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Published by on 2022-09-16

An intuitive digital wallet with account opening, money transfer and bill
payments in one. Earn as you spend.

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Reported Issues: 100 Comments

By Augustine EVBOGBAI
Oct 04 2022

When the machine is turn on , it displays "attached! please contact your service provider.

By Popoola Afeez Olamilekan
Sep 24 2022

My post terminal is displaying POS NOT LOGIN!

By Kolawole Kolade
Sep 21 2022

My PalmPay showing connection error and I was unable to login

By Samuel segun
Sep 16 2022


By Dike Daniel
Sep 15 2022

My palmpay team battle history and activity strategy isn't showing at all. Anytime I visit those places, it just loads and then shows blank. If also I login on another device, it would work but not on my current device. Please can someone help me

By Sanusi temitope
Sep 11 2022

My terminal is showing initialization error

By Sanusi temitope
Sep 11 2022

My terminal is showing initialization error

By Fidoski
Sep 10 2022

My phone is showing me that I
Pay money for what

By Godwin
Sep 08 2022

Why can’t I login my Palmpay on my new phone

By Abolade hammed
Sep 08 2022

My login 08153271124 and okcard device has locked

By Abolade hammed
Sep 07 2022

Network error

By Fabiyi Olukayode
Sep 07 2022

I can't download the palmpay app on my phone

By Yemi durojaiye
Sep 01 2022

My palmpay app is not working well what can course the issue now but another android phone is going well

By Wisdom Charles
Aug 31 2022


By Clement gift
Aug 30 2022

Have been trying to send money to UBA it reversing back to my account I was ask to wait for an hour it still not working

By Clement gift
Aug 30 2022

Have been trying to send money to UBA it reversing back to my account I was ask to wait for an hour it still not working

By Okonkwo anselem
Aug 29 2022

I want to cancel my repayment overdue, because I don't know who borrow the loan. But if you can find me solution for the overdue repayment credit. I will be happy.
Thanks and best regards

By Taiwo
Aug 27 2022

It keep showing Flexi will soon be available
And I can’t get a loan

By Solomon
Aug 25 2022

What's happening to palm pay nah, I'm trying to do transfer it's not going through

By Favour
Aug 25 2022

Someone sent money but I haven't received it and the app is tell me security validity failed

By Ogunlade Tosin
Aug 25 2022

Security validation error

By Praise Jah gbomedo
Aug 25 2022

Security validate fail

By hassan sanni
Aug 25 2022

What is going on I want to do transfer is not going telling me security validate fail

By Emmanuel arifalo
Aug 25 2022

I'm not able to withdraw out of the palmpay

By Gift clement
Aug 25 2022

I can't find my money on my palmpay account it say secure validate fail

By Ota ifeanyichukwu
Aug 25 2022

My Palmpay is showing red key be side the bar and not connecting

By Divinefelix
Aug 22 2022

My ok card is not working

By Odunsi moruf Adebiwale
Aug 21 2022

The money in my account is freeze and I don't know why

By Emmanuel
Aug 21 2022

I want to pay extension fee in my palmpay ok card but it is showing error information please how will I solve it

By Zheeyat
Aug 20 2022

I cannot download palm

By Ochus55
Aug 19 2022

My palm pay it's not opening

By More
Aug 17 2022

My palm pay is not responding

By Awokunle Tosin
Aug 17 2022

I'm unable to share palm pay to my referral

By Rose
Aug 08 2022

I refer two people to palmpay and got 1000 but I'm not allowed to transfer it to my account is saying processing today is making it one full day

By Ridwan oyekunle
Aug 07 2022

I was debited of #35,000

By Miracle boyitie
Aug 06 2022

My PalmPay account keep showing flexi cash temporarily unavailable please try again later, it has been like this since last night, please what is the cause and help me sort it out

By Adeyemi adetola Ayomide
Aug 06 2022

Someone send me money since yesterday morning but can't receive any alert on my palmpay account

By Emmanuel
Aug 06 2022

Some one is trying to send money to me since last night and the person is telling me bank maintenance

