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Published by on 2022-08-22

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Reported Issues: 87 Comments

By Jim Linden
Oct 01 2022

I was having trouble with the app loading so I uninstalled it, went to the app store to try and download it again and when I try I get the error that "something went wrong, try again' and it just loops back to the app store.

By Tony
Sep 18 2022

I’m unable to see the weekly grocery ads when I select view weekly circular. I only see liquor store ads.

Where are the weekly groceries

By Carol Tommas
Sep 04 2022

Want to register for Shoprite app at App store but refuses to accept my email address or password. I click forgot password. They ask for email address to reset but never received any message

By Barry Neufeld
Aug 16 2022

Everything I purchase is done by using a master list. Adding this too my order is fast and assures me that the order will be correct. This new iteration of your will not do this. If I cannot order with your app.. I will purchase my groceries from Mcafferys or Wegmans. I am a fifty year customer of Shoprite please don’t make me an ex customer.

By Tom
Aug 07 2022

Go back to paper coupons - thy worked much better.

Aug 05 2022

App will not let me sign in to use digital coupons.

By Rita
Jul 31 2022

Some items when you click on it will not allow me to add to cart screen pops up add to list why.

By Marina
Jul 25 2022

Delivery day and time. Entering my credit card

By Lisa Farrell
Jul 23 2022

I have been using the Shop Rite App for years, now when I click on review cart to check out I get a blank page and can go no further?

By Joe de witt
Jul 23 2022

Shoprite app wont recognize my email address that I've been using for years

By Carolyn Morella
Jul 21 2022

Will not recognize my email or my password. Have made several attempts to change both and still will not accept.

By Jane
Jul 20 2022

App is awful cannot get into my digital coupons it does not let me sign in and bounces back to resign up?? It is extremely frustrating and now cannot choose dig coupons. I guess I will not be shopping at s.r. Now , especially Without the dig coupons.😡

By D
Jul 17 2022

Digital coupons will not load & it doesn’t keep me signed in 😡. This has been going on for a couple months! In today’s economy, every coupon counts!

By James Guttschall
Jul 17 2022

Digital coupons, Absecon NJ store
Digital coupons will not load . When I sign in it still doesn't work, (for months.) I now shop at Sams Club

By Donna
Jul 17 2022

Digital coupons will not load

By Kelly
Jul 16 2022

App saying my zip code not valid!! It’s written correctly what’s the problem?!

By Julia
Jul 08 2022

When I click Review Cart for online food shopping every time.It doesn't take me to check out.

By Casilda Sambolin
Jul 05 2022

Hi I already have the app but is telling me to sign in again when I put my email and password is not valid

By Edward LoCasale
Jul 04 2022

Cannot access digital coupons. Never a problem before this past week.

By Lizbeth Hawkins
Jul 04 2022

Why do I have to keep signing into shoprite it won't let me stay signed in

By Nancy Willis
Jul 02 2022

Sort by Aisles is not working on this new update!!!

Every time you update this stupid app you screw something up!
Pay a real IT guy to fix this!!!

So extremely frustrating on a holiday weekend to have to deal with this nonsense.

Now will take me hours to find the items on my list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get it together ShopRite, Stop & Shop is looking even better!!

And stop all the GMOs in your Bowl & Basket items. I don’t even bother anymore. Cheap dollar store junk to save 3 cents???

I’d rather eat less than eat crap!

So disappointed in ShopRite lately. Need to shop with a magnifying glass!
Easier to just get needed staples at Trader Joe’s where I know there are no GMOs & junk!

ShopRite is going to become the place to buy only cleaning & household products one day if they keep this up!


By Joanne Minickene
Jul 02 2022

I am a faithful ShopRite shopper since the Day the Commack store opened.
I have also been shopping online with delivery,to be honest this new site still needs some work.
Right now can you tell me why does the circular give me 1 price ? But when I put it in my cart it is more than circular. Doesn’t show digital coupon price .

