Uber Eats: Food Delivery

Uber Eats: Food Delivery Reviews

Published by on 2019-12-17

Food Delivery For Your Budget Hungry? Order restaurant food easily with the Uber Eats app. Track your food order in real-time. Get your food delivered in minutes to your door. FIND YOUR FAVORITE RESTAURANTS Browse nearby restaurants and search for food by cuisine, restaurant name, dish, meal, and...

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Uber Eats: Food Delivery Reviews

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    Horrible Customer Service and terrible app

    If you are hungry, DO NOT USE this app. I have had problems in one form or another with every single one of my orders. Most recently, I placed an order for a nearby restaurant while I was at work and unable to leave. After waiting for the order to be completed and picked up, I received a call that one of the items was not available. Instead of canceling that item they cancelled the entire order and when I went to the help section to contact customer service, I was shown a standard message with no one to reach out to. I then re placed the order and had to wait for a new delivery driver to drive across town, wait for the order to finish being prepared and then delivered. 2 hours later I received my order with no apology or credit. In addition, I was not able to order the ingredients that I wanted because there are no comments section and they did not have all items that are in stock listed. My order was from Subway which is only a block away, next time I will just order Jimmy Johns directly so I at least know that I will get me food and not have to wait around for hours. Update after response from UberEats: You do not value customer input. There is no section on your app to reach out to customer service, I tried for an hour to find a way to reach someone before moving on with day. The only way I was even able to hear from someone was by posting a review. I have never been so appalled by such a lack of customer service in my life.

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    App is good, but could be improved

    The biggest problem I have with the app is that when you open it, it does not default to your current location. It defaults to your last location where you placed an order. This makes it easy to make the mistake of placing an order for food that may not even be in the same city as you. Not a big deal, if the cancellation policy wouldn’t allow the restaurant to charge you full price for an order that you know you will not be able to receive, irregardless of how fast you realize your mistake and cancel the order. I cancelled an order IMMEDIATELY as it was placed because I noticed my mistake as the app was placing the order. It charged me full price for my order even though I cancelled within 2 seconds of the order being confirmed. When I called customer service, they were able to see that from the time I placed the order until it was officially cancelled was 12 seconds. They said the restaurant was already preparing my food. Give me a break...They ended up giving me a refund as a “one time courtesy”, but I was told they would never extend that courtesy again. Simply ridiculous. The app should always default to your current location, or at least verify your address is correct when placing the order. I realize the mistake was my own, but why am I seeing menus from restaurants in another state when I open the app??? Please fix this....

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    Not always Uber’s fault

    I understand the frustration with ordering & waiting for food and then there’s something missing! However, most of the time, missing items are not the Uber driver’s fault. The driver’s app is limited in what is displayed regarding the customer’s order and sometimes drinks do not even show up. The restaurant workers, who have full access to the order details, will often prepare the order and seal it or tie it up by the time the driver comes to pick it up and we’re basically going on their word that the order is complete. And over time we learn to ask if there are any drinks with the order because the driver’s app often leaves them off and the restaurant workers might forget. Sometimes there is a long wait at the restaurant to pick up the order because the customer’s food is not ready and some drivers might cancel due to excessive wait times because they are losing money while waiting 20 minutes for a customer’s order to be prepared (and that is a very patient driver!). I cannot speak on the technological issues on the customer’s end, but drivers have their own share. However, I can say that Uber is constantly making updates and improvements on the drivers’ end. As with anything, there will be issues, but overall, Uber is doing a great job at resolving the ongoing problems with the app.

