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The B-hyve smart sprinkler timer app allows you to control or monitor your
sprinklers from anywhere in the world with the convenience of your smart device.
Smart Watering Knowing how long and how often to water your plants can be

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By Oscar Florez
Sep 26 2022

Controller times out when requesting manual watering times out when requesting to stop. Have to request start or stop several times before it works.reset the controller, issue continues. Please advise.

By Bo Gerard
Sep 25 2022

Starting around three months ago, the app started to report incorrect watering history. After many chats and phone calls with customer support, no fix for this problem has been offered. Very Frustrating!!! This feature is one of the reasons I purchased this product - to remotely see if my programs have run.

By Keith jewell
Sep 21 2022

My Watering program is always getting turned off at the time it is supposed to beginning watering by a rain delay
It really hasn’t rained by me in 2-3 months but the rain delay always stops the watering program

By Gary Polansky
Sep 08 2022

Since updating the app a few days ago, I am having problems with manual watering. The app seems to work OK the first time, but then times out on subsequent manual watering requests. Restarting the app lets me continue.

Aug 29 2022

Bhyve app always show today. If it's Monday and I add a 2-day delay, it will say it will begin watering today; not Wednesday.

By Joe Lunzer
Aug 24 2022

When I view watering history it is showing the wrong time of day. Seems to be 8hrs off. How do I fix this?
Joe Lunzer

By Naz Virani
Aug 13 2022

Text messages not being responded to. Was asked to provide screen shot of wrong time being reported in watering history. Did that and no further follow-up or response. Please get your app working properly. Start by acknowledging issues being reported in the forums and state your intentions to fix with expected fix date.

By Jeff Vrachan
Aug 09 2022

All my programs have been erased after an update. How do I get them back!!!’

By Jeff Vrachan
Aug 09 2022

All my programs have been erased after an update. How do I get them back!!!’

By Philip J Zylstra
Aug 02 2022

One of my 3 programs continues to drip constantly even though only scheduled for 18 minutes per day? Solution?

By Larry Greenhage
Jul 29 2022

I have text customer care several times and never got an answer. My indoor controler does not show stations 3&6 watering as programed but they are watering as programed.

By Ian Tucker
Jul 28 2022

for the past week 6 station smart irrigation controller Device does not turn on - grey screen. Have checked with other power points but completely dead. Unit is 15months old. Replaced lithium battery - no change.

By Yolanda Chavez
Jul 26 2022

I figured out how to solve my controller problem. I was having a similar problem as others here; the sprinklers were not turning on. The app would show that a water session was going to begin, and then when the correct time arrived, the sprinklers didn't turn on and then the app immediately displayed the next watering time. The sprinklers never came on. When I finally noticed they weren't turning on because my grass died, I tried running the app manually. No matter how many minutes I tried to do manually, the sprinklers would turn on for a few seconds and then shut off.

I was ready to return the unit because the suggestions of updating the firmware (I had already done this), deleting the app and restarting everything didn't work. I guess I bought the unit right around the time the firmware update came out because that was the first thing I was prompted to do. Unfortunately, that was the problem. My brother has the same unit and has had it for years without problems. He said he didn't update the firmware and his worked fine. We decided to reset the unit to the factory settings, and did NOT update it. That did the trick. Everything is running as it should. If nothing else has worked and you have not tried this, my advice is to reset the controller unit back to factory settings and don't update the firmware, at least not until the company comes out with a better update.

By Kevin Johnson
Jul 26 2022

Manual mode is inconsistent - on many occasions the "stop" page is unavailable or dies within a few seconds of starting.

By Claire Piltz
Jul 22 2022

Program worked for 1 day. Today is 7/22/2022 2:30pm and system scheduled to start 7/22/2022 at 5:00 am. That time has gone by and it did not start. Screen shows correct time and scheduled to start in 15 hours. That will be 7/23/2022.

By Kuso Kurae
Jul 22 2022

The performance of this app and timer has been absolutely infuriating this year. All I'm trying to do is run scheduled programs--no smart watering, nothing fancy. This thing won't even run programs at the scheduled times, and as if that weren't disappointing enough, it instead runs programs at completely unscheduled times and at totally inappropriate intervals. My lawn is suffering because this thing consistently fails to do what I tell it to. Can't you people even make a sprinkler timer that performs the most basic function of a sprinkler timer? I'm ditching Orbit for another brand, and will maybe even look for an old-fashioned non-"smart" timer. At least then it might be reliable.

