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Published by on 2020-01-08

Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, get healthy, change your habits, or start a new diet, you’ll love MyFitnessPal. • Consumer Reports #1 rated diet • PC Magazine Editor’s Choice Selection • #1 Health and Fitness app for 4 years straight Also featured in the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Wi...

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MyFitnessPal Reviews

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    Easy to use, wish focus was on health

    This app is very easy to use to log the food you eat - what I mainly use it for, to stay balanced. It’s far more efficient than in 2010, when I first started using it. I spend maybe 5 minutes a day total logging my food intake. I like that it includes nutrition breakdowns so I can pinpoint when I’m lacking iron, or calcium, or etc in my overall diet. What I don’t like is that there is not much language change when you go from “loosing weight” or “gaining weight” settings to just maintain weight. Every day when I finish logging food and exercise, it says, “If every day were like today, you’d weight xxx pounds in 5 weeks!” I understand why this concept is useful in maintaining weight, but I suggest that it be done less often. Perhaps it could be a weekly recap, or a button you could push to check whether your habits will lead to incremental weight gain (much like you have to navigate to the nutrition breakdown when you want to see it). I know that on Easter Sunday, I ate richer foods and more of them than is healthy everyday; I don’t need that reminder just before bed. It steals some of my joy in the day and in the celebration I chose to indulge in that day. Maybe have something pop up that is encouraging every once and a while - like you hit your calcium goal this week! Or you logged exercise 5 days! Something that is focused on weekly, not daily, behavior. And something actually encouraging and NOT focused on weight!

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    Great App for someone with a disability

    I have Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy, and I am a recent heart transplant patient. I lost about 30 pounds before my transplant because I knew it would be a hard transition and it is important to give yourself and those helping you the best edge you possibly can. It’s also important to really educate yourself on nutrition and your body, I studied nutrition on my own did all the exercises I could, learned my body type and how I metabolize food. I also consult with my doctors and get blood work done so I know how to best tweak my diet to maximize my diet and health. Get some it’s always wise to consult with your doctors and even get a basic basic metabolic panel done to check your blood work. I recently gained a few pounds back from being on high doses of prednisone and others that made me super hangry like that already food loving person I am. As knowledgeable I am about nutrition I’m not a machine and this app keeps me accountable and allows me to make the most of my health habits. The key is to have a healthy balance and not obsess over losing weight and constantly over analyzing everything. It also helps me remember to hydrate. Don’t go crazy extreme, pace yourself and allow yourself to have many of the things you crave don’t over indulge make healthier versions of what you crave and eat smaller portions of the things you really want.

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    It made me realize

    My New Years resolution was to get to a certain weight that would call for me to lose about 15 pounds. I already ate rather healthy during my meals, but I had a problem with snacking. I wasn’t at the point of sitting down and eating an entire family bag of chips in one setting. I would however eat a handful here and there, eat 4 Girl Scout cookies twice a day, and some of the candy my grandma loves to send me every and I mean every holiday. I couldn’t see how much that snacking affected me. My fitness pal has helped me keep track of my calories as I take them in and it has worked wonders! I have been successfully losing weight and it’s all because I can actually see a number to know how many calories I have left in my day when I go to grab the snack. Now don’t get me wrong I still snack some, but I’ll do one snack a day now or half of the amount of chips and half of the cookies instead of a large amount. Another thing that this app has helped me with is realizing how I feel after I eat. For example if I am not eating healthier foods I usually feel exhausted the next day. I didn’t realize it before but now that I have a food diary to look back on I can see what I ate compared to how I feel.

