Strike: Bitcoin & Payments Reviews

Strike: Bitcoin & Payments Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

Strike is the easiest way to send, spend, remit, and invest your money. Onboard
in seconds and unlock the future of digital payments. Simply link a payment
method, deposit funds, and let us take care of the rest. WHAT DO PEOPLE USE
STRIKE FOR? Strike is used to buy and sell bitcoin, tip...

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Reviews (32)


Cannot get past opening

This may be the worst experience with a crypto app I’ve ever had. After providing them the information requested I received a notice saying I needed to provide additional documents. They want a picture of me holding up my license. The only reason as to why they need this is bc they didn’t like the email address I provided. I eventually gave up as I won’t provide such sensitive information to a company whose support team makes me question the apps entire legitimacy. I’ve never been asked to provide such sensitive information before and I’ve dealt with ridiculous KYC issues in the past. Then my wife tried to open an account and transferred a small amount of money to it. At that point they flagged her account, unlinked the bank and are now refusing to give us the money back until we can prove her name is on the bank statement of the account she tried to link. Interesting that the account was fine for them to take money from but not send the money back to. So now we are having to deal with this scammy support staff again to get her money back bc they presume to know more about our bank accounts than we do. Im totally blown away at how terrible this experience has been especially given the high praise Strike has gotten recently. Either Strike is a total scam or they need to relax their KYC policies down a tad. What a huge disappointment.


Love the app but I’m locked out

Absolutely love Strike !! Been using it for a while and have referred all my friends and family who swear it’s a scam but they don’t see the vision my only concern is my account was locked with absolutely no explanation my Bitcoin and my direct deposit have been locked his yesterday and you can imagine what’s that is like when you have to pay bills and wait 24 hours to withdraw. Support emailed me simply saying they are aware with and will let me know what’s wrong when they have an update which doesn’t let me know how long this will take. Besides this incident which I’m sure they’ll fix I love Strike


I’m upset with the way you handle my account

I mistakenly got my this app account into a minus $205 which made my account become restricted I’ve paid back the debt for the past 1 week now and I also used that opportunity to request for an increase in deposit my account has still not been reinstated since then I’ve sent over 20 emails to this app support but got no reply, when I had the debt y’all replied fast enough but now that I’ve got money in my account y’all decided not to reply my emails anymore. Y’all locked my account with funds in it, can’t do nothing the account is just useless I was asked to send verification pictures which I’ve done over a week ago. I’ve since then sent emails I even tried calling the cellphone number I got online it was like y’all be avoiding me It’s unfair really I just called customer support and they told me to send an email then hung up I’ve sent over 20 emails but got no reply



So my father asked me to download Strike because it is safer and easier to transfer money back and forth if we needed to. The problem is our checking account has my husbands name in it so the money is just sitting there. I am interested in the debit card so the money that family has sent for my kids for Christmas could actually get used for things. It is also super sketchy that I can’t just put a router number and account number and I have to put in my sign in and password for my bank account. Hmm I thought passwords were not to be shared with anyone. I guess I am old fashioned and trust my husband since he is the one that works in our house but whatever. It also would be nice to be able to buy different currencies besides just Bitcoin.


Account Opening Nightmare and No Customer Support

I was excited about using Strike and try it’s supposedly groundbreaking technology to move money around the world in seconds. However, they have not mastered the most basic thing in financial services - account opening. While most of Fintechs have streamlined their account opening process and minimize the process to 3min, this company kept saying that their compliance team needed additional information to open a simple account. This information was highly sensitive and not even banks would ask for it. The account opening was finally turned down without a specific reason and I have been trying to contact with the company so they can explain me their data storage policy to avoid been misused. I am very concerned that this information could be fraudulently used ad the company and it’s representatives have gone MIA.


Stack Sats

I use Strike to pay Lightning invoices on Fold App for 3%+ satoshis (bitcoin) back on different purchases that I would buy anyways. I’ve noticed sometimes because the middle man of VISA/MasterCard aren’t getting their 2-3% cut of the transaction fee anymore, the Fold App Lightning invoices are actually cheaper sometimes when you pay via this app. On the rare occasion you might have to add a couple extra cents in order to pay the invoice. That’s pretty much my only complaint, however. Pretty awesome stuff. Thanks Jack Mallers and team!