By Connie Voight
Jul 20 2022

One of my stations that was working 2 days ago is not working. Does not run with test. All other stations are fine

By Paul Young
Jul 15 2022

The water history graph is not displaying my zone 7 usage nor the amount. I've checked and the zone is actually being watered. I've reinstalled the app from play store. I'm afraid to clear the cache and memory before re-installing. Not sure where all my app records are saved. My original email used when I purchased is [email protected]
I'd rather use my phones Gmail account. It's where the app is installed. Just makes sense.
Thank you

By Ray
Jul 14 2022

B-hyve xd 4 zone doesn't store watering history. New unit been running a couple days and I've manually watered a few times in addition to the schedule yet the history shows no watering at all.

Jul 13 2022

Since the upgrade, I am experiencing a few issues. Some have already been reported.
The time is not being reported correctly. My watering was scheduled to start at 1AM. History indicates it watered the zones starting at 8PM.
Can't stop manual watering when selecting 'test zone' from the zones page. It stops fine if you select 'water manually' from home page.
Generally the feel and navigation of the app is worse than before. Very disappointed.

By Ricksurly
Jul 12 2022

The app no longer updates the history and no longer tracks watering. I ran it three times today, but it still says zones were last watered over a day ago. Watering history shows 0 gallons used today for all zones. What happened to this app? It used to be rock solid and I would have recommended B-Hyve to anyone. Now I am wanting to replace it with something that works as advertised..

By Riley C Grubbs
Jul 11 2022

Your app has gone from great to terrible! Had to stop using your system. One thing is there is no way to stop the system when started in manual.

By Mickey Dotson
Jul 10 2022

I'm having a problem with manual watering on my Orbit B-Hyve 8 station controller. This is a recent development. The message I get says the the "Timer is taking too long to respond." The zone appears to start and then shut off after about 5 seconds. It will work when my Android phone is connected via BlueTooth but not when connected via Wifi.

I have tried to update the device firmware. It tells me that I am up to date. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the B-Hyve app. I have restarted my phone. All to no avail.

Why did this just start happening? What is the fix?

By Dick Campbell
Jul 10 2022

I was having the manual watering problem also ("timer taking too long"). Attempting to follow instructions by Rick 7/1/22, I found no "Update Firmware" option in my Device Detail page. Does this mean I have latest firmware? (My firmware version is 0033). Assuming I have latest firmware I proceeded per instructions: Uninstall App, Reboot Device, Reinstall App. This seems to have fixed the manual watering problem. I am hoping that other erratic behavior I encountered today will also be gone. BTW rather than omitting the firmware update option, how about a statement: "you have latest firmware version". Sure more user-friendly.

By P
Jul 10 2022

Device is taking too long to respond. C'mon Orbit. This has been an issue for a long time.

By Tai
Jul 10 2022

I experienced the same issue that others reported since June 2022. My iphone B-Hyve app displayed the “Device is taking too long to respond” message randomly when I manually watered any zones. The firmware on my Orbit controllers is rev 0087. The fix that worked for me was 1. Delete the B-Hyve application on the iphone completely (delete app, then shut down). 2. Download the current B-Hyve app from the App Store. I noticed the new app has a slightly different appearance then before. 3. Login with your credentials. All the timers and zone info reload from the server automatically. I am able to water manually now, without the "Device is taking too long to respond" message.

By Bill
Jul 10 2022

When I manual water from iPhone it runs for about 30 seconds then times out. It works from main unit in basement. Water pressure is good and internet connection is fine

By Monae farris
Jul 10 2022

App does not show countdowns and connects disconnects on its own

By Ed
Jul 10 2022

Manual watering "taking too long to respond" error. Water turns on but turns off after a few seconds. This problem appeared after last firmware update. I don't know if scheduled watering still works. I already power cycled router and hose timer. I would rather not delete app and re-install since I would have to re-configure it all, and I've read that it did not fix anything for someone else.

By David Farad
Jul 10 2022

When running in manual mode, app says "Device is taking too long to respond". The sprinklers starts but then stop after a few seconds.

