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Published by on 2022-06-07

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Reported Issues: 100 Comments

By Yud
Sep 25 2022

Sound id is stopped working on my phone.
I have galaxy s10 with android 12. The sound Id worked fine but suddenly it stopped working. Now when I try to use it, no sound is recording any more. Seems like the app is not connected to the internal microphone any more.
Other apps that use the microphone is working well.

By Karen Garst
Sep 14 2022

I received “five day grace period over… check email to confirm. No email has come in and not in spam either.

By Meredith Spencer
Aug 27 2022

When I turn on Merlin and push voice, it does not work.

By Cathe
Aug 17 2022

The birds' photos are not showing in the app. Thanks.

By Roger Welch
Aug 13 2022

After free trial the page keeps reverting to original page I’m unable to sign up

By Dan Beitz
Aug 12 2022

The Merlin Bird ID app keeps crashing and locking up my iPhone (I have an iPhone 10). Usually, I can just kill the app then restart my phone and it works again. Two days ago, I tried the same method to fix it, but I was unable to power my phone back on after I had powered it down. When I would try to power up my phone, I would see the Apple logo briefly and then it would disappear and the screen went black. I was able to power up the phone after plugging in the charging cord.
Today, I followed the instructions to delete the app and then reinstall it from the App Store. And I downloaded and installed 2 bird packs (Midwest and all US/Canada). It seems to be working now but I am afraid to use it because it may lock up my phone again and I may not be able to power up my phone afterwards. I like the app when it works, especially the Sound ID. But I really do not like how it locks up my phone sometimes when I try to use the Sound ID feature.
Is there anything I or you can do to correct this problem, besides what I have already done?

By Tom Semple
Aug 11 2022

I had merlin installed on my phone with a short list of sound id'd birds and the West coast and Rockyt Mountain packets installed. The installation disappeared. I did a search on the phone and I see that the birds I had on my list appear to be on the drive but they are not showing up after I reinstalled the program. I am new to the program so I do not have an extensive list of recordings but I would still like to see them on the app.

By Etienne
Aug 09 2022

Hi there,

I am a frequent user of the different features of Merlin apps, especially sound id. Yet, since a few weeks, I do not have any curve of frequency appearing on the screen while recording and no bird identification being made. Autorisation for microphone and camera are approved for the app. I tried to reinstall the app which is on the latest version without any success.

If you have any idea how to solve this problem it would be great.


By Marilyn Cripe
Aug 08 2022

Merlin is stuck on “Explore bird” .
Cannot cancel or go back to other ways to if birds.

By Jeanie
Jul 31 2022

Am not receiving emails to confirm my email address

By Jonathan Perry
Jul 30 2022

Microphone not recording in sound ID on galaxy s20. Appropriate permissions have been granted and mic works on other apps. Worked great on my old galaxy s7

By Wayne Preusser
Jul 30 2022

Longer recordings will not load for playback.

By Betsy P
Jul 27 2022

I received a message to confirm my email after the 5 day grace period expired but the email never arrived. I’ve submitted numerous requests and checked the spam folder as instructed. I have not received the email and cannot access the app.

By James M Williams
Jul 19 2022

My merlin app drains the battery excessively even when I'm not using it

By Judith Hollowood
Jul 17 2022

I tried to load the Likely Birds list on my older iPad. It just keeps churning and I can’t force a quit except by closing the app. Is uninstall my best option?- screen is unresponsive

By Kae
Jul 16 2022

App is frozen

By Cecilia L Caldwell
Jul 11 2022

It keeps telling me it’s sending me an email because my 5 day period is up, but I am not getting any emails.

By Marlee Rubenstein
Jul 11 2022

I have the app, but I got a message from them that said my 5 day trial was up, and they needed to confirm my email. I pressed the confirm email button, but it wouldn't do anything. There was also a place on the message to resend, and that didn't do anything either.

By Lydia Kowalski
Jul 10 2022

I downloaded the app and it worked for a week. Then I got a message I needed to check my email to continue. I have never received an email, and I no longer have a working app. I have an iphone. What to do?

By Chris
Jul 10 2022

Will not send me a confirmation email

By Matthew Ryde
Jul 10 2022

The app isn't recording sound at all unfortunately.
Samsung galaxy s20 plus
I have provided permission where I can think of but nothing :-(

By Susan Thompson
Jul 09 2022

I can’t confirm my email after the 5-day grace period. I don’t get the email message to confirm from Merlin. I’ve checked my spam filters and created a contact for [email protected] Please help. I don’t want to lose the birds I identified during the grace period.