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    so many bugs and frustrations it’s not worth it

    I used to use it all the time but getting on it again it was SO FRUSTRATED. The app it’s self is honestly trash it has the same bugs it had months ago and I can’t even use it anymore! My grandmother is ill and she can’t drive anymore so she wanted mc Donald’s (her favorite) so I offered to drive but she refused because of the weather here. I downloaded the app and made my order. At the beginning, it’s asking for a phone number to my account. I don’t have an account yet but that’s not even an option on the front page. I type my grandmothers number and to my surprise she has an account so lucky me. It asked for the password and I got it but for some reason it then bugged out and crashed my phone when I tried logging in. So I opened it again and tried to log in again, it worked after another crash when I reset my pass. I started my order and when I had been sitting there for 10 min checking off boxes just for the app to not recognize the order and bug out and I have to make the order again. I finish my order and now I’m adding my Address, after I add my address and my order it tells me It can’t deliver to my part of town AFTER I did all that. So it bugs out again and I have to reset the app. I’m done trying and am deleting the app and never using it again. I didn’t want to leave a review but my grandmother was very angry at “modern technology” so I decided to leave a review so maybe the developers can fix theses problems.

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    Terrible App

    The Uber app is not bad so I did not expect anything less from UberEats. I cannot speak for the UberEats service in other locations but in I’ve had the worst experience in Philly. I wanted to give the app a try because they offered me a $20 credit for inviting a friend. Besides the fact that I still had to cover another $20 for a discounted $10 meal ($30 - $20 credit) my food took almost an hour and a half to arrive. Time stated 45 - 55 mins, and at the hour mark the time estimated was extended twice. A few friends had the same situation happen. I’ve had Ubers rises that drove me from my house into center city faster with traffic than how long it took food deliveries from a restaurant 5 mins from my house to get to me. The map on the app is not accurate either. It would say the driver is down the block, and the indicated driver would be there for a good 20 mins sitting down the block. It would say 0 mins to arrival or at my location to then it changing to tell me its 15 minutes away. The UberEats experiences for me was terrible. I did not have a purpose for it because I do not see the need to pay extra service fees when I can pick up my own food in the area (kudos to those who want to spend the extra few for service and delivery fees). But if I was in the pool of customers that UberEats is targeting then I would be highly disappointed. Normally I would get this food myself, and I should have. If I wasn’t baited with this offer I would not have wasted my time.

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    Would not recommend unless deliver options were limited , Uber is super fast to take your money and super slow to refund . I was a consistent user of this app but the quality of their food service is not good. The restaurants WILL miss up your order your carrier WILL be late and your food WILL arrive cold and you’re paying top dollar for places that are 1-3 miles away yes a short distance and drive able but if you’re looking at the app you clearly don’t want to leave your home . When their is a problem with your food they expect you to write a full report about what items were missing or incorrect and instead of giving you a refund they claim they’re looking into it if I didn’t continue to pursue a refund I would have never got it . In addition to weak customer service and lack of communication between courier restaurant and user when they refund they do NOT refund US dollars instead it’s Uber credits which is just a scam to keep the app the Uber money is as useless as it sounds you can only use it when ordering Uber eats or an Uber and the credits are only applied if you remember to check the box that charges your Uber credits. Funny thing about the Uber credits is it means nothing it’s still your money it just makes your money less expendable and you can only use it for Uber only thing good I can say about it is it MIGHT be a good feature for little kids and parent controls but oh wait minors cant use Uber legally you must be 18+ .

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    Great application, climbing prices

    The application itself works great and has many great choices in my area. Unfortunately, I will no longer be using the (eats) service due to the rising booking fees. I could understand the fees based on distance for standalone companies hiring their own drivers. Uber has drivers who are intending to drive these distances for pay and can continue with more rides after leaving the destination (home) rather than having to drive back to the starting destination (restaurant). A pizza delivery through the pizza company 5 minutes away has a 50% lower delivery cost than Uber does for a restaurant in the same general area (within .2 miles). This is unacceptable. I guarantee you will continue to lose customers, as I already know of several other who are moving to your competitors for this very reason. I’m disappointed I will not be ordering my favorite tonight through Uber eats because it is $9 for a 10 minute drive. The restaurants are already inflating their prices from their in store prices. Don’t add to the problem. Update: 2 days go by since the initial review. I opened the app out of curiosity and was welcomed by a notification touting lowered booking fees. From what I noticed (based on my ordering history) there have been no lowered prices. I’m glad I’m not wasting my money on this any longer. I used to order regularly from Uber eats but this has gotten out of control. Fix yourself, Uber.