By Brad Thornton
Jul 10 2022

Timer taking to long to respond

By John ferran
Jul 10 2022

When I Want test a zone it won’t show that it is on on my phone but the zone comes on how do it fix it I have turned my phone off and on again nothing happens

By Robert C
Jul 10 2022

This new "Update" is unacceptable!
1) No longer can I stop watering in the middle of a Manual Watering.
2) It screwed up the interface and screen pictures and text. Text is half missing on screen.
3)When I start a Manual Cycle, it no longer shows the running Time and Time Left. It's useless to use this app, now.
5) MOST IMPORTANTLY: It updated WITHOUT MY CONSENT OR KNOWLEDGE even though I said "LATER" on the update AND it starts watering randomly, on it's own, in the middle of the day! THAT'S A HUGE FINE HERE.., UP TO $2000.00 DUE TO DROUGHT CONDITIONS!

By Bobby
Jul 10 2022

When watering manually getting message that timer taking to long to respond. my firmware is updated and I did everything including deleting the app and restoring it. I also rebooted my router and it still has the problem. The manual water was working yesterday

By Marilyn Rude
Jul 09 2022

History not showing on app

By Scott
Jul 09 2022

set a program to start running the next day. It does not run but rather the moves up to the next scheduled interval day even though it never ran. It will run manually using the app so the connection to the device is good

By Lester Travis
Jul 09 2022

We get message timer taking to long respond

By Joseph J Gallagher Jr
Jul 04 2022

I set a program to start running the next day. It does not run but rather the moves up to the next scheduled interval day even though it never ran. It will run manually using the app so the connection to the device is good. It will also start a program that I schedule to run a short time later but not one that is scheduled to start the next day.



By TImothy Wood
Jul 01 2022

Loaded one XD device, Come to load the second, device is found, but then get a message could not retrieve device info please try again. Tried again fails, reset device fails, took batteries out and re set fails, re-set app fails, left two message on helpline, no call back(s)

By Rick
Jul 01 2022

Bhyve just resolved the issue with the manual watering. You must update the firmware then when complete uninstall App, reboot device then reinstall App. To update the firmware In the app, tap My B-hyve then Devices. Tap on the B-Hyve device then Update Firmware.

Instructions from customer support: below:

"In the app, tap My B-hyve then Devices.
Tap on the B-Hyve device then Update Firmware."

"To be sure the issues are resolved. Do the following uninstall the B-Hyve App.
Once done, reboot your mobile device.
Now reinstall the B-Hyve App."

By Bill B
Jul 01 2022

I have noticed issues when attempting manual watering. I receive a message "Device taking too long to respond". The zone starts and a few seconds later, it stops. The programed start times work with no issue, only manual watering is intermittent. I see many other users are having the same issue in the last few days. Can B-Hyve implement a fix in a firmware update? This issue is very frustrating and takes away from the features that enticed me to purchase the product.

I am a technology specialist and have taken all the obvious steps to ensure my network equipment is functioning properly. At this point, I am convinced that the issue is with the B-Hyve device.

Please correct the reported issue as soon as possible.
Thank you.

By Marjorie knight
Jun 30 2022

Learning app on iPad had leak last nite on drip zone my son in law turned drip off for me on his iphone so it would not go off until fixed how do I turn it back on on my ipad

By Skip Torrance
Jun 29 2022

My controller keeps turning off my scheduled watering. It works for 5-7days then the app will say you have no schedule set. Problem just start 4-5 months ago. Worked ok for the last 4years

By Dan
Jun 29 2022

When trying to water manually or “test “ zones it comes up with an error “device is taking too long to respond “

Very frustrating. This seems to be a new problem

By Jeff
Jun 28 2022

Yet another frustrated customer. Often disconnects on manual watering. "Device taking too long to respond". Tried everything...reset wifi, phone, controller. Connected phone and unit to same network (2.4 vs 5.0). Ran Orbitz test app. Says connection "Poor" due to low upload speed (8Mbps) when Speedtest says 15! Firmware current. Nothing fixes this. This never happened last year! C'mon Orbitz..pay attention and get some stability on your hardware!!

By jerry ashmore
Jun 28 2022

when I try to manually water it says device is taking too long to respond and the zone comes on for about 5 seconds and then goes back down.

After rebooting my WAP and connecting the bhyve to it, the manual watering started to work correctly.

