Sable Reviews

Sable Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

Sable is effortless, borderless banking for a more connected world. • U.S.
credit, debit and bank accounts • Designed to improve your credit score • 3X
faster graduation to traditional credit than anywhere else with tangible
milestones • No fees or credit checks • No U.S. citizenship re...

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Reviews (31)


So far so good, but!!!!

I came across this app I believe it was on Instagram and so I decided to sign up for an account with them because I like the idea how you have both a debit and credit card to which you can use to rebuild your credit. So long story short I've been waiting on both of my cards to arrive in the mail and I still haven't received them yet, I called customer service twice and I was told it takes ten business day's for them to arrive in the mail not including weekends or holidays. So I was like okay cool. And now it's past ten business day's and I still haven't recieved my cards, I called customer service for the second time, and I was told that we're sorry but it usually takes two weeks, I told them you know it would've been nice to let me know this ahead of time instead of being told ten business day's to get my cards. This is not a good way to start out as a new company by not being honest upfront in the begining. So for now until I get my cards in hand and have been with this app for awhile, I'm sticking with the 3 stars for now until I've been with this app long enough to give a better rating


Great in theory

There is a lot I am attracted to by the concept of this app — it being digitally savvy amongst them, yet that seems all ironic with the trouble of getting started with them even though I appreciated the speedy approval… The bank appears poorly recognised and terribly challenging to get started to adopt and make a go-to banking solution. This could ease with having an activated physical card but to start, Zelle does not recognise the virtual card number as valid debit card, making it difficult to start moving money in there. I also tried to add the account for payroll direct deposit with my employer, but the routing number was not recognised as a valid bank. At this point there are still few (free) options to move money into the account, that would require either waiting for the physical card to arrive or several days for approval, but clearly the company is not sufficiently recognised for some simple operations. Great in theory but onboarding is ultimately not as the speedy as one would expect from a predominantly mobile bank.


No access to my account since last Wednesday

Do not sign up for this card. There is no customer support. I have been unable to access my account since last Wednesday. I have tried every avenue to reach someone to no avail. I have left numerous emails, called numerous times since last Wednesday. I reside on the west coast and they are on the east coast. I got up at 6am my time and it is now 7:28 and I have yet to get anyone. The call picks up and says it will connect you to the next rep if you are willing to wait or press 2 for a call back. It is a lie, after 20 minutes the call disconnects. I have called three times and the exact same thing happens. If you want to be locked out if your account and get no help at all - I say go ahead and sign up for this card. This is the biggest customer fail I have ever encountered in my life. FAIL FAIL FAIL. And yes I am on hold again waiting for it to hang up.


Build your credit limit at your own pace with Sable One

For obvious reasons I couldn’t get a credit card and couldn’t afford to lock 200 USD away for a month while I waited for a secured card. this app One allows me to build up my secure credit card limit over time starting w/10 lousy bucks. Now secured limit is 1600…and growing. Soon enough, my secured limit will be 10k, thanks to this app. Not Air Force One but this app one is one of the best secured credit card to establish or repair your credit.


Finally a real solution to rebuilding credit

I’ve tried them all, from Lexington Law to Experian Boost and even Self credit repair but none of those companies will help you repair your credit for free and for the most part the credit fix is temporary! With this app I’m able to repair my credit completely fee free and with incentives! I absolutely love everything about this app! I will forever be a life long customer and apart of the this app family! Thank you this app!!!


App gives an error for EVERYTHING

I get an error when trying to set my limit, transfer funds, set my pin, etc. then I have to contact the chat that is ALWAYS too busy with other customers and says it’ll email you but they just email with the FAQ info. Which obviously that didn’t work since I had to contact the chat!


Leaked PW

My password was leaked (you know how Apple warns us about who is trying to get our info on the internet) when I downloaded Sable to continue with my account set up. I couldn’t do it online, which I thought was odd because I’ve never done that before. It told me my login information was leaked twice or three times while I tried to go in through Sable and haven’t signed up since. I feel the network isn’t all that safe just yet because of how new it is. I loved the ideas behind the cards, though. It still intrigues me, but not worth having my money stolen lol


FAST and instantly start building credit

This has been by far the best experience I’ve had with banks in the US. The secured credit card let me build my credit score right from day one. It is delivered digitally right away and after about a week I got both credit and debit cards. The chat is super fast and you can talk to a person to solve your problems Ok a possible to increase the credit card authorized amount and when you pay, the credit is almost instantly available again. No more waiting for a day or to to get your credit back. Thank you guys for such an amazing product/service/card and an amazing customer service


Good Starter Credit Card

I have been using them for a couple months now and just saw the new update and I have to say the new app looks amazing. I like that I can build my credit limit over time with extra cash I may have. It’s also great that they report limit and utilization unlike some other credit cards apps offer l.