By Genevieve DeLucia
Jun 29 2022

The app isn’t accounting for sales when I try to do an order pick up. It also often says that something isn’t working and I have to reload. I’ve also had issues where the app doesn’t open at all.

By Valerie Leo
Jun 28 2022

What is the verification capcha which does not work

By Andrea
Jun 27 2022

I previously reported the one problem I came here to report…however, as I read through many other comments, I have somw of those as well. Fir example, I keep getting signed out, loading digital coupons is hit or miss. I think the new app is TERRIBLE! The old app worked just fine. Being it back, or get a technical staff that actually knows what they are doing!

By Andrea
Jun 27 2022

When I add items to my “saved for later” list, it quadruples the list. For example, I look over the complete list, and when I get to the last itemI added, the list continues, starting with the first item and the list continues, and continues another duplicate list, then a triplicate list and then a fourth list…. So instead of actually showing my 18 items that I added the list Is 72 items long!

By Debbie Bassett
Jun 26 2022

Cannot load some digital coupons to my account..keep logging in and out at various times..extremely frustrating

By Frank Litts
Jun 21 2022

I have 2 problems. When scrolling through a list I can never get to the next screen it just starts over again. I don’t get any message like next screen or next 20 etc.
In the old app I was able to order a qty of an item from deli. For example if I wanted to order 2 packages of ham each 1/2 pound I could do that. Since I shop for multiple families this is crucial to my needs. I am not sure why you took it away but the unfriendly nature of this app is forcing me to do some of my shopping elsewhere.

Jun 20 2022

No matter what I try the app won't show any times for delivery

By Stacy Rebnicky
Jun 20 2022

ShopRite in Bayville,NJ does not show up as a location in the app.

By Jean Colangelo
Jun 18 2022

I don’t like the new shoprite app. I wish shoprite didn’t change the app or update it.I like the old app better

Jun 17 2022

HIT OR MISS CONSTANTLY with trying to sign in to DIGITAL COUPONS....latest update is clearly not USER FRIENDLY...ANY suggestions?

By Ronnie J
Jun 16 2022

Shoprite app does nothing when I click on coupons. I uninstall/reinstall it, cleared the data and cache but no go.

By Donna post
Jun 16 2022


By Mildred Paparella
Jun 12 2022

Trying to update my account

By Barbara
Jun 12 2022

I would like to know what is wrong with your side your old site was fine! Every time I try to do my coupons it won’t let me do it why decide is totally different than the original

By Janice Gentile
Jun 10 2022

Every time I complete order and apply all payment information, it never completes purchase. Takes money from ebt card and then have to wait for ebt to be reversed. This started happening with new update to app. I have tried 3 times and still crashes at confirmation screen

Jun 10 2022

Same issue as others: Signed out and in, tried different browser but end result is same.

Cannot load digital coupons, and repeatedly asked to sign in.

By William Henderson
Jun 09 2022

Digital coupons not loading. For example, I loaded he Thomas' English Muffin $1.50 coupon but discover I paid the $3.99 full price when I returned home.

By Pattie
Jun 09 2022

I have not been able to change my address for delivery as we just moved. I can log in and add stuff to my cart in my account and when I go to check out it keeps showing my old address. Before they changed the app I had delivery at my new address and even pick up orders and it worked just fine. Now it won’t let me change my address. It keeps saying customer not found when I click add a new address. Very frustrating! With three kids at home I don’t have time to go to the store! I need my groceries. Ugh

By Richard evans
Jun 07 2022

Cannot display my price plus card. When I press it — my screen gets bright but the card does not display.

By Thomas
Jun 06 2022

Updated app works fine on an iPhone. Doesn't work at all on an Android (Motorola G Power) -- app logged me out all by itself and won't let me log back in. Digital coupons have to be loaded using a computer.

