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Published by on 2022-09-22

We have worked particularly on navigation simplicity and fluidity, taking into
account all of your comments. We continually make improvements to the app and
regularly add new features.

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Some issues cannot be easily resolved through online tutorials or self help. So we made it easy to get in contact with the support team at HSBC Global Services (UK) Limited, developers of HSBC France.

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About this app

HSBCFrance is provided by HSBC Continental Europe in France ('HSBC in France') for the use of existing customers of HSBC France.  HSBCFrance is designed for use by HSBC Continental Europe in France.  The products and services represented within HSBCFrance are intended for HSBC customers in France.  If you are outside of France, we may not be authorised to offer or provide you with the products and services available through HSBCFrance in the country or region you are located or resident in.  Please do not download HSBCFrance if you are not an existing customer of HSBC Continental Europe.  View the details of your life insurance policies (access from the home screen by selecting a policy) and access the stock market via HSBC Invest.  HSBC Continental Europe is authorised and regulated in France by the Central European Bank.  Global Transfers lets you carry out free and instant transfers between your HSBC accounts from one country to another.  Finally, Global View lets you view all of your HSBC accounts across the world.  View your third parties' account balances, and access their transaction history for their current accounts, savings and differed debit cards.  HSBCFrance is not intended for distribution, download or use by any person in any jurisdiction, country or region where the distribution, download or use of this material is restricted and would not be permitted by law or regulation.  HSBCFrance uses Secure Key to manage your accounts in complete security.  Contact us via secure messaging: it allows you to view, reply, delete or send messages with complete confidentiality.  View or change your personal code to secure and complete your online payments.  View all your accounts at a glance with your transaction summary and details.  View your personal data (mobile phone number, email and home address) and keep them up to date.  Make immediate, deferred or regular transfers in France and abroad, in Euro and in other currencies.  In the case of loss or theft, you can block the card directly in HSBCFrance .  Add your payees and make instant payments (with Secure Key Mobile activated).  We continually make improvements to HSBCFrance and regularly add new features.  We have worked particularly on navigation simplicity and fluidity, taking into account all of your comments.  Request a temporary increase of your withdrawal and spending limits temporarily if needed.  You can also share a text version to your friends so they can copy/paste your IBAN when they add you as a beneficiary.  Book appointments while choosing the time slot that best suits you.  To log in quickly and simply, use Touch ID or Face ID, depending on which iPhone you have.  Make it easy for them. 

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