Favor: Local Delivery Service Reviews

Favor: Local Delivery Service Reviews

Published by on 2024-05-14

About: Favor is the easiest way to get anything you want in your city delivered to your
door in under an hour. Favor delivers what you want, when you want it.

About Favor

What is Favor? Favor is a delivery app that allows users to get anything they want delivered to their door in under an hour. The app offers contact-free delivery and supports local businesses throughout Texas with Local Favorites. Users can order from thousands of local restaurants and stores, as well as create custom orders. The app also offers grocery and beer/wine delivery, and is available exclusively in Texas.



- Anything delivered: Users can shop for anything from bales of hay to tacos and coffee, and get contact-free deliveries dropped off safely at their doorstep.

- Grocery delivery: Users can get groceries and essentials delivered in under 2 hours with Express Delivery from H-E-B, Central Market, and Joe V’s, and enjoy one-on-one service and personal updates from their Runner.

- Beer & wine delivery: Users can get beer and wine delivered right to their door from select merchants including H-E-B, Central Market, and Circle K.

- Texas’ best delivery service: Favor is part of the H-E-B family and available exclusively in Texas, delivering from the best local restaurants and stores in over 150 cities across the Lone Star State.

- Delivery from favorite stores & restaurants: Users can order anything and have it delivered right to them in under an hour, and support locally owned & operated businesses with Local Favorites.

- Truly personal service: Runners are more than delivery drivers—they are personal assistants dedicated to saving users time, and users can text their Runner for anything they need.

- 5-star support: Favor Care team is available to assist users throughout their ordering experience.

- Delivering from popular restaurants: Users can order from their favorite restaurants & fast food chains, including Burger King, McDonald’s, Panera Bread, Buffalo Wild Wings, Olive Garden, and more.

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Key Benefits of Favor

- Easy to use app

- Recommend to friends and family

- Quick delivery times

- Affordable fees

20 Favor Reviews

4.8 out of 5


Nothing Special

If you live in a big city like Austin or Dallas etc I encourage you to use any other delivery app like door dash. I was very excited to see that the small town I live in was finally getting a food runner app and originally had no issues with it whatsoever. Over time this service has become frustrating and essentially useless. Favor seems to have gotten harder and harder to navigate, half the time what i want isn’t even available to order and I have to text the runner with an entirely different order than what i put on Favor if i actually want to get what i want. It seems that all of the runners in my area are just extremely unpleasant or never want to work. I understand that runners are usually doing this as a side gig and have full control over the orders they take but the last several times I’ve tried using this service i just watch my order get picked up and canceled multiple times over the course of an hour before finally giving up. If you live in a small town that offers this app just bite the bullet and go get it yourself. It’ll be infinitely faster. I strongly suggest that y’all add a feature that lets customers know if there are active runners in their area or not so they don’t waste their time waiting for an order that’s never gonna get picked up. That or maybe just don’t offer a service in such small towns where it likely won’t be able to flourish. Pointless 😡


This app has gone downhill

I use to love using Favor and I would recommend Favor to everyone I knew. But now I don’t really want to do that seeing how every time I place an order, I have to sit and wait after being assigned 4 or 5 drivers. I have to go through 4 or 5 drivers just waiting for one of them to pick up my order and THEN FINALLY are they able to head over to the store. 1. All that waiting is such a waste of time, I could have gotten it myself and come back before anyone takes my order, that’s how long I have to wait. 2. Please make drivers be more penalized if they don’t just pick up the order they were given! I’m a this app driver on the side, I accept MOST IF NOT ALL of my orders. Unless the order is too big and I know my tiny car can’t fit all the items! Please try and fix this multiple driver issue! To clarify what I mean. What I mean is every time I place an order and see my driver I’m like “cool, that person will pick it up and get on with the order”. NOPE, someone else pops up and then I think the same thought until after the 5th driver I saw. And then that’s when it finally says “your driver is headed to the store”! Why did 4 DRIVERS reject my order? Did it not make them enough? I tip at least $5 every time I order so the tip shouldn’t be the reason why they leave! Fix this issue please!


Seriously need some work.

