLY completed. It is completed

By Victoria Gilbertson
Jul 20 2022

The app doesn’t find me on the flight. I have checked with the airline and everything is correct.

By Debra Durie
Jul 19 2022

This was so hard to do I can't believe it. and It is just crazy I hated it and now my Mom has my picture on her pass and you can't change it not good. but hopefully we will get on the ship

By Nate
Jul 18 2022

On Android, made sure I have the most updated Verifly - and continually getting Unknown Error 3000 when trying to add a Carnival Cruise. Support with this app is beyond aweful. This is worse than ArrCan, which at least functions.

By Fintan Morrissey
Jul 18 2022

Only the United States and France are available when entering destination country.

By Patricia Winegardner
Jul 17 2022

error: undefined is not an object (evaluating 't.userData.shared data.

All the work I did adding 5 people traveling is gone I click the "Manage Trip" and get the error.

By Sarah Cheshire
Jul 16 2022

Says I’m not a passenger on the flight! Have checked details numerous times but still won’t accept me

By Brian K
Jul 16 2022

Error code “failed to save data” after each try. No explanation of what that means. Prevents me from getting a BA boarding pass.

By Sarah Porter
Jul 15 2022

Put flight info in and it just says Passenger not found….. ?

By Matthew Ryan
Jul 14 2022

Unable to check in online with aer lingus.
Keeps telling me to complete details on verifly, even though verifly confirms my details....still unable to check in....
A complete waste of my time & energy!
Will never use this app again!!!

By Eric Harnish
Jul 13 2022

Verify App will not allow me to choose an airline or add any flight information.

By Nicholas
Jul 13 2022

keep getting error message 3000

By Joe
Jul 11 2022

app won't allow me to add airline on trip to Honduras

By Rico Ferraioli
Jul 11 2022

Won’t accept holland America booking number to add trip.

By Josnnr
Jul 09 2022

Trying to add my cruise for 7/10/22 (HAL Noordam) and I keep getting error, try again later messages. Please advise

By June Barton
Jul 08 2022

The app won’t accept my booking number for Holland America.

By James M Phillips
Jul 08 2022

App will not allow input in the "select airline" field.

By Vonda Sumler
Jul 08 2022

My picture under my son app. Can't edit or retake.

By Brigitte Hollins
Jul 07 2022

When I try to add my trip by clicking on the Carnival Cruise icon I keep getting the unknown "error message 3000"

By Jennifer Boone
Jul 07 2022

Unable to change date of flight. Only option is today's date and my flight is not until 7/13/22.

By Lucinda Hall
Jul 05 2022

Can’t add my companion photo- just get “image problem”

By Mel
Jul 05 2022

I just want to add the same comments I also see above. For the last three days I’ve been unable to add trips. What’s the point of having a VeriFLY app if we can’t add our trips?

By Claire Vossler
Jul 04 2022

Hi! I have been attempting to add my flight details but am getting error 5016 (“Failed to save data”) when I click submit. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you.

By Byron Blevins
Jul 04 2022

Horrendous waste of time. Unable to add any details therefore cannot check in online therefore have to get to the airport even earlier. Between the AA website and this app lost 2 hours.

By Danny
Jul 04 2022

Same as other users- Not allowing to add flight details. When adding trip just goes to instruction page and can't do anything else. I have deleted app and reinstalled once. Discovered that it does not work when adding a trip to Peru. Tried to add a trip to other countries, and it proceeds to the next page. So it seems that adding a trip to some countires work, others do not.

By Josh Strano Howard
Jul 03 2022

When clicking Add Trip I get the following message with no way to move forward:

Traveling with VeriFLY
We are introducing a new way to make it easier for you.

Use your airline record locator/booking number to retrieve your trip details.

VeriFLY will apply all COVID travel requirements to your trip and assist you in completing them so that you may check in for your flight in advance and save time at the airport!

While we are in a transition phase now, please use the pass Add Flight using Booking Number to complete your pre-departure COVID requirements

By Rajan Vaikkath
Jul 03 2022

Cannot add trip. Just gives me the instruction page and no where to go from there

By Lorena G
Jul 03 2022

App lets me add destination but doesn’t let me add flight details. It just gives me the instruction page on how to add details but there isn’t a ‘next’ button just “help” and “back” Have tried uninstalling and using other phones and still have the same issue.

