GloryFit Reviews

GloryFit Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-01

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what features: 1. sports statistics 2. sleep statistics 3. sport goal setting 4.
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Would like to see some changes

I have been using the watch/app for about a month or so now. I even checked bp and hr when I went to the dr office. They lined up close enough. Considering the cost of it all, I just wanted a ballpark. However, there are a few things that need to be changed with the app side. One- hr only shows a few hours of the previous day, so you can’t compare your data the next day. It’s mainly an issue if your wanting to know more about how your heart is handling. Two- gps on the app/watch is a little off. I walked 3.5 miles one day, app said I did .77 miles. I have learned the watch is more accurate then the phone when it comes to miles/heart rate. Three- there is just a little more information that would be nice to see on the app. Like work out data, spo2, things like that. Four- clock face changes too simple, on its own especially in the shower. Five- don’t ever trust the weather Besides these things, the watch/app are great. I would happily deal with the rest of these issues if they could increase the data of the heart rate information from the previous day. It’s my biggest problem with this app/watch. But overall For about $100+ it was not a bad purchase. Really pleased with the accuracy of heart rate and bp.


As a rule these things are not my forte

I came up with a peculiarity with my heart last week. I’m an older gentlewoman, and I thought that the description for this app and the device would best suit my needs. I’m totally not interested in running to my death like a lemming but am concerned about whether my heart suddenly decides that 200 bpm at at rest is acceptable. I can’t say I’ve figured it all out but I’ve managed to get the pulse measurements and the steps. Haven’t figured out how to access weather, or why the band cares about messages when I couldn’t answer them through it. Nor does the screen stay lit long enough to read them.... lol But I’d say all in all it was a good investment and I should be able to figure out most of the rest of this.


Not bad for a tracker

It’s ok for a cheap tracker, works similar to the name brand ones. I did turn off the SMS text alerts as they just continue to accumulate I could not erase them from the tracker even after they were erased from the phone. The phone alert works great and the Bluetooth stays connected which one other tracker I returned because it wouldn’t stay connected if I walked 10 feet away Could update the sleep module to work 24 hours a day as not everyone works day shift, it will not track if you sleep during the daytime. I also don’t think the step tracker is as accurate as the name brand but it isn’t off dramatically. The heart rate and blood pressure monitoring isn’t off by much at least for me as I know what my rate runs at it is fairly consistent. The battery lasts about 3 or 4 days. So all in all not bad for a cheap tracker.


Works pretty good

I really like this watch and application. I like the dial with the weather, battery life, steps, date and time. I wish it was a little bit more colorful. There is 51 different dials to choose from but not all of them has the weather listed on them. I don’t think the step counter is exactly accurate but I heard ALL smart watches are this way. My phone in my back pocket I believe is more accurate. So far it pairs up easily. I use it for my sleep and alarm and step counting. This app works way better than a lot of applications. I’m impressed with it. I’m happy with my watch and application!!!


Could you fix weather update ???

Most complaints I see here are likely watch related and not the fault of the app. App connects fine and enjoy trying out the many watch faces available. Im not big into fitness but would really like to look at the watch and be able to rely on temperature display. The app only updates temperature when manually opening app and syncing with the watch. No option available to update lets say once an hour or so. Facebook & messenger updates work, skake to take pic works, seems that data that watch provides is displayed correctly.


Good for the price

This is a good basic smart watch. The heart rate, pulse/oxygen, and blood pressure monitors work well most of the time. The sleep analysis is interesting as well. So far it seems accurate as to when I go to sleep, and awake throughout the night and in the morning. The selection of watch faces is good for a change of look. I use an elliptical for exercise and there is no associated setting in the sports section for such. The one time I used it on the elliptical, it seem to not track my heart correctly as compared to my elliptical’s sensors, but I think the watch was not tight enough at the time.


