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Published by on 2022-09-22

Sable is effortless, borderless banking for a more connected world. • U.S.
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    No access to my account since last Wednesday

    Do not sign up for this card. There is no customer support. I have been unable to access my account since last Wednesday. I have tried every avenue to reach someone to no avail. I have left numerous emails, called numerous times since last Wednesday. I reside on the west coast and they are on the east coast. I got up at 6am my time and it is now 7:28 and I have yet to get anyone. The call picks up and says it will connect you to the next rep if you are willing to wait or press 2 for a call back. It is a lie, after 20 minutes the call disconnects. I have called three times and the exact same thing happens. If you want to be locked out if your account and get no help at all - I say go ahead and sign up for this card. This is the biggest customer fail I have ever encountered in my life. FAIL FAIL FAIL. And yes I am on hold again waiting for it to hang up.

  • By Yexxio


    Says no credit check required than denies application. Waste of time UPDATE: It’s a credit check man… What else do you call what you just explained?? You ran public records or what not. Credit check… I can run vegetable oil as break fluid in a car. It’s still break fluid, it stops the car when i tap the brakes. Just be a little more transparent, that’s all. After loosing my business during COVID and my credit, I was exited to see a couple cards like this that may help repair my credit. All you did was collect personal info off of me and then tell me to kick rocks…. That’s a fact.

  • By Lindssseyyyy

    Was great until yesterday

    I messaged customer support to close my secured credit card with the account and I made it clear I wanted to keep my checking account. They said okay and verified my info and closed my ENTIRE ACCOUNT!! I get paid tomorrow and now I won’t have access to the check because they closed my entire account like that. I’ve been trying to get ahold of customer support and I’m not getting through. I really loved this and it was the first bank I’ve actually like having, but after this, I’m done.

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Reported Issues: 24 Comments

By Vonda Ware
Oct 15 2022

Absolutely no customer service available. For 6 months I have been trying to get a refund. Automated emails say they are sending in 1-2 weeks and it has been 6 months. Criminal

By Lynda Nosko
Sep 06 2022

An unauthorized account was opened in my name and I want it closed immediately!!! I wanted to tell you this over the phone, but you don't answer the phone!!! I wanted to fill out an identity theft form with YOU over the phone, but YOU don't answer!!! Close this account!!! The credit agencies know about YOU!!!

By kerry killian
Aug 11 2022

this company closed my account for no reason , i email them , chatted with then , they wont tell me a reason why my account is closed , and how or when i will get my balance back that was in my account , if some one know please email me and let me know please. if this happen to someone please let me know you got your balance and how long it took. please , email me please. ( [email protected])

By Tina Mcgruder
Aug 11 2022

I want my initial deposit money in the of $50.00 (2 different deposits of $25.00 each) to be refunded to me immediately. I have tried to communicate with your customer service on multiple occasions, as well as, calls that never get answered or returned, chat that stopped after my initial complaint and email, which gets the same response will resolve in 1-2 business days and hasn't happened yet.
I would not recommend this company to anyone. It says it's a legitimate company but all their actions show this is just another scam company out stealing hardworking people out of their money, as they try to improve their way of banking.

Absolutely ridiculous!

By amber davidson
Aug 02 2022

I have made several attempts to get ahold of ANYONE at Sabel with no outcome. No call back no live person no NOTHING.
I AM AT MY ENDS with the neglect that sable has so conveniently shown myself and apparently several others in the reviews. All i wanted was a representative to get on the phone, unlock my debit card and that's it! the fact is, i lost my phone and sable would not let me log in with the credentials iIhad and my email did not recognize the laptop I had to use, it was a borrowed laptop because everything was stolen from me i had to use a stranger. So, I've been without the little money I have in my account for 4 days and no response from anyone!
I expect someone should get back to me ASAP like yesterday...reasonably-- by the end of YOUR business day, and its 3pm pt.
I'm very close to calling someone higher...

so frustrated!!!
Amber Lynn Davidson
debit card # 5392176544411344

By Ketra Latham
Jul 28 2022

Never even received a card customer service sucks basically none existent waited for a card so long I forgot about it until it showed up on my credit report. How can I close asap they don't even have a corporate number worst card ever

By Bruce Petty
Jul 15 2022


Bruce Petty...