When you read this I’m trying to say this as nicely as possible taking into consideration it being a fairly new apps with updates and bugs and glitches. But there is merchants on there with different closing times that have been prolonged to further hours, some cannot get to use the this app app until certain hours of the day or night depending on ones life or work schedule. Bottom line. Don’t even worry about posting this to Favor reviews. But simply try to adjust when merchants times are available. And if someone puts in a custom order for a place that is open, but is considered closed on the application. That can be the most frustrating thing in the world to want to use Favor for convenience when it’s more trouble than its worth. That will spread word fast of an app not working. And with how much money considerably goes to smoke shops and fast food chains, that can be a big loss off of a simple mistake or “bug” in the application. For people that can’t get Favor to work it will do nothing but bring Favor down. I will not be using Favor until this is fixed and will let everyone and anyone know how much Favor does not work for these stores and areas because I would hate to see anyone close or even as little as an acquaintance to me go through the hassle I have went through when it is supposed to be easy and convenient and poor customer service as well.


Disgruntled and hungry

If this review were only for Favor and its use, I’d give it a higher rating. The problem is the drivers who use Favor to place your order have to be competent, sharp and customer service driven. If the driver orders in haste or doesn’t read the order correctly you won’t get what you ordered and it will be a disappointing experience. Or if they don’t care enough to make sure bag of food does flip over you get a box of mush. This has been my history with using this app over other food delivery apps. My history of receiving incorrect orders, or food delivered that looks like it went through a tumble dryer has happen more often than it should. The drivers every time answer my text and tell me “just call customer service, they’ll refund your money.” Which they do and the driver still gets the tip. So I’d say 30% of my orders placed on this app have ended with me getting my money back, not getting to eat and more hassle than it was worth. There is no convenience when you expect to have dinner for your family delivered and they leave off your kid’s meal or order you something you can’t eat or you end up having to jump in your car and driving to pick up take-out and eat two hours later than you expected. this app needs to incentivize drivers to do better or find a way to quality check the drivers and deliveries.


Dropping Off Fast - Disappointing

In the past, this app had always been the go to delivery service for my family, friends and I, but unfortunately the past 6 months have made me avoid the service at all costs. this app is so much worse than UberEats, Grubhub, DoorDash and Caviar. I am not sure how this happened, but the delivery times are literally triple the time of the other delivery services, and the fees are the same if not more. You are never sure if your order is actually placed with a runner, because it “assigns” you a runner about 4 different times before someone actually accepts it. I am very conscious of not ordering anything that would take too long to make or is far away, and this still happens. You have no clue if your order will ever be accepted, it’s taken an hour to find a driver (I live in a large city close to downtown). The final straw(s) for me were three straight orders placed by me or my family saying they were delivered, and never showing up, and we tried to call the driver and customer service. My home is not difficult to find, and this has never happened with other services. When I contacted customer support, they texted me back after an hour, and gave me a credit for the food, but didn’t give a credit for the unavoidable tip. I tipped someone for no food. Unfortunately an app I used often has become unusable for me, and I would advise to look somewhere else for your food delivered.


Use Postmates or GrubHub

this app misses something every time. We have had to do a lot of take out lately due to my schedule. Sometimes 2 times a day. If we had to this app would of course miss something 2 times a day. That means someone wasn’t eating. Their response was a credit that would show up a few days later or a delivery credit and then it would happen again and again and again. They don’t do anything to try and fix the problem. Take your business somewhere mistakes rarely happen and when when they do they are made up for. Don’t waste your money with this app.

I gave this app another try recently. I had a driver that I’m pretty sure was drunk. After two hours with no communication when he finally did arrive I had already ordered other food assuming he was not going to show up. He was very pushy once he did arrive. Even after I asked him to keep the food and told him I would still pay. I was home alone with my three year old daughter and made to feel very uncomfortable. He finally left after I promised I would still tip him. I had reached out to this app support before he got here to try and see what was going on. Afterwards when they eventually reached out I explained and they simply said they could not do anything since the order had been placed. No refused for physical safety of customers. I highly highly recommend Grub Hub, they are great and I have not once had any sort of issue.