Great app besides a few annoyances

I love this app/watch! Especially the weather feature, steps, and choice in watch faces! I only have a few complaints/suggestions that would really up my rating: 1. Being able to choose which things are displayed on a custom watch face. You can only see the date, time, and heart rate currently so it doesn’t really suit my needs although I love the ability to choose my own picture :( 2. Being able to choose which screens are where on the watch so that you can put your most used closest to the watch face. 3.being able to control music volume. It kind of destroys the purpose of the music player to have to pull out your phone to change the volume. I’d also appreciate it if it said the name of whatever you were listening to (like song name or audio book name) 4. Some of the watch faces say it’s sunny when it’s night. I’d prefer they were more accurate.


Sleep time

I really like this watch. I had a SmartWatch but had a hard time seeing the screen when I was outside and the font was too small. I especially like being able to see the heart/bp/oxygen levels. The only reason I am hiving this a 4 instead of. 5 is because of the sleep portion. I work nights and sleep during the day most of the time. And it does not record my sleep if I sleep days instead of nights. It would be nice if that change could be made.


Really worth it

Just needs a few updates… it can’t keep up with the weather changes and I’ve already allowed all access to and from my iPhone to the GloryFit app. Please help other than that it’s really nice u can read the txt u receive and get a alert who is calling also… I love the fact u can customize the background on the watch or downloads different backgrounds for ur watch


App does not record steps accurately

This app fails to consistently record steps in the walk feature when I do my walks. I average about 11k-12k daily. I will do 3 miles in one segment and then 2.5 in another for the day and often times I find it doesn’t record a single step in one of the segments yet records how many miles have been covered but no steps. Makes no sense. The main dashboard at least is accurate but it doesn’t transfer over to the weekly report which consistently says I’m under performing etc when it itself is under performing as a reliable app. The dev needs to fix this.


Does not light up when lifting arm

Every once in awhile the watch will light up when I lift my arm, but timing is only very occasional and erratic. Generally I must push the button on the top to make it light up. The systems it keeps track of, such as pulse and o2, are also showing up occasionally but often show nothing. But they sometimes will show. So not quite sure what is happening. But it does keep good time, I just have to hit the button on the top. I would love a clock face with a dragon.


Poor functionality

I purchased the gold tone watch and it is very handsome looking. Looking good is one thing, but functionality is another. I purchased this watch on July 8,2018. Just 2 months ago and already many of the functions are failing. The watch only displays one of the 4 time views and no longer displays ANY of the other functions!!! If there’s any saving grace, the phone app is still revealing the health calculations, so it seems the watch is still sending info to the app. By the way, I bought my fiancé the black watch at the same time - wonder how long his will last???


Great watch

The app offers all the settings you need, you can also change the the weather from Celsius to Fahrenheit, i have an Apple Watch and the heart rate is accurate, i will rate 5 stars and if developer is willing to improve the app by fixing the weather to refresh more often, I dislike going directly to the app to refresh it manually, other than that I am very satisfied.


Remaining Battery

It’s very good watch that I have purchased a month ago, but I feel that there is little bit less feature that it did not shows the accurate battery %age, it only shows 75 , 50 , 25% not like other watches. Can u please update next version of software which allows normal battery %age from 100 to 0 and also shows low battery warning


Needs weather fixes

I feel that if a device and app has a weather option it should run better. The app allows for a F or C temp reading but it does not communicate or translate it over to my device. Furthermore, the weather and temps are so far off the actual weather in my location it’s not even funny. I wish I could set my location up manually rather than by GPS/find my location.


Many text interface language inconsistencies

Most of the text messages describing results contain incomprehensible sentences. The process to report bugs doesn’t work. Won’t allow the sending of screen shots to show examples of non working feature. Would be nice if the BP function reported as results other than 146 over 96. Location used for weather sometimes picks a town of the correct name but wrong county or state.