By Lamar
Jun 28 2022

I have a XD 4 hose that keep saying timer is taking to long to respond will not work off wifi but the Bluetooth works. I have the Gen 2 hub

By James Merlino
Jun 27 2022

My program keeps restarting upon completion of one cycle

By Rick Hoying
Jun 27 2022

Same problem that several others seem to be having. Watering begins (TEST) then stops after about 5 seconds giving a message that connection to the server timed out. Tried everything short of deleting the app and reprograming the whole shooting match. WiFi strength and speed is not the issue.

By Jolly Wykoff
Jun 27 2022

Started a manual watering of one zone. Cannot stop it now until the time runs out. The app does not show any zone being watered. help

By Pradeep Narendran
Jun 26 2022

Ever since I connected a second device ( for outdoor faucet ) my app just won't work, not even go past the thinking screen! So, effectively I cannot use my sprinkler nor my faucet from app

By Megan Smith
Jun 26 2022

when I try to manually water it says device is taking too long to respond and the zone comes on for about 5 seconds and then goes back down. I have tried to disconnect and reconnect internet, turn on and off, unplug device, still not working.

By John Andrew Coleman
Jun 25 2022

Trying to manual water. App stays "Device is taking too long to respond. The sprinklers actually start but then stop after a few seconds. Same issue as reported on June 21.

By Paul Wright
Jun 21 2022

I have an 8 Station B-Hyve controller and App. It is working fine except for 1 issue: The watering history is not recorded. I am not using Smart watering and I have not entered any information about the amount of water used on each zone. However, it would be nice to see the minutes of watering used on each zone. Is this possible? Note I have selected 'Enable logging' on the B-hyve Account screen in case this was something to do with it, but it has no effect. - still no watering history is available.

By Kay Jex
Jun 21 2022

App stays "Device is taking too long to respond. The sprinklers actually start but then stop after a few seconds

By Lawrence E Whalen
Jun 16 2022

I have a few issues. First when I go to sign in it tells me my password is wrong. I have it in a password manager and have not changed it. I then go to set up a new one it has been a week and the e-mail to go set up a new one has yet to arrive. I guess they can't set up automated e-mails it is too complex for them.

I also have 4 generation1 B-Hyve hose faucet timers and a gen 1 wifi hub that has worked flawlessly till this year. Now they no longer show how much water they use or even if they have watered the area.

I decided okay maybe they are getting old I will go get new equipment. Ordered their new wifi hub and went out and purchased a B-Hyve XD 4 Outlet hose faucet timer. I'm getting ready to hook it up and watch a youtube video on it. Imagine my surprise when he mentions it is not working on Android products only I-phones and pads. I have been in the Android system for years and I am not about to change or go buy an old phone just to set up the irrigation system.

I try calling tech support it is no longer like they used to be when they were young they got back to you within minutes. Now I have been waiting for the callback for 2 days I get a lot of texts using the canned info in the manuals not much help. I have also learned to set up the new system you have to disconnect from the old hub and timers, not sure how confident I am in them to do this now.

Very frustrated with B-Hyve at this point. Unless they come up with some sort of solution soon I see them losing a lot of their faithful customers as we look for alternatives. I have already started sadly.

By Daniel Van Wetering
Jun 11 2022

B-hyve won’t save pictures of zones to the zone number

By Todd Sewards
Jun 09 2022

Attempting to reconnect Orbit 21005 to home wifi and installs correctly, passes tests and then cannot move past Traditional or Smart Watering steps in app to finish configuration. reinstalled app version 3.0.6 build 965 can't move forward.

I have two model 21005, neither can be installed due to app bug.

What are the next steps?

By Eric Despres
Jun 07 2022

I have a b-hyve 21005. I recently bought a b-hyve 21005 that I want to add as a separate zone so that it can have its own program. If I go to the zones screen on the Android app, I just see the one (previous) zone (zone 1) and there doesn't seem to be any way to add a second zone even though the app shows two devices registered. I've seen videos on Youtube that suggest that one can add zones from the zones page of the app, but there is no Edit button that lets me add more zones.

By gerald T miller
Jun 02 2022

Out of three devices I can only log in on my oldest android device. I spoke with customer service and they were nice and patient but at the end declared they have no idea why my e-mail address is not recognized. I see that 16% of the folks here have had the same problem.

