Qardio heart health Reviews

Qardio heart health Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-02

Qardio makes it easy to manage your heart health. Record and store your vitals,
and have the power to make more informed health choices. Track blood pressure,
irregular heartbeat, body composition (body fat %, muscle %, bone %, water %),
BMI, weight and heart rate. The Qardio app works...

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Qardio heart health Reviews

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    Broken and corrupting data

    I’m not sure if it’s the iOS 13 update or what, but I’m ready to throw this thing in the trash. First of all, throughout the last 18 months of owning Qardiobase 2, it has been nominally reliable, with spats of problems. All of a sudden, the scale will be off by 10+ lbs, consistently the same amount, and then a reboot of the scale will fix it. This is annoying and undermines trust of the product and brand, but I’ve dealt with it by going into the app and deleting those data points. Today, it started giving me wild results, but when I went into the app to delete the data, that no longer works. So I tap delete, but the data point remains. I had to go into Health app to delete multiple data types, and still the scale is registering me as a different member of the household, with no way to correct it. I do not feel this product is stable enough to be used as a tool for health and fitness. I regret the purchase and I’m ready to move on. Update: I have done a system reset of the scale and it appears to be working again. I’m still frustrated, but at least my problem has been resolved for the time being. I feel the app does many extraneous things that I don’t use, and would prefer the development team spend their time focusing on stability of the core features like weighing and storing the results. The UX of the app is pretty wonky, it does not feel at all like a native app.

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    App Routinely Crashes

    I’ve been a regular user of QardioArm A100 blood pressure monitor for about 1 year. The first 9 months or so months it seemed like the ideal monitor. I even bragged about it to my medical provider. I had the setting set up for 3 consecutive measurements with the photo display running during the measurement process. Shortly after switching to a new iPhoneX the app began routinely crashed midway during the process. Frequently during the first 1 of 3 measurements. I then changed my setting from 3 to 1 reading and also turned off the photo feature. It helped but did correct the problem. The app still frequently crashes and closes. I am working hard to manage my BP and now am having to rely on a single measurement, this is a concern, especially because the QuardioArm’s instructions clearly state that a user needs multiple measurements for a more accurate reading. Additionally, I have corresponded with their customer service through email, they were responsive, acknowledging my concerns but in the end offered no solution. As time passes I keep hoping I’ll see an app update in the iTunes Store but thus far I have seen nothing. In fact I find no history that they ever do any corrective updates. It’s disappointing that what had started out as an excellent price/value tool and resource is now no more than just another outdated technology purchase flopping around in my junk drawer like my old flip phone.

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    The Qardio Arm smart blood pressure monitor is a God send! It’s quick and easy to take my Mom’s blood pressure daily, or several times a day when needed. The fact that it keeps track of her pressures over time is so valuable - I show her Doctors and better, consistent information on the fluctuations in her blood pressure has helped them to finally adjust her meds so that her pressure is stable. I work, and in the middle of a busy schedule, the Quardio is a very important component in my Mom’s daily health regimen. Note that the reading is generally a few points higher than a contemporaneous reading taken with an old fashioned cuff. The Qardio is “internally” consistent though, so I trust it, and I factor all that in when Mom’s pressure is at the extreme. I have never been good with the manual cuff and always take her pressure at least twice manually because I don’t trust that I’ve gotten an accurate. Because that is more time consuming and thus stressful to both my mother and I we greatly prefer Qardio.

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    Potentially life saving definitely life changing

    I’m still young-ish and always had very excellent blood pressure so was surprised when my cardiologist and then GP agreed that my blood pressure was way too high. They wanted me to get a device and measure my BP. I didn’t know how really and didn’t want something that would take long to complete. I found this device and app and really love it. It’s very quick to use so it does not take time (I’m more likely to take my BP more often) and the recording / tracking is the best part bc it automatically records then shows me not only the results but how good or bad they are with a quick graph. And the accumulated data is, of course, great to see over time. It’s very easy and most importantly quick to use. So, I desire to use it and am more closely following and rectifying my BP. I don’t want medication so I’m doing this, instead.

