Postmates - Fleet Reviews

Postmates - Fleet Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-07

Turn your free time into earnings with the Postmates Fleet app— deliver goods
from local merchants to customers. No schedules, no offices, just you and the
open road. You can drive, bike, scoot, or walk. Earn on your own
schedule. It’s free to sign up and fast to get started. There are...

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Postmates - Fleet Reviews

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    Driver for over 2 years

    Very frustrating to work for 3 dollar pay outs on the weekend is very frustrating to take care of a family the distance you drive from downtown to 15 miles out to the suburb are a driver nightmare frustrating placing an order for customer in a packed restaurant to be told it will be 45 minutes before your order ready is frustrating to the driver and the customer either you cancel the order or you wait either way you lose time money and fuel at one time you could make 110 dollar for 9 trips on the weekend on peak times now you have 10 trips for 65 dollar almost impossible to hit with the distance you have to drive the frustrating of placing order that you have to wait for order not ready by the restaurant because they are to busy to make your order 70 trips to make 550 dollar is untouchable from friday to Tuesday divided that by your gas money you are at a loss I was making 3 dollar a delivery this weekend I park my car and stop delivery to frustrating to continue driver are the face of postmate with the low wage and low hourly wage no man or woman could feed a family with this income I’m sorry I can no longer commit to making money for a company that pays out low wages to its employees and make are life a living hell with frustrating situation this is my side hustle now the pay out is not worth my frustration Postmate please do better with higher wage and payouts a driver that trying to make the company money and feed his family with a respectful wage

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    This app is trash. I’ve been a driver for awhile now and I constantly have issues. The help center is a joke... it’s a bunch of Postmates drivers giving you pointers on how to fix technical problems... and when you email the help center I swear it feels like they don’t even read your comment. They just give you a cookie cutter response that never helps or solves the issue. I’ve been emailing them since last night about a delivery that the app won’t let me complete even though I’ve delivered the food. I can’t receive new deliveries because it’s stuck on that delivery. They give me a list of things to try, uninstall and reinstall, check my battery life, internet connection, all of that stupid stuff. I try them, nothing works. When I tell them this they just respond telling to me do the same list of troubleshooting steps. It’s ridiculous. Finally 18 hours later they tell me that the delivery was completed on their side. Ok, that sounds awesome but it’s still showing as a current delivery on my end of the app? I still can’t do anything, but no worries. They tell me to do the same troubleshooting steps, again!!! Haha! Is everyone retarded? They say they have a 24 hour help center with people who can call you if you need it, never happens. Never once got a call even when they say they will be calling. It’s sad when companies treat the people that make them all of their money like s**t. I wouldn’t recommend working for this fascist company.

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    Banned my account for trying to swipe complete

    Ok so i started doing deliveries again simce the first time I started and tried out a delivery in may had a few problems then but they updated the app now its way more helpful with how to get to the drop off spot after you pickup the deliveries but i ran into a problem last night after 9pm i went done 3 deliveries was planning on staying out making deliveries all night im not working and have no income so im into doin my deliveries uou really hype cause i had something to rