Complete Anatomy ‘21 Reviews

Complete Anatomy ‘21 Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-03

REMOTE TEACHING AND LEARNING. The accurate, advanced and best-selling 3D anatomy
platform, with ground-breaking technology, models and content. Not just an
atlas, but an anatomy learning platform, with unique...

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Complete Anatomy ‘21 Reviews

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    Pretty good but

    I’d like a cadaver “skin” option and they really should have thought the pop-up info window that takes up the entire screen in AR mode a little better. Edit: To clarify, I mean “skin” not in the integumentary sense, but rather computer graphics sense. I’d like the option to turn on photorealistic shading, texture, and coloration that looks more like the cadavers do in the cadaver lab. Arteries and nerves the same color (more or less), veins blueish/black, etc. Basically I wish you could hit a button and turn it from “beautifully illustrated anatomy textbook” to look more like the Mark Nielsen/Shawn Miller cadaver photos lecture that they have available for purchase. In an ideal world, they’d make the muscles floppy, flaccid, or even give the option to show what the muscle looks like when atrophied (like they often are with elderly donors in the lab), but this would be a pretty deep rewrite of the 3D models, compared to the more “doable” updating of the model textures. Last gripe: I wish you could temporarily disable bones and muscles from being selected (while still having them visible for reference). I don’t have particularly fat fingers, but if I’m studying nerves, it’s almost impossible to select a nerve without zooming in 1000% just to make sure you’re don’t select the bone/muscles nearby instead.

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    Take my money!

    I’m a Physical Therapist and I use their Essential Anatomy 5 app almost daily in the clinic for patient education. This is a huge upgrade from what I can tell so far, with more detailed models, the ability to see labeled various landmarks on the bones, the ability to see hilighted muscle attachment sites, and many more educational features that I have yet to explore. Their essential anatomy 5 app was probably my most valued app on the iPhone , and this one looks to be an even better version of that,better utilizing the amazing processing power our phones have. So far it looks fantastic.

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    Very resourceful and accurate

    I am a first year medical student. This app has helped me organize locations in my brain so that it was much easier to locate the structures on the cadavers. It’s very, very accurate and the interface is fantastic. There are a few drawbacks though. I don’t understand why there is no option for a full female anatomy. This would help greatly as there are many structures that can be identified within the female breast. Also, the “lectures” are not really lectures. I purchased the cadaveric images, but they weren’t interactive as i thought they would be. I don’t recommend buying those. The 3D model is much more helpful. Overall this app is great and is highly recommended for medical students or anatomy enthusiasts.

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    So very good but also very annoying

    I’ve looked far and wide for an excellent app to study brain anatomy. Primarily I want to learn the spatial relationships between the different structures of the brain. This app is what I’ve been looking for and, bonus, it includes the rest of the body. The thing that is most annoying, and I hope it gets fixed soon, is that the view resets itself often. By the view, I mean you can focus on particular parts and hide others. For me, I want the brain, and only the brain showing. And I’ll hide parts of the brain to ease my studies. It takes careful work to get to this point. I have to choose to show the nervous system, and hide other body systems. Depending on the complexity of the view you want, it can take 5-10 minutes or more to set it up. What I’d love at this point is to be able to save the view. And then come back to it. Instead, even with background app refresh on, if you switch to another app, let your screen turn off, etc., the app will reset the view to the default view, which is the skeletal system. So close to being so good, yet so far.

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    Great app for me but ...

    I’ve been used the essential anatomy 8 on iphone and ipad for tow years and i upgraded to the complete anatomy for ipad when it released , its a great app for me as a dental student but and it’s great idea to get it on iphone ...... but when I downloaded the app on iPhone and restore my purchase (the full version) it works well but when I close the app and open it again i have to restore the purchase again and every time i close and open the app , so when I’m offline i can’t use it anymore 💔💔. I hope that you will fix this issue to make it perfect app 👌. Sincerely Osama

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    It Is very good at what it does have

    I am very pleased with how much this has helped me as a student in anatomy. It goes very in depth with all the terms and definitions, and very rarely is there a term that I couldn’t find. So five stars for that My only complaint is the lack of smaller in depth models for the eye, ear, and brain. Like what they have for the skin, blood vessels, etc... I know it’s hard for them to have literally everything but it would have been very useful to have when my classes went over those things... but great job on the app!!!

