VeriFLY: Fast Digital Identity Reviews

VeriFLY: Fast Digital Identity Reviews

Published by on 2022-08-03

VeriFLY™ provides secure digital credentials for a faster return to safe,
in-person experiences by enabling less contact, more speed, and more confidence.

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Reviews (28)


Could be handy travel tool but needs major work

I downloaded VeriFLY to support an international flight on American Airlines. Download was easy and the system is mostly intuitive to use. However, I experienced problems uploading the Covid test results. Specifically I uploaded my test results and then my husband’s test results within minutes of each other using primarily the same data for location, provider, and results. My husband’s results were reviewed and accepted within 20 minutes. My results were rejected stating my document didn’t meet requirements. Interesting that my document looked exactly like my husband’s which they accepted. I resubmitted it starting from scratch twice more before it was accepted. Aggravating to say the least. Then for the return flight, the American Airlines app wouldn’t allow checking until the return Covid test results were uploaded but the this app app did not provide a function for the return portion of the trip on the international side. It also wouldn’t let me add a new trip for the return from the international side. VeriFLY does not support return trip upload of Covid docs st all and provides no customer support to address the problem. It could be a useful app but needs major work to function properly, consistently, and for round trip purposes.


Works well, once you surmount its poor usability

Recently used this app on trip from US to UK and Spain and back on American Airlines and British Airways. Checking in to flights in US, Spain and the UK showing my approval on this app made check in a breeze. Since I had uploaded my covid test, UK and Spanish travel plan documents, and vaccination status to this app in advance there was no need for me to show this paper documentation to the check in and customs agents at the airports. I was very pleased at how smooth this app made the process. However, the initial process of setting up trips and uploading documents in VeriFLY itself is very unintuitive and confusing. It’s pretty clear VeriFLY developers did little, if any, usability testing before launching VeriFLY . Or if they did, they tested it on engineers for whom the arcane process seemed clear. So give yourself lots of time before your trip to figure out how to use this app—like at least a week. If you try to use it last minute you are probably in for a world of frustration. Also, set up your trip in VeriFLY ahead of time, then upload all your vaccine, travel plan and covid test docs as soon as you have them—usually 48 hours before flying. Don’t wait until the last minute!


Doesn’t accept connecting flights

What is the point of an app with a monopoly on document verification, that does not recognize that many people have connecting flights ahead of an international departure? And that does not provide a warning about how that could affect the timing of COVID tests - which is the *whole point of VeriFLY *. We have an international flight that requires a 72-hr negative covid test. Fine. Got them and went to load them - blocked because the tests are supposedly outside the window. Because VeriFLY doesn’t allow us to start our trip from our home airport. We have two short legs before the international one. The country’s rules say that the clock starts *at the point of embarkation on the first leg of the trip*. Because of the travel time before our international departure (about 13 hours) this app says our tests were taken outside the 72 hours, which they clearly were not under the rules. I called this app (and that’s a whole other issue - I got their number from the airline not their site) and the person insisted that VeriFLY allows selecting connecting flights. That is not true; VeriFLY forces choices based on the last/direct. It’s really inexcusable. PS: been selecting nicknames to post this: “Not Hapoy” “Really Annoyed” and other similar ones already taken. Hey, this app - fix your app!!


Very unfriendly App

VeriFLY leaves a lot to be desired. Many countries not available. Even if a U. S. Citizen returning to the USA, this app’s acceptance of a COVID PCR test is difficult to obtain likely because there are several varieties from country to country. I got a test at a clinic in Patagonia Argentina (a very remote area) and the clinic didn’t put my date of birth on the pdf report. I was required to add it manually, however, I had no way of printing it out to add and rescan. Their app can’t receive an annotated pdf, so I had to email it to a friend far away to have my DOB added and scanned back to me when this app already has that info. What an unbelievably awkward process! If it isn’t bad enough to have to put up with all the different country’s bureaucracies, you will have to also put up with the USA’s and this app’s. Additionally, this app’s emails are sent from “noreply” mailboxes, so no practical way to communicate with them. No help what-so-ever. I can’t understand why American Airlines would outsource to this service. What happened to doing it themselves? It’s better to just hand carry your documents or electronic PDFs. Most airline staff don’t have a clue what they’re looking at. Bureaucratic useless requirements are not going to help reduce the spread of this so called pandemic. The incompetence everywhere is astounding.