By Obamoyegun Eunice
Jul 27 2022

I have data on my phone and am not able to access my PalmPay account

By Enereba christian
Jul 26 2022

I tried depositing some money inside my palm pay account but is not working

By Bayoko Ebipade Kelvin
Jul 26 2022

My Palmpay Acct is not working at all. It keeps on bouncing back

By Oladapo Deborah Ibukun
Jul 20 2022

I referred 3 persons and earned #2000 but the money has been withheld. It's not showing in my wallet. It's saying processing

By titilayo dadeni
Jul 17 2022

my pin is incorrect

By Sunday Anthony
Jul 12 2022

My palmpay account have been locked.

By Abdulsamad
Jul 11 2022

I really want to fund money at ogent time,on palm pay but it get some failed please help me fix it

By Olamide Ogunbiyi
Jul 11 2022

My ok card credit limit my request was not granted this time, continue paying frequently

By Abayomi
Jul 10 2022

My PalmPay account not connected and am having good mobile network

By Abayomi
Jul 10 2022

My PalmPay account is not connecting writing connect error

By Femi
Jul 09 2022

Palmpay appear on my phone saying dear customer, your ok card bill has been overdue is accumulating every day, please repay the outstanding bill immediately to avoid accrued interest and prevent restrictions on your mobile Can apply extension in the palmpay app.if have any concerns,pls add 08124125175 on WhatsApp, thanks you! Which the number not available trying to message the number not replied call not go,and I don't borrow money from you just lock my phone, what is the problem

By Miracle owoeye
Jul 09 2022

Why my PalmPay Transaction history is not visible

By Oloyede oluwatobi c
Jul 07 2022

My PalmPay app is not opening clicking on the app it bounced back

By Felix
Jul 07 2022

My PalmPay app is not opening and I have good mobile connection
The app don’t just open once I open the app it come out by it self

By Ogbolotuo Solomon
Jul 06 2022

Having serious issues now
Cashing out is a big problem,God help me..... always network error, initialization,TMK,tmc,all sort of tins....fix it for me

By Azeezat
Jul 05 2022

I treid doing transfer and it telling me failed why is that ?

By Aisha
Jul 02 2022

Someone sent me money and it was successful in the senders side but I didn't receive it and it has been more thank 24hrs now
And also I referred 2 people and I didn't recieve my #500 it was writing your request is processing nd it has been up to 10hrs now

By Emmanuel
Jul 02 2022

I am trying to install palmpay to my phone through Google play or even xender but it is not installing

Jul 01 2022

Successful transaction but the recipient did not receive the money

Jun 29 2022

I have a palm pay POS machine and at the top of the machine its showing a KEYLOCK or PADLOCK logo at the top pls what could be the solution to this and i cant make transactions with it

Jun 28 2022

Dear Partner,

I have been experiencing inability to cash out with ATM card from my Palmpay terminal. This has affected my business greatly.
Palmpay agent have tried to sort this out but to no avail.

Once a card is slot in and amount to be withdrawn is typed, an attempt to click on the type of account trips off, and this happens continuously till now.
Kindly help.

By Steven Daniel
Jun 28 2022

I can’t transfer money since morning it showing me failed

By Ifeoluwa Ayovunefe
Jun 24 2022

I'm trying to login but it keeps failing

By Anointing
Jun 22 2022

Am Unable to Create a palmpay account

By Alli feyishara
Jun 22 2022

My data or card payment is always failed why??

