Round Health Reviews

Round Health Reviews

Published by on 2017-12-05

Round makes it easier to remember to take your medicine, so you can worry less,
live healthier, and be happier. This simple, beautiful app organizes all of
your medications and vitamins in one place. It provides subtle, persistent
reminders that go beyond awkward phone alarms. By hel...

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Round Health Reviews

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    Needs more editing functionality

    A good app to keep reminding me to take my meds. It gives multiple warnings around the time you need to take your meds, which is important for me. In the past, I’ve had just 1 alert for my meds, and if I miss that alert I forget to take them completely. My only gripe so far is that you can’t edit the dates when you need to take a medication that is not daily. For example I give myself an injection every 2 weeks. I can definitely set that I want a reminder for the shot every 2 weeks, but if I ever need to edit that reminder (like to change the dosage or the reminder window), it changes the day that I take that shot to be today. I don’t take this shot again until 8 days from now, but because I moved the window forward two hours this afternoon, Round is now prompting me to take my shot today. This means I won’t be reminded to take it in 8 days unless I change the reminder to be an “every 8 days” medication, and then change it back to an “every 14 days” medication next time I take it. At least when I had my shot reminders in my phone’s calendar app, they were on the right day.

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    Changed my life

    Every single time I see the stupid notification "would you like to rate our app?" I immediately click no because if I really thought it was worth writing a review for, I wouldn't need to be asked. But it popped up today and I HAD to. I LOVE this app. I bought an Apple Watch not too long ago, not really knowing all of the benefits of it, while simultaneously trying to find things I could do with it. I found this app in the watch App Store and after downloading it, I am not kidding - it changed my life. I am an INCREDIBLY forgetful person. And also not very good with routine. That being said, I have to take certain medications every SINGLE day around the same time to get the full effect of them - but like I said, I am all over the place and rarely have routine in my life. This app changed that. Every morning I wake up and I am EXCITED to check off the medications I need to take, like I'm playing a game with myself: how many days can you go taking it at the right time? It's motivating in a way that I couldn't get motivated on my own to have a routine that benefits my life way more than just a simple click of a button. Thank you so much to all of those who helped create this application - you have helped me in more ways than I can explain in this review.

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    Functional...and beautiful!

    I just started living a medicated life and was very worried that I would not be able to find an app or method of tracking that was both functional and beautiful (ux designer here). This app is wonderful! I love the interface and the aesthetic choices made. I also love the usability of the entire app. I like the fact that you can have a nickname for your meds so your notifications aren’t showcasing your medications. The calendar tracker and the ‘tap to take’ formats are amazing. The notifications are prompt and remind you again if you forget. All around a great app; I am happy to have found it! Cons: so far I have not been able to actually sign in and register my account. It always says that’s unavailable and to try again later...but that’s it; everything else is amazing! Requests: An “I’m starting this medication on a future day” feature. While I like the current reminder format and schedule, sometimes you have to start meds on a future day and pre-scheduling that out so it reminds you the day you start it or a reminder the day before that you’re beginning that regimen soon would be great. Also, some meds have an “ease in” method like ‘take one a day and then two a day’ adding that feature would awesome.

  • A good start

    I have a bunch of medication I take because of a chronic health condition. I forget sometimes and it can mess me up for days if I get off track so the reminder portion really helps a lot. Recently it hasn’t let me check off when I take a medication from my Apple Watch which it used to do but hopefully that’s fixed soon. The one thing I’d like to see (that I’d be willing to pay for even) is that I take medication on an as needed basis for pain that doesn’t really fit into a set schedule ‘take at 6:00 pm” but they do have a set interval like “take every six hours” or “every 8 hours “. I really need something that can track those times and reminders for those medications, or even for a set schedule it would be nice to be able to add in things like take before or after a meal etc. I know you can add them to the schedule but if you don’t need them it’s very fiddly to skip a medication and there’s no way to set a reminder “in 4 hours” rather than at a specific time. Having to remember the schedule for each of the pain management meds defeats the purpose of using an app.

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    Very glitchy and dangerous for your health!

