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Published by on 2022-08-29

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Reported Issues: 40 Comments

By Cindy Hightower
Jan 21 2023

Suddenly the app started flashing and will not work.

By Nerida
Dec 27 2022

Hi, My headspace app just stopped loading last night. Screen flashes bright white light, then the app layout but with no details, just icons where the information should be. I am using an Oppo Android phone, no recent updates I am aware of. Tried restarting phone, reinstalling the App, does not fix the issue.

By Tazza
Nov 18 2022

The setting icon is dim while playing soundscapes and I can't change it from 45 minutes to 500 minutes.

By Erin
Jun 29 2022

I'm using an Android, and I can't get any of the meditations to even start, as they buffer forever. This started about 2 weeks ago.

By Janette Hardman
Jun 28 2022

Headspace crashing a couple of minutes in to the night time meditation . Tried closing app; restarting phone; latest iPhone iOS; latest app version. No luck.

By Jared
Jun 28 2022

Same issue. iPhone 11, updated software. Headspace app closes after about 2-3 minutes, right when I’m about to get sleepy into my nightly sleepcast. Really a bummer.

Hope to get notifications on this thread for any fix. Tried all the usually things…

By Kirill
Jun 28 2022

The same for me the Headspace app stops working (crashes) after about a minute into meditation or sleep. This has been an issue for about a week now.

By Brian
Jun 28 2022

Like everybody else app stops working after a few minutes applied suggested fix 4 times to no avail . This needs to be urgently addressed by headspace and users informed when resolution is expected
Not good enough

By James
Jun 28 2022

Headspace crashing a couple of minutes in to the meditation. Tried closing app; restarting phone; latest iPhone iOS; latest app version. No luck.

By Logan bannister
Jun 27 2022

Same as everyone, my ap crashes minute or so into meditations.
Please fix and credit people

By Lisa
Jun 27 2022

App crashes after 2 minutes for a few days now. Tried everything. I have iPhone.

By Molly
Jun 27 2022

Yes. Headspace sleepcasts crash after 1 minute or so. This has been ongoing for a few nights now. I contacted the help desk but no response. Very frustrating. I don’t think Headspace is even aware of the issue. I have an iphone. I restarted. I deleted the Headspace app and signed in again…nothing works. It is clearly a problem with the app itself.

By Jessica Hemming
Jun 27 2022

I use sleep music every night. WILDLY frustrating when it stops after two minutes of playing. Seems like multiple having this problem, anything happening to fix it? Restart and redownload not working.

By Émie Boies Bastien
Jun 27 2022

Apps keeps crasing 2 minutes in any meditation and sleepcast

By Larry Gray
Jun 26 2022

App keeps crashing tried everything and still crashing. I stopped my subscription I’ve been a member 3 years this is not good.

By Peter Hewson
Jun 26 2022

Same Problem as everyone else. App crashes a couple of minutes in. iPhone SE and never had this problem before on this phone or previous. Very frustrating. Is there an update in sight to rectify? Rely on this app to help with anxiety a lot

By arosstyler
Jun 26 2022

Same issue as everyone else here iPhone 12 Pro on iOS 15.5. Playing a sleepcast or meditation as soon as the screen locks after maybe a minute it stops. Open the phone and the app has closed/crashed. I just tested on my iPad (also 15.5) and yep same deal. Tried the ole uninstall reinstall and even a password change. Nothing fixes it. THis has never been a problem in the past. Always able to play sleepcasts or meditations and the screen lock did not affect it.

By Chris
Jun 26 2022

Same as others. App plays for a couple of minutes then crashes. None of the suggested workarounds have helped. Problem occurs on both my iPhone 12 and my iPad, both running iOS 15.5. Please help!

By Ellen T
Jun 26 2022

My headspace app stops after only playing for a few minuets. I basically cant listen to any of the sleepy times sounds. Seems like a lot of users have the same issue. Is there a update in sight to correct this?

By Lesley Moss
Jun 26 2022

I have been using headspace for a long time. Recently I’ve found that the unguided and semi-guided meditations turn off in the middle. I have an iPhone XR and an Apple Watch. Can you help? I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app but it made no difference.