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    Frustrated with the app

    Connected to the QardioBase2 easily but I've not been able to get it to recognize myself or provide other measurements. The only instructions provided are to download the app. The app walks through the setup process. All seems easy until you start weighing yourself and you can't get it to recognize that it's YOU and not a guest. I used the "Claim" function to assign weights to me but the next weigh in still goes to a guest with no choice of another user available. If there is something else I need to do in the setup, it is not obvious. Update: I went through the setup process a second time and noticed that some of the steps seemed to get skipped passed and again had the scale only record as guest. Went through the setup a third time and each step waited for confirmation button presses and connected properly showing my name as an available choice to select from on the scale. Not sure why the first two setup attempts would skip through some of the steps but I would suggest to try repeatedly until success.

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    Difficult to activate

    In order for the device to register green or activate, I have to open the battery cover every time else it doesn't register. Frustrating process that in itself raises my blood pressure. Is there a problem with my device? I've changed my rating because the agent that responded to me needs some training in how to speak to his customers. He said "I am the issue" rather an interesting way of conveying a message to those who purchase your products. Bad company. The unit was replaced with a new one the device worked perfectly for a week then it started loosing Bluetooth connectivity again only this time I have to forget the device and pair it again. When it works it is great but when it doesn't well it elevates my blood pressure. I changed the rating again because of the effort rendered by customer service after I expressed my disappointment with their initial response. The product on the other hand doesn't always work as it is supposed to.

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    I've had mine over 2 years and many other types of BP monitors since I developed heart issues 29 years ago. It's small enough to take on walks. This is the best by far! The reliability is most important of all. Recording data is next. Then the fabulous support when I report a problem. As soon as I report a problem support is there. Then they send me a new replacement as soon as they determine a fault that needs same. I bought my wife one a few months back when cardiologist wanted daily records. She loves it too!! We recommended it to our five adult children ages 50-29 and all our friends. 09july2017 It's about 3 years now. I still love this BP unit and their support. 06may2019 It’s almost 5 years now. My wife and I still love this BP unit and especially their EXCELLENT SUPPORT which does not waiver no matter how long ago we bought our units!

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    If your priority is Health...

    I’ve used Qardio with the QardioArm and QardioBase products for about 6 months. Recent updates have improved stability, although I needed to do a delete and fresh install to make sure I had the latest version. The app tracks weight, body metrics, and BP in separate categories and makes it easy to see changes over time. It’s better than the combined diary/timeline approach for me, as I can easily check and report my latest measurements without hunting for the data. Qardio doesn’t push social aspects like some others do, which I appreciate. Goal setting is straightforward. Overall, it’s helpful to have one app that works with more than one product.

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    Needs a lot of work

    Right now the app in its state needs a lot of work. The app freezes at least once in every session and I’m not using it for more than a minute or two. That’s the biggest issue but then the app itself is missing a few items like body fat percentage is only shown at the whole number level. Many other scales show it at the first decimal. There also are no charts other than a list for visualization. You can add friends but only to see blood pressure not weight. I weigh myself early in the morning and when Apple Health syncs an hour later at 6:30 every morning it shows that I weigh 0lbs. Luckily this doesn’t affect Apple Health but the issue is when I set a goal each day it says I achieved my goal because I’m at 0 lbs. it would also be nice to see the lbs of the percentages rather than just whole number percentage. If your option is to buy this scale at $150 don’t...there are better options out there. I got the scale for $80 and I’m still questioning the purchase but hopefully they can work on it and get it closer to Withings or Fitbit.

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    App has constantly crashed. For years.

    I have both the Qardiobase 2 and qardioarm, and have had both for about 2 years now. Software seems to be the big issue here. The app constantly crashes when trying to take blood pressure readings, as man others have said. I have the latest version installed, I’ve reinstalled in the past, it’s just clearly a poorly coded app. How many apps crash and freeze multiple times a day in 2019, on multiple screens, seemingly at random and within 2-3 minutes of opening the app? It’s a really sad situation, and I don’t recommend this device to anyone anymore. I check my BP 3 times a week, and probably average ~5 app freezes or crashes a week. The act of reading your blood pressure shouldn’t raise your blood pressure. :) I hope they scrap this codebase and start over with another app, this one isn’t working. I’ll give 2 stars because the hardware is nice, and when the app works, it’s fine, and I appreciate the Apple health sync (when it works).