Ugh - this app is terrible

I recently travelled to the Caribbean from the US on American Airlines. VeriFLY was promoted by AA but it is TERRIBLE to use. You have to start a trip on VeriFLY with a nonsense “confident traveler” persona and then you have to go through adding all the information in that you can do online on a.con anyway (like Covid attestations etc), and then when you actually have to upload your Covid tests they go to some manual review person somewhere that reviews them after several hours (though they try to get you to pay for a “quicker” review… vultures). After going through all the hassle of doing this for ME and waiting a few hours to have my Covid test results confirmed… I uploaded my family’s Covid results (which were from the EXACT same place/time as mine) and my family’s results were Declined when mine was approved. Then - when I tried to upload it again, VeriFLY was buggy and started telling me that a date in the past was a date in the future….nobody has qa’d VeriFLY. I just ended up bailing on it and just took my Covid test results to the airport and it was quick. Don’t bother with VeriFLY…. It doesn’t work right, the ppl reviewing documents are inconsistent and it’s buggy. AA should stop promoting this dumpster fire of an app.


Useless App- it doesn’t work and when it does, it doesn’t adhere to the Covid requirements

I have tried to use VeriFLY twice now with no success. The first time I tried to use it 6 months ago, it wouldn’t accept my Covid test because I took it about 71 hours before my departure from Aruba (75ish hours from arrival in the US) and it would only accept results within 72 hours of my arrival time into the US (which wasn’t the requirement at the time). After searching a while, I found a customer service number and was rudely told they didn’t care what the real Covid requirements were, for their app it was 72 hours from arrival in the US and that I wouldn’t be able to use it for the trip. The second time it wouldn’t recognize the US as a valid destination. I tried searching for “US”, “USA”, “United States” and “United States of America”. It couldn’t find a result for any of the search options, so I couldn’t even get to the point of trying to upload Covid test results. If I could give this negative stars I would and it is ridiculous that it’s required for check-in on American international flights when VeriFLY just plain doesn’t work. For an app that’s supposed to make travel easier, it truly couldn’t be more frustrating and pointless.


App does not accept compound Hispanic names

I tried to use VeriFLY several times to no avail. Deleted and reinstalled at least twice to no avail. I have a Hispanic compound name and VeriFLY states that my name is not valid, despite being well spelled as in my official papers. Wrote the name with a wrong spelling and it was accepted. Later, had issues with the PCR results that showed my name spelled right and VeriFLY didn’t accept it because of the different spelling on VeriFLY . Requested my name adjustment for the results and it was accepted! Then, American Airlines shows that my information on VeriFLY is not complete, despite VeriFLY stating that I am ready to fly after completing the required checklist. I reported the issue with my name about a month ago and still waiting to hear from them. Good idea that didn’t work when you need it. Very poor customer service (they never responded to my message or even recognized it).



My flight is through American Airlines, but it’s operated through Japan Airlines. I need to put American Airlines as the airline because otherwise they won’t send my information to American so I can check in, but my flight is from Narita to Los Angeles. American doesn’t fly from Narita to Los Angeles. So it doesn’t allow me to put those as departure/destination points and it won’t verify it if it doesn’t match the ticket information. Nor will it even allow me to change the flight number to what matches the ticket. So this has already been a massive waste of my time. Additionally, in response to all the bots leaving reviews. How could it possibly be considered “last minute” when the entire point of this is so we can upload our Covid tests, which need to be taken 3 days before departure? Meaning most people aren’t going to get them back sooner than 1-1.5 days before departure. This seems to be the time table people seem to be uploading them on, as soon as they get them. And VeriFLY itself says you should be fine if you upload them 4 HOURS before departure. So tell why people aren’t getting documents approved 24 hours after uploading them and getting the blame put on them for doing it “last minute”. Make it all make sense. Useless app.