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    Tried to fixed my own problem, but instead got punished for it - thieves.

    So I used to use Postmates and Door Dash until I noticed how they didn’t care for customer service, and if anything happened with you’re experience with them then you’re SOL. I used UberEats and I do love how if the restaurant makes a mistake they’re willing to help you out, but I had the worst experience just because I made a mistake and tried to fix the issue myself. If I would’ve been able to cancel my order within the 5 seconds that I placed it, the the restaurant would have never made it and I could’ve re-ordered; however, I like several others have had to deal with waiting on the line just to get horrendous customer service from representatives that transfer you without consent and have to explain to the next unhelpful person. I’ve never had to deal with something like this and feel like I shouldn’t have to especially if I tried to fix my own mistake without needing my money back. If your company is going to allow this type of behavior and service over a petty few dollars, then I’m willing to scoop down to your level and actually dispute the charges and be done with your app because when someone doesn’t give you your money you cancel their accounts so I heard. And to anyone reading this don’t make the same mistake I did, make sure that you are 100% certain that’s what you want, or else you’ll go through the same ordeal as I did trying to get it resolved.

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    Horrible customer service

    I’m deleting this app and never using this service again. I was adding items into my cart when plans changed and I decided to meet friends elsewhere. As I started deleting the carted items, I must’ve hit “Complete Order”, as that’s what happened. This app is set up so that one cannot cancel an order. Oh yes...there’s a way to stop delivery of the food....but you’re still paying for it. You have to go to the help screen, select cancel order, then be told to go to the receipts icon on the app main page, tap it, select cancel order, be shown a cookie that states that once a restaurant has “accepted” the order, canceling is impossible. Then you can choose to either keep the order, or call a number, which places you on hold for 5 minutes, after which you are connected to a less-than-helpful person who, after listening to your complaint informs you that since the order has been accepted and being prepared, there’s “nothing we can do”. This is totally unacceptable to me, and I hope it is to the rest of you, so here is how you ACTUALLY get you’re charge reversed: Call your bank/credit card company, dispute the charge, explain it’s because of bad/untimely customer service with no product/services received, wait 12 hours or so...and voila. Charges reversed. To ensure this never happens again, go to your Uber eats app, delete it, and go back to Grubhub like I did. Problem solved. Bad Form, Uber eats...you just lost another customer.

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    Uber Eats PR

    Honestly I never write reviews for apps but I need to warn other costumers of the irregularities in this service. my experience with the app in Puerto Rico has been frustrating. Although the food and the drivers have been absolutely amazing, the telephone and app costumer services are terrible. The first time I called the operator basically started arguing with me because he thought PR was not in the US. Then he couldn’t find my address and I offered to give him the original address and he basically shouted he didn’t know any Spanish. He also interrupted me repeatedly and didn’t allow me to explain what I needed. On a second occasion, the technician left me 10 minutes on hold and then told me that if I cancelled it was my fault so I was going to be charged for the full amount of the order (which was aprox $100 bc I was ordering for several people). In summary, The app will not let you make any changes after you submit the order and it is practically imposible to fix them or cancel. Other local apps (that have higher service fees) have an editing option and you are able to fix your order quickly, they also have great costumer service and will solve any other issues over the phone in no time. I’ve been using Uber because it was cheaper and faster but will refrain from doing so in the future. I left multiple comments and feedback on the app and not even an answer. I rather pay 3 extra dollars and being treated like a human being.

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    Ridiculous customer service!