I’ll be honest and say I was swayed by the savvy commercials this app has been running as of that. I’ll also admit the only reason I have used this service is because of the 21+ beverage deliveries which is crazy that Uber and others haven’t invested more in. That being said, the whole process and service is god awful. Each order I placed, I waited for at least a half hour for my runner to get my stuff to have them replaced with a different runner and another half hour or more added to the time. The fact that they don’t have a map and actual car tracker like EVERY OTHER service has should raise a flag. When my deliveries finally got to me, each runner either had no clue how to operate a phone camera or they (I say this in the least possible degrading way) should not be anywhere near the customer service industry. Very sketchy people who seemed not all there in the head. From not being able to use a phone camera or other matters, the runners had to manually enter my license info to prove that I was over 21 and both times they entered the wrong info which popped up that my license was expired even though it doesn’t expire until 2026 and (shouldn’t they know how to read a license from the state they live in?) this resulted in them claiming it was expired and I couldn’t get my order. Each time I had to show them the right date and at that point I was beyond over it. I’ll never use this service again.


I give up

I waited about 30 minutes only to realize that my order was cancelled. When I texted my “runner” why, he said because the restaurant I ordered from is “coming soon” - not even open yet. It’s not his fault but I wish the website would have specified that. I tried it one more time to give them the benefit of the Doubt and they ran my card twice. In the end, I never got my food I ordered because I had to cancel my transaction for the double charge and only prolonged my hunger for 2 hours when I could have just gone to grab food myself in 20 minutes. But because of the rain and weather I thought it would have been more convenient to order through Favor. I learned my lesson never again

Edit: I tried again today and it was the worst. I waited TWO HOURS for my order to get to me. And I have screenshots. this app made me tip $10, when this person did not deserve it. When I texted the runner (which I also have screenshots of), she never apologized or said I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I can hear her attitude through the text. She only said “I was with another order, and am 3 minutes away.” - so in other words she’s telling me to chill out. No apology, no Im sorry. No anything. If she was on another order then this app should have let me know and or given my order to someone else. Do yourselves a “this app” and avoid Favor. Uchenna N. was not a god runner.


More often than not, a bad experience

I have been using delivery apps, first this app, multiple times a week for years now. this app used to be way better. About a year ago, it started getting really bad. They have a difficult time finding drivers, they don’t care if something goes wrong with your order and worst of all, they trick you into paying insanely high tips to their drivers. They first don’t even let you set the tip amount until after the food is delivered. Then, they set an automatic tip amount for you that are at least 5-6 dollars and sometimes up to 12 dollars. Then, they have the audacity to charge you automatically before you’ve had a chance to change the tip amount to a decent, normal amount. On top of that, because they never have any drivers, their already insane delivery fee (6 dollars - lol.) is sometimes more than doubled. So they expect you to pay a 15 dollar delivery fee, with a 12 dollar tip, plus random extra costs, even if it takes hours for your cold food to arrive, for food and delivery that if anything is actually wrong with it, they won’t really care and will be hard to reach anyway to get them to care. What a huge waste of my time and money.

Yeah, no. I use Ubereats now. Sometimes I still use this app but it’s not worth the risk with all the other better options out there.


Weirdly shady

Firstly, things are not done efficiently. I made an order 30 min before a restaurant closed. I was notified 45 min later that the order was cancelled because the restaurant was closed. It seemed that the driver spent some of this time getting to the restaurant (I’d be surprised if my order was offered to a driver 45 min away) only to find it closed. If they would have called in the order or if Favor were to have notified the store of the order when I placed it, and if they would have either not allowed a driver too far away to accept the order or notified me that there was no driver able to get to the location in time it would’ve been a lot better than to be notified the order was canceled after all restaurants were closed. The other thing I really don’t like about Favor is that when checking it, it does not show your total. And even when it does show the total or when you check the emailed receipt it does not show the prices of the items bought, cost for taxes, cost for this app services, money spent for tip, or anything. Only lists what food items were chosen and the total. I do not like that lack of transparency. I’ve given Favor 3 tries because of the 2 weeks of free orders but am disappointed and do not plan to use it for these reasons.