Horrible experience with this App

VeriFLY is a complete joke. First, it is horrendously slow, then when asked to enter the date and time of our Covid test (the primary purpose of VeriFLY ), it gives a range of dates and times to select from that does not include the dates when we had our tests. Entering dates and times that weren’t correct allowed us to move to the next step and upload our “proof of negative Covid test document,” which then indicated it would be scrutinized and they would let us know. About an hour later, we got emails indicating we could go online and check our results, which were not accepted, because there was a "discrepancy between the dates on our Covid test paperwork and the information we entered on their form." Luckily, when we got to the airport, this eVerifly step is not at all required, and our paper documents showing we’d had our test within the 72 hour window were more than sufficient. Any claims by eVerifly indicating they are simplifying the process for getting onto your flight is entirely and utterly false. We wasted 2 hours the night before and another hour the following morning, only to find this step completely unnecessary.


App needs to be updated like NOW

When creating this app Account, the user field names should be consistent with passport field names (First name, Middle Name, Last name). All user name fields should allow for blank spaces or hyphenation dashes so that the user full name is consistent with the passport document exactly. My last name is three words separate with blank spaces in between and matches my US passport. The only way for me to get my Covid vaccine record name to match the user name on this app app is to remove the spaces and show my last name as one word with the first letter of the second and third words of my last name capitalized. It was the closest roundabout way of showing my last name with three separate words which matched my passport, airline ticket, covid vaccine record, and covid test result. For my return flight from LHR to LAX, even upon getting a green check mark and a ready to travel status, the this app app needs to sync with American Airlines app in real-time. I have a green check mark and ready to travel status, but I cannot check-in for flight because AA says my this app status is incomplete. What? So now I can’t check in on my AA app. Totally useless this app app.


Has worked great for me entering Spain and the US

I used this app in September returning to the US from Greece and this week flying from the US to Spain. Both flights were with American Airlines. I’ve also received approval through this app to enter Malta on a Vueling Airlines flight from Spain. I haven’t had any problems and received final approval within hours of submitting the required documents each time. Spain requires submission of an electronic form within 48 hours of your scheduled arrival so you can’t get approval to enter the country more than two days in advance. Malta requires a similar process but you can get approval at least a week in advance. Maybe much more in advance. I don’t recall the rules for Malta but I know they’ll approve entry at least a week in advance. For the US you need a negative COVID test within 72 hours of your departure flight before you can get approval through this app.


I couldn’t hate it more if I tried

Update: I had to show all my travel docs at the airport despite being “cleared” by VeriFLY. Check in agent said some people had been verified who shouldn’t have been so now they were also checking manually at the airport. Even if you manage to get VeriFLY to work, the only advantage it gives you is the ability to check in online, but you still have to wait in line to check in again at the airport. I am disgusted that BA forces you to download VeriFLY and provide all your most sensitive info to a third-party company for no reason at all. Hours and hours of my life have been spent entering data into VeriFLY, only to have it fail. I am now literally on my third go round of entering the same info, only to wait ages to have it verified. And for god’s sake, whatever you do, do not switch between iPad and phone apps, because it wipes all your data and you have to start again. This is my third trip trying to work with VeriFLY, it’s not worth it, it’s possibly the worst app ever and they don’t recognize it at the airport anyway. Wish zero stars were possible.