    My husband and I placed an order at 6:25 pm with an expected delivery time for 7:11 pm. It was 7:30 pm and we hadn’t heard anything from anyone, so I had submitted a complaint saying I hadn’t received my order. Next thing I know, I find out that the order has been cancelled and I didn’t receive a single phone call as to why. I submitted another complaint and received no response again. I called customer service only to receive scripted responses and repeated sentences. As it turned out, the driver just cancelled the order claiming to not be able to find my apartment because I didn’t list the number, which isn’t true. And even if it was, I would’ve received a phone call or a message of some kind, but I didn’t. I asked to speak to a supervisor and the representative kept saying that I would only get the same answer from his supervisor. After asking her for some form of compensation for the two hours I wasted in waiting to get the food, she only told me to re-order the food for the same price. I had mentioned to her that other places we’ve had issues with had given us some form of compensation, reduced delivery fee, or $5 off the next order. She then said, “We’ll respect your decision” As far as customer service goes, Uber eats is the worst I’ve ever dealt with. If you want to keep a customer, you should at least offer something as compensation for a mistake that was made on YOUR end. Never ordering from them again.

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    No help at all

    Last night I was looking around on the app and put a few things in my cart but then I thought about it and decided the delivery fee was too much for me so I wanted to cancel it. I accidentally pressed place my order and IMMEDIATELY pressed cancel. Instead of canceling my order as soon as possible the button called uber support and the woman (after talking for ten minutes despite me telling her she had to call the place as soon as possible) told me the food had already been made so she couldn’t cancel. I didn’t understand why not pressing cancel didn’t cancel the Oder but that was just the first part of a very unpleasant hour. I ask her if there’s anything I can do to fix it and she repeated the same thing over and over. I hung up and called the KFC store the woman there told me the app doesn’t allow for them to cancel and she’s tried several times. She also said the woman from uber told her she couldn’t cancel because the driver was there contradicting what uber told me. I asked for a manager and the uber woman said she didn’t have one. So not only is every customer assistant stupid but also incompetent and unsupervised. I called a different uber support woman and she told me she could’ve canceled it if it hadn’t been sent out and when I told her about the previous woman she said there was nothing she could do. So I just spent money on food I didn’t want because uber assistance doesn’t know how to do there job and assist. Not ordering from them again.

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    Terrible customer service

    I had an order with McDonald’s, which was cancelled by UberEats. Later, I received a phone call from one of their representatives, who claim that the restaurant was having technical difficulties which did not allow them to see any items from orders and thus cancelled my order. The lady also claimed that the restaurant was going to close due to such issue. However, as I then called the restaurant directly by myself, they said that there’s nothing wrong with them and they are not going to close until their regular closing time. Why did the representative just lie to a customer like twice? Was she making things up to just avoid responsibility? This had never happened to me before so I called the customer care line right after. This time the representative apologized to me and promise to look into the case. However, he told me to try re-order, after I have already wasted 30min in the late night, feeling hungry. But what happened next shocked me, the app marked the restaurant as “unavailable”. I sent this case via email to the customer care again, and the response I received was such a joke. They replied to me promising that they are not going to charge me on the order and explained to me how the refund work. But I mentioned nothing about the money at all... All I complained about was the unprofessional service I received which they didn't even bother to apologize for. Thanks UberEats for showing me the bottom line of customer service.

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    Worst Service I’ve Ever Seen

    I ordered Uber Eats one night and experienced normal updates until the driver came to my apartment complex. When he arrived, he called me since he was having issues finding my apartment (I had already provided him specific directions for whenever he or she would enter my complex). The issue was l not that he could not find my apartment. He was irritated on the phone and complaining about the complex’s poor lighting (again, post me providing him with detailed directions within the complex). Once I stood outside waving to him, I assumed he would be at my door soon (since he said he saw me waving). A few minutes later, I saw him drive off. I now think that he drove off with an Uber rider in order to make more money. Assuming he was gone, I ordered food directly from the restaurant. My boyfriend was picking it up when I got a knock on my door. It was the Uber Eats driver delivering half eaten soup and the rest of my cold order. On top of that, he left the food on the ground instead of handing it to me at my door. I never even saw the man. I have contacted their customer service at least 4 times and have yet to get a refund...even after providing pictures of the half eaten soup and the 2 orders side-by-side (proving I proceeded with a personal order rather than eating the one left on my doorstep 40 minutes late after a mysterious disappearance and aggravated driver). Do not order Uber Eats. I recommend using any other food delivery service.