Unimpressed W/ Account Opening Procedure

I had a very poor experience with the account opening process. First of all, there is no status of where you are if it doesn’t open right away. No one will inform you or reach out to you from Support. You have to constantly reach out to them. On top of that, I had to wait over a week to get any type of traction on what else was required to continue with the account opening process. And they still don’t provide any meaningful feedback after you do establish communication with them. All in all, a poor experience. My recommendation is if you have the same issues, another alternative is Cash App. They have less restriction limits on bitcoin transactions as well. Happy hunting!


Satoshi Would ‘Not’ Approve

In order to get an account you need your real first and last name, real address, social security number so this app can communicate with your overlords about your activities, your phone number, your driver’s license front and back and then there is a verification process of this data. Can someone please hurry up and provide a decentralized version of this layer two application. Money should be conducted freely and not monitored by the whims of a political central authority who may or may not have your best interest at heart. Satoshi would be very upset at this process. Your welcome by the way. Find a better solution or better yet make or develop it your self for a better world. No one should be peeking into your BTC bank account wallet. No one. Not even your Mom.


Won’t let me move my money after an entire month.

Thankfully I only put $50 in. But I can’t move or withdraw my money. I sent an email immediately with no response after a month. I just sent another email. We’ll see if they even reply. But I probably won’t see that $50 again. Definitely don’t use. Edit: They were able to fix my account and I was then able to transfer money. Since then, Strike seems to be working properly.


Can’t verify bank info

I was referred to Strike by a friend and just assumed he was using it for a while but turns out he just wanted the $5 credit but Strike had no issues taking my money but now that I want it back it says it can’t link my bank account and I’ve been looking threw the reviews finally and noticed that all the 5 stars look shady like they were written bypeople that do it for a living The issue was never resolved my support was just closed. Update it’s not necessarily strikes fault on my issue but I still think bank info should be verified before they take your money


So Far So Good

I have been using this app for about 2 months now and haven’t had any issues with it. I really like the option of hourly DCA as it allows me to consistently buy Bitcoin and not have to worry about timing it in any way. I see myself continuing to use Strike to purchase Bitcoin in the future! The only thing I wish Strike had would be a system that makes it easier to file taxes.


Undependable Purchasing Power

Hello, I used this app for two transactions successfully. I purchased Bitcoin and sent it to a different wallet. I was impressed, it was a streamlined and easy process. However, on my third attempt to purchase Bitcoin, it keeps giving me an error message “This order cannot be completed at this time. Try again later.” This is bad if you are trying to buy a dip. this app wallet is great .. when it works. However I wouldn’t bet on it always working, keep your options open to purchasing elsewhere during their down times.


Has potential

I signed up got my ten dollars and I referred a few people and received ten dollars for each person.I was very happy with this I bought some btc and withdrew the money. I later tried to deposit money on Strike and my limit is set to ten dollars I did some reading on their site and it says when I verify my id and information I should have 1000 dollars deposit limit. I have emailed support and it has been four days with no response. It seems like a great app I just am not able to use it because my deposit limit is at 10 dollars for 2 weeks even after verifying all my info.


Account not working

I never write reviews but I have been forced to in this case. I sent a fair amount of money into my this app wallet account and was able to buy Bitcoin and transfer it. I then tried to do this again but my account was locked with no explanation. I have already been fully verified. And now my money is locked with this app and there is no number to call. And the email communication with them is useless because You don’t get a response. The concept behind this wallet seems good but don’t use it if you want to protect your assets. Stay away from this scam wallet. They have $1500 of my money and have frozen my account with no customer support. Stay away


Awesome app

Hands down the best bitcoin app ever. Literally buy and send bitcoins in the blink of an eye. Very low transaction fees as well! Also Strike is very smooth and simple to use. The one drawback is the support system in case you have a question or two. That’s the only part that needs some improvement. Overall, for purchasing bitcoins, look no further because Strike is as good as it gets.