Too all the folks that give it 1 star is because you submit your information probably in the last minute! This was the easiest and fastest way to go thru that line at the airport! Yes the process should begin 3 to 4 days before traveling back to the states. I did that exactly in that format. Once you uploaded your information and covid results the verification took 1 day after I uploaded the results! Once this app verified all the personal and covid results information, they give you the green check mark in your profile! I arrived at the Cancun airport and say about 300 in line waiting to be helped by their respectable airline agent. I approach an American Airlines agent and told her I have my this app pass and she looked at it and proceeded to let me and my family cut the line to the this app LINE. It was a simple process! Again this needs to be done with anticipation and patience! Good luck folks


Decent service

Back and forth to Spain was very smooth. Ok the parts involving this app were smooth. I never waited longer than 1.5 hours for any approval, vaccine card, test results etc. American Airlines agents like this-they just see your this app passes and you are through. I wouldn’t pay for the expedited approvals unless you are desperate to get something in like 15 minutes. As I said we never waited too long. Do it a day or two (depending on the country which this app has covered in VeriFLY )ahead of time and golden. counter approval is immediate as all your documents have been reviewed. One negative-this app doesn’t deal with recovery documents (a medical letter that says you already had Covid). I think you would still have to present that to a ticket agent. Odd that they don’t but that’s what I was told. Overall very useful


The new normal means wasting time on redundant forms

Im traveling to a country that doesn't require covid tests or visas to enter. Apparently the new normal means downloading a pointless app and filling out the same information I already filled out half a dozen times on half a dozen websites only to not be able to check in online for my biz ticket flight. I dont blame the developers I blame society. Edit: Ive used it a few times now and am upgrading it from 2 stars to 3 stars, only because other airline check in procedures are worse. The new feature theyve added is to charge you $8 for the service of taking a glance at your test result within 15 minutes. The same service that takes the check in agent 10 seconds. Also, they don't check on arrival in the states, so the states outsourced this job to the airlines, then American outsourced this job to VeriFLY , prohibits you from checking in without it, and charges you $8 PER CHECK IN for the pleasure. This is the new normal.


Incomprehensible and counterintuitive UI

In 2021, rarely does one encounter a smartphone app with such an abjectly awful user interface. If I were teaching a college course on how not to design an app, I would probably use this one as an example. It’s as if the developers deliberately set out to make everything about creating a trip as difficult and counterintuitive as possible. I eventually figured out how to create a trip after (a lot of) trial and error, but my mother, for example, was completely stumped and I had to create her pass for her. I imagine that others in her generation probably feel similarly. It’s even more incredible since nothing about the UI has changed in the past year when I use VeriFLY for the first time. It’s like the developers don’t care about the feedback or about improving the user experience. Really disappointing, especially given that essentially all European countries have rolled out very intuitive and easy-to-use covid vaccine apps. It’s really not that hard. But you do have to try a tiny little bit a guess – must be too hard.


Very inconsistent

Firstly, the “trip to the USA” option took days to show up on my wife’s app as an option for available passes. Secondly, we’ve been in Mexico for a few days and return tomorrow. Took our antigen tests yesterday morning. I went through the steps to upload my document for step 1 and submitted around 10:47am. Then did so for my wife on hers. She received an email and confirmation of the review to proceed to step 2 within 1.5 hours. I still haven’t almost 24 hours later. Called customer service yesterday afternoon to inquire if there was anything I could do to help the approval process. The rep, Angie, had me on hold for 10 minutes and did she couldn’t even find a record of my submission and it would probably show upon their system closer to the flight. Reiterated to her that this didn’t make sense as my wife was reviewed to proceed within an hour. Here we are knots 24 hours later and nothing yet. Both app and customer service are unimpressive. Have shared this with the AA platinum desk.