By Anita White
Jun 06 2022

Can not complete new required app update on my cell as it goes to Goggle play to "install". Does not recognize my password when I choose "forgot password"

By Linda Hall
May 28 2022

Since shop rite rolled out their new app, I have been unable to access digital coupons. When asked to reset my password, they never send the link to do so. I will most likely delete the app, because there is no point in having it. Very disappointing!

By James Lacey
May 26 2022

It says my password isn’t correct. When I click to get an email to fix it, the email never gets sent… im losing money every time I continue to shop with you because I can’t get the digital coupons. You’re actually costing me money

By Jers
May 26 2022

This updated site (and app) is the worst rollout since New Coke. Three weeks and unable to place an order - always one problem or another.

By Doreen VandeWater
May 25 2022

I had to do an update and now my price plus card won't come up. The screen just fades.

By Marie Hastings
May 25 2022

Cannot load digital coupons, and repeatedly asked to sign in.

By Tammy Merklin
May 23 2022

Can login to this. Doesn’t recognize my email or my password.

By Louis j szenasy
May 23 2022

I have shoprite app, digital coupons not working, I use shoprite . Com, digital coupons not working, I sign in, digital coupons not working.

May 22 2022

One week trying to get this problem fixed. This new app is horrible! Been using online shopping for quite a while. Never had any problems. This new one is bad!!! After finally getting my password changed after numerous attempts, since it didn't email the new password change, I finally got it changed. Most of the ordinary things I always bought (like lettuce, milk etc.) kept coming up with an error (404) there was none. Finally got most of what I wanted (over $402 and 146 items) and go to checkout and pay and after using the same debit card I have used for a long time, I put in the CVV code and clicked apply and continue, I keep getting "There was a problem contacting the payment provider. Please try again later or refresh the screen." Tried again many times and refreshed many times, but it is still happening. Tried calling Customer Service and after numerous times trying to say or press 3 for problems with an online order, I finally got a vm saying because of the high number of calls the wait time is over 30 minutes and hangs up on me. It's been over 7days trying. They need to do something. How can they let an app go live without testing it thoroughly? I've worked in IT over 37 years and we always tested and ran parallel before we let anything go-live. We usually encounter a few unforeseen problems, but never like this! We would have reverted back to the old app before we let something like this happen.

By Richard Lampe
May 21 2022

Does not show shop rite card when using card. Screen turns white. Apple iOS.

By JannMcAleer
May 21 2022

I have tried to load my digital coupons this app will not allow it; I am not placing an order on line just wish to load my digital coupons to my price plus card. I have tried for the past 2 weeks but the app takes me to a store for pick up etc. We have been faithful customers at our local shop rite for 50 years and have always been pleased with the service and products. Thank You

By Michele Vitale
May 21 2022

I can't reserve a time for home delivery states reservation failed ever since new app. I have refreshed, unloaded and reinstalled and still nothing

By Kathy
May 21 2022

My order is done but it is telling me there are no delivery dates at all…

By Francisco Torres
May 20 2022

I’ve been trying to reset my password with the new app but I made several attempts and I have not received the Email for password reset. My old password is not being accepted so I can’t download digital coupons to my account

By Paul Roberts
May 20 2022

I loaded the new app, and it doesn't load the coupons. I had to go back to the store to load the coupons and adjust my bill because no digital coupons had been applied.

I did sign on and set a new password. i looked at my profile and it shows Plus Club Member number which is not mine. What do I do?

By Louis Burke
May 19 2022

I upgraded to newest app. It asked for a "new password". Why? I did it. Unfortunately, It keeps logging me out. They box to check "Keep Me Logged In" doesn't work. Thus, it keeps logging me out. Problems with the app have happened before. Your IT group needs to "pilot runs" before releasing to mass audience.

By Amy McCauley
May 18 2022

I got Wegmans last week but I've been using shop rite delivery for YEARS. I AM GOING TO ASSUME THAT THEY ARE DISCOURAGING PEOPLE BY STILL HAVING AN UN USE ABLE APP.