Stopped working

Worked pretty well when I first got it. At first I could change the watch faces but then suddenly stopped and it kept showing that it cannot connect to device. Couple months later it doesn’t sense I’m wearing it therefore cannot count steps, cannot provide heart rate or blood pressure. Also does not show weather even though it’s connected to my phone. I have reset several times, unpaired, disconnected and reconnected Bluetooth but nothing works. No help from anyone from GloryFit. Had it less than 3 months. Garbage.


It tells time well…

Says it keeps track of stuff, but does it really? I go to sleep between 6-7 pm. Yet this thing insists every night that I don’t ‘go to bed/sleep until 10:30 or so. So I guess it wants me to think I meditate for hours before going to sleep. It also shows my heart rate up at 135, almost daily when I’m not even hardly moving or feeling anything out of the ordinary. According to what this crap, I meditate a lot, sleep very little, and about have a heart attack every day. It’s calculated numbers are a joke. It does tell time well, tho. 🤷‍♀️


Needs improvement

The complaints about not being able to change your location for the weather is weird. When you’re setting it selected and stored the wrong location. Not sure why all the options cannot be scheduled like the temperature can. It’s an alright app to start with, but so far the developers don’t seem to be enhancing their product. Not sure why.


Not too bad

I like the product and it has not let me down. I love bragging about the battery life. However, I wish when an incoming text come in, the font could be different so you can read it easier. There’s a lot of wasted space on the text screen as well. I wish the developer would modify this.


A few tweaks and will be perfect

The app is great, and has a lot of great features. The last fitness tracker that I was using also you were able to remotely play music on your phone by hitting play on the fitness tracker and it also had an oxygen saturation measure to go along with the hr and bp features. Insane battery life. Dynamic read is a nice touch. I feel like If those two features were added into the software it would be awesome. Also, the time format is strange. I set clock for 12 hr - and after midnight it read, 00: minutes. Like 24 hour. So not sure what that’s about. Maybe next firmware update you can look into these things?


Potential is there, but changes are needed

This is a good ap at measuring distance and steps. It’s not accurate on some of the vital stats it purports to measure, such as heart rate and blood pressure. Hopefully, we can see an update that improves this function. Another improvement I’d like to see is a weather function that is accurate (a problem with this ap) and includes Fahrenheit and not just Celsius. I think this could be a very good ap with some tweaks and improvements, but I haven’t seen any updates in a long time.


Sleep not accurate

Love the watch. It is comfortable and easy to read. Blood pressure seems to be fairly accurate however sleep is not. I went to bed at 10:30 pm and it recorded I went into light sleep at 1:20am and showed I woke up at 6:15 am but I was already dressed at that time. Also it says up to 6 family members can use the app but no instructions on how to activate family. If this gets fixed I would give it 5 stars.


Almost Perfect

Everything is perfect but the weather does not show on watch! Only the date! 5 stars if the weather would show instead of date. Just make it an option to use weather or date. Please fix thank you!


Just what I was looking for.

My needs are very simple: I was looking for a a fitness tracker that I could the display easily, and that would monitor my heart rate and steps. There is much more than that with this device ... but I very satisfied with those two things. Recommend!


Not as good after update

This app use to be awesome, but after the recent update its glitchy, has a much less appealing UI than before and has a few bugs now. One of which it will not save the selected unit of measure setting. No matter what you select, it remains in metric units. I have to downgrade my previous rating. I hope the developer will rectify these anomalies!


Newest update fail.

Update November 2019: Newest app update crashes GloryFit when attempting to log in. Unable to use. October 2019: My watch (R11 plus 1619) still vibrates when receiving calls, but no longer vibrates when receiving texts/messages. I use an IPhone 8. This function stopped with the newest app update. 1 star until this is fixed because I purchased this watch and app specifically for vibration notifications at work. Can’t hear my phone on the job.


Stable App, works just fine

Not sure as why so many people are having so many issues. I had none on both Andriod or iOS. The only thing missing is ability to make profile which keeps throwing "network time-out" error. Hence the 4 stars. Best health app for $22.