By Gerald Maffeo
Jul 07 2022

I also have a OnePlus 7T phone and have the message location not found. This started happening after the Android 11 upgrade. If I uninstall and reinstall Merlin, it will work once, but then it's completely unusable. I really like Marlin! Please fix this!

By Dana Wanger Lane
Jul 06 2022

The screen displays a swirling "daisy" in a black square. I can's shut down the program and it's unresponsive to an attempt to open links in the upper left .

Thanks for your help!

By Liz
Jul 06 2022

Sound ID not working on iPhone

By Penny Sue Weber
Jul 03 2022

The email never came

By Margaret Koenig
Jul 03 2022

accidently recorded 50 minutes. used up all my data plan. question is where this recording went since it does not show under "my sound recordings" (I didn't wait for it all to be saved with the red circle indicator)

By Larry Joseph
Jul 01 2022

"There was an error importing the file." What encoder options does Sound ID recognize?

By David Lennon
Jun 30 2022

Sorry to say getting no response from you.

Sound ID not working on Samsung S10+
Otherwise amazing wanted to donate but really wanted the sound ID

By Kim Bowers
Jun 29 2022

It keeps freezing up, only way to access anything is from the first dropdown page then that freezes. Was going to delete and reinstall but don't want to be charged again?

By John Rudolph
Jun 25 2022

Song ID isn't working with Android phone. Very, very few ID's in spite of loud bird calls.
Works fine on my wife's apple phone.

By mr warren buckthorpe
Jun 25 2022

app will not register or record any sound on samsung s21 android 12.

By Barbara Fisher
Jun 25 2022

I have had this app for one week and I did confirm my email but now the message I’m getting is

“You must confirm your email…”
“Email sent…”

I never received an email to confirm again and now the app will not open. I am still registered with the Cornell Lab.

By Karen Clements
Jun 22 2022

Merlin has caused messenger to lose sound, so I can't have group chats.

By Debbie Fortin
Jun 22 2022

The app was working for awhile but now it won’t open and says to check spam folder but nothing’s there.

By Richard Dotz
Jun 22 2022

New install Bird pack will not download, stuck at 0%
iPhone X
My wife has iPhone 8, works fine

By John Whiting
Jun 18 2022

Won’t open sends email verification pop up
BUT email never comes
I like this app when it works

By Yong Wang
Jun 13 2022

I don’t receive the email to confirm after five day grace period. Have tried multiple times with three different emails, have checked spam folder. Please help!!

By Suzanne Sanford
Jun 12 2022

I don’t receive the email to confirm after five day grace period. Have tried multiple times with two different emails, have checked spam folder. Solution?

By Julie Garton
Jun 11 2022

Love this app when it works.
But… always asks to confirm email which I cannot find in my mail. I ask it to send again and still nothing.
I even removed the app and reinstalled but the exact same issue.
I would love to continue using this app but I will permanently delete if this can’t be fixed.

By Roger Kessell
Jun 11 2022

Works perfectly on my iPad. But on my Samsung S10 Android phone the sonagram stops working after the first session and then only works again after I have rebooted the phone. I have turned off Google assistant and all other access to the microphone.
Love everything else about this app.
Will I get a response to cure this problem?

By Silvia Khalsa
Jun 10 2022

Turn off the google assistant under google assistant settings and the merlin app should work again

By Andrew Kligerman
Jun 09 2022

Turning off Google Assistant fixed Merlin for me on my Moto G Power

By Andrew D Kligerman
Jun 09 2022

I upgraded to a Moto Power G and the Merlin App no longer identifies bird calls. The old Moto G6 worked fine.

By Maria R
Jun 08 2022

I recently upgraded to a moto g power (2021) and Merlin no longer recognizes any birds. I am not sure what to do. I enjoyed using this app on my previous phone, moto g6.

By Silvia Khalsa
Jun 07 2022

For the past month people with Android 11 I've noticed that the sound ID is no longer working on Merlin. It seems that the new Google Assistant microphone is interfering with picking up the microphone and recording with certain apps. All you need to do is go to Google Assistant settings and turn off the Google Assistant while using the Merlin app and it should work again.