How did you do this??

By nichole rodriguez
Jun 23 2022

i wired transferred money to my capitol one bank account the routing number was correct but i had 1 number incorrect with my account number how do i get my money back asap!!

By Markus R Hinz
Jun 20 2022

My account is restricted and I do nott know why I cannot use any of the funds I added to the account no customer service no response to emails.

By Charlotte Howell
Jun 18 2022

They restrict my account and will not release the my money. Is there any recourse against this fraud of a bank? DO NOT OPEN A SABLE ACCOUNT !!!

By Charlotte Howell
Jun 18 2022

Why is my sable bank Account Temporarily restricted, Please back my bank account !

By Tessa
Jun 08 2022

I’m not at all surprised by all these reviews. I also received an unsolicited debit card in the mail and have been trying repeatedly and very unsuccessfully to reach them. In my latest message I said I’m pretty sure nobody actually works there…

By Evan Krauskopf
Jun 03 2022

Sable still doesn't answer the phone. They restrict my account and will not release the my money. Is there any recourse against this fraud of a bank? DO NOT OPEN A SABLE ACCOUNT!!

By Terry Burns
May 05 2022

I’m trying to get in touch with sable credit card or customer service . The customer service number doesn’t work no one answers the phone. And from the reviews I am reading it’s not good. I’m trying to load my car but at this point I’m second-guessing the company I don’t want to load my card I might go with another secure credit card company that’s doing business with integrity.

By Gloria Nelson and Tyrone Loyal
Apr 16 2022

There very unprofessional no one ever picks up no help just a real run around now I got debit cards that don't match to debit card info in the app for physical card It's two different sets of numbers and I refuse to add money to something that's not matching I call from 9am all the way to six in the evening straight no one picks up this is sooooii wrong on so many levels and I'm sick and tired already I'm ready to report them to better business bureau

By Matthew Nowlin
Mar 18 2022

I am having issues logging into my account. When it goes to the log in at the beginning and then put in my password it says one or the other is incorrect so I try the forgot password and it says if the email is correct it will send a reset password and I did then I went back to log in is said incorrect once again. Not to mention i also have not received my cards yet but the email said I have submitted my identification for my account. Please help me with this whole thing. Thank you for your time

By Siteria Sooalo
Mar 09 2022

I am getting really frustrated and irritated that no one can help even when I call customer service it gives options that has nothing to do with what I am trying to get help for. I made a transfer from my own personal banking and I still haven’t seen that fund in my sable account I just want to know where did my funds go. This is ridiculously annoying!!!!!! I have made so many emails for help and none has called me back!! Pls someone help me or refer me to a number that works. Playing with peoples money is a bad Karma I just want my funds back!!!!

By Richard Edmiston
Feb 18 2022

Sable Customer service never answers their phones. They don't reply back to emails, they do not stay current on reporting to the credit bureaus , and over all iv had my fill of Sable and their lack of quality Customer service & total disregards of doing anything their adds state that they do... im sick of Sable One. F- horribly ran business

By Michael R Smith
Feb 02 2022

Won't release my funds i put money on card right after they restricted my card and won't answer phone

By Rebecca
Jan 05 2022

I received a debit and a credit card from your bank unsolicited. I will be reporting this to the SEC.

By Clifford Greer
Jan 02 2022

I cannot login to my account to check my balance or find an email address for support.

By Lataisha Hargrove
Dec 09 2021

Can you connect my phone number to my account 220-212-8616

By Louise hicks
Nov 17 2021

I'm trying to open account but it's saying my ssn is already on fill

By Anthony Hennessee
Sep 06 2021

Hello my name is Anthony Hennessee and I recently had account with Sable but I was told my account was closed and is under review at this time but was told account was closed and the disicion was final. I recently had a disputed a transaction and was told if i was giving a refund which I will because i disputed a transaction that was 6not done bye me at the time and so I and/will be getting a refund of $150 from so I wanted to check to see when I get it

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