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    Used to be great!

    I have both the QardioArm and QardioBase. They both worked flawlessly for both my husband and I who have iPhone 7’s and had I rated it a year ago, would have been 5 stars. It’s very important that I take my BP everyday as recommended by my cardiologist. A few months ago the app started constantly crashing and I cannot get my readings. Even if I close out the app and reopen it, it opens where it left off and is stuck. I noticed that many people are experiencing the same problem and I highly recommend Qardio reverts back to a later version that worked for everyone. Otherwise we have a useless expensive brick that most of the time won’t work. I say most of the time because 1 out of 10 times the app will work, but that’s not good when you have to wait between testing. PLEASE Qardio, fix this issue, I feel spoiled and don’t want to revert to using my older BP machine and manually tracking again. Once fixed I’ll update to 5 stars!!

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    Minor adjustments needed

    I have the Qardio app to use with the Base 2 scale. I'm considering returning the scale because it does not seem accurate: 1) The scale displays one weight and the app sync shows another. It's usually 0.1 pounds different but that should not be the case. 2) When I started with the Qardio Base2, I was dehydrated as I rarely drink any beverages. For a week now I've been hydrating well but my water composition percentage remains the same (49-50%). I'm not sure if this is more reflective of the app or the scale. 3) When I step on the Qardio Base2 scale, three times immediately back-to-back, I get 3 different readings for weight. 4) The app shows a history tracker chart for weight, BMI, and body fat %. Because the scale and app both show figures for water and bone composition, it would be nice to view those charts as well. There currently is no option for that. Suggestion: allow a toggle that can show two or more charts together for comparison. I like the app's potential but more is needed. Part of the problem could be with the scale so I'm hoping the app might have an update for me to try before I decide to return the Base2 scale. Otherwise, the scale gives me a good estimate of my weight (not sure about the accuracy of the other readings) and the app is workable with good functionality.

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    Crashes often

    I have used this app for years with no problems and I just got an iPhone XR. For whatever reason the app does not work with the iPhone XR well at all. The app crashes two or three times before I can take one BP reading. It is almost impossible to flip between different functions. I’m giving the app three stars right now but it usually receives five. Hopefully they will get this constructive feedback and address the problems with the iPhone XR quickly. As is, the product is almost unusable. Update: I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I also saw where there was a recent update that promised to correct all the problems. Taking my measurements this morning the app crashed three times. It’s absolutely horrible. My rating is now going for three stars to one star. I absolutely agree with another person who said this app and product used to be great but since switching to a new iPhone it is simply incompatible and is completely frustrating to use.

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    Terrible Experience👎! - only 1 star⭐️

    So far I am so very disappointed in my entire experience with Qardio, including its app. But since this is about the app, I will rate and review the app only. I just received my QatdioArm. I suspect that instead of receiving a brand new product, I was sent a previously used product (because they had to send out a second shipment). If that is the case, I didn’t get what I paid for - an unused brand new product. I am also a new Qardio user, so I just signed up for their app after finally receiving my QardioArm. When first logging in and after my first blood pressure measurements, I discovered a previous user’s blood pressure measurements in my user account. So I deleted their measurements one-by-one. But when I logged into the app later, the previous users measurements are showing back in my user account along with my data. This is not good at all. I contacted support, and hope that they will satisfactorily resolve this.

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    Excellent product - Qardio Arm

    I've used Qardio arm for over a year. I managed to break the first one iPhone after about four months. I got a full replacement at no charge! I use the product every day. I have no problem with batteries. A set of batteries last about two months. Maybe more. I love the reports that I get and love that I have over one year of data stored on my iPhone. I am on no medication and I am trying to avoid that. My blood pressure was at the point where I might need medication. Through exercise and good nutrition it has come back to the normal range. This device helps me a lot! If you want to monitor your blood pressure I can highly recommend this product.

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Is Qardio heart health Safe?

Yes. Qardio heart health is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 17,296 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Qardio heart health Is 41.7/100.

Is Qardio heart health Legit?

Yes. Qardio heart health is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 17,296 Qardio heart health User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Qardio heart health Is 41.7/100.

Is Qardio heart health not working?

Qardio heart health works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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