By David Hodapp
Jun 07 2022

Message when trying to record: unable to record. Make sure Merlin has microphone access in settings. I have an iOS phone, when I go to microphone in settings there Merlin is not listed and I don’t know how to add it. The only thing I see is a button App Clips which is checked. I never had an issue before in making a sound recording on Merlin.

By Don Dewolf
Jun 07 2022

Merlin won't pick up high frequency bird sounds

By J. Hilgartner
Jun 06 2022

As “my 5 day grace period is over”, Merlin says it sent me an email to confirm, but no email. Tried numerous times.

By Daniel Stagliano
Jun 05 2022

I am not receiving the email to confirm because the grace period is up

By Alane Gray
Jun 04 2022

For several weeks I have not been able to import sound recording files stored on iCloud to “My Sound Recordings” - this is a new problem. I get this message - “There was an error importing the file.”
Before I was able record bird song on Apple’s Voice Record app, save the .wav files to iCloud, and then import to Merlin Sound ID. This was a great way to recheck ID in addition to using BirdNET.
The Voice Record app makes much better recordings than Merlin which has no way to control the recording and produces low volume recordings - barely audible most of the time after uploading to my eBird lists.

By Bob Brodsky
Jun 04 2022

Was working. Now get message the app could not find location. Location setting is set to allow when app is open. Using Samsung Galaxy 9 phone.

By EJ Hurst
Jun 03 2022

Merlin was working fine until the past two weeks, we get a fuzzy background in the sonagram and the app is hearing birds but unable to to ID them, even when there is no background noise, the songarm shows it. Have cleaned microphone but hasn't fixed anything.

By carol m churchill
Jun 03 2022

Camera screen is black when I want to take a picture of a bird and I am not able to do so,

By Rich Lofton
Jun 03 2022

5 day grace period over. Please confirm email. I confirmed the first day and have tried again but I’ve yet to receive an email.

By Bill Siegler
Jun 02 2022

I too have a OnePlus 7T phone. Just like John Bowman posted above, I get the message "Merlin couldn't determine your location".

By Karen Havholm
Jun 01 2022

The first time I used sound i.d. on Merlin on my Android phone it worked great and heard lots of birds. The second time and ever since it can't seem to hear any birds even if they are close and pretty loud. The se is true for my spouse except I don't think his ever worked. Thanks. This is very frustrating!

By Jean lerner
Jun 01 2022

App hangs. Only solution seems to be to delete it and reinstall

By Carol M Blanchard
May 31 2022

Merlin freezes when I try to see certain lists of recordings. It seems this happens when the recordings are long- like 18 minutes. I have tried deleting the old files, but when I go to view a long file, this happens. Only once have I received a message that the app is not responding and do I want to close it. Usually I have to shut down the phone. But since I decided to delete old recordings, I keep running into this problem as I try to look at the file to delete it.
I only started using this within a week after installing it. This did not start happening until a few days ago. Merlin has detected about 80 birds singing in my yard in a week. I love it!

By Michael
May 31 2022

iphone: bird pack will not install, stalls at 2-3% -- over and over.
have rebooted phone, turned wifi and data on and off, pausing both in "off" for at least 30 seconds, etc.

By Robert C Lacy
May 30 2022

Overall, Merlin is working great. But a few times when it tried to save a recording, something got screwed up in the app and it failed to save properly. (OK, things like that happen.) I tried then to delete these failed recordings, but if I try to open them to "delete", I get an error message saying "There was an error loading the recording". (I knew that, which is why I just wanted to delete it.) The only thing Merline will let me do at that point is say "OK" and leave the faulty recoding in place. Thus, now, I can't delete the faulty recordings. It isn't a big deal -- I just ignore them -- but I don't want to be occasionally accumulating faulty recordings in "My Sound Recordings". Is there any way to delete them?

By Rod Truesdell
May 30 2022

Same as many others here... recently the Sound ID stopped identifying any birds. Uninstalled, restarted phone, and re-installed app, no change. It happened about the same time (mid-May) as others have noted here. Guessing a bug in an update?

By Robert Monroe
May 30 2022

Can’t seem to sync Merlin app with microphone in Settings. Merlin doesn’t show up on App Clips seeking access to the microphone.
iOS 15.5, 5/30/22

By Mary Sue Burns
May 30 2022

Earlier the sund ID worked perfectly. Now I keep getting the message that there are no matches and that Merlin could not determine location or download birds for my area. I have data set for entire US!