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    App decides on its own where to deliver my food

    This app is absolutely useless and I am considering never using Uber Eats again. Your ONE job is to deliver food to people, and this app makes that next to impossible. I only use this app when I don't have the energy to cook dinner - after taking care of two children and working third shift, some days it's not possible for me to muster the energy to do so. So when I use this delivery service, I am depending on it to come through. TWICE now I have had the delivery address somehow automatically filled in to a nearby restaurant - one that I have ordered Uber Eats on before. I absolutely never filled this in as my delivery address myself, nor did I ever choose it as my delivery address. This awful app decided to make that decision on its own somehow. The second time this occurred (today), I manually changed the address to my own and it was correct in the app. Then, lo and behold, my poor delivery driver calls me outside of said restaurant with my order. This is absolutely unacceptable. He was not even sure that he would be able to complete my order based on your algorithms. He apparently called and fixed things and was thankfully able to complete my order. At least 45 min of his time was wasted, not to mention mine and my kids time waiting for our dinner. UNACCEPTABLE. Uber’s customer support sent me a message apologizing for my food being late and offering a $5 gift card. Yeah no thanks. Not using again.

Is Uber Eats: Food Delivery Safe?

No. Uber Eats: Food Delivery does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,591,913 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 5/5. Justuseapp Safety Score for Uber Eats: Food Delivery Is 20/100.

Is Uber Eats: Food Delivery Legit?

No. Uber Eats: Food Delivery does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,591,913 Uber Eats: Food Delivery User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Uber Eats: Food Delivery Is 10/100.

Is Uber Eats: Food Delivery not working?

Uber Eats: Food Delivery works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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@laurabusse @ShaunaWalton1 @biffographics @Uber ... they already do in Japan This is common sense Not wearing a mask to breathe optimally is also common sense If you really want to practice kindness Then allow others to live their lives in peace and freedom as they see fit And not impose ridiculous rules You are free to...

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@naynerz It feels good to finally delete my @Uber account. Last night, I sent in a complaint that my food was undercooked (batter was still white and full of flour) and the issue was not resolved. This was the nail in the coffin for me. <10 years - Personal/Business 4.7* CLV: >$10k https://t.co/AszOfxyXoY

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@TabithaMouse And...re: my last tweet. @Uber / @Uber_Support have told me I will NOT recieve a refund due to not having "a photo for review" CALL THE DAMN DRIVER! Check records b/c I was called me at 8:22pm. Check the GPS for driver location, he waited 20 minutes to flag it as delivered

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@Sidhart68218024 @Uber why is it that I don't receive a bonus when my driver cancels my ride without notice and I have to pay extra when I do? Being partial is a wrong thing they are working hard to earn money so is my time which is priceless

@ValaAfshar [email protected] did not kill blockbuster. Ridiculous late fees did. @Uber did not kill taxi business. Limited access and fare control did. @Amazon did not kill other retailers. Poor customer service did. Not being customer-centric is the biggest threat to any business. https://t.co/fiYf8LzXqo

@alkadass @Uber many people not wearing masks . Spoke to driver, 3 passengers -no mask!! What’s wrong with people ??? Yes the driver can cancel the job but there is hardly any work . Maybe you need to supply masks as public seem to not be taking this seriously !!

@justlagace @Uber Why does your app have the option to schedule a ride if you don’t actually do anything to ensure the scheduled ride can happen? You should probably change that.