Really nice for the price!

One major thing for me is that the vibration alerts seems to be very very light, to an extent of not even being noticeable. Is there a way to change this?


Great features for the price. Still some bugs.

The activity tracker has great features for the price. It gives me everything I need without paying hundreds. There are some bugs. The display timeout doesn’t update. It’s stays 5 secs. Also, the BP data is not being written to Apple Health. I’ve sent bug reports to the developers.

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Is GloryFit Safe?

Yes. GloryFit is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 99 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for GloryFit Is 22.1/100.

Is GloryFit Legit?

Yes. GloryFit is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 99 GloryFit User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for GloryFit Is 22.1/100.

Is GloryFit not working?

GloryFit works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 59 Comments

By Have 1
Aug 28 2022

Pedometer keeps showing on mine phone, won't go away,
Clock on watch is set to 12 hr ,midnight it reads00, instead of 12 am

By Helen Sharp
Aug 16 2022

Sleep data inaccurate, heart rate at night also seems inaccurate I.e. over 100bpm when asleep. When doing Parkrun it stops working during the run and therefore does not record data correctly.

Activities do not integrate with main step count or calorie count. And activity measurements seem to be based on generic calorie counts rather than actual from heart rate

Not super impressed at all

By Krish
Aug 01 2022

Good product

By lynnie
Jul 22 2022

I have a iOS operating system and my phone doesn’t vibrate when my phone receives calls or the battery is going flat. Is this an apple fault or how can I rectify the issue?

By Karl Smith
Jul 21 2022

Since the update 2 days ago, I can't complete the login.
I did it when first bought (eventually) but it is not user friendly and going all the way back to step 1 because of an update, is more than annoying.
Fux it, or it goes in the bin, or I'll refer it to PayPal as not fit for function.

By Carl
Jun 24 2022

Can’t get my location for weather. App shows Warren county-Indianola. Can’t get it to change.

By Ian
Jun 23 2022

Blood pressure monitor not changing. Reading Constant 140s about, 20 points higher than Drs test today. Please advise how to reset, give closer to normal readings

By Claire Mankowski
Jun 19 2022

How does it track sleep? Do i have to set it

By Linda Holte
Jun 14 2022

Glory fit will not take blood pressure. Won’t load different face

By Elaine Clarke
May 30 2022

I would like the steps that are used in training mode to be added to the step number at present they're separated which even though I've done my targets not showing on the graph over 15000 steps done but step count number only saying 6000

By Chris
May 22 2022

Honestly I use it work, it's okay to tell the time otherwise, what a heap of shite, doesn't count steps properly thats with or without your phone, even if connected through Bluetooth doesnt work, there's no option for watch counting only as I'm not allowed my phone on me during work as for the other features I don't use them.

May 02 2022

The watch is quite good but the step counter is rubbish.

By baatar
Apr 25 2022

i cant take notification
Telgaram pls fix this

By james parise
Apr 24 2022

this is the worst watch ever....first it doesn't keep accurate stats with steps, heart rate blood pressure etc. the charger literally fell apart so the device cannot be charged any longer. second the customer service is worse than the watch, if that is possible. i want a full refund which i cannot get because no one will give me the CS number. nor will they respond to my request unless i pay a dollar to get a computer expert to answer my questions. i do not need a compute expert. i want my money back! DO NOT BUY THIS WATCH!

By Kier Graham
Apr 22 2022

I've just got a GloryFit Intelligent Smart Watch Model P32. Can anyone tell me if it is Waterproof?

By Nelson saladar
Mar 31 2022

Watch display at Bp always the same but i check with my cuff is lower than the watch dislplay , how could i reset? or is there any update. Thanks

By S smith
Mar 07 2022

I need walking sticks to get around outside and the app does not record steps when I use them. Why is this?