Crappy App

Would give a lower star rating if possible. App did great as far as being able to get into it. Was about to use this app for my direct deposit for my job, changed my mind when it shut me out of Sable . Reset the password twice and it still has me shut out. Cant get to any of my information in order to use it.


The support is amazing

I was getting confused about the daily balance which just means that you spent that amount. At the time I didn’t know that so I freaked out thinking I was negative. I got to give David Gregory a shout out because he was amazying he was polite and straight forward and helped me with it. Every company needs more of David Gregory’s if you need a support get a hold of David!!!!


Awesome banking app for immigrants

As someone who has recently moved to states, this bank has allowed me to have a financial presence here - so grateful, it’s an awesome service. That said, there a few features that are lacking, such as: viewing your credit, having a joint account & depositing a check. Hopefully they flesh out these features in some upcoming releases.



Says no credit check required than denies application. Waste of time UPDATE: It’s a credit check man… What else do you call what you just explained?? You ran public records or what not. Credit check… I can run vegetable oil as break fluid in a car. It’s still break fluid, it stops the car when i tap the brakes. Just be a little more transparent, that’s all. After loosing my business during COVID and my credit, I was exited to see a couple cards like this that may help repair my credit. All you did was collect personal info off of me and then tell me to kick rocks…. That’s a fact.


sablecard is great for students

Came to US for masters, and I was missing (like everyone else) an SSN number. Hard to open up any account / get credit card from other banks until months & years in to my stay. Sablecard was awesome in not having to deal with any of these stuff! Great job guys, keep it up! You have a loyal customer here


Great concept but I’m confused

This is a great concept but I’m confused .. when I’m adding funds to my credit card is it getting added to the this app debit card first and then I have to transfer from the this app debit card to the this app credit card?I just want to fund the credit card with money from my bank account and make payments with my bank account do I have to make the credit card payments with the this app debit card?


Not impressed

It could be better I don’t care for the overall outlay of Sable . But the main thing I’m mad about is refunds take 7-10 days no way to speed it up either says customer service. Most cards it’s almost instant refunds but now you make a purchase and cancel it maybe because you need the money and bam jokes on you you can’t have your money back for over a week. That’s absolutely so disappointing and overall not even worth it.


Was great until yesterday

I messaged customer support to close my secured credit card with the account and I made it clear I wanted to keep my checking account. They said okay and verified my info and closed my ENTIRE ACCOUNT!! I get paid tomorrow and now I won’t have access to the check because they closed my entire account like that. I’ve been trying to get ahold of customer support and I’m not getting through. I really loved this and it was the first bank I’ve actually like having, but after this, I’m done.


Fantastic customer service

I shifted from traditional bank to this app. During the process this app’s customer service helped me answer all the questions that I needed to switch. The loyal customer base is outstanding and whenever you face problems or concern, this app will give you the best customer service.


Credit Card Limitations

Their staff doesn’t know very much about the this app credit card. They can’t answer simple questions about it such as when does it report to the bureaus etc. Also, this app does not offer many ways to pay your credit card - there’s no way to pay using another bank. I don’t keep money in my this app debit account and so this is very frustrating for me. Making a payment shouldn’t be so hard.


Thank you Sable!!!

I have been banking with BofA for the last six years and decided to try this app after reading about it in the news. I am so glad that I made the move and have saved so much money in fees!! Best thing to happen to me in 2020, literally changed my life.


Quick, easy, and beautiful banking

I never write App Store reviews, but it’s one of those rare moments where something is so great I have to rave about it. I know this app is more for internationals/immigrants, but I’m American and I’ve been loving this app! I started looking at online banks as I was sick of the fees I was paying to Wells Fargo. Out of all the banks I looked up, this app sounded the most promising. It’s been over a month now and I have love every minute of my experience so far: the ease of obtaining a debit / checking in Sable within a couple of minutes, the 0 fees, and the fact that they are always releasing new features on Sable . I do think they can improve the FAQs on the website - I had a question around transferring funds and the FAQs were not very helpful. But I still give this app 5 stars because I called customer service and the representative Jackson was extremely nice and was able to help immediately! Thank you this app!!