By Precious Ekhaguere
Jun 22 2022

There is no nework in My palm pay machine I will I get network close to the network is showing red key

By Ekemode abiodun
Jun 19 2022

My palmypay account login 09124515106,the credit limit for Okay card was frozen please help me go through it for proper response

By Bukola
Jun 18 2022

I have trying to withdraw using atm on palmpay pos , but its saying trans terminated, terminal and app not supported. But I can only do transfer on it

By godfrey odijie
Jun 16 2022

I cannot borrow from my palm pay account. Please fix it for me

By adepeju
Jun 11 2022

I used my okcard,the loan of 3k is due already and palmpay hacked all my app and locked my phone since 3days ago

By Delight
Jun 11 2022

Pls fix this

By James oliver
Jun 11 2022

I can't see my available balance

By Ojumoola olamilekan
Jun 11 2022

My palmpay is showing connection error and I can't even whitdraw or send money... please fix that shit

By Foreigb
Jun 11 2022

Shey una Dey mad ni if una no sabi business Shebi una go shut down person wan do transaction since e just Dey show error balance self no show

By Abdulsalam shakiru
Jun 11 2022

Since yesterday my palmpay is not working it’s saying connection error since yesterday

By Edeki Emmanuel
Jun 11 2022

Someone sent me money since yesterday up till now I've not seen the money rather anytime I login it keeps showing me connection error and I really need the money

By Damola
Jun 10 2022

Connection error since yesterday pls try and fix it

By Mariam adeleke
Jun 10 2022

Please I can’t open my PalmPay account since yesterday to send or receive money…please what happening

By Ojo Samuel adeyemi
Jun 10 2022

I transfer from pos to my palmpay account I did not receive it since morning

By Adekunle Oreoluwa
Jun 10 2022

PalmPay is not working right now and I need money pls fix it

By seun abimbola
Jun 10 2022

Connect error

By Bright feranmi
Jun 10 2022

My palm pay is not working right now

By Owoade micheal
Jun 10 2022

Why is my PalmPay writing network error and I need the money now

By Sanusi Folasade kafilat
Jun 09 2022

I mistakenly transferred money to palmpay instead of Opay
How can I resolve it

By Damilola Basirat
Jun 07 2022

I want to borrow money on pampay and the security plugin is not installed

By Precious Samuel
Jun 03 2022

A transaction was made and the sum of 40000 was paid to my palmpay account
Ive not been credited and the other party has been debited
What could be the problem and how do i resolve it.

By Kolawole Daniel
May 29 2022

I'm a new customer and I want to sign up on palmpay App on my phone, after writing all my information and even getting the otp

By Adegoke Ayo
May 25 2022

I was trying to activate ok card and it's show Not Initialized

May 24 2022

My palmpay app is not telling me to reset time before I can do any transaction and have done that severally and is still the same

By Oduwaiye Joy
May 19 2022

Tried applying for a loan. It showed "not initialized" after clicking the " Agree to Activation" button.

By Nasiru ayobami Sodiq
May 17 2022

I wanted to activate the okcard on getting to where I will filled the necessary information, my phone started hanging and I will have to relaunch the app again and after getting there again it will still do the same thing. Pls find solution to it

By Omo iyalode
May 16 2022

Plz help me send my money back when my account login I don't know the reason why my account login me out

By Aniekan Bassey Archibong
May 16 2022

Abeg make una give me my service back

By Alabi Ridwan
May 16 2022

I was checking my palmpay balance but not showing me why ?

By Salisu
May 16 2022

I want to receive money and it telling me bad network

By Idowu oreoluwa
May 16 2022

I tried to login this morning and immediately I click on the app it will take me back to my home screen,then I clicked again I was told to upgrade it and I upgraded it buh I was unable to install it that's the issue sir/ma

By Cyril
May 15 2022

I am trying to activate Okcard forne of my invitee it's showing NOT INITIALIZED,

By Isaac feranmi
May 15 2022

Money disappear
Hanging of money
Earn withdraw fail

By Anthony
May 14 2022

My friend's phone has been restricted how can he sort out the problem and get his phone open

By Young d
Apr 30 2022

Why did Palmpay paste something on my phone

By Ojo odelola
Apr 30 2022

Have been trying to make payment on palmpay it not just working out firstly it wasn't opening at all, and now that's it opened it working out for me to make payment on it please help me out on dis it very important

By Babatunde Opeyemi
Apr 30 2022

I can not find my bet account,the app is telling me Bad network please I don't understand

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