By Shernita Telfair
Jul 02 2022

Not allowing me to add flight details. Once I add trip just goes to instruction page and can't do anything else. I have deleted app and reinstalled twice. Contacted help desk, who gave me the instructions again but it is just not allowing me to add flight details at all

By Ji Son
Jul 02 2022

Cannot add trip to the pass. I click 'add trip' and it gives me a screen that says I need to click 'add trip'. WHAT!

By Ron Porteus
Jun 30 2022

Will not accept an Australian Government International COVID 19 Vaccination Certificate
Message reads QR code Edminson LynnMaree different to Pass Port Edminson Lynn-Maree

By Cynthia Gonzalez
Jun 27 2022

No option to add photo for 2 guest

By Lb
Jun 26 2022

When using AA and locator to enter flight, it says error 5016

Tried many times

By Krissondra Suarez
Jun 25 2022

Will let me update all travel companions except mine…the main one…under the trip. Everyone is complete except mine

By Mary kerrigan
Jun 25 2022

Vertfly not working. It is insisting I add a companion but I am traveling alone. Had to go to airport check-in. No wonder there are queues . Ryanair is more efficient

By Ellen Douglas Humpert
Jun 24 2022

Doesn't work. Can't download photo.

By Lori Puricelli
Jun 22 2022

Won’t accept photo…
Message is:

By Sheila Tester
Jun 19 2022

I keep getting an error code each time I enter my details for online checkin

By Kate Durcan
Jun 19 2022

Says I am not a passenger on our family flight to Florida? I cannot entered all my details on BA manage my booking site

By Diane M Manske
Jun 18 2022

I answer all of the health questions and I receive an error message stating see log files.

By Gillian
Jun 16 2022

Second time writing about this issue. BA issues ticket with “Mrs” in the title. Therefore my travel documents don’t match. I’ve jiggled around trying to make everything work. But it just won’t. Didn’t get a reply from VeriFLy last time. BA equally useless and unresponsive.

By Geoffrey Probert
Jun 15 2022

I am travelling to SA on 17th June and was urged by BA to download the app. Which I did. When I chose SA as my destination it gave me 2 options. 1. Cape Town. 2. Johannesburg Olifants Lodge. Firstly the Olifants Lodge is in the Kruger National Park..not Johannesburg. Secondly because there was no option to choose JHB (Oliver Thambo ORT....hello the biggest and busiest airport in Africa) as an option I could not continue with what you call efficiency. Nil points. I will just have to wait in a queue..and BTW don't waste my time.

By Mrs Ruth Conroy
Jun 12 2022

My flight on 1st August from Dublin to Bordeaux EI0506 not showing as an option.

By James
Jun 09 2022

Not working getting error register and.use app

By June Braunlich
Jun 08 2022

After about 30 attempts VeriFly is not accepting my Companion's photo. His COVID documentation was accepted. I can provide more info re our Air Canada flight & Viking Booking #. Traveling 7/2/2022 to Vancouver.

By P.T.
Jun 08 2022

Today is june 8. The app does not allow me to introduce the actual date (june 7) of the Covid test. The only date I can select is june 8.
So, if I cheat the app and select june 8 and then upload the Covid test file, it says there is an error because the Covid test date does not match the date I introduced

By Derek Pamment
Jun 07 2022

Spent absolutely ages with the Vaccination Review it was either oops we don’t recognise this , invalid booking reference etc etc . I gave up , I don’t like self service!

By Bill Lynerd
Jun 07 2022

I was trying to help a friend set up Verifly and the app would not allow her to add flight information for an upcoming trip. She is traveling to Spain - the app would not recognize the reservation number and would only provide a few airline names, none of which was the airline on which she is traveling.

By geoffrey Browning
Jun 06 2022

The app would not reconise the booking number .
tried for over an hour . dissapointing performance

By Erica Seay
Jun 05 2022

To whom it may concern, My Covid testing is still pending since 6-3-22 it says still pending and our cruise leaves Monday 6-6-22 to the Bahamas. Please let me upload the correct info on your app otherwise we cant go.

