ShopRite Reviews

ShopRite Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-19

Grocery shopping made easy! Imagine everything you need for savings, recipes,
and coupons for both in-store and online shopping, in one single app. Search,
scan, save lists and notes, get deals, and order pick up or delivery - just like
that. Our app makes it easier to plan and shop w...

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ShopRite Reviews

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    Nice to have a delivery service but unfortunately there is always mistakes in the products they send which are different from those I ordered, as well as amounts in that I would order one product and receive more than I ordered. There were times when I would get less and not more. Ordering a half a pound of grapes but receiving a quarter pound witch amounts to nothing more than a few grapes. Apparently, when they updated their entire site or year or so ago, it was filled with way too many glitches which was causing these mistakes. Though it’s gotten better, it’s still very faulty The women and men who work in the delivery department are very helpful and courteous so it’s a shame I have to give this honest review which is far from positive but there is no way I can give an exact figure of how much money I threw away by receiving the wrong product which though it may be five or six dollars, rather than exchange it I just dump it due to time restraints which I would consider those mistakes for worse then the ones I wrote about first. Having never enjoyed food shopping, I continue to still use their delivery service, But slowly have change my shopping habits and now use their delivery service a whole lot less. I have to say that since they in large the store, there fish department and they’re fresh meat department and deli, was not offering The same quality as they had for so many years prior to the expansion.

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    Ap is frustrating

    I use this ap Almost every week. The service from ShopRite is great but this ap is super fustrating! It’s slow. It doesn’t load right. The filters don’t work. You can’t reserve or even see any home delivery / pick up times availability until your ready to check out which on the website you can see at the start. And check out never saves my information. I have to I put it in each time. At payment it gives options that dont work like chase pay which only works on the website. And even then it’s super slow and no indication If the order is working or going or invalid it just hangs on the same screen a whole long time. It is much better then before with the coupons and ability to see what’s available to clip once items are in the cart.

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    Online pick up system needs an upgrade

    If you are going to offer services like online pick up, then do it right. The staff is wonderful. It’s obviously a service that consumers want, even though ShopRite charges a fee when other big box stores do not. The pick up schedule is booked out for days at a time when other stores offer same day pick up (and even delivery). Also, It is frustrating to get part way through your grocery list and have the website or app boot you out of your coveted time slot, especially when it was the last open slot for days. For some of us with health issues, pick up is not just an option, it is sometimes a necessity. If you are going to really get into online retailing, then upgrade your system because you’ve already outgrown it (that’s a good thing). Suggestion: maybe put a cart corral near the disabled parking, because you wouldn’t believe how much easier that makes it for people who are already exhausted/in pain after shopping.

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    Bad app - don’t get it

    As others have mentioned, there were problems in registering the account. Finally did through internet rather than app and after several attempts managed to log in. But then couldn’t add anything to the grocery list. It kept failing. I tried to set up lists. That would work either. I then looked at the ratings / reviews others left (should have done that before I got the app) and saw that many other people were having the same problems. Looks like tech replies to the comments but it doesn’t look like anything actually gets fixed. You know what does work? Wegmans App! I’m going back to that it’s a nicer store anyway. Just a little farther away. Update: I finally got feedback from the developer today, September 19. Although I’m appreciative that they did reply, it took quite a while. So long in fact that I had to go back and look at what I wrote here months ago. The response from the developer was to update the app as the new version may have fixed the bugs. I’m not really interested at this point. I deleted it after my original review post.

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    Losing patience

    I’m losing patience with your app and shop from home. I used to be a happy customer, but any more the app is glitching (taking forever to load and constantly asking to close and reload app), items are unavailable on app or can’t be found through search, and items are unavailable at the store or missing from my order and I’m still charged for them! I use the app to save time, but I find myself having to do double the work. Sometimes times I have to add to my order but am unable to. It would be nice to have this option. Some times they want to substitute items that are not close to the original item or more expensive, and I cannot suggest this until at the store, taking up MORE time. I’ve been in the store, and I know these items are available, but not on the app. I’m starting to think I’ll just return to old fashioned shopping myself through the store! I hope you can improve your service and your app soon because I’m losing my patience and now have options to go elsewhere.