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    Dietary Restriction Alerts & Polar Compatibility

    In my own, personal opinion, the features that would earn fifth star would be to expand compatibility toward Polar brand products and applications, and to allow users to enter in specific ingredient, calorie, macro/micronutrient restrictions to be alerted to in meals & recipes. It would be great to know if something I ate (or am logging because I'm about to eat) will conflict with a low FODMAP diet, or has more of a specific nutrient than I want at the time. I recall a previous version that would offer food tips ("this food is high in sodium", "this food is a great source of vitamin c", etc.) I haven't yet tried the paid version, and these could be included there, but I felt it worth mentioning. Overall, the app comes packed with so many intuitive, convenient features, I have succeeded in making journaling with it part of my daily dietary considerations. The terms and conditions of the challenges offered are abjectly terrifying, though, and ought to be more prominently featured before agreeing to them. Currently, the language you provide allows sponsoring companies the freedom to scour my phone for any notes I've taken to work on business projects of my own during my participation, and hamstrings me to do anything to defend my own privacy and trade secrets afterward if they take any action on them. Not cool.

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    Why don’t any fitness apps have a “just had a baby” note?

    I used to love this app and many of its features but I find it lacking after having my baby. Not only does the weight gain from my pregnancy look negative on the chart (well duh I made a child), but there are many of the features that make it seem like I’m lazy or not putting in the effort to stay healthy. The calorie intake is much less than what I should be eating because I’m breastfeeding but it turns negative when I include the snacks because it goes over the calorie goal. Not to mention that exercise is limited postpartum. I’m not asking for my fitness pal to keep track of my breastfeeding or anything like that (there are many other apps for that) but it would be nice if there was a note you could add or status change that one could add that encourages mamas who are recovering from labor. Not put us down for not being able to keep up with our diets and exercise habits pre-child. A little encouragement, especially around the 5th and 6th week postpartum would be beneficial since that is around the time when most moms can actually begin to work out and do light exercises. This app is really helpful because it helps me make sure I’m eating enough, especially since it’s hard to stay sane with a newborn and lack of sleep. I just wish it was more mama friendly because many fitness apps seem to completely forget that labor and recovery ain’t easy. 😥

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    Must have Fitness App

    MyFitnessPal is an incredible tool for getting a handle on your health and fitness. The app makes it easy to log the food you eat. The calories as well as the grams of each macronutrient. There are too many features to list, but a couple deliver tremendous value. MyFitnessPal automatically updates from my Strava feed, so all my running, biking and strength workouts automatically show up. The food database is very extensive, but you have to know something about the nutritional content of food because some of the food items submitted by users are pretty sketchy. There is, a huge catalog of verified food items, so with a little bit of comparison, you get some accurate data. I do intermittent fasting, where three days a week I eat a very low calorie diet and the other days, I eat normally. MyFitnessPal doesn’t like that and warns me that I’m not eating enough on my low-calorie days. The week view, however, smooths out the daily peaks and values and you can see your averages over time. MyFitnessPal is a valuable tool in my health and fitness program. Along with my Tomtom Cardio watch and Strava, it delivers the metrics I need to stay on track.

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    Lots of functionality, but not a very good app

    This app is a good utility, but if they gave the UI and functionality a bit more polish here and there it could be great. Some things are just clumsy and/or glitchy which makes using it throughout the day kind of a pain. I’ll continue to use it, but as other similar apps arise I’ll definitely keep checking them out as there’s nothing really tying me to this one. Some examples: it repeatedly asks me to allow Apple Heath access even though it’s already got it (and is already using the data it gets from there). It reads my weight and then writes it back to Apple Health resulting in duplicate data points. I couldn’t get it to integrate reliably with UnderArmor’s (pretty terrible) other apps. It doesn’t make use of 3D Touch, which could make moving/peeking/editing items in my diary much faster. It’s got visual glitches along the top and bottom of the iPhone X screen. I turned on the negative calorie adjustment, but that was REALLY glitchy, sporadically giving me a negative calorie adjustment > 1000 before updating to < 100 a couple minutes later. Googling this shows the issue has been around for a very long time, but they haven’t addressed it. I’m paying for pro because they cripple the basic set of features so much, but at this point I definitely feel no loyalty to the app, and I wonder what they are doing with all that subscription money.