If you use don’t stop complete all the steps within a few minutes

I am a developer, and i have to say i was surprised at how easy it was to get VeriFLY into a state that rendered it useless. I completed all but the attestation step, but had to stop in order to finish later. I came back about 14 hrs later to finish, but kept getting a “The Credentials Verification Service reported an error”. Tried quitting VeriFLY several times, rebooted my phone. Still got the error. Couldn’t find any info online about this specific error. Thought that perhaps removing the pass/trip would help. But that just retrieved the old pass/trip. Couldn’t find a way to delete the trip and start again. So i removed the trip again, uninstalled VeriFLY , and reinstalled the application. I tried creating a new pass/trip but VeriFLY kept seeing the first trip i created and i could no longer retrieve the first trip i had removed prior to uninstalling VeriFLY . The developers may want to change this inna future release if the application’s life cycle will warrant it....


Made for smooth travel for us

Although I was skeptical based on other reviews, I downloaded app on USA side before a trip to Caribbean on American Airlines. I made sure to get our family of four Covid tests in the exact same names as on airline tickets (I think this has snagged some folks’ test verification). I uploaded everything and within an hour, this app was approved and I was able to get boarding passes. Checked in at airport with no problem. So glad I did this, because on Caribbean side, it was easy to use the existing passenger profiles to upload the negative covid tests at hotel. Took five minutes. We were all approved within an hour and I could again get boarding passes for trip home. At airport in Caribbean, this allowed us to bypass the check in line and use automatic check in of our luggage to proceed to customs. So you don’t HAVE to have this app to fly - you can definitely wait in line and show paper copies of everything to desk attendants. But using VeriFLY lets American know you are good to go and you can check in to your flight ahead of time. Just one less thing to worry about.


Inefficient and not helpful

We are currently in Aruba, took our Covid test on Sunday afternoon, it is Tuesday morning, it has still not been approved, our flight leaves in a few hours. We are not allowed to check into our flight until the test has been approved by this app. So what was the point of downloading VeriFLY , uploading the results, creating profiles, reaching out to this app via email 6 times (finally got a response after the 6th time), called them using international charges (automation said 5 min wait time...after 20 mins of waiting, finally had to hang up bc I didn’t want to keep racking up international charges), etc . If we just need to go do it all at the airport? Takes a lot for me to leave a “negative review” (have only left 2 in my life haha) but VeriFLY and process is disappointing. Update… Callwd this app once again, spent 10 minutes on the phone, they finally pushed our results through and we were approved two hours before our flight. Lady on the phone was helpful. Still, overall process was a hassle.


This is super!

What an a great service! Went through the this app gate and was through security in <5 minutes and had an empty train car all to myself. Will definitely use this service from now on.


Great experience!

First time using. Very easy to use. Friendly person at this app checkin point with touch less check in. Bypassed the entire security line and then the best part...private train car to the terminal.


Back to the office

Worked great and got me back to the office without all the hassle



Super easy and convenient! Just the two of us on the train to Concourse C


Work great!!

VeriFLY works great, very thoughtful. I like the UI as well.


App Requires Passcode :(

Unacceptable that this stupid app requires your iPhone to have a passcode. I don’t use one and won’t put one on my phone. App should require sign in like every other app if it needs security. It’s a useless app.



Extremely creepy app requiring a lot of personal data, guess I’m not flying any time soon


Not working

Can’t get it to work. Every time I try to take a selfie I get an error message

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You can now contact VeriFLY: Fast Digital Identity customer service directly
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Is VeriFLY Safe?

Yes. VeriFLY: Fast Digital Identity is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 373,689 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for VeriFLY: Fast Digital Identity Is 31.3/100.

Is VeriFLY Legit?

Yes. VeriFLY: Fast Digital Identity is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 373,689 VeriFLY: Fast Digital Identity User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for VeriFLY: Fast Digital Identity Is 31.3/100.

Is VeriFLY: Fast Digital Identity not working?

VeriFLY: Fast Digital Identity works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 39 Comments

By Andy Jay
Oct 03 2022

Verifly is a POS application. How any airline can think this is good for their business is beyond me. Takes hours and hours to eventually verify your COVID vaccination QR code, if it ever completes the process. Much better off having your documentation confirmed at the airport. It cannot possible take any more time than using Verifly.