By Mazen Kashou
Feb 27 2022

Weather reading is always off, not correct. How does the app read the weather, what is the source it uses?

By Linda Lester
Feb 18 2022

Blood pressure reading is incorrect. Show the same reading all the time. Please advice before I send it back. Thanks.

By Jacqueline
Feb 13 2022

Bpm doesn’t seem to work all the time. What can I do to sort this out?
Otherwise watch is good

By Matt Allred
Feb 03 2022

Gloryfit is an awful watch. It has only a 30 day warranty, which is not communicated. I ordered a watch for my wife prior to Christmas and gave it to her on New Year's Day (to support a resolution). 25 days later the watch failed. Between emails, video proof, troubleshooting, the maker said, "Well, your 30 days are up, sorry, enjoy your 70 dollar failed watch. " In so many words.
Stay away from this watch. BUYER BE AWARE. This is a garbage watch.

Feb 01 2022

Received my watch 2 days ago. Time is on watch face is military time, don’t know to change this. Temperature is in centigrade, not Fahrenheit, blood pressure is higher than normal when compared to my highly accurate blood pressure cuff. The steps don’t calculate properly showing less distance that what is showing on exercise machine. What is the address where I can return this item, please? Most disappointed in the performance of this health tracker watch.

By Bob Crosby
Jan 28 2022

My watch thinks it can measure my heart rate when I'm not wearing it! I left it off for most of the day but it still shows a graph for that entire time and a current heart rate, but it's still off! Also, I suspect the blood pressure reading is high, as others have reported. Always over 140.

By Renee Cole
Jan 23 2022

Weather App not at all accurate! Please fix, or give the option to remove the weather from the watch if the accuracy cannot be fixed.

By Barb J Parsons
Jan 22 2022

Blood pressure reading always over 140/80. I have a cuff at home and watch is always high. How do I reset or correct?

By Becca
Jan 20 2022

How do I calibrate the blood pressure monitor? It reads almost exactly the same everytime and isn’t accurate.

By Kerrry
Jan 20 2022

Heart rate reading seems to be higher that it should

By Peggy Vetrano
Jan 18 2022

Blood pressure higher than mine actually is
Doesn’t change even when tried on other peopke
Sleep app stopped working
How does music work?

By Will
Jan 17 2022

Don’t know who is writing these reviews, must be GloryFit staff because these watches are just not fit for purpose.
If you want a smart watch the I recommend avoiding GloryFit and try another brand

By Jon Lilley
Jan 07 2022

I’d really like to have swimming as a activity. Disappointing that a waterproof watch doesn’t have this

By Atta-Darkwah
Jan 05 2022

How can I get the watch to measure my sleep? Do I have not to wear it whilst cleeping?

By Vicki Carroll
Dec 27 2021

Can Bo be calibrated as it reads high

By David Price
Dec 25 2021

Brought a Gloryfit for my wife for Christmas. Have not used it to a great extent yet. However we have noticed the blood pressure reading does not seem very accurate and that was one of the main reasons we wanted a watch with this capability. Any suggestions on how to correct this issue, otherwise I feel we will need to return it.

By Kathy A Schuldt
Dec 16 2021

This morning I walked a decent pace for 30 min and it shows I only walked 0.07 miles. My old fitbit showed I walked 1 mile in 22 minutes. Do I have a setting wrong? I just need to know when I walked 1 or 2 miles. I sent a email yesterday and the response I got was go to your app, I already know that. Not impressed with this device!

By antoine
Nov 17 2021

regarding me, Gloryfit is too limited. only the possibilities to use the app that the dev wants. This occure the worst user experience i saw. added to this, the dev never answer on the playstore. as he get the assurance to sell by OOZOO, he doesn't care about his users. if you have the opportunitie to avoid his app, do it ! it is a definitely poor one...