This is the comment that was removed from the support site: “I said what needed to be said in my comment to the support person, Stacy. Stacy was absolutely fine. The service and the price is inexcusable considering your competitors can do what you do at a fraction of the cost. Not to mention they manage to deliver within a reasonable time frame. I can’t imagine this company will be viable in the next few years unless serious changes are made from an operational/leadership perspective. I say this as an advocate for Texas business. Do better.” This is what I original said regarding my order: “I don't expect anything to be done about this but I'll provide some quick feedback. I waited over 2 hours for my food to arrive and the receipt from the vendor states that the total cost of my items was $42. I just paid $68 for the food. Which means I paid $26 in fees and tip. That's nearly 70% of the cost of the food. I can't imagine how long this service will be able to remain viable when competitors like Door Dash and Uber Eats are able to deliver items on time for a fraction of the cost. I understand that this isn't your fault and you personally do not set these prices but please share this feedback with your leadership team. This will, without hesitation, be the last time I use the service”. Sooo many services out there better than this. No excuse


I Won’t Be Using Again

Everyone I work with uses Favor and about 50% of the time they’re neutral about their service. Two of my co-workers constantly have problems with the customer service, but they continue to use Favor . One girl even had her order canceled with no explanation as to why. I am not so nice. I decided to try Favor out since I work in a very busy and fast paced office (I have no time to get out for food on the days I don’t bring lunch). My first (and only), delivery was prepared correctly, I had all of my items and my driver paid attention to my special requests. She was amazing, friendly and super sweet when she delivered my food. From some of the reviews I have seen regarding delivery, I must have hit the jackpot. However, they don’t tell you your total up front, nor do they warn you about tips and fees and all the extra charges they tack on. I about choked when it came time to pay my bill. My $5 lunch turned into a $30 meal very quickly. I knew there would be a delivery fee, but never expected this! I took it as a lesson learned and uninstalled Favor immediately afterwards. I will not be using this app again. To the developer, my suggestion is don’t be coy with your fees and charges. Give people a chance to decide if it’s worth it beforehand. I guarantee you will do better business with people. It comes across and cheap, sly and deceitful.



It’s amazing to me how little customer service actually cares about an issue. I used Favor once and won’t be using it again. I ordered food and had items missing. When I attempted to contact someone, I was referred to a number to text. I texted the number and waited, but never heard anything. I got into my car and drove to the restaurant to reorder the item myself, which completely defeats the purpose of using Favor at all. Four days later, I got a response.....FOUR days later. I was told that a $3 credit was put on my account (a credit which had an expiration date, btw). Pretty insulting, considering I had to drive to the restaurant myself to get the missing items and it took days for them to respond to me. I informed this representative that if that was their idea of making this right, then they can keep their $3 because I won’t be using Favor again. In the face of losing a new customer, this persons response was to assure me that my “feedback had been passed along to the right team and if there was something else they could help me with”. I then responded saying they could delete my account. To which I was given an email to request deletion. It’s amazing to me that instead of making this right, they were more than willing to lose a potential customer. I see similar complaints with 5 star reviews which seems very odd to me.


Worst Delivery service in Houston

The amount of times I have spent over $100 on an order for my family and & have it end up being missing. It’s been more than once. More than twice. More than three times that our food doesn’t get delivered. It’s not only annoying, but just unprofessional for this company to be acting like this. In once me instance, my runner texted me and said my food had been left at the door. I go and check immediately and there’s nothing there. We contact her to tell her there’s nothing outside our door, & she said she would come and fix her mistake. She then blocks my number and I can no longer contact her. And my food was never delivered to us. Also, because of the pandemic & having family members that are high risk, I would ask for the food to be left at the door. & then there are runners that choose to sit in their cars and make you go to them because they just don’t feel like doing their job I guess but they expect us to tip them well. Sometimes I order food for my mother so that she doesn’t have to cook after her long day at work. I shouldn’t have to ask my mother to get up and go get her food outside because the this app employee is too lazy to do his job. Clownery. this app, your company and employees are embarrassing at this point and your service is infuriating.


Terrible customer service!

A few other coworkers and I decided to order from this app Friday at work. We sent in our order and a runner was immediately assigned. After this, the process slowed down immensely. It took what felt like forever for our runner to get to the store and order and what not. When she finally did arrive we noticed there was a lot of food from somewhere else sitting in the car as if she had picked up another order along with ours. When we all started to go through the food we noticed two whom sandwiches missing. We let the runner know and she apologized and offered to pick them up. No harm no foul if she did. We sat waiting for her for a while and when we reached out to her again we were informed she was already on another order. She never told us anything about the sandwiches or that she was moving on. Despite this I still had to pay full price plus tip for the order. I sent and email and text to this app and was told someone would be in touch shortly. It’s been two days and this app is still sending me alerts to order from them but has neglected to get in contact about the order I paid for. What’s most upsetting is the sandwiches that were forgotten were for one person who didn’t get to have lunch that day. Probably never using this app again after all of this.