By The TOS guy
Aug 18 2022

It looks very interested in compiling information on its users, at least thats what the TOS says they do, then combining it with 3rd party data. There's also talk of sending you advertising, and direct mail and phone calls. This is all spelled out in the TOS on their website.

By Melinda
Aug 14 2022

Can’t add my flight details into trip - is there any point in using this if flying from UK to US?

By Ms Margaret Voke
Aug 13 2022

What rubbish all forms uploaded and says complete on on all passengers but go to BA to check in and it says waiting for covid forms to update so can't check in
Shame the people that promote this rubbish don't check it 100% first

By david
Jul 31 2022

you have to be kidding me that airlines trust this ridiculous app to verify people's Covid status? I spent an hour trying to get this done and all i am getting is data save error 5016.

By M Desmeayx
Jul 11 2022

Its worthless, hard to use and a bug waste of time. AA suggested it but the airports from US to Europe don't use it so. They are just gathering your personal information.

By Josnne
Jul 09 2022

This apo is ridiculous. If it isn’t one problem it’s another (won’t accept booking number over and over or “an SSL error has occurred…”, or something else.) Like many other people, I have wasted a LOT of time trying to complete this mess - without success.

By Laura Roedel
Jul 09 2022

Ugh! More like VeriFAIL. error message when submitting health questionnaire, last step in a lengthy process. Tech support says just delete data and start over, like I have a few extra hours. One of the error messages says “connectivity issue with API” so could be an issue specific to Holland America passengers.

By Gary Segal
Jul 04 2022

Verifly seems like a scam. App doesn't work. Went to help chat and after telling my problem they said they would put an an expert to help me. They linked me to another site which offers various software help for $46!!! Then you can't get back to their chat function on the same devise.

By roy leskanic
Jul 03 2022

Verifly sucks. Submitted all covid info at 9AM.. They said they received the info but it is still pending at9:55 PM. This app is supposed to speed things up but it does just the opposite. Got to be a better way.

By Prakgee
Jun 25 2022

I punched in my flight reference it required but it came up with a message that it could not find my booking. Utter rubbish app.

By Lori Tedrick
Jun 10 2022

VeriFLY is horrible. I submitted two test results for myself and my husband that were taken at the same place at the same time. VeriFly approved mine but will not approve my husband's. And there is no one to talk to to find out how to fix whatever the problem is. This is so frustrating. It should not be this hard to travel. A person jumps through all the hoops asked of them and then the app will not accept the test results. There is no way to actually talk to someone to figure out what the problem is. Horrible. As a travel consultant, I will NEVER support this app as it is nothing but a headache.

Jun 08 2022

This app is nothing more than a "data mining" tool which serves no real purpose for any intelligent traveller. I agree it is very "creepy".

By Amy Baxter
Jun 06 2022

Tried every single trip to use this app. We fly out of the country a lot! NOT user friendly. Won’t accept correct information constantly. Hate to say it but with all of the apps out there and this one being so important and necessary, shocked it does not work well. Or well enough at least. Please improve the app it’s not normal for it to be that bad and frustrating. Travel is frustrating enough these days

By Ian
Apr 29 2022

It’s not fit for purpose. Just check in at the airport.
The app gets a massive 93% dissatisfaction score.

By Shana Dumesnil
Apr 28 2022

the app does not show a selection to upload covid test results, only shows covid vaccination selection. Submitted ticket...they closed it immediately, saying I needed a screenshot, which I put in the ticket when I submitted. HORRIBLE

By Anthony Smith
Mar 15 2022

I cannot get this app to recognize my covid card third dose.It Is plain as day if you enlarge it on computer.Piece of crap app.