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    Always EXPIRED

    I’ve now done ShopRite from home, in store pick up, about 4 times. EACH time I’ve received expired creamer. Twice I physically had to drive 20 minutes back to the store to exchange it and the other two times I was so mad I tossed them and drove to Acme to pick up a new bottle. So I had to make sure to make an “item note” specifically telling them to check the date moving forward. Should I even have to do that?? I ordered apples and I received ALL bright yellow in color when you would think I’d get a red one...nope... gave them all to the chickens and didn’t eat one. Sliced mozzarella ordered on 12/6...expires 12/9... didn’t find that one out until I went to go eat it today and put expired cheese on a plate. I also bought Fairlife milk... expired in 5 days of purchase.. the list can go on (not even joking)... so frustrating. I personally, now, think the ShopRite from home is a way for the store to sell their expiring products... guess this leisure is now non existent because of this... completely annoyed.

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    Great Stores but.....

    I’ve shopped at several ShopRite stores and it’s my favorite grocery store BUT I live near and frequent the Howard Park location. I’ve noticed some HUGE differences in the stores. Fruits and veggies aren’t as fresh at Howard Park. I’ve gotten rotten berries and melons from time to time. Also, shelves aren’t stocked with sale items most times. Worst of all, there are always long lines of car parked outside in the fire lanes. I regularly have to squeeze my cart out between parked cars. Drivers race through the lot and squeezing by parked cars is dangerous for families. I’ve reported it to management SEVERAL times but it’s still the same safety hazard every time I visit Howard Park so I stopped shopping there as much. The staff are friendly and helpful so I appreciate that but the Timonium store has better veggies and a safer lot but a SUCKY coupon policy. It’s a struggle so sometimes I go to Giants to avoid the crap. Just thought you should know!!!

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    I’m in shock by the way this business handled the Hepatitis scare.. my boyfriend found out through an automated message that the deli meat he bought may be contaminated.. he was at work and panicked. I called Shoprite immediately and was given an attitude and told to call a number. I called and it was ANOTHER automated message. When I called back and asked what they were going to do to make this better they said you can come PAY to get vaccinated here . I said pay??? Your employee may have infected hundreds and you aren’t not giving vaccinations? Not offering to help pay copays?? Not even $20?? I was told we are only helping our employees. They did not even offer a gift card. I guess they want to go out of business or declare bankruptcy because everyone I know and i mean everyone involved is livid and DONE shopping here.. the owner really messed up with this one . Everyone I spoke to in town waiting at pharmacies is amazed that it was handled soooo poorly.. needless to say don’t shop here .. not even bad customer service NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

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    WORST. App. Ever.

    It’s always something with this dumb app. Ever since they “improved” it, it has failed on every single usability standard possible. This time it’s a failure to recognize log-in details. It’s not a “password reset” issue. It is that the app doesn’t work properly!!!!!! Why am I forced to re-enter my email & password EVERY SINGLE TIME I open the app now? No, I didn’t forget my password. The app just isn’t recognizing it!! So I’m forced to click “password reset,” and still I did not receive an email to reset it (which I didn’t need to do to begin with), so I try again. Still, no email. Even as I type this, there is no email to reset my password (again, which I did not need to do to begin with!!). Bar NONE, this is THE MOST frustrating, least intuitive, most aggravating app I have EVER tried to use. And it is essential for my weekly grocery shopping trips... yet I am left consistently enraged at the struggles with this app. “ShopRite the app” has caused “ShopRite the store” to lose yet another customer.

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    App good, ShopRite great

    I gave the app four stars instead of five because there are occasions when it seems slow. But it has nice features, it’s pretty intuitive, and I see continual improvement, so four stars for that. The reason I use it is for the service of ShopRite. The shopping is done carefully, the produce is always excellent, if they need to make a substitution, they ask, and it’s almost always good. And compared to another store which shall remain nameless, ShopRite is organized at pick up. I’m in and out in 3-4 minutes and the employees are ALWAYS pleasant. I’ve had to call to add items to my list. Up to five is allowed. I understand the rule and appreciate that they will do it for me at all. It’s well worth my $5 to get great produce and the quick pleasant service I always receive.