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    Almost useless for diabetics

    This health/fitness/diet app claims to be comprehensive, but has a huge gap in its user experience for diabetics. There is no way to input blood sugar readings in real time or to integrate readings from glucose monitors on here. Given how tied to diet and macro nutrients diabetes is, you would think this would've been a basic aspect of the app already - or an add-on that could pop up along with adding food or exercise. I've been a MyFitnessPal member for years and do appreciate the detail, massive database, and ability to input your own recipes you get for free. The meal time stamps it already offers with Premium would be really useful for tracking blood sugar, but nope, the only way to track that is manually adding a bunch of blood sugar categories, and then tracking them under progress, like it's your weight. This is useless when you have to do it 4 times a day or more at different times, and you can't look back at sugar levels as part of your diary (linked to your diet). Do the manufacturers just assume that people interested in fitness and diabetics are mutually exclusive populations? We need either a setting to add our readings with a timestamp, similar to foods, that then can be read as part of the diary; or integration with the most popular glucometer apps. This should be a basic feature, or at least Premium, for a so-called leading health app.

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    Recipe Sharing & Net Carbs?

    I've come back to MFP after a few years and am very pleased at the many improvements in capabilities, user friendliness, standalone mobile usability, social features, and the UI in general. There are 2 glaringly obvious QoL things that are missing. The first is Recipe Sharing. As it is now, the only way my Hubs and I have found to share entries between people is to copy an Entire meal from someone's diary. It would be much simpler to be able to share the recipe with him on the front end so he could use it as he chooses. It would be even More helpful if we were given a little space to jot down actual directions so these "recipes" weren't solely lists of ingredients and I could recreate things. That may be asking too much though. The other, much more important issue is that there isn't a setting to switch from displaying Total Carbs to Net Carbs (total Carbs-Fiber). There isn't even a way to show macros and Fiber at the same time to do the math yourself. The custom settings only allow for 3 nutrient selections (you'd need 4 to show Carbs, Fiber, Fat, Protein). This is something that needs to be updated ASAP. Oh, and fyi if you're using a macro based method know that you'll need premium to get access to those tracking features.

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    Inaccurate Percentages

    I’ve used this app and other similar apps on and off throughout the years, and I’ve noticed little things that annoy me about them that always eventually makes me stop using them for a while. This time, it seems to be the calorie and macro percentages. Yesterday I was excited to see how much protein I got because I ate more than usual, and I’m normally low on protein, according to this app at least. When I checked the macros summary page it said only 14% of my macros yesterday were from protein, along with 33% from fat and 53% from carbs. What confused me was that it also said I got in 60g of protein yesterday and 61g of fat. So why were the percentages so far off? When I calculated it myself I got about 18% for both fat and protein and 64% for carbs. Maybe they calculate it in some special way I don’t know about and those percentages aren’t what I think they are, but I’m doubtful. And even if this was the case then that just means the app should be more clear. Also, this is more nit picky but on the nutrients page it said I got 61g of protein and 62g of fat. That probably just has more to do with the way it was rounded I guess, but shouldn’t it be the same way all throughout the app? And for those percentages I see no excuse. Makes me wonder what else on this app is inaccurate.

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    Works wonders when used correctly!

    I’ve been a MyFitnessPal user for 6 years now. I want to start by saying when I first started using it, I was using this app religiously. I managed to lose 15 pounds in 3 months. However, I was losing weight for all the wrong reasons and found myself tracking my diet and making sure I was only eating 1500 calories a day when I should have been getting 2000. As soon as I stopped using it, I kept the same weight until I went to college. Freshman 15 is a real thing and that is exactly what happened. I gained all my weight back but it wasn’t just fat, I was gaining muscle too because I found myself weightlifting regularly. 2 years later, I found myself big with a slightly higher than normal fat percentage. That is when I started using my fitness pal again. Now I use this app correctly, and have been losing a moderate and healthy amount of fat a month, by keeping track of my macronutrients and making sure everything that I eat align with my goals. This app does exactly that. Now I have gotten into a routine of logging my food. It used to be a chore, but now it’s a habit and it’s a habit I’m happy to have!