    I have been using Round found months now. I’m on several medications and some that can never be mixed together as it can very dangerous for me. I also been in a accident that has impacted my memory. So why I need help in remembering when to take my medication and help me record all the intake in my meds. So that’s when the Round App comes in. I have tried countless of others and round does have a ease about it and I liked that. But long story short it was very glitchy! I would kick me out of app at least 4-6 times before I could actually use it. Others times I just had to do a hard reset on my iPhone to make the app open. Mind you all my others 40+ apps on my iPhone give me no problems opening up. But the worse problem of all is that that app doesn’t record all the medication that I input as TAKEN! I would come back the next day and the previous day would be showing that I never took any of my medications! Even two days back would be empty! How many times have I doubled up on my medications because this app had a glitch and didn’t store my taken meds? Can’t tell you the times I told myself “I know I just took this medication a hour ago?” But ROUND says “Not taken” so I taken again! That my friends is dangerous!!! Stay away!!

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    Really good, with couple quirks.

    Overall the App works fine and haven't had an update cause me issue on an IPhone 6 Plus. That being said there are a few quirks that I'm sure could be fixed. The app deals with scheduled and "as needed" meds differently, especially regarding AM & PM. E.g. If you are "on" a given days screen and your phone's clock has already flipped over to the next day (12:01 AM) you can click that days scheduled medicine and it treats it like that screen's day's medicine, But if you click an ad needed medicine at the same time it treats it like it was taken during the AM of that day (I.e. 23 hrs and 59 mins earlier) instead of just as you pressed the button. The fix is that you have to scroll to the "next day" and then click that you just took it to account for it properly. It would seem that "As needed" medicine should be accounted for on a separate screen and accounted for merely as the actual time and day it was taken. Not a deal breaker per-say but very annoying for an App you are relying on to keep you straight.

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    So helpful!

    I’m chronically ill and have to take quite a few pills/supplements throughout the day. It’s really hard for me to remember when I take which pill, etc. This app solves that issue completely! It keeps me accountable and never second guessing or double-dosing on accident! *edit One thing I’ve noticed since typing this review is that I found one flaw. When a medication is set as “as needed” in settings it will still show up at the bottom of the screen, where the “as needed” meds are listed the second time (to list time of doses) You have to scroll through your meds and check times at the top if they are on this setting. This is important because my inhaler is on a “as needed” basis but I have to wait four hours in between doses. So if the wrong time is at the bottom of your med list, and only correct when you read through all meds, it gets confusing. I hope this makes sense! It would be improved by having the “as needed” meds listed at the bottom to update dose times

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    Great App - Runs Slow

    I love the Round app and it’s honestly the only app I’ve been able to find that I like the design of. Most medication apps are overly complicated and don’t work for people who take a LOT of various meds. Round is perfect for me - it keeps track of medications wonderfully, and I love the timer on my as needed medication. It’s very customizable and easy to see all the information you need at a glance. I also love that the medication list is so simplistic that I can just hand my phone over to the nurse whenever they ask what medications I’m on which definitely saves time at doctors appointments. My only complaint is that the app has quite a lag to it. Especially as you add more and more medications for it to keep track of. I’d love to see the app sped up because it can be quite a hassle to be waiting and waiting for an app to load multiple times a day when I take my meds. It also has a glitch where the meds don’t line up properly which means you have to completely restart the app, which is even more annoying. I love Round SO much but if it gets any slower and crashes any more I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep using it. I hope they release an update that fixes these problems soon.

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    One day and I love it, but...

    I started taking a medication that’s taken 6 times a day, evenly spaced. I take several other meds and there is no way I’m remembering 6 times for one med without help. Tried another app that tells you all the possible drug interactions when you enter your meds. I can understand the logic behind the feature but for me I just have a panic attack. Went looking again and found this app. Does almost everything I want it to do without scaring me every time I take a pill. I love the calendar feature that serves as a record of how consistent I’ve been with a given med, or all of them. There’s only one thing I want. When I save a medication as “taken as needed” it also gives me the option to schedule a dose. But it only schedule a recurring regular dose. When I take an as needed med, often that day there is a follow up dose 4 or 6 hours later, but not carrying to the next day. I would love to be able to a schedule a non recurring reminder with meds taken as needed.