Can’t give zero stars

Ordered from this app cause I was working a 12 hr shift and my husband had my car so I couldn’t go get lunch. My food total was $15 I tip 20% unless the service is bad. The one time I order from this app my order was delivered wrong it took forty five minutes for the delivery(place is walking distance two minutes from my job but being in the heat of Houston I decided to be lazy my mistake.)then when it got drop off I was in the back of the store. They didn’t say anything they just left my order on the counter. Later it was time to leave a tip and it was automatically at 6 bucks. Not for this service I tipped 2$ because it won’t go lower then it added a “processing fee” turning it up to 3$ making my total order 18$ dollars I had no choice so I paid it. I check my account later cause I got an alert for a 25$ charge from this app. I ordered from that restaurant cause it didn’t have a delivery fee. So why the 7 dollar charge$ I called the restaurant and they said there’s no delivery charge because there so close and I asked what bout on this app and grub hub. Response was no delivery fee because of the distance. Grub hub didn’t charge a processing or delivery fee for the same restaurant and I was able to tip what the service deserved. I’m done with this app and refuse to recommend it to anyone even if they paid me.



this app gets one star for last nights service because I couldn't give negative star for CS!!! As a once CS supervisor I question the leadership...

2 of the 3 orders have been wrong. The first order, an extra item was added to my order. I paid because hey it was GrubBurger my daughters favorite and I I wanted to see how it compared to DoorDash. They CS rep was very apologetic so I look over. That God paying/affording wasn't an issue. Then last week I tried to order and after an hour and 30 mins I get a message the restaurant was closed due to system down, okay I shrug it off. Last night I order and 2 items were missing? I reach out to CS, still no answer this morning. With a $9 top you would think the runners could at least check your freaking bag against the receipt. They take a picture of it to send to you which means it's in there hand!!!! CHECK THE BAGS.. I'm not a review person but not bring acknowledged of my issue is too much for me to conceive !!!!


Want your money stolen? Add this app

I’ve been using this new way to get food “right to your door” for some time. This week I used them like I always do. But surprisingly my order never came in. I had to go to work so after waiting for over 1 hr for the food to arrive I left for work. Not once was contacted by the driver or anyone from this app to notify if order was canceled, in route, or driver was busy. Again order was NEVER received. After emailing support Tyler was kind enough to “provide you with a courtesy credit into your account that will expire in 60 days, since the order that you placed was received”. What? I can only imagine why would I go thru the trouble of even writing to them in the first place. After that I email I replied that he could keep the “courtesy credit” I will learn my lesson and never use this or any platform in the future. I find it interesting that he stated that order was definitely deliver since after waiting for 1:15 minutes I left for work and did not came home until 2am. In the past the drivers have left the food in the floor and I would pick them up at my return. Not this time so I’m not sure what’s their deal. Anyways if you are tempted save yourself the trouble and don’t. This is the first time I’ve been robbed and then called lier right to my face.


I’d rather Waitr

I’ve only used Favor a few times and never had a problem. Prior to I was using Waitr for the past few years, but it can quickly get expensive. With this app the orders were always correct, hot, and delivered quickly and cheaper. However, I placed my last order before 9PM last night with a restaurant I knew would be open for the next several hours. Estimated delivery time was between 9:45-10pm. Kinda long, but it was a busy Saturday so no issue. Didn’t receive any notifications by 9:50, so checked the order status and I was surprised to see it had changed to 10:45-11pm without any notice. Okay, kind of annoying but whatever so I waited. I am very sick, and with a child in bed asleep and as a single parent couldn’t leave to pick up my order. Then I got a notification at 10:17pm that this app had canceled my order at “no cost to me” because they “closed.” I wasn’t given ANY warning that they would be closing soon before my order was placed or when they updated my delayed delivery time. I’ve never had this issue with Waitr and have ordered from them several times late at night. I won’t be using this service anymore because it put me in a bad bind last night and didn’t appreciate how it was handled. Definitely sticking to Waitr from now on.