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    Life changing

    I first started using this app when I began bodybuilding. I would have never gained over 15 pounds in muscle and completely changed my body if it wasn’t for myfitnesspal. A few years later, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. I had to alter my diet entirely. I had no energy to even work out for 3 months while I waited for my body to respond to the changes I made so I stopped using the app, as I only associated it with tracking my macros for bodybuilding. I also had no knowledge of how little calories the majority of my extremely clean diet consisted of, and because of that, I ended up losing 16 pounds. All those years of consistent hard work, gone...just like that. After hearing this alarming number, I immediately started using myfitnesspal again to gain my weight back. I have not only gained the weight back, I have learned so much about the new foods I am eating. I am also happy to say my health is finally turning around and I am working out again!! While my doctor was the one who saved my life, I this think myfitnesspal had an incredibly strong positive impact as well. And for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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    Bugs seem to be getting worse rather than better

    I’ve used this app on and off for over 4 years, including paying for the premium features for a couple years now too. I’m constantly put off by the frequent crashes and glitches requiring me to repeatedly close and restart the app just to log food. Creating a recipe, which should be a basic feature, is near impossible thanks to awful interface problems. For example, when you try to scan a food to add it as an ingredient in a recipe, if the barcode isn’t recognized, it acts as though you had closed out of the recipe creating process entirely and everything you had added to that point is lost. And even when you manage to get the entire recipe added, it seems like a coin flip as to whether it will actually let you save and log it rather than erase everything and make you start over again. I have been patient with this app (clearly, to be paying for it still after years of this stuff!) but not only have these bugs not improved in the time I’ve been using it, they seem to have gotten worse. After just sitting here and spending 20 minutes trying to add a simple recipe with nothing to show for it, I am finally done with this app, just canceled my subscription and I’m going to see what else is out there.

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    Such a helpful app!!

    I've been using MyFitnessPal since February at the recommendation of my trainer. I am 45 and have never really had to worry about my weigh or diet until recently. I had put on 10 pounds and was shocked to discover it wasn't easy to loose (it had always been easy before). With this app, it shows you it's all about math :-). I've lost almost all the weight I want to loose, and the reason I haven't lost it all is because I eat too much lots of days (or I should say, I eat too many high cal junk foods instead of protein and veggies that will fill me up without all the calories). I am eating much healthier though and have learned to fill up on the healthy lower calorie foods most of the time. I feel great!! I'm 5'6' and 125 pounds at the moment. Still a work in progress, but I love this app and am so glad my trainer turned me on to it! I also recommended this app to my brother, and he has been much more conscientious with his food intake. He has completely turned his health around and lost 30 pounds! Thirty pounds in five months! He is 5'10' and now weighs 145 pounds. He looks great and is eating so healthy!

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    Won't let me change serving sizes without a fight

    Periodically refuses to allow the amount of food in a serving to be changed from what was entered in the past. If I had a third of a cup of cottage cheese (for example) one day, and then the next day a quarter cup, My Fitness Pal fights with me when I try to use the fraction or decimal counter to enter the amount of food to reflect the most recent serving. It also usually won't allow the amount to be entered manually as a decimal--I can't enter 0.25 cups, it won't accept input of the 0.XX number and shows, in this case, 25 cups. This happens occasionally, but more and more often, and usually after an update. ETA: After the most recent update, I cannot change the serving sizes AT ALL if I copy a meal from another day to save myself the trouble of typing and searching. It will not let me. Don't you people understand the concept of leftovers? There might be a smaller serving left the second or third time you eat a portion. I am sick and tired of fighting with the app when I'm trying to be accurate about serving sizes. ETA: The app goes "offline" and then I can't search for any past foods, this happens with increasing frequency after every update, is becoming tiresome. Updates seem to be adding bugs, not fixing bugs.

Is MyFitnessPal Safe?

Yes. MyFitnessPal is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,375,675 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5. Justuseapp Safety Score for MyFitnessPal Is 70/100.

Is MyFitnessPal Legit?

Yes. MyFitnessPal is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,375,675 MyFitnessPal User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for MyFitnessPal Is 50/100.