By Sean G O'Mara Sr.
May 30 2022

Every time I try to save a bird, I get tue message "submission failed. Check internet connection. My internet is fine. Only Merlin is failing

By Mary St Hilaire
May 30 2022

5 day trial over and will not send me the confirmation email needed to continue using the app

By Keith Frank
May 28 2022

Sound ID used to work perfectly... stopped working recently. Looks like mic level is too low and not picking up much unless it is very close to the mic. Even then it does not identify a single bird.

By Lisa Wagner
May 27 2022

With the Sound ID: It is "listening for birds," and it is "hearing a bird," but no matches appear on the screen.
My sound recordings worked great in the past. The last time the app worked properly was May 12.

By Robert F Walsh
May 27 2022

My Merlin bird app stopped working last week. I tried uninstalling it several times and reinstalling, but to no avail.

The app won't record any sounds and sometimes gives me an error that there is a bug in the app.

By Bill van Geest
May 26 2022

I just installed Merlin on my Android phone. It starts ok and then simply stops, ie, the sonagram stops moving. The stop button has no effect at that point. If I try 'clear all' I get a 'Merlin isn't responding' box request, but even then, it doesn't close. I usually need to reboot my phone to close Merlin and get it going again--with the same problem recurring .

When it worked, it confused a Bobwhite with a Robin and then with a Red-bellied Woodpecker.

By Sue Medved
May 26 2022

On the Merlin App, the Sound ID portion on my Android Phone appears to work but doesn’t identify any of the bird species around me by sound. It picks up talking according to the graph but barely any birds, In the past it would pick up birds I couldn't hear, but could then find. It’s always worked great until a week ago. Re-downloaded 2 times and still barely works. It I.D. one bird around me a Great Crested Fly Catcher, I can I.D. 5 more species around me. The BirdNET sound I.D. App still works though. Two other birders we see often also have the same problem.

By Dan B.
May 26 2022

Same as others are have said, sound ID never identifies any birds, even when they're loud and nearby. The sonogram never gets above the background noise in the bottom 20% of the display.

By George Sparks
May 26 2022

Keeps identifying tufted titmouse as an eastern towhee, and sometimes as a crow!!!

By Jane Dobson
May 25 2022

After the initial 5 days it says your 5 day period is us please confirm your email I’ve tries and tries but receive no message in my inbox or junk mail to confirm it. Tried deleting app and reinstalling but it’s saying the same. Very frustrated as it’s a brilliant app to help me.

By Howard Bradley
May 23 2022

Sound ID not working. Will record my voice (barely), but no birds id'd in last week or so. Tried it with All about birds recordings and could id the Canada Goose (wow), nothing else. Have really enjoyed this app when it works. Was suspecting my old Moto e, but from other comments everyone is having this problem. My grown kids are using this too so will ask them if it works with their better phones. Haven't tried an external mike (will one work with the Moto e?) Any fixes in the works??? Thanks

By FRank hatch
May 22 2022

Hi, when i use the sound part of the app it locks up.
There are no clear directions anywhere about how to use the red button , the x, or any other basics.
I am on a trail and suddenly i find that after the apps been on for ie 45 secs it has stopped.
Or, more than 2 min has gone by, and i try to exit anf start the id over, pressing the red buutton, it locks up. Or it, after pushing a variety of options or just one, a circle starts spinning in the center of the screen, and may continue for minutes or never stop. So i try tapping a general phone icon to switch apps, but everything is locked.
Samsung phone 3 yrs old. Functions beautifully in all other situations.
Can you help.
We love ebird and cornell. We will stay with you even if we cant use sound app.

By Rob
May 22 2022

The audio stopped working recently and I have tried deleting the app twice and reinstalling it, I have tried working with a different email address and installing the current Upgrade on my iPhone.
Nothing seems to work and it’s clear from the discussion groups that this app is developing a common flaw. Can you fix it?

By George Carnahan
May 22 2022

Merlin won't download

By Karen Havholm
May 21 2022

The first week Merlin sound ID worked great. I walked out my door and it identified 10 birds in a couple of minutes. Then it stopped hearing birds well enough to identify them. I was very close to a very loud singing bird and it did not detect it.

By Laura Piskac
May 21 2022

Merlin app is stuck in a loop while I am trying to save my bird. Could not fill the contact form because the submit. Button was also greyed out

By James Hinds
May 21 2022

I use the sound ID program, but it keeps crashing on my android phone. Ir will work greatr for 20-30 seconds up to a minute or even sometimes a bit longer, then crashes: sonogram no longer scrolls by and it often won't close. I have tried re-installing. My wife's Merlin works great on her i-Phone. Any suggestions?

