PalmPay Reviews

PalmPay Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-16

An intuitive digital wallet with account opening, money transfer and bill
payments in one. Earn as you spend. A digital wallet is like a digitised
version of your personal wallet, but is easier to use and more feature-rich. It
enables you to transact flexibly at home for most daily scen...

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Reviews (35)


The best app ever

Those people coming over here saying this app is the worst you guys are just haters I’ve been using these app for a year now I have no problems with it and first transactions and no problems as long as you follow their rules. You can’t keep coming and writing bad reviews on them They’re one of the best and their limits is just very good other than OPay or kuda bank PalmPay is user friendly and the best to use you guys should go look for other things than to write bad reviews


Bad customer service

I have issue with a transaction which has been on processing since Monday. I complained and the customer support asked for 24hrs. After 24hrs with nothing I complained again and they asked for another 24hrs, yet nothing. The transaction is still processing. I complained again and you won’t believe the customer support closed the chat without even replying. Is it a crime to make enquiry about my money. Once this is fixed and my money is refunded, am withdrawing all my money and am done with PalmPay for good. I have to complain about one processing transaction almost everyday. Am fed up with all this. I won’t recommend PalmPay to someone running a business. You will blame yourself and regret at the end of the day


Devil pay

PalmPay is the most stupid app to Use .some times I wonder who created this his app,i defaulted a loan of 3000,just 3000,that won’t improve my life in any way,they actually locked my phone and I was wondering,when you loan someone 3000 and you lucked the phone up,you locked my business phone for days after I made the payment and the charges accrued to it they still haven’t opened my phone ,it’s more like a fry on to fire case after all this I had to pay the charges accrued to it ,they still haven’t opened my phone ,If I see any one write and positive comment about this people,ogun destroy the person cos it’s a devil pay


Super useful

This is the best bill payment app, ever since getting it, I’ve not been disappointed, I’ve even made it my major banking app, I used to pay fees for buying electricity, now I even pay cheaper on electricity, buying airtime and data, my only complain is that PalmPay is cluttered and sometimes it’s confusing to navigate but overall, very useful


Transfer issue

Please I need to make transfer for the past 5 hours now and it’s been saying invalid pin or will be locked for two hours even when I make use of my face unlock to complete my transaction … I need to make use of my money and it’s not allowing me send after updating PalmPay but I can receive 🥺


You lie about the food items you putting in your app they are not real

I order and they gots me debited and didn’t give response I called those number there I was told they did not make any payment to them can you see that since 2 days I’m making complaint no one to respond


Good and complain

It’s good app to send and receive payment but there is one error I seen on this this app is that if you’re trying to send money to others then network misbehave it will deducted from your account and show processing in transaction history then the receiver won’t see it How may I get my Monet back


Best mobile banking I’ve ever used

The best mobile banking app I’ve ever used, you earn reward upon every transactions you make, for very easy to use with swift transactions I strongly recommend it for anyone reading this because with them your money is very save, no scam, no delay, no denial of any transactions you made



This is app is good and fast but I made a transaction three days ago but it’s still on processing. I already chat with the customer service says I will get it back in 48 hours but yet it’s going to to four days still not get back my funds make una do normal ooo


My review for palmpay

I was been feed up with bank connections and I tried other mobile banking app but all ain’t that good, till I downloaded this app. First of all is the free charges for any amount of transfer Second this app sweet coupon 🙌🙌 There’re lots more. You guys are the best. Happy Anniversary this app


Can’t login my palm pay

I’m trying to login my palm pay now and it’s not letting me and I have to credit out the money to the owner and right now …… the person needs the money urgently so he can sort out the issues within him


Best app ever

I love PalmPay and have been using it to receive money and sending money to my families the best part are the coupons being given to me several times and the coupon really helps me a lot


Great mobile money app

I’ve never had any problem using this bank app. this app network is the fastest compared to other banks. My transactions go through instantly when sending or receiving money.