By Veronica Sanchez
May 17 2022

Since the update I am unable to place an order. Super frustrating since it worked fine before this. The new layout and search are horrible and after spending an additional 30 minutes to get my order together it won't let me checkout. After many failed attempts I finally was able to reserve a time slot but it will not allow me past that point. Ridiculous!!!!

By Kevin S
May 17 2022

New app does not allow me to display Price Plus Card

By Andrea M
May 17 2022

App does not work! Circulars don’t load, shopping online doesn’t work, shop from Aisles, or even search products! Very counter productive and inconvenienced with having to go to the store! Can this be fixed asap! Thank you in advance.

By robin garrison
May 16 2022

Won't let me reserve delivery time. Shows avail appts then says reservation failed.

By Karen
May 16 2022

This app does not work. It won’t let me pick my store, it wont let me access my card, it keeps telling me to sign in, and it wont let me see the circular. Basically nothing works. This app was not tested adequately before it was released.

By Beth Bates
May 16 2022

New app does not work! Please go back to the old app. Does not load isles, does not show my past history, will not allow me to hold a time slot.

By Linda Rodden
May 15 2022

It won’t let me checkout. Error message says something went wrong

By Denise Dicks
May 15 2022

Digital coupons not working in new app

By Teri Belmont
May 15 2022

The ap does not work. I can’t get access to digital coupons, can’t see my past purchases. What’s going on?

By Gina
May 15 2022

Updated app does not work. Go back to the original app.

By Lisa Siegel
May 15 2022

App is not loading digital coupons

By James Carlino
May 14 2022

Price plus card won't open on app

By Steve Saullo
May 14 2022

The new app will not let me check out. My pickup time is reserved, but For two days the checkout will not work.

By christina velazquez
May 14 2022

Club card not appearing on the app

By Barb
May 14 2022

I can’t open my Price Plus Card on the new ShopRite app

By Anthony
May 14 2022

Loaded new app now sign in page does not display so I cannot login. Have an android phone running android 11.

IPhone appears okay

By Pilar
May 14 2022

New app is not displaying my digital price card. Very frustrating. Please fix asap.

By Nancy
May 13 2022

App will not allow me to reserve a delivery time. It shows the available time, I click on it and system tells me reservation failed. I tried deleting app and reinstalling, changing passwords a couple of times. Still no change.

By Jay patel
May 13 2022

I try to install new versions of Shoprite app and this not work.zEvery time say Sign in.i try saw many time Can you fix my problem please.609 672 5930.

By Mamrak
May 12 2022

Unable to check out on my online order. Been notified my time spot has expired 3 times which i have reinstated but still cant check out after submitting my credit info many times. Whats up?

By Janice Mcshane
May 12 2022

Not working and won’t send link to reset password.

By Lisa
May 12 2022

Getting familiar w/the updated shoprite app. A very important listing is missing when you view product details, the SIZE of the product. This is ver important if customers are looking for specific size of product. Can this important info be added??

By Mari
May 12 2022

It keeps saying my email address is not correctly formatted but it is. Who is responsible for this software nightmare?

By Bill Harris
May 12 2022

App not displaying my ShopRite Price Plus card!!! Very frustrating.

By Liz
May 11 2022

Had to update app in store. Changed password. Can't log in. Uninstalled 2x. Still cannot log in.

By Patricia Squibb
May 11 2022

Was in the store today trying to look up my digital coupons and it wanted me to update the app. I was unable to do that so I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Now everytime I go on the new app, it wants me to log in again, as it does not “remember me”. And then the log in page is unavailable. The old app was so quick and I knew it by heart…. I hope the kinks can be worked out.

By Margaret Ping
May 11 2022

I was required to update the App and now it doesn't work. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but still have not had luck getting back in.

By Kenneth schwabik
Apr 20 2022

App does not load in the store.
Loads perfectly at home. Have reloaded twice per advice of store customer service.

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