I get a lot of indirect this app orders, meaning I order directly from grocery store or restaurant and they choose to use this app as their delivery service. It’s the absolute worst service, and has been by reading reviews from 2 YEARS AGO!!! I see that the issues are the same and even if it’s directly through Favor . Drivers “pick up” your order only to find it’s still sitting at the restaurant an hour after it was prepped. I think their drivers know how difficult it is for them to get reprimanded and so they know they can get away with it, plus I believe drivers aren’t tracked when delivering indirectly. So their drivers don’t give a **** and they mark order picked up, never mark it delivered so that they get paid for the hour plus tip, in the meantime they’re out delivering for DoorDash on a separate device, getting double pay and tip. And it’s no skin off their back, if this app cuts them off, they just go to the next app. Apparently this app could care less, they only provide credits that quickly expire, not refunds, very unethical company. Unfortunately their drivers also work for other delivery apps and you’ll see their name come up again. Your better off just going for the crap yourself.


So far, so awesome

After the last several times of Grubhub screwing up my orders I decided to try this app even though it’s ostensibly a little more expensive. (Pro tip: order food from the "$1 delivery" places if you don't want to pay a huge delivery fee. The $0 fee ones are listed there too.) I've used this app twice and both times it’s been an absolutely seamless experience. Friendly drivers who care about getting it just right and being punctual! Finally! Yes, the ticket total can be a mystery, but it’s not high math. So far my totals haven't been unfair for the items and service I've gotten. And I am in love with the fact that you get a reminder & can actually modify the tip after delivery--not only does it encourage better service, but if your Runner really goes above and beyond, they deserve to be tipped more than your default amount! This makes it so much easier to truly tip according to service instead of wagering some arbitrary figure, and you don't have to mess with extra cash for them or even be there to accept the delivery (I ask for mine to be dropped on the porch so I don't have to stop whatever I’m doing and get the door). Mind, I’m near central Austin and YMMV depending on where you are, but I have been super pleased with my first two Favors and as long as they keep up this level of service I don't think I’ll be using anyone else. 💕


Wish there was zero stars

I use Favor frequently during the week when I’m in Austin and never had issues with it. I live in College Station on the weekends and the few times I have used Favor it’s not great but has steadily declined. Tonight was the final straw. Ordered food for a bunch of people and had an estimated wait time of 45 minutes to 1 hour. Over the hour waiting for the food, the time steadily increased in 15 minute increments all the way to 2 hours. I got worried as I had many people waiting so I called the restaurant to check as the this app runner wasn’t responding and the restaurant didn’t even have the order. Hadn’t even been placed yet. Meanwhile they just kept extending the predicted time to over two and a half orders after I ordered. At that point by the time I canceled the last order and placed a new one I wasn’t going to get food until after 10:15 at night and had to pay 2.5 times the delivery rate. What a scam. The best part was the runner texted me when I first placed my order and when I texted back to inquire they were not aware of my order at all.


Really Helpful

We’ve been using this app for years and have had them deliver all kinds of things, not just food. this app also allows you to type in special instructions, whether for the items or delivery. Not every app has this option. The runners are typically very nice and professional. They do a good job, even with our very detailed orders. You can also text or call your runner at any point (like if you’ve forgotten something). The few times we’ve had minor issues (no one is perfect), customer service was very helpful. There is no “automatic tip” as other reviews have stated. On the screen where you submit your payment at the end of the order, there is an edit button next to the word “Tip.” (You can wait until you have received your order before paying and adjust their tip accordingly.)


Very disappointed

So I figured I’d order from here to be convenient & it was supposed to be only a $3 delivery charge. The place I order my food from is literally less then a couple of miles away & my total came out to $18 & some change but of course it didn’t show me that before I placed my this app cus I would have definitely not ordered from here if I knew that was gunna be the total ! My food was less then $7 ! I could’ve literally got another meal for the next day this will be the last time I use Favor Uber eats is ways better at least they show you what’s gunna be charged on your card before you place the order. I NEVER leave reviews EVER because I’m not a picky person & if something isn’t correct on something i usually just shrug & move on but I just can’t get pass Favor ! Oh & they took an additional $6 out of my account I see it was refunded but of course it never goes right back into the account money isn’t the issue but I was charged $18+ & an additional $6 that was not approved to be taken out of my account!! This will be the last time I use Favor & I will NEVER recommend to anyone! I know the company won’t care but for anyone else contemplating wether they want to use Favor or not I hope this review is helpful!