By Francis King
May 29 2022

My Orbit B-Hive 6 station suddenly will not work, screen is blank, removed Gray strip and put back still not working. Put in a new battery still not working, unit is completely dead, always operate by hand as do not have WiFi. Its about 3 years old I think.Thanks

By andrew vidra
May 28 2022

My b-hyve app shows multiple start times for each zone. My controller does not. The app doesn't let me make any adjustments. Have tried uninstalling and re-installing app several times. Also, the font on app is very big and doesn't show everything on screen

By Yves Huin
May 25 2022

The app keeps sending me notifications, several times a day, saying :Device Mode: Off - XYZ: mode has been changed to off". When checking the app itself, everything seems normal as planned.

What to do to stop these notifications?

By John Ingle
May 23 2022

I can run manual programs from my iphone but cannot run automatic programs. The app will show that the program has begun to run but nothing is really happening.

By Stafford Jorge Brinson
May 21 2022

Need to delete acct from old residence and need to establish new b hyve acct at new residence.

By TechnicalKat
May 21 2022

I have used Orbit "manual" sprinkler controls reliably for years. I updated to an app sprinkler control unit and programmed it and it seems to work OK. With Insteon going out of business I need to replace my leak detectors throughout the house and Orbit seemed like a good choice. My issues seem to be the internet connection to the Orbit/B-hyve servers as reported by Orbit Assist but request to customer service for the IP addresses of these servers and the ports used have gone unanswered. They want me to turnoff my firewall (are they out of their minds with all that is going on these days!) I have setup a fixed IP address for the B-hyve device using the MAC address and I have also allowed traffic from that device to to out to the internet, but I know that some connections are two way and the inbound connections may be blocked. I have looked at traffic on the firewall (seach using Orbit, b-hyve, bhyve, etc.) but no luck finding the servers. I have also used WireShark to see if I can identify outbound traffic, but I I get is ARP transactions. This issue is not a unique issue to Orbit/B-hyve but the outbound rule in the firewall usually fixes this. To further debug this issue the IP addresses of their servers are needed to see if the inbound traffic is being denied by the firewall or if there is some other issue.
1. Need IP address of Orbit/B-hyve servers and ports used
2. The temperature over/under settings do do not work unless the sensor device is otherwise triggered.
3. Just because a company sells a reliable device you like does not mean that a new device will be as good (sadly.)

By Sheila Hooper
May 20 2022

Forgot password, trying to change but not receiving email

By Steve R
May 20 2022

I can Bluetooth connect to my B.Hyve. But .... The app on my iPad says "Unable to Connect. Please ensure your router is connected to the internet and try again". My Internet is working. The B.Hyve unit shows full Wifi strength and in my router connection table I can see the IP address of the B.Hyve unit. The "!" is flashing in the B.Hyve unit however. The fault finding app speed tested at 25Mbps down and 5Mbps upload speed. More than enough... iPad and B.Hyve are both on on the same and separate SSID I set up specifically for this purpose. Help please.

By Craig
May 19 2022

I have had my 12 station b-hyve f for 5 years without any issues, none , zero, nada. Then 2 days ago while I was manually running 1 zone my phone stopped communicating with the unit. The unit is attached to the internet and so is my phone but they won’t connect to each other. I think it’s a b-hyve server issue because they sit between my phone and the unit. Of course they won’t admit it and I spent over 4 hours trying to fix it, customer service sent me instructions on how to fix the issue, they did a copy and paste from the manual. No help at all. Anyone have the same problem?

By Janie Wagnon
May 16 2022

I cannot add photos to my zone descriptions

By Ron Holbrook
May 15 2022

My b-hyve will not connect to the Wi-Fi. There is a very strong signal next to it on my phone but for some reason the Be-Hyve model 57946 signal is low. my phone next to the unit is high. Why doesn"t the unit receive the same signal as my phone?

By maryBrunaugh
May 07 2022

I am trying to reprogram my behave for summer schedule. I added summer as a new program because it wasn't set on my device. I also added the beginning and ending times but bhyve is not saving them, when I go to program slots it only shows winter and spring. When I hit save programs at the bottom of the program page it shows summer on the next page. So what do I need to do?

By Steve Y
May 01 2022

My beehive app keeps crashing

By Rick Spurlin
Apr 29 2022

Have the Orbit b-hyve at a couple of properties. Sadly, my phone was stolen so I can't use the App until I recover my PW. I'm at one of the properties and want to water manually. However, when I attempt to adjust the system manually, the screen is either blank and unresponsive, or goes blank before I can even finish telling it to manually water my lawns. My other system I just purchased last year and returned because of a similar issue. I ended up getting a different one of your systems (no screen). This system is only a few years old and shouldn't, in my opinion, be having these issues. What do I need to do to fix this?