By Miroslava Kucharova
Jun 05 2022

It would not let me to upload recovery certificate, getting error message saying it does contain and recognise the digital certificate from the QR code.

By Laura Jacobs
Jun 03 2022

I am green on all checklist but I’m not getting a ready to sail. It says it still needs attention

Jun 03 2022

Worst service I ever seen ,
1 app response time is horrible so for r to 6 hours don’t expect to use your phone
2 every item is green and yet can get a pass
3 tried to get guidance and you get an email back that does not make sense.

You need a vacation from this before you go on a vacation

By Melvin West
Jun 03 2022

The app when it works it’s good unfortunately it does not always work and it’s very challenging he just sits there and spends it will not go to step to allow me finally to add the trip but not at the detail it is a poorly poorly performing app AmericanAirlines should address this with the provider

By C Lee
May 30 2022

VeriFLY "Add flight using Booking number" is extremely poor; either it does not recognise you as a passenger. It recognises your internal connecting flight to LHR but states that it is not for internal flight. It is a beta version which is poor.

I cannot check in because of VeriFLY.

Very poor

By Katherine
May 27 2022

This app sucks! And you want senior citizens to use this? The hours I’ve done has created frustration anxiety and stress. Shame shame

By Reinet Aubrey
May 27 2022

can not advance pass step 2

By Floyd Moore
May 26 2022

Step 1: I can not open this step to upload proof of COVID vaccination.

By Denise
May 26 2022

Asks me to scan the QR code on my phone, with my phone. Hum, haven't figured out how to do that. Tried taking a picture with another phone and scan from there but APP says I have to use the Verifly app to scan it and I can't get into the verifly app to scan it.

May 23 2022

Can't load digital certificate

By Beverly Morabito
May 22 2022

Your app is awful. It will never accept the time I enter for my covid test. I can put the time in, but the only options are cancel, clear or keyboard. There is no place to accept or enter the time. I deleted the app and reinstalled it. Now I can't access it at all. When I touch the QR code or URL, I get directed to an error message. Your help desk cannot help.
I also have a customer who entered the wrong birthdate and she cannot change it. What kind of app doesn't allow you to fix errors??!!

By Brian Cook
May 19 2022

The app won’t advance to step 2 and keeps timing out. I have reloaded the app many times to try and clear the problem to no avail

By Maryann McCary
May 18 2022

I filled out the form, but it won't let me upload my certificate. Browse and submit button nonresponsive.

By Robert J Johnstone
May 16 2022

VeriFLY app .Opened app. Found my photo on my wife's
App. And her Photo on my App.
Can't add any details. Terrible site.

By Sally
May 16 2022

It doesn't recognize the UK as my dedtination

By Patrick Bond
May 16 2022

cannot add trip getting error 3000 network issues, is the server down ???

By Mark Gillenwalters
May 14 2022

trying to load selfie of a companion and app keeps saying "failed to upload, please try again". tried 10x to no avail.

By Michelle Schmidt
May 14 2022

My VeriFLY account is not accessible (no record of it shown.) I started the account setup up again and get the following message when trying to upload my selfie photo - ‘uaf_error_no_suitable_authenticator’


By Darla Libassi
May 14 2022

Home page includes my arrival trip (already completed) and both legs of return trip. I got VeriFLY between arrival and departure. Arrival trip six”orange” but moot since it is behind me. Both legs of return trip are green (“AVTIVE”) after completing checklist but I cannot check-in as airport says I need to upload the documents. If I can’t figure this out, I’ll have to check-in at airport. Was hoping to avoid that.

May 09 2022

Loading the trip screen and immediately closing on the mobile. Can't update or upload the digital documents.

By Jeff Parson
May 08 2022

After loading flight info, I keep getting a “DB Update” message and it won’t go further. App is updated to version

By Stephanie Cook
May 07 2022

App won't advance to Step 2. After entering e-mail address and hitting Next, nothing happens. No e-mail confirmation, no error message, no way to advance to Step 2.

By Charles Vu
May 05 2022

Can not upload proof of vaccinations, error note keep saying (cannot set properties of undefined (seting'checkForPayment')).

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