Simple, smooth, straight to the point Bitcoin bad-assery

If all of my apps looked and functioned as smoothly as this app I’d buy a Powerball ticket. Forget about all of the noise & clutter with the competition. Jack and team have delivered a crypto tool that actually performs all functions as promised. Executed with a graceful simplicity that I appreciate; send/ receive, DCA, instant buy/sell, high referral rates and low to no fees make this is a 5 star + rate all day! Cheers



I opened an account for over a month and have sent in the accepted identifications and I have never heard back from Strike . I don’t know what’s taking so long or is that the normal duration for verification. My friend recommended me Strike which was supposed to be great app for crypto, and they got approved on their account in less than a week. I am not sure if it’s worth it to delete my account and make a new one or look else where for a better app.


Scam likely app don’t use

I’m very convinced and concerned that Strike is a app used to scam people out of the information needed to steal their identity. It looks like a real app but nothing works. And it asks for pictures of the front and back of your id, your social , your address etc. just stick with cashapp. Because I’m pretty sure that mine as well as my friends just gave scammers the info they need to steal our identity. And every since I signed up for Strike I’ve been receiving weird text message links. I’m usually more careful than this but my friend who referred me was a trustworthy friend and didn’t think much of it. DO NOT USE Strike


Can’t deposit funds b/c 3DS

This is aggravating. I made deposits beforehand minutes b4. You have to 1st deposit then you can buy - it should be like cash app where you can just buy… 1 step THIS IS COMMON SENSE. Anyway Now I can’t buy any bitcoin on APP. I am buying on cashapp again. Cash app is seamless and simple and works 100% and truly intuitive. And you can make larger deposits for people who have money to invest!!!



Strike is a complete and total package for everyone! Not interested in buying bitcoin but like the thought of the blockchain? (Weird but okay) you can use this like venmo or cashapp to pay your friends for coffee. BUT! more importantly it’s the easiest cheapest way to buy bitcoin in my opinion. Straight forward. Simple. And fast every time. Save your time and just download this app. t Thanks Jack ⚡️


Strike Steals Your Funds

this app has stolen my deposit. After having a verified account for months I decided to try to use Strike to pay in bitcoin. Strike is the worst way to do so. The minute I deposited money to my verified account they locked it. I can neither withdraw nor send the funds. I've been in contact with Jorge Chavez at support for days. They request many strange photos to prove your ID before they even acknowledge you have an issue with their app. I have had to hold notes, multiple forms of ID in photographs with my arms and face and the notes and the IDs clearly visible. The process is ridiculous. It makes me feel like I've done something wrong. I have done this process about ten times without success. They simply respond with the same ransom like photo requests. Do not use Strike. this app is the antithesis of what Bitcoin is all about. Jack may be a great salesman, but he is a terrible engineer and a scam artist.


THE Best Bitcoin Payment Service

Short of assembling or purchasing your own node, this is the best way to send Bitcoin payments. Why would you want to? Well, first of all how dare you. Secondly, you can send nearly free payments regardless of network congestion via the lightning network. Also, you can get discounts on services when paired with Fold or Bitrefill. It’s really cool and you should try it.


Buy Sats

Great easy to use app to buy sats and drop it into any wallet. Had a few issues but customer support was fast and responsive and has to be done within Strike . Great job Jack and Team, you guys are bringing financial freedom to the forgotten people of this world! You guys have my support!


I can’t get my money back and no response

I was using the this app app for about two weeks with the Fold app. No problems then it gave me an error something is wrong with my account and I provided my ID for verification. Now I’m being told my account can’t be verified but they won’t tell me what is needed. I have money sitting in this account and I can’t get my money back. If they respond with how to refund me my money. I’ll update my rating but this support hasn’t been helpful at all. I’m extremely frustrated.


Brilliant, intuitive, and ‘just works.’

Strike is my go-to for making LN purchases and reloading empty channels. It also works wonderfully for creating LN invoices. Best of all, there’s no tax implications, as your balance is always in USD (unless you’re doing a self transfer). The UI is simple, intuitive, and ‘just works.’