Good app for sending money

PalmPay is good very much and the internet connection isn’t bad too such as fast sending and easy sending money fast refresh and accurate internet connection and 24/7 service



I was introduced by a friend to setup PalmPay which I did. I sent 5k to PalmPay that same day I opened it I was on tier 2. Trying to open PalmPay for the past 2 days now. It’s not loading just writhing connection time out I logout and even downloaded it again still the same what’s going on here. Wanna make some little payment with my money I don’t have access to it😫😫😫



Why is that I couldn’t get access to my this app account since 5 hours now and I’ve been trying sending out money and it doesn’t Please help me to check what next



Absolutely the best mobile banking app I’ve used, I could make transactions without having data connections all I do is just switch on my data even if I don’t have subscription on it ✅✅💯💯


About the app

I love PalmPay but ther is one problem in my profile I can’t see where to other for the ok card but PalmPay is awesome and fast very reliable and for the customer service are also the best ❤️❤️✅✅


PalmPay, the best!!!

I so much love this app, they’ve been the best…. And I’m for real here ever since I’ve been using this app since late 2019 It has been my new bank, y’all should continue the good work cause you’re doing wonderful



PalmPay have been good to me though!! But now I’m about to go on a trip and I need to withdraw some little money out of it but It is really giving me problems now. I don’t even understand it!! It’s been saying processing since and I’m still in the city now all be because my money is in there! Please find something to do to it before tomorrow!! THANKS


Delayed Transactions

I Made A Transfer Since Yesterday Apparently 22 Hours Now And the transaction has been pending ever since then it’s not going to the Recipient neither is it coming back to me it’s just stuck in the middle and I’ve mailed the customer care even called them three times they said they will fix it since then no changes has been made to this transaction it’s just stuck .... Will this bug be resolved??


In app sending

I think there should be a place where we can send money to friends through chat rather than sending it to mobile money account , I think it’s a long process .. make it like Alipay please , would be much easier


I can’t find the app on my iphone until yesterday

You guys should not take PalmPay off iOS again oo 🥰,plz


Transfer issue

I am having issue with my this app sending to other bank


PalmPay App

I tried buying recharge card on PalmPay , I got a message that it was in process which will take 1 to 7 days before I could get a card that I need to call urgently. PalmPay need to be work on to meet the needs of people in time present and not in the future


I can’t find the updated version

I can’t find an update on AppStore help me so I can get my loyalty gift


Great app

Make buying of airtime, transfer of money, payment for utilities and much more very fast and easy. A must have for Nigerians and Ghanaians


Don’t waste your time.

Poor customer service. Keeps crashing. I tried withdrawing money from my account to my mobile money account 5 days ago. It hasn’t reflected till now. They keep giving me rude answers asking me to be patient while I need it urgently. -1000 stars!!! Don’t download PalmPay


Nice App

Nice app but the customer service is poor I think, the call center is not going through


Nice one

I just wish I can give PalmPay more than 5 stars Very good and helpful app


Good app

My Experience so far with PalmPay isn’t bad though so I think they deserve 5 star ⭐️


Bank transfer

I made a transfer since 3 days now and the money has been pending. I was debited and the customer service is least helpful. Will there be a reversal or is my money lost?


Great finance app in Ghana

Keep up the good work this app.


Don’t deserve a star🤬

On different occasions I purchased airtime using your service and it was on pending for at least 2weeks. I made a payment almost a month now and I haven’t been credited. It’s either you work on your services or this app should be considered a SCAM🤬🤬


The app is good enough and you gonna get paid

Good enough

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact PalmPay customer service directly
via Email using our new site -

Contact PalmPay directly

Is PalmPay Safe?

No. PalmPay does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 9,089 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for PalmPay Is 15.8/100.

Is PalmPay Legit?

No. PalmPay does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 9,089 PalmPay User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for PalmPay Is 15.8/100.

Is PalmPay not working?

PalmPay works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 28 Comments

By Onyishi Iloabuchi Jude
Sep 23 2022

Please someone sent me 10k since 18 September and am yet to see in my palmpay account and the person have have been debited.. Please help me what do I do.. Because he have went to get statement of account and its true he was debited but palmpay never credit me for over 1 week now.