No food, runner ate everything and is doing another favor order

I ordered food from ihop and was expecting it to be delivered in less than an hour since it was close by. After an hour it said they are on the way finally from the place and I was relieved, but then when it said they arrived I looked around and didn’t see anyone and thought maybe they are lost so I went around looking for them and texted them to see where I can find them. No response, so then I contacted customer support to see if they can help, it took a while but they said they will look into my order, I texted my runner again and then it said that the runner is off running another this app... I have not received my food yet, worst experience ever, was looking for a easy order experience but wow was I wrong. I hope this was just the one runner that was bad... this app you need to step up and be stricter to your runners, taking a long time for simple orders that we could have done ourselves in less than an hour. They probably already ate my order while I waiting for them to arrive. In the end I had to do it myself while the bad runner still got paid with the credit customer support gave to clear out the order. Be more in charge please this app.


Paid over $40 for the wrong order

My problem with Favor is that if your delivery is incorrect, there’s no efficient way to fix the problem. I ordered from a Hawaiian poke bento box from a local sushi restaurant Because I couldn’t leave work for lunch. The driver gave my bag to the receptionist and she excepted it. Immediately when I opened it, I recognized that this was a chicken skewer on top of fried rice. Clearly not poke tuna on top of sushi rice. It seems to me that it should be the drivers job to confirm that the order is correct before leaving the restaurant and they should’ve been an obvious mistake to catch. I immediately texted the driver and he texted me back an automated message with the phone number to call this app headquarters. That was basically useless. I got a voicemail that asked me to leave them a message. An hour later, still no response. So now I’m stuck with an extremely expensive lunch that I didn’t order and don’t want. I cannot explain how irritated I am at this moment. And this is not the first time that this has happened…So at this point I blame myself and will not use Favor ever again. And because there’s a strong chance that you will not get what you paid for, I advise everyone else not to use Favor either.


Thieves and Rats!

Favor is the worst! I really liked it in the beginning. Until I started paying attention to my charges. Favor does not give you the option to go back and look at your transactions or receipts. At the time that you pay that is your only chance to review the purchase so if you don’t look at the actual picture of the receipt this app just shows a breakdown of the transaction. They add extra fees on top of what you buy, taxes and fee! So when you look at the break down it just shows how much your food was taxes and the tip. They throw in their extra fee under your food and if you don’t look at the actual receipt you would never know. Also they always have a “suggested” tip amount already pre-set at check out so if you don’t edit the amount you are stuck paying a $5 tip! Most of the time the screen flashes so quick you don’t even get the chance to edit the tip. I definitely don’t recommend Favor the way it’s set up it’s meant to keep you from being able to question them. Also it’s impossible to cancel an order the only one that can is the runner! And if you need any help you can forget about it! You have to e-mail them and it takes days to get response!


Where is my food????

Ok so I don’t even know how this could happen - I ordered some snacks, the runner got what I need, I saw the receipt from the this app app, the order status was updated to “arrived”, but the runner disappeared, with my snacks.
It’s just annoying. I was tried after work, wanted my favorite snacks, and was willing to pay $14 to let someone get it for me. The snacks themselves are 30 bucks and the store is 15 mins away from where I live. That’s right, this app billed me 14 dollars for doing that and I’m fine with it. And then my runner never showed up. Finally figured out ok my snacks were not coming, fine I’ll ask for refund and go get them myself, and then I realized, the store closed. You see, I could drive 15 mins to the store and get what I want 2 hours ago, but I chose to use this app, thought I could save myself several minutes to do something more important by paying 50% more of the price of my snacks, and now, no food, wasting time contact customer service, getting more anxiety - not to mention the customer service is so slow, not heard back anything from them yet.
Now I just don’t understand why Favor exist. High service fee and low customer experience? I can’t do this math.

Is Favor Safe?

No. Favor: Local Delivery Service does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 301,283 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Favor Is 13.1/100.

Is Favor Legit?

No. Favor: Local Delivery Service does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 301,283 Favor: Local Delivery Service User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Favor Is 31.3/100..

Is Favor: Local Delivery Service not working?

Favor: Local Delivery Service works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Plans

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Duration Amount (USD)
Billed Once $30.33

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