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    Anatomy App Review

    This app is great! I used this for my college Anatomy class for a whole semester and I found it useful. It is able to give you an accurate and adjustable view of the nearly every structure in the human body. If you have trouble scrolling through your huge textbook, this is a great buy. The in-app movement can be a bit tedious at times, especially the two finger movement. It is difficult to see certain structures from every angle. It is possible to isolate and view them that way, but it really takes away from what makes the app so good, it’s simplicity. Overall, I enjoy this app and I would recommend it to friends.

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    Essential Tool for A&P

    I’ll keep this short and sweet. I’m a nontraditional undergrad in my first real A&P course since high school, which was nearly 20 years ago. This class is absolutely brutal, and the 2D diagrams in the textbook aren’t cutting it. This app is a lifesaver. By the way, the desktop version is just as amazing, and you get a sizable discount if you’ve already purchased this. I’d bet it works the other way around too.

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    High school level software

    A very BASIC software that tries to impress you with color contrast rather than useful, in depth detail. Once you purchase it, it tries to trap you with higher annual subscription rate where they promise you things, but will not allow you to try it for more than 72 hours (this including your sleeping time & your work time) in order to make you feel guilty that it’s your fault you did not utilize the software enough to see if it is worth the annual purchase. I strongly suggest that you pass on this high school level software and instead put your money on a better anatomy software that delivers finer and detailed level of information without wasting the storage space on your phone

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    Always Crashing

    I bought this app to use on my iPad and iPhone. It is always crashing and will never work for my iPhone no matter what I do. The app is mostly a great resource when it works with the exception of studying the sensory organs, being able to look at the brain, not the skull portion which is where it always reverts back to when I tap on a structure. Plus there are no models of the eye or ear itself that I can view on the atlas. While a good resource, with its constant crashing and lack of above mentioned functionality, to me it wasn’t worth the money I paid for the app and the student license. Very disappointed.

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    What happened?

    Update: It’s working again, but I had to figure out how to fix it rather than being contacted by customer service after asking for help and leaving a 1-star review to get attention. Great app. Wish I hadn’t been without it for weeks when the update broke it. It was working well, then I was upgraded to the ‘19 version, and I don’t have access to any navigation buttons or the ability to look at soft tissues. Help! 5 star before. 1 Star now.

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    Removed pathology feature?

    One of my favorite aspects of this app was the ability to show common pathology views. For example, if you clicked on a lumbar disc, it also showed herniation or extrusion. Since the nee update, I cannot figure out how to access this feature, but it seems to have been moved into the “conditions” videos, which require a more extensive subscription. Notwithstanding that feature change, it’s an excellent and comprehensive anatomy app

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    Med student

    It's a great tool, but only if you want to study male anatomy. I wish I could have a complete female body as well. My cadaver is female so I was looking forward to using his to study and unfortunately this only allows you to view SOME of the female pelvis. There doesn't appear to be an option to toggle btw male and female. But even with the prospected female pelvis several of the structures are missing. This is GREATLY disappointing given how much I paid for this. You'd think Complete Anatomy would be Complete.

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    Definitely recommend.

    This has been very helpful in studying for my anatomy practicums! Especially since we had limited access to the skeletal models beyond lab, it really helped to be able to rotate and examine individual bones in this app. The quizzes were alright, sometimes they wouldn’t load all of the way. This was the best anatomy app I found and it’s been an invaluable study aid.

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    As a medical student I bought this app to learn gross anatomy and it’s the most amazing app that has helped me get an A! Between the videos, quizzes, diagrams, 3D structures that you are able to view arterial, venous, skeletal, and muscle along with the AR mode where you can put whatever you want as a projection to make it look like the real thing. It has changed my life.

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Is Complete Anatomy ‘21 Safe?

Yes. Complete Anatomy ‘21 is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,047 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Complete Anatomy ‘21 Is 45.5/100.

Is Complete Anatomy ‘21 Legit?

Yes. Complete Anatomy ‘21 is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,047 Complete Anatomy ‘21 User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Complete Anatomy ‘21 Is 45.5/100.

Is Complete Anatomy ‘21 not working?

Complete Anatomy ‘21 works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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