By Salaudeen
Sep 22 2022

My flexi loan is enable but you refuse to borrow me why

By Sani abubakar
Sep 16 2022

I request for loan and I have not been given but what am I paying for they just remove my money yesterday from my palmpay account I want to know why

By Sani abubakar
Sep 16 2022

I request for loan and I have not been given but what am I paying for they just remove my money yesterday from my palmpay account I want to know why

By khabir
Aug 28 2022

I need palmpay

By Junior Anthony
Aug 03 2022

This app is a scam i won't use it anymore they lock my phone because I collected a loan which I pay back the next day but my phone has been working ever seen what type of app is this

By Emmanuel inah ikpI
Jul 16 2022

I don't understand someone else is using my account to borrow loan

By Augustine Destiny
Jun 24 2022

I did not collected any loan but still showing permanent messages

By William
Jun 10 2022

I lost my phone number please help me I want to change it

By Sunday famous
Jun 07 2022

Send me account to pay you back your money so that you could unlock my phone

By Harnu
Jun 04 2022

Palm pay is a rubbish app 😡how will I owe them a amount of 4000 naira and they didn't credit me nor send any message of alert that I collected that amount all of a sudden I saw a watermark message on my phone that I owe them money that I didn't see nor use

Is better you find a solution to this unless am reporting this app this is rubbish naw

By Oluwasogo
Jun 03 2022

I sent #1,200 out of my account few minutes ago, and it has not been received by the recipient (oluwasegun Samson) Access bank , ref no-1012bubz400

By Fashina Johnson
May 04 2022

I need assistance to post money

By Peter Prosper
May 03 2022

I didn't borrow money from palm pay and they are sending me message to pay my overdue fed up with the message pls take it out am not in for this crap.Am already loosing my patience.

By Matel fawas
Apr 30 2022

Am trying to withdraw money in my account but is not going

By Moses oluwasegun
Apr 30 2022

I don’t see all my money in my palmpay again 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️

By Blessinh
Apr 30 2022

You guys aren’t real you took everybody money😭😭😭please return it my hard earned money please I have no one to run tooo😓

By Lucky
Apr 30 2022

PalmPay have rip my money suddenly my money just disappeared I don’t know what happened 😭😭

By Emzor
Apr 18 2022

I want to repay outstanding balance and cancel the activation

By May
Apr 09 2022

I didn't collect any loan and palmplay is send messages that my loan repayment is due by 2024 ,I don't understand oo
I only have #10 in my wallet

By Chukwuma Jude
Apr 03 2022

Pls I don't need palmpay I want to delete it

Mar 27 2022

I am writing with sadness and i write to report one of your customer who duped me of 50200 this morning.

He was to sell an online goods to me and after paying, he blocked me and he becomes unreachable.

His account details is below

Name of reciever: ABDULSABUR ALI

Bank: 7061917333

account number: Palmpay

Please i awaits your next line of action

By Kufre
Feb 02 2022

I want to deactive my palmpay acct My number is 07044860447 Because i cant acces any app in my phone.the lock my phone saying your ok card has been overdue but i dont loan any money

By Hudhaifah Hussein
Jan 06 2022

I didn't collect loan and palm pay is showing me a permanent message on my phone

By Hussein Hudhaifah
Jan 06 2022

I didn't collected any loan and palm pay is showing a permanent message on my phone

By Seidu Hammed
Oct 26 2021

Am on funding my wallet, access Bank debit me while palmpay refuse to fund my wallet on 23/October/2021 with palmpay account 09066779694.
Without refunding my wallet i will consider palmpay as a scam. #2000 naira

By Seidu Hammed
Oct 26 2021

On 23/October/ 2021.
Am on funding my wallet from access Bank, access Bank debit me #2000 naira while palmpay fund my wallet and I complained access Bank said refund declined as the value was given. So why palmpay didn't fund my wallet while the fund is in their own position

By Melvin ifebi
Jul 02 2021

It keep telling me connection error I got transfer from a person and I have not got still now

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  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of PalmPay to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a PalmPay customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using PalmPay.

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