Supported regions

Why not make it clear from the start in which parts of the world it works to save us some time? Do not assume we know where you are based and what markets you support. Quite frustrating.


What an application!

My phone feels like an extension of my body when I navigate Strike. So familiar and intuitive it feels like walking through my childhood home. Dare I say this is the greatest piece of software ever created?


Something Fishy with this app

Asked for multiple forms of verification which I provided including ID and Social, and bank info.. Then asked for more Identification, in order to verify my identity- asking for me to send a pic of my face with my ID in frame with a handwritten note with the date and a phrase they chose. That is freaking weird, feels a little “held for ransom” and very “scammy” so no, not only will I not be using Strike but I will also tell ppl I know to go to a more reputable app.


Imagine requesting and sending dollars instead of BTC? Neither can I.

Strike is an amazing way to seamlessly send and receive Bitcoin over the Lightning network, with only a connection to your debit card. The future is bright. LFG


Easiest, fastest way to spend bitcoin

Strike is incredible! Super easy to use, allows me to send money to family overseas, instantly and essentially for free. There’s simply no alternative that offers that. Game Over


Best Bitcoin Payment App

This is by far the best app to make bitcoin payments - both on chain (BTC) and lighting network (BTC/MN) - using US Dollars (or your national fait currency cuckbucks) to others or even yourself for no to very little fees! Keep say stacking people!


Bitcoin Adoption is here!

Love this beautifully designed app! Can’t wait to see where this goes! And the debit card coming this year! Thanks for all your hard work!

Is Strike Safe?

No. Strike: Bitcoin & Payments does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 11,050 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Strike: Bitcoin & Payments Is 16.5/100.

Is Strike Legit?

No. Strike: Bitcoin & Payments does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 11,050 Strike: Bitcoin & Payments User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Strike: Bitcoin & Payments Is 16.5/100.

Is Strike: Bitcoin & Payments not working?

Strike: Bitcoin & Payments works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 9 Comments

By Derek ketron
Aug 08 2022

I've been waiting for over a week for y'all to review my account! Can you please fix this asap so I can send money please. Thank you

By Rita Juliet
Jul 20 2022

I have invested with some scam brokers in the past, and the story is as horrific as the ones i have read because i went through the ordeal myself. I lost almost $55k to this unfortunate brokers, a friend referred me to Mr Evans Rashad that got me 80% of my money back, plus my accrued bonuses. Please stay clear of these scammers and if you have lost money you can still get your money back if you really want to, you can reach out to Evans Rashad at: {evansrashad836 (@)}. he will definitely help you in getting back your lost funds to any broker….. as mine was recovered too.

May 11 2022

I've used this app for about 5 months and I love it. It's a lot better than cash app and you don't have those on The wanted dispute.

By pamale bacon
May 06 2022

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By James L Lehman
Apr 07 2022

The Strike app they’re fucking scammers they sized my money worths of $2000 and no response from them since they said my account was on review
This App is f***** scammers

By Lynn Wilkerson
Feb 03 2022

I can’t access the email on my account and l need to review my strike app to send my bitcoin and cash l have $2000 in my strike app please l need a respond is getting me frustrated

By Immaculate Soy
Dec 08 2021

Trying to make deposits or withdrawals but it says my account needs review

By Darrell
Oct 21 2021

I downloaded this app with the intentions of trading Bitcoins but once I opened it out and realize that I got the phone is I wanted to test the function was transferred to see whether my money would be safe and they froze my account when I after I had connected my bank account once I tried to transfer $5 to my bank of which afterwards I was going to transfer more money into this strike account to send Bitcoins they froze my account I will not be using this account they can keep their $5 bonus and fishy app.

By Bryce williams
Aug 22 2021

I was told I would receive a $5 bonus just for signing up, I haven't seen it. I referred a friend and was supposed to get $5 for that and I haven't seen that. I've tried emailing customer support twice about the bonuses and also to be able to buy and send Bitcoin. It's been days without any kind of response. The whole reason I was drawn to this app was to be able to buy and send bitcoin with little or no fees and I cant even do that. Ive done all the KYC they asked for and still nothing...

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