@AmegoAlter Doing something without expecting anything in return = wonderful feeling E.g. -Elderly parents? Teach them how to use an app, say @Uber -Helpers at home? Make them their favorite meal once in a while -See a good post on social media? Like, Comment, Share Result: 😀 all around

@NickPepe19 See same old story. @Uber responded immediately after I posted about them. They asked me for my info to "look into the situation" but never got back to me to ask me what the issue was or to call me like they said they would. Bad look @Uber

@mozilla Facebook has a major problem with #hatespeech, but @Facebook has an Achilles heel: 99% of its $70 billion in revenue comes from brands like @Amazon, @Apple, @Disney, @Uber and @Samsung Join us in telling major @facebook advertisers to #StopHateForProfit https://t.co/Mx7Mk35pab

@mindys4Biden ...Now I'm a little pissed at @Uber Do they not screen drivers?? And why is it so difficult to reach customer service?? I would like my $30 back. Is that too much to ask after this unbelievable ride??...

@drmukulsoni @Uber @Uber_Support these days many drivers of yours call and ask the destination and if they find it in their route they will approve the ride or they just says to cancel it. Is this a cab or auto wala service??? Make your rules hard regarding this issue

@InnocentMuogbo @Uber Good morning,my name is innocent resides in Abuja I have been trying to upload my vehicle inspection on my driver app but it's been rejected continuously,pls help me on how to go about it I need to start driving pls,thx

@thamesclippers Have you heard? 👂🏻 We're partnering with @Uber and will soon be called Uber Boat by Thames Clippers! Our service will continue to operate as it does now and you will still be able to use your preferred payment method, or the @Uber app, to travel. 👉 https://t.co/pu5LpxPHCB https://t.co/8NleZdapH6

@_gnarleycharli Sorry yall I haven’t been checking my bank statements. And I finally did this week . Only to find two companies @Uber and @turbotax trying to take advantage of me . Like we’re not in the middle of a pandemic .

@yozenbalki @Uber The previous driver denied duty. This driver is not picking up phone. Yesterday same story, three drivers denied and exchanging to others only waste our time. Please educate them. Or shall I switch over to other services from today onwards? Very bad procedures you do! https://t.co/Aw7xSxvMjy

@goodted543 @thamesclippers @Uber Hope they are paying you well, as many won’t use your service with that name attached. I always recommend you to the tourists , who had to go to the dome. Never again😩 #toxicbrand

@Vikassingh_13 @ANI @CMOMaharashtra @PuneCityPolice @CPPuneCity Hi, i request you to confirm if the @Olacabs @Uber @ola_supports @UberINSupport cab services to airport will be available or not during lockdown in Pune from 13th July. As I have a flight to catch on the morning of 18th.

@j20a6yAZubrqsAx @Uber hey Uber. I am trying to contact you to send a message unrelated to the driver but it issues keeps on looping back to the driver. No options for your app or billing. Nothing to do with the driver. Easy to deflect issues to drivers.

@sbyrnes @naynerz @Uber @lyft I make enough complaints to Lyft for both of us. They have a huge fare shopping problem here in Oakland.

@BXLization In case you were wondering where all those Brussels @Uber jump bikes went...so @Uber what is going to happen with these? Better not just destroy them. Would undermine your environmental claims of the past. https://t.co/yjbbp4vB36

@Anuchou55390088 @Uber @PMOIndia pathetic setvices guys. I have travelled once only and you guys has deducted money twice that too double. I am not going to use this user. @rapidobikeapp is much better than you guys. Close the f business

@npeterkin27 BLACK LIVES DO NOT MATTER TO @Uber @Uber_Support

@paulbelanger10 You could not pick a worse time to be long @uber or @Lyft. https://t.co/hvyAm2FmgN

@lizzyvleeuwen @Uber_Support I was assaulted, spat in the face twice and robbed of my telephone by one of your @UberEats deliverers - a month ago now. @Uber refuses to work with the police. Therefore people in Holland are now giving up their @UberEats -app. Take care @teeshakya

@tigris0287 @Uber I will NEVER WEAR A MASK and you have a rule for your drivers to wear one which is Absurd! It’s not a Law! Let us be adults and make decisions for ourselves. The Government shouldn’t dictate what I can and can’t do when it comes to my health!