By Mike
Feb 17 2022

GARBAGE. Whoever created this poor excuse for an app. should be barred from ever creating another app. It is impossible to upload documents required by the program. I have tried 27 times (I counted), using different modes: each failed. If I could give a ZERO grade to this app. I would. WORTHLESS JUNK.

By Melissa Belvedere
Jan 17 2022

This app is absolute garbage. I traveled to Portugal for two weeks, and then to Malta for a month. VeriFLY is required for entrance to Malta and, now, to verify my vaccination status here in Malta. I completed the information for the app, got my "pass" and my QR code, and entered Malta without a problem. However, now that I need to use the app to verify my vaccination current pass is "expired." I can't update it. I can't create a new one (because that's supposed to be done before entering the country, and I'm already here, and will be for several more weeks). Their "help" information online is an absolute joke. They seem to have no real online presence on social media where I could contact them, their "contact us" links have resulted in nothing. So, now, I'm stuck in a foreign country without any way to verify my vaccine status, thanks to their absolute garbage app. This is ridiculous.

By Cathe
Nov 22 2021

This app, to put it politely, is absolutely horrific. American Airlines needs to cut ties with this app.
I tried to check into an international flight via my phone last night. I’m obsessed with checking in and having my boarding pass on my phone-it’s very efficient.
Instead The VeriFly screen popped up and it was suggested (rather, you can’t do anything untilyou sign up for this $hitty app) to download the app. Mind you, it’s nine o’clock at night, I finished packing, took my makeup off, my hair (what’s left of it, I have Trich) pulled back, and I’m just ready to chill before driving to JFK the next day. So I downloaded the app. I start to fill out the personal information, then see that a photo is needed.
I couldn’t load an existing photo, which was Red Flag Number One. Instead, I had to pick out a wig, plop it on my head ( I chose a rather stunning long bob), fill my eyebrows in, add eyeliner, apply blush to my cheeks, and a very nice pink lipgloss. I wasn’t too happy about it either because that meant having to take it all off snd re-moisturize……
I snap a photo, upload it and figure I’m done.
No! There’s more.
I get a confirmation via email, verify it’s me and find out I need to upload additional information. Red Flag Number Two.
Now-FWIW, I’m double-vaxxed, boostered, and have more masks than a surgical team.
I also have a Passé Sanitiare which, in order to acquire at the time, I needed my birth certificate, marriage certificate, proof of address, proof of vaccination and passport. Ok??
And my passé Sanitiare has a caveat of NOT to give the barcode thingy to a third-party (ieVeriFly).
I hope you are still following this….anyway, one of the steps is to take a photo or upload that square code. Which I tried doing to no avail.
Now. At this point, my anxiety is over-the-top. I’ve been waiting two years to not only get back to Paris, but to spend a good week away from my miserable job. I’m telling you, the strongest anti-anxiety meds could not help me during this daunting process.
I was so ridden with angst that I threw up. ( which actually wasn’t a bad thing because I gained pandemic weight)
I’m so crazed at this moment simply because I had done everything right- I complied with every effing rule to get my passé and now I need this verifly $hit to check in.
My husband, a Parisien, is now getting agitated because I’m a madwoman over this app. He started speaking in French and I won’t repeat what he said. He got on the phone and called AA customer service. It’s now 9:45 PM. All customer service reps were busy. At 11:15 PM, he hung the phone up. And he gently reminded me that we had everything on paper. He’s so old-school with his paperwork but now, I’m thinking he’s better off.
This VeriFly is garbage.
Thank you for reading this. I just want to get on that flight, read the new Anthony Bourdain bio, and get to my destination without VeriFly!

By Stephanie Ryan
Sep 24 2021

The VeriFLY didn’t really work for us. It considers our “trip to London” separately from our “trip to Dublin”. Consequently our trip to Dublin is too easy because it doesn’t consider our recent visit to Bermuda. And our trip to London can’t be completed because they want a Covid test booking number that we don’t need because it doesn’t know we are only airside transiting through UK. Also several of the “done” option were very slow to accept info.