Great card

It is a great account. I love that they send both your debit card and secured card at the same time. As soon as you open the account. The only issue now is getting money in the account. this app doesn’t use plaid and most mobile banking services do. So if you don’t have a traditional bank account, it is almost impossible to put money on the account to use it. If there was options to physically put money on the account or if they used the plaid system it would be easier to move money. Otherwise from that it is a wonderful idea and service.


The most painless part of my move!

I was dreading getting a credit card in the US as a foreigner and I’m glad I don’t have to deal with banks who have no idea how to handle internationals without a credit history. Set my account up in a snap and love having a clean, snazzy app to track my usage!


Game changer! Super excited

So excited to fund my new account and start using the card. Sign up was easy the fastest sign up I have seen for a CC. Amazing can’t wait to see what they add in the future! Great that they’re making it possible for other Minority’s to build or rebuild there credit. 🙏


Worst Customer Service

Really wanted to like Sable . Had some problem with the application regarding some documentation. I contacted the customer service. They asked me to send the document by email and told me that they will let me know what’s the verdict. Almost a week and there is no response. Tried to apply again. Stuck in the verification process for 5 days. Hopeless customer service. Even if my account is open how can I trust them with my money given the situation of their customer support.


A scam. Don’t fall for it.

I funded my account with a small deposit. I used the card sparingly. Then I tried to log in and got an error, so I chatted with customer service and was informed that they closed my account. They refuse to tell me why. So they are holding my money now for 60 days and I can’t even check my balance or get an answer why this is happening. They claim this was due to a thorough review. I had to contact them to be told any of this.


I love the bank but few problems

The cards has arrive to my home but the numbers in the card its diferent in the cards appear in Sable .. whats happen?


Awesome card and app!

I got a bank account and credit card with this app last year. I am very impressed with this app so far - it lets me send funds abroad at zero cost. It's cheaper than Western Union!


Best mobile banking experience! Seamless and efficient!

this app is a great banking and credit card app. Easy to use, premium benefits, and helpful customer service!


So far the best I be ever use

One star left for its futuristic improvement, so far satisfied with majority functions.


Great app!

Easy to use and great customer service. This should be the norm for banks.

Is Sable Safe?

No. Sable does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 7,710 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Sable Is 20.0/100.

Is Sable Legit?

No. Sable does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 7,710 Sable User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Sable Is 20.0/100.

Is Sable not working?

Sable works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 5 Comments

By Stacey Edmonds
Jun 29 2022

I've been disputing these charges since March. It's JULY now and still no word! This "bank" is a bunch of CROOKS! The phone number is basically just a voicemail. They lie and false advertise saying they have a zero liability policy and obviously they don't honor any of their fake policy of LIES!! Any suggestions? I just want my money back

By Carlos Cotera
Jun 18 2022

Have had a great experience with sable since I opened my account back when I had no SSN. This credit history allowed me to open a couple of cards that I actually wanted and has really helped me out as an inter auto Al student. However, as time passes I have tried to contact customer support about either decreasing my credit limit or getting promoted to secured and I realize now that customer support is really inexistent. When I first joined I had 9-5 mon-fri customer support and was always first in line. Now my chat seems perpetually blocked and my calls no longer get answered. After these months I’ve realized that my money is awkwardly stuck there and the only reason I was even looking to change my limit is due to an error from sable misreporting my account balance. I have ever had more than 50$ as my balance with sable but for some reason every single month without fail reports over 110-120$. Furthermore, the automatic payments that I have set up to “total statement balance” pay my card down to less than -80$. Since my card is getting payed to negative, there’s clearly an issue here. So I thought changing my limit would force sable to actually recalculate and realize that I don’t owe as much as they thing. Sable has really helped me out as an international, but from my perspective and from reading others’ comments, it seems like the longer you stay with them the more they slowly neglect you as a customer and keep your money to themselves. Not feeling so great anymore for me.

By Not giving you my name scam artist
May 23 2022

Reporting you to the better business sureau didnt apply for your scam. People this is a scam!!!!!

By Thalita Ibero
Apr 21 2022


By Catrina M Hyde
Feb 11 2022

I've been trying to get a hold of customer service since January 16. I have money missing from my account. Im pissed I don't have money for ppl to steal. And your company doesn't wanna take calls or answer emails.

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