By Annie
May 21 2022

Sound recorder not working-- just like others have reported, the sonogram just records background noise.

By John Bowman
May 20 2022

I installed Merlin on a OnePlus 7T Android 11 and I got location not found, on a second attempt it did not provide this message and the App worked very well however later on it went back to not finding the location, in spite of location being switched on. As I had a second older phone which had Andoid 10 and I installed Merlin on this phone and it worked perfectly. As it appeared that there might be an issue with Android 11 I discovered that Apps have to be modified to obtain location data following some changes made by Google in Android 11. It would therefore appear to me that Merlin is currently not completely compatible with Android 11.

Any comments?


By Ronda Hix
May 19 2022

Sound ID stopped working. It will not report any bird sounds anymore. I've been having issues for a week. It worked fine before.

By Dylan Frank Ricke
May 19 2022

I recently installed Merlin on my Android (v11, Moto G Power 2021). I've downloaded the pack for my region (southeast) and although it can record sound and play it back, no birds are being identified, even when I use a loud recording of a blue jay as a test.
Great looking app, and it works fine on my sister's iPhone.

By Jerry Steinbronn
May 18 2022

Have not received reply from my last request. There are very few things that give me a sense of peace but this app did. So would someone please respond to the issues!!!!!!

By Marc Bouchard
May 17 2022

Same problem as others reported recently. Was working great previously. Using the app on Android Motorola. Just stopped receiving audio signals. Sonogram seems to register background noise, but only very rarely any bird songs. And none of the bird songs are identified. I stood right next to a singing Ovenbird and Great Crested Flycatcher, and got zero response. I tried the Bird Net app and got an immediate response. Which would seem to indicate that the microphone and placement were not the issue. Hope you can find a solution.

By Sydney
May 17 2022

I’m getting the message that my 5-day grace period has expired, and to reconfirm my e-mail—which I’ve done multiple times, but I’m not getting any response. So, I can’t use the app. When I click to resend email I never get an email to confirm sent to me.

By Bill Sellers
May 16 2022

Sound ID was working great up until about 4 days ago. Others seem to be having same problem. Mic working, rebooted phone, reinstalled Merlin. Seems to be "hearing" a lot of static. Very frustrating.

By Jim Matthews
May 15 2022

Worked perfectly on my Lenovo M10 tablet from 21 April 2022 until 12 May 2022 but now all recordings are just static as if the microphone gain is too high thus defeating Sound ID functionality. Other apps such as the native sound recorder still work as usual. Clearing app cache, deleting all app data, reinstalling the app, and rebooting the tablet did not help. Submitted trouble ticket and eagerly awaiting guidance as I'm addicted and experiencing withdrawal symptoms!

By Tom condren
May 15 2022

This app will not launch on iPhone it keeps asking to confirm email but I never receive an email so I can not reply ??

By connor mcgowan
May 15 2022

app works but only lets me record one sample. if i try agin for new recording, it doesnt pick up sound. i have to restart my phone each time for it to pick up sounds.

By Mollie
May 14 2022

No longer picking up sound

By Jerry S.
May 14 2022

App is picking up sounds but not identifying the bird. Have uninstalled and down loaded app again. Have selected pack. Trouble shooted and still not identifying birds that I can see and heat. What is going on?????

By Brian cole
May 14 2022

Merlin sound id has just stopped working on my android phone. I have Uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times. Microphone has permission. I also have a tablet device with an older merlin version. It works fine but is a big to large to carry while birding. Any help is appreciated

By Miriam Bauer
May 11 2022

Merlin photo ID will not open the photo about every 5th ID. I click on the photo I want, and Merlin does not "grab" it. Instead, it just goes back to the home screen. I'm using an iPhone 13Pro.

By Dan
May 11 2022

App not confirming. Just sits and states grace period is up. Don’t want to delete app and have all the data deleted

By Nipurna
May 10 2022

I had similar issues with the app. Update in app store and it will be fixed.

By Kay mckinley
May 10 2022

App keeps telling me my five day period is up and to confirm my email. I never get the email.

By Daniel G Burmester
May 08 2022

Sound id is not picking up sounds. But I know my mic is working on other apps.

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