By David washington
Nov 13 2021

Nice watch but a few things for future upgrades. BP reading are backwards. Not accurate and read high every time,. Blood oxygen is not correct, always reads high, my o2 level drops to 85, watch always reads 98. Messages work about 30% of the time. Not sure how go clear cache if that’s the problem. Other wise it is a great watch, slim line looks good. Maybe future weather proof would be nice.

By franco pantoni
Nov 08 2021

why blood pressure reading always high ? how do i get close to my real reading?Thank you

By Mel
Oct 30 2021

Weather does not load.
It worked only when I first started to use the app, but after the software update it doesn’t load and just says N/A all the time.
How do you fix this?

By Michelle Jones
Oct 25 2021

I can't seem to find a way to record steps when I am pushing my toddler in her buggy. Most of my exercise will come from walking with her in the buggy so is there a way I can monitor steps while doing this please? Walked 2.6 miles today and didn't register a single step.

By Franco
Oct 24 2021

Blood pressure always high can not get real or close reading also sleep tracker not operating nice watch but disappointing maybe you can send me some tips. Thank you

By Lora Mckown
Oct 20 2021

my sleep is not being reported accurately. How do I fix it?

By Robert
Oct 14 2021

My smart watch has the wrong county but right state but the °f is way off. How can I correct this?

By Bala Naidoo
Oct 13 2021

Just bought the watch and it"s showing an incorrect time. How do I get the correct time?

By Denise Tkach
Sep 28 2021

Seems like the calorie count is not right. My Fitbit seemed better at tracking calories used. I might be not ready it right.... I am active and it only indicated 389 calories in a day.

By Kirby
Sep 27 2021

1 - can't figure out how to adjust weight

2 - BP is always the same high numbers: 144/86. Cuff measurements in a doctor office show consistently about 106/64, so the BP reading is not accurate at all

By Kaitlyn McClendon
Sep 26 2021

How am I able to change the time on the smart watch from military time to regular time?

By lieve debrouwere
Sep 09 2021

Always the same bloodpressure, no matter who wear the watch 14/8

By gls
Sep 07 2021

Watch consistently reports high blood pressure readings of lower140s over lower 80s, not even close to cuff readings

By Tina Bareham
Sep 06 2021

Hi, can I use my glory fit to track my swimming? I bought it for this reason, as it states waterproof, however when reading set up it states when using for sport you have to have your phone also? Obviously I can not have my phone in the pool or sea. Thank you

By Stella
Aug 29 2021

Watch appears to be detecting my heart rate but calories are stuck at 1kcal no matter what I do...

By Melody
Aug 17 2021

How do I calibrate blood pressure app to match my cuff measurements?

By Walt Punke
Aug 15 2021

Disappointing because App site does not send "Gotcha" code to email address as implied. Unable to open to adjust settings, set time, etc.

By Nigel Braunton
Aug 12 2021

I can't get the sleep monitor to work. Other apps like blood pressure isnt consistent

By Chuck Keller
Jul 30 2021

Blood pressure reading not changing. Reading same high number everytime

By Barry
Jul 06 2021

how long does it take to charge the first time?

By Judith Lambert
Jun 25 2021

BP shows consistently high. 141 over 83. My bp is average 110 over 65. That's not even close. Makes me doubt the other readings.

By david ellison
May 19 2021

hi hope you can help im using a lf28 watch the app on my iphone 5 running oh 10.34 firmware wil not sync new watch faces to device iss one day old nor can i create a log in account with you with my email if you can fix these issues i will be a happy customer hope to hear from you soon many thanks mr ellison

By Mike Smith
Apr 28 2021

My watch will not display the correct weather for my location. The GloryFit app continues to show the weather for Dallas TX, but I am in Chandler AZ. I have tried everything, including a review of all of my iphone Location settings, app permissions etc. but with no resolve. How do I change my weather settings in my GloryFit app, so that when I sync my app with my watch, it will sync my watch to my correct location? Thank you, Mike

By Ken
Feb 17 2021

How do I add custom watch faces to the app.

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