By Martin Hoeser
Apr 29 2022

Dear Customer Help.

Zone 2 of our 3 zones can not be added to automatic watering.

I am unable to connect !?

Need assistance, thank you kindly.

By Robert Walker
Apr 27 2022

Power is on but I have a blank screen. Can’t get program data to come up. App is unresponsive.
Please help.

By Jane Adams
Apr 26 2022

I am unable to program the system from my phone. It says it is scheduled to water every fifth day except it never waters on those days and I can’t change it. We bought this house in December and I have been playing around with this app for the last month now that it’s getting warm. Frustrating

By joe
Apr 26 2022

My b-hyve is connected to my android cell phone and scheduled watering takes place. But watering history shows 0 (zero) watering. EVER.

Orbit 57950 controller. Samsung s10 phone.

How do I get watering history to work?

By Janet O'Blennis
Apr 23 2022

I can't figure out some of the steps after reading your 42 page manuel. Worst of all is the frustration of no one getting back to me. I've been on the phone reaching out to the customer service dept. for over 4 hours. I have acquired over 7 telephone numbers and yet no assistance. It's your turn to contact me.
408 269 1731 or 408 644 5659
janet O'Blennis (beyond frustrated)

By Greg Andrews
Apr 08 2022

Had an issue where the b-hyve app wouldn't load and ended deleting the app. Went to App Store and downloaded the again but cannot login to my b-Hyve account to set the watering schedule on the b-hyve app that I have been using for over two years. The app won't accept my email. Can you help.

By Dennis F Ricke
Apr 05 2022

B-Hyve refuses to run programs because it says Rain Sensor canceled it. I don't have a rain sensor. How do I tell it to ignore that bit of programming?

By Ian Smith
Mar 26 2022

App keeps crashing on my iphone. I’ve reset my phone an deleted the app and reinstalled multiple times. Still nothing!

By Roger A. Nelson
Mar 14 2022

I am getting very frustrated with my 12 Station B-Hyve controller and App. It's been over a month trying to get my controller to go back on line, and communicate with my app. You have sent me the same information 4 times on how to reconnect the devices. I've tried your procedures over 20 times, to no avail. Please don't email or text me the same instructions, I would like to talk to a human being that can help me with my problem. My number is 818-807-6776. Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated.

By Ross Poling
Mar 03 2022

I am unable to open the program and went to the unit it says in is on waiting, I open the tablet and it takes several seconds and then goes back to the screen to open, retry and it comes up will report an issue to you. I have replaced the battery and reset the controller. Nothing is working I have placed a call Mins ago and it will be 30 mins to a hour. Do I need to remove a program and start over?

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When set in smart mode, B-hyve uses local weather data to determine how much water is evaporated and transpired through your plants each day to know when it needs to water.  B-hyve also takes into account things like soil type, plant type, sun/shade and slope to determine a watering schedule that takes the water to the roots and helps avoid runoff.  When set to smart watering mode, B-hyve takes the guesswork out of watering and utilizes Mother Nature, along with some really great technology, to determine the watering schedule for your yard.  When set and left in smart watering mode, B-hyve can save users as much as 50% more water over a traditional controller.  With B-hyve you can set custom programs to water how you want while still taking advantage of the local weather data to override watering in case of a weather event.  The B-hyve smart sprinkler timer app allows you to control or monitor your sprinklers from anywhere in the world with the convenience of your smart device.  This is bhyve for the best-selling, WaterSense and SWAT certified Orbit B-hyve Smart Wifi Sprinkler Timer.  By performing a catch cup test on your sprinkler system, you will know exactly how much water is being applied rather than relying on estimated sprinkler head water use that other timers/apps use, which can be off by as much as 50%, saving you more water and money.  The B-hyve app also integrates the award-winning irrigation audit tool right to your smart device.  This is also the companion app for homeowners with the Hydro-Rain B-hyve Pro Wifi Controller.  Knowing how long and how often to water your plants can be challenging.  It also accounts for any rainfall that is in the forecast, shuts off the system for rain, then looks back to see how much actually fell.  That’s smart! But all yards are not the same.  This will shut off your system during the rain and resume your program when the rain has passed.  If you want to be the one in control of the schedule, that’s okay too.  ALEXA – Works with Alexa.  Please let us know if you have questions or problems. 

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