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    Customer Service

    This is my second time dealing with the same woman at Customer Service at English Creek! She is so rude, not helpful at ALL! She certainly does not belong in customer service! I let it go the first time, but I just left there and walked away from her because she is so rude! Everything seems to be too much trouble for her! She’s got short grey hair and is a little on the heavier side! I wanted to get her name but I was so annoyed , I just left! I had bought something that rang up for more than what was posted ( dog bones). My husband had gone to the car with our groceries. I went back in for a price adjustment. She said how would she know what they are, etc., in a VERY condescending tone ! I told her I would show them what they were, but she insisted she needed the package! I said “never mind”, and left extremely frustrated! I called ShopRite to complain but was on hold for 15 minutes. Decided to hang up ! I am at this ShopRite at least twice a week for like 25 years and this really left a bad taste!

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    Worst app ever

    This unfortunately is the worst app ever. Slow to respond, adds things you never clicked on, I could go on and on. When you search things, it says they don’t exist, even though you have the exact name right or you’ve bought it before. I have to scroll through tons of milks because I want stoneyfield, but when I search stoneyfield it says, sorry no results. Same goes for other items. There is no option to look back at your past orders so you can upload again and purchase faster. There is also no option to see what time slots and days are available for pickup or delivery before you spend hours typing in your order. I’ve used other grocery store apps for online shopping that are wonderful and a breeze to use and navigate. It’s extremely frustrating and overly time consuming to use this shoprite service. I love shoprite and the convenience of shopping online, but the actual app is a huge disappointment. Please improve!!!

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    Getting there.

    The new app is better, but not quite there yet. I was excited when I saw the circular image and the fact that you can zoom in on it, but it won’t let you move while zoned. However, a couple of issues. First, it would be nice if you click on items in circular like website. Also, on Saturday’s, it only lets you see the next weeks circular. You should be able to select the appropriate week. Also, wish the deli and other shop rite apps were incorporated. Also, for some reason, when you select digital coupons from the app, they don’t always post to your price plus card. Otherwise, I like the search and the fact that you can find things easier. Hopefully the developers read this and make improvements. Also, would like ability to text or email shopping list to others.

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    Curbside pickup

    I have used the curbside pick up since it was was first available. I am VERY upset on the service I had today. I ordered my groceries at 1200p today with a pick up at 630p-730p that night. The blocks of times that still has openings was from 4p-730p. I chose the latest with the guarantee it would be ready when I arrived. I arrived at 620p thinking I may have to wait a little since I was early. I was greeted at 625p and was told that my order was not ready yet. I did not mind waiting a bit since I was early. I was completely thrown when I was asked to come back tomorrow. The reason was that they were really busy today. Why did I not receive a call earlier in the day with an explanation that my order was too much for them to handle? Why did I have multiple choices of time slots if I did not have a chance to get my order filled that same day? It’s not a free service and do not mind paying for the convenience. This is not a convenience!

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    Great costumer service!

    I had placed a Shoprite from home order and had my husband pick it up. He had no idea what I ordered, when he brought it home I realized the order was not complete. I called the store and they told me they would deliver the items I was missing that night. As promised the items were delivered. After noticing that some items were not right, I had to call the store again. I spoke to Vic who was very apologetic and promised to correct the order and deliver it to me the next day. What could have been a disastrous Thanksgiving turned out perfect. Vic and Joe went above and beyond to make sure I had everything I needed. Thank you Vic and Joe, I really appreciated everything you did! Great customer service! Sincerely, Joan Armstrong

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Is ShopRite Safe?

No. ShopRite does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 124,973 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for ShopRite Is 14.3/100.

Is ShopRite Legit?

No. ShopRite does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 124,973 ShopRite User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for ShopRite Is 14.3/100.

Is ShopRite not working?

ShopRite works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a ShopRite customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using ShopRite.

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