By Mia Marie
Aug 03 2021

What the heck? The email address that I'm supposed to send the Colombian confirmation to bounces back as not a valid address. I'm departing in 12 hrs and I'm not clear therefore I can't check in my flight. Is this step required? Can I do the equivalent at the airport?

By Chris M
Jul 11 2021

I can’t do anything with this. AA won’t let me check in without the app, I go to the app and I can’t actually do anything. Very confused, seems basically useless to me right now. Guess I’ll check in at the airport

By Rita Hall
Jun 16 2021

Covid verification has been pending for 14hrs. Flight departs in 5 hrs. All of my travel buddies are having the same issue.

By Cindy
Jun 15 2021

NOT INTUITIVE or quick like advertised. When paired with the Spanish government health form, which is equally frustrating, it takes hours to figure out.

By Tim Blair
Jun 14 2021

After an hour and a half of frustrating back and forth attempts to load and use the verifly app we were successful in getting it to accept our covid test results. This was at 9:39 pm 6/13. The response was pending. It is now 9:30 am 6/14 and the response is still PENDING. You can't complete the boarding pass without the results of the covid review teams ok. Something is horribly wrong with this process.

By Scott F. Jackson
Jun 14 2021

App is CRAP. Wouldn't let me preview my pdf certificate, then just before my flight, I received a response saying my birth date did not match, without any chance to resubmit. Verifly caused me a great deal of stress. I am very unhappy with American airlines for recommending I use this app.

By Jean Downing
Jun 05 2021

App will not allow me to select airport I want. Keeps defaulting to Dallas.

By Julia Jecty
May 29 2021

Contacted customer service three times in two days, NOT ONE SINGLE person working there has a clue what they are doing. They don't listen, just talk fast. This app is so USER UNFRIENDLY!!!! There is enough going on in your head before you travel, nobody needs this aggravation 48 hours before you fly out. This definitely deterred me from flying any time soon. I will let EVERYONE know what an unpleasant experience I had. (Not that anyone at Verifly cares.)

By Steven Young
May 27 2021

Still pending?

By Sylvia john
May 22 2021

Need to enter destination airport PHL Philadelphia international not no matches found so app seems useless

By Theresa Wilhelm
May 21 2021

Third time contacting you guys. This app does not work. I am trying to register a flight from DFW to HNL and it does not allow me to select either airport from your list. I already uploaded my license and passport- now those documents are not in my app. I can’t access anything. Browse function does nothing work for my destination. DFW not available from departure list. American isn’t saying anything but to use this app and it simply does not work.

By Gerald Toussaint
May 18 2021

App would be great if it did not take so long to verify the Covid test documents!! Will be unable to use today as still “pending”
Flight in 3 hours still nothing so will go the old fashioned way

By Karen Brandley
May 08 2021

I can’t check in my 2 companions AAir. We were all approved by VeriFLY!

By Ish kumar sharma
Apr 17 2021

I am trying to upload my test results and it does not work, I get 'undefinedUserProperty' error everytime.

By Ray
Apr 05 2021

This is the most useless retarded app in history. Multiple parameters do not work for android users. You will not save the time at airport check in that you spend trying to navigate this nightmare of human excrement !

By Richard Morris
Mar 27 2021

Terrible app. They needed a lot more beta testing before releasing it. For example. test results are given to customer (me) by email by lab in PDF, but Verifly won't accept PDF---you need to convert to an image such as jpg.

By Teresa Smith
Mar 09 2021

I used on my inbound flight into Hawaii worked great but today I tried to add a trip and it’s hung up spinning - I have deleted and reinstalled app - hoping it still has my QR code

By Beatriz Myers
Feb 25 2021

The function Cancel Submitted results is not working. I exchanged about 10 messages with tech support and the don’t get it. When pressing this bottom the app does not do anything!,

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