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    Great for tracking pain meds

    I got this app to help me keep track of my acetaminophen and ibuprofen intakes while recovering from an accident. It works great at reminding you to take meds but also allows you to input meds that are “as needed” and will tell you how many hours/minutes since you last took it. It takes two taps to record taking a medication, and a couple extra swipes to change the time if you’re recording one you took previously. I got to where I was tracking all my vitamins and whatnot as well, it’d also make a decent makeshift water tracker if you were into that. The Apple Watch app for it is geared more towards medications that you take at set times, and will show you a history of what you’ve taken and allow you to tap to take meds. I had to double check to make sure that this was a free app before I reviewed it, because it hasn’t hounded me with adds, and for how well it functions I’d gladly pay a few bucks for it.

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    More than meds

    I originally just put my vitamins in the round app, and it works really well for that, but I’ve just started adding more to make it an all inclusive habit tracker. I added some additional “meds” that are custom habits that support my overall well being. The window reminders work beautifully for this! As does the monthly view which gives me a bright green happy dot for completing my habits. I also like that the app icon is generic and clean. I have it next to my water tracking app and these two at my finger tips help me remember to take care of myself in the midst of running around after 4 kids. This is a great app that is simple and clean, but there’s brains going on in the background so it’s not limited or archaic. I haven’t experienced any glitches at all...maybe those who have had glitches don’t have iOS updated(?). I’ve had this app on my phone for almost a year through updates with no issues.

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    Almost one of the best apps in the store

    This is how apps should be made - logical, intuitive, unadorned and no gotchas. While the Medisafe app is highly advertised and thus more popular it is cursed with being too gimmicky and tries to be all things for all reasons, some of which there's a substantial upcharge for. Round does one job and it does it right. It's not perfect though, I've run into a few glitches. For example it assumes very routine schedules, if you have to take a med 5 times a day there's no simple way to just tell it that, you have to schedule it 5 separate times. And if your doctor tells you to take x number the first 3 days then take y number the next 4 days than stop on 7th day the app has no way to handle that, and unfortunately that is one of the most common things doctors tell us to do. But still I'm impressed, one of the best apps in the store,

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    Great and Helpful App!

    PS - Round, can you work on developing this app with the 3D Touch function on iPhones so you can press down on the app icon and mark that you’ve taken your meds, rather than having to open it all the way up? I love this app! It is so simple to use and its design is beautiful and user friendly. I actually like the tone - it is loud but its uniqueness and volume makes sure I don’t forget a dose. It’s easy to enter all my medications, customize names if the particular medication is not in the app’s system, and customize my dose. I like that you can schedule meds but also have unscheduled meds; that helps me track how often I’m needing to take my “as needed” meds and address it with my doctor. I also use the app as an easy reference in doctors’ offices when I need to update my current medications for them. I definitely recommend this if you have multiple medications and scheduled you need to manage!

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    Setting times/bugs?

    I’m uninstalling today...I’ve contacted RoundHealth two times I’ve yet to receive a satisfactory response to my questions...they did respond and advised they were small but I’ve yet to receive an answer back.. I like the application but not sure it’s me or what but the application seems to miss recording on a two medications which I take several times a day and they have different doses .... Setting up is fairly easy but the clock gives me a bit of a problem...I have neurological problems which cause my fingers to jump at times working with fine movements...the clock requires turning with a finger and I find it difficult to set properly... I like the application but I’m uninstalling because if my leeriness of if the bug exists or if it’s me. I understand they are small but they must organize in order to respond to customers within a reasonable period of time.

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    Love, love, love this app!

    I can‘t remember to take my medication, and often, I can’t remember if I took it. I really love that this app allows me to set a “reminder window”- very important for this self-employed fine art oil painter. I have my reminders set for 2-hour window and the app will remind me within that window until I click that I have taken my meds... it is not annoying. Sometimes, I can’t stop what I’m doing in order to take my medication. I purchased an Apple Watch (didn’t think I needed one but it has changed my life!) When I discovered my Apple Watch will give me notifications for different health concerns, I searched the App Store to find something to help me remember to take my medication. My Apple Watch will vibrate when it’s time to take my medication and the lovely “Round” logo pops up with 2 button options: [dismiss] or [ I took it ]. Really glad I found this app!

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Is Round Health Safe?

Yes. Round Health is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 7,967 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Round Health Is 63.9/100.

Is Round Health Legit?

Yes. Round Health is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 7,967 Round Health User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Round Health Is 63.9/100.

Is Round Health not working?

Round Health works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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