By Stevie
Jun 26 2022

App keeps crashing about one minute into sleep meditation. Doesn’t matter which meditation I try or what I do to try to troubleshoot the issue (restart iPhone, uninstall and reinstall app, etc). This has been happening for about three nights now. I can hardly wait for it to be fixed, this is my favorite way to go to sleep at night.

By Larry Gibson
Jun 26 2022

Starts playing for a minute or so and then stops

By Tim
Jun 25 2022

App keeps crashing. iPhone 11. I’ve tried everything. Restart phone. Restart app. Delete and reinstall. So frustrating. The opposite of purpose.

By Michael E
Jun 25 2022

The app keeps stopping after a few minutes in the meditation (both streaming and subsequently downloaded).
I have tried to solve the issue by logging out of my account, a reboot of the phone and latest reinstalling the app. Nothing does the trick.
Running on iPhone 13 pro with iOS 15.5.
It has been this way for the last two days.

By Edie Rasmussen
Jun 25 2022

When I play a meditation it stopped shortly after starting. I have an iPhone and tried restarting it and re-installing the app but it is still a problem

By Kylie Brown
Jun 25 2022

I have never had problems till the last few weeks and my sleeping music stops after 1 minute so annoying

By Sarah
Jun 25 2022

Have iPhone11 operating on latest update & for the past few days, when I’m using sleep meditation, the app closes when the screen locks. Never had this issue before. What’s the problem Headspace?!?!?

By Laura Cole
Jun 25 2022

Same as everyone else; app crashes after playing a few minutes on the sleep meditation. Been like this off & on for a few days- nothing I do fixes it- no way to contact you

By Emily Slaughter
Jun 25 2022

App keeps crashing today. Jut tried deleting and reinstalling app and same thing happened ;(

By Kolt
Jun 25 2022

App keeps stopping after a couple of minutes in the meditation (streaming/downloaded). Tried reinstall, reboot, etc.
Running on iPhone with iOS 15.4.
It has been this way since the last update

By Travis Uehling
Jun 25 2022

Similar to others with the app now crashing very shortly after the screen goes to sleep. I am using the up to dat IOS on an iPhone 12. Please help, I don’t want to switch apps.

By Eden
Jun 25 2022

App keeps stopping/crashing after a few minutes. No amount of uninstalling/reinstalling, updates or restarting my phone seems to help.

By Marcus Worman
Jun 24 2022

Hello, the app keeps crashing a few minutes into a sleep cast or meditation. I have tried reinstalling it and same problem happens. Please fix

By Lydia
Jun 24 2022

App keeps stopping after playing for a few minutes

By Max
Jun 22 2022

I have a new iPhone (11) and the app just crashes/closes after the meditation has been going on for a minute or so.. it continues to play even when I lock the phone but after a little while still early in the session it stops. When I unlock my phone the app has closed. I’ve already reinstalled the app without any luck.

By Kathy
Jun 18 2022

This morning the Headspace app will not allow me to choose how long I want to meditate (5, 10, 15 minutes, etc.). Instead, the app immediately launches a 5 minute meditation. This is on a Samsung phone. Everything worked fine yesterday. This issue started this morning, 6/18. I tried restarting my phone but that did not correct the issue.
Thank you.

By Armita
Jun 07 2022

Dear headspace team
At first thank you for this brilliant app
The problem is that I can't play anything it says : something went wrong please try again
I should mention that I don't have any problem about my speed connection
Tnx for your attention

By Alison
May 10 2022

Hi, I've got a new phone, Samsung and my headspace knocks off when the screen locks....I can't work out what to do, help please

By Barbara Pizzella
May 03 2022

My app just stops working on iPhone

By Antje Keppler
Mar 24 2022

Dear Headspace team,
about two weeks ago I received a new iPhone (13mini) and transferred apps from the old iphone to this one. However, the Headspace app download got stuck on the new phone at "48,2 MB" there, with no app sign on the home screen and under 'iphone storage' you can see the app, but when you open it here zero of the usual functionalities is installed yet, i.e. no option to delete the app for e.g. another reinstallation.
When I go to app store and try to download from there again, it just stops after 2 sec into the job. The app is currently purchased until August 2022 by me.
Can you help?

Thank you!

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