Is MyFitnessPal not working?

MyFitnessPal works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Twitter Reviews for MyFitnessPal

@LeeMorris_93 Don’t get absolutely bumped by blag juice or coffee “detox” diets, or even them “fat burners”. All a load of shite, the people promoting them won’t even use them. Once you know your calorie deficit, just use the @MyFitnessPal app to track it all and you’ll deffo see results.

@PeteJBadger I'm taking more steps to feeling better today. I've downloaded @MyFitnessPal as a starter, in order to become more aware of both my activity and diet. I've used the app before and it's not perfect, but another of my aims is to not let perfect be the enemy of good 🙂

@EMSmithPAC1 @MyFitnessPal cannot log foods. Super frustrating. Just started using today because so many recommendations. Never had this problem with Lose It app. After searching online for solution, seems to be reoccurring problem.

@johnleryJL @MyFitnessPal hey, trying to add meals on my diary using search tool and it’s not working, and always have no search results. Is there a problem with the app? Tried using both WiFi & Data.

@Nic_Nac1990 @annikanou @MyFitnessPal Seems to be working now

@DJFuzzboy @scbellinger @MyFitnessPal It always seems to not work on Sundays for me.

@Nic_Nac1990 @fatboyfidget @MyFitnessPal Seems to be back working now

@LouL23 Come on @MyFitnessPal - not able to search foods or add to diary without major glitching for coming on a week now! This isn't worth the annual subscription fee!

@DiamondLouX @MyFitnessPal As you can see from the stream of tweets from your users, the food search database is down on your app 😔 I wish you would hurry up and fix it, I need to log my breakfast 😜

@Ben_Mycroft Since having a personal trainer twice and week also using @MyFitnessPal app I’ve officially lost ONE STONE in just over one month I’m so proud of myself ngl 😂 Still got along way to go but still 😂

@Sarahovais @MyFitnessPal I’m experiencing severe issues with my app! Not being able to key in anything! Can someone help?

@anand_offbeat @MFP_Ops @MyFitnessPal this seems to be a global issue! did any production release cause an issue ?

@KDrooklyn @CantUntil @MyFitnessPal I started doing Insanity again. Just completed the first month. I still eat like crap but at least I’m excercosing as opposed to eagling like crap and not exercising lol

@martinhurrell @MyFitnessPal app doesn’t seem to be searching food when type in. Is there an issue?

@imaginemols for months i’ve used this app @MyFitnessPal and now i’ve lost all my data i want to cry

@SHEIN_official @chloedillury @tumblr @MyFitnessPal @weheartit SHEIN was targeted by criminal hackers in 2018 & we quickly fixed the issue. We asked our affected customers to change their passwords & offered free credit monitoring. Since then, we’ve implemented new, advanced security measures. Your data security is our top priority.

@giovliev @Joda308 @MyFitnessPal Same problem here. It only works with the web version. I even tried to reinstall it and it didnt work.

@JimmyManolov @MyFitnessPal Am I the only one who still can’t manage to sync @fitbit steps with MFP app. It always shows 0 steps 😬

@TauntingKarma @MyFitnessPal any current issue preventing us from searching for food items ? Seems to be impacting multiple people.

@iCraigt Web is working fine now. Just app search that seems to be playing up. @MyFitnessPal

@physio_strength ... and @myfitnesspal barcodes. Bonus 2: Weekly strategy meetings with me Bonus 3: Facebook community to keep you accountable. Bonus 4: Physio Strength Club app so that you can do all your practices, exercises and meal preparation anywhere, anytime...

@aishapaedia @MyFitnessPal hi is there a problem with the database, I can’t seem to add any foods?

@XxX_Vicky_XxX @MyFitnessPal I really feel you need to answer us regarding the app and the issue most people are having!!!

@_SandyPurewal @MyFitnessPal Help! I can't add any new foods. The app is only showing me stuff I've added in the past. What do I do to fix this? :(

@MissGillon1 @MissBrown_Eng @MyFitnessPal Mine hasn’t been working today either!! Not a clue what had happened to it!

@MzAllRounder @MyFitnessPal Hey! I keep encountering an error when trying to search for food. Scanning barcodes works find but I keep being told I've encountered a network issue and to try again later. Already tried on and off WiFi and restarting my phone

@Tejal_x @MyFitnessPal app doesn’t seem to working and searching for items

@JoeyMojugit @MyFitnessPal Hope u guys fix the search problem soon. It's frustrating not being able to add anything :(

@JessGreen84 Yet again @MyFitnessPal not working. Can’t search. Barely a week seems to go by without any issues......

@rjmcneely @MapMySupport Haha no. I just wanted to show her off a bit for having a 6+ year streak on the app and didn’t know if there was any recognition/reward for such a streak by @UnderArmour or @MyFitnessPal 😀

@mark770 @MyFitnessPal Never been able to sync steps from Samsung Health for literally weeks now. Tried uninstall and reinstall today and now can't get in to the app. This is disappointing for a premium subscription. Extremely annoying and frustrating.

@MovieMtRushmore @MyFitnessPal the app isn’t finding any food today. Unable to add food or create new meals. Is there a bug?

@catsncoffeex @MyFitnessPal I’m not able to search for foods. It just says nothing found.

@soonershawn79 @MyFitnessPal Is this still happening, my workouts etc are syncing to map my ride, map my run, but not to myfitnesspal. I mean in the last 30 days i signed up for premium, and it is not a great experience. Is there a timeline? Rethinking premium due to lack of communication.

@bajan0278 @MyFitnessPal your app needs to be fixed! Can't complete a search for food.

@juice2deuce @MyFitnessPal can you accommodate the 4:3 Intermittent Fasting to your app? Seems I get a lecture when I’m fasting appropriately for the diet.

@sueeaton13 @MyFitnessPal haven't been able to access database all day , keeps saying" network problem "

@ComplexDnb @MyFitnessPal just purchased your premium subscription via the app on iPhone & it’s confirmed payment but not changing the free app to the premium app, so I’m unable to access any premium content. Can you help with this please?

@JohnC03573233 @MyFitnessPal why isn't the app looking up my items? Just keeps saying there's a network problem when I go to add breakfast.

@Erika_Dodds @MyFitnessPal seem to be having issues searching for foods today , is this a technical issue ?

@MissBrown_Eng Gah so frustrated! Trying to add things to my fitness pal ( @MyFitnessPal )and the search isn't working. Any idea what the issue is? #myfitnesspal #help

@yashevde It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out from the standpoint of their nutrition API. Hopefully @MyFitnessPal won’t be bought by a company that will restrict the info and access within their ecosystem.

@denise_deas @MyFitnessPal having issues today logging my meals. Is this a technical problem today? And is it likely to be resolved soon? Thanks

@EllieSuthers @MyFitnessPal it’s now July and I still can’t use the app. And now it’s not finding basic foods like onion or carrot. WHEN is this going to be fixed.

@SunDhillon [email protected] buys @getthemirror for $500M the same time @UnderArmour puts @MyFitnessPal up 4 sale. 2 very different approaches to wellness - some boomer CEO at UnderArmour must have been like 'we're an apparel business, let's just make clothes, no more of this app malarckey!'

@jamesinohIo513 @MyFitnessPal so far I am liking your app. Getting used to it. This bugs me though. It should be in a better order. Maybe chronological perhaps? ;) This is chaotic.

@LandsmithAssocs @PeteJBadger @MyFitnessPal Argh pressed send before saying... It’s a great app esp. bubbling breathing techniques. Cold showers are something to get use to 🥶

@scbellinger @MyFitnessPal still not able to sync my Endomondo workout to my exercise diary? Been going on since Saturday. Really trying to track my workout vs intake. Please help!

@NonToxicLeader @MyFitnessPal It’d be nice to use the search feature

@the17thman Under Armour Looking to Sell MyFitnessPal App @TheStreet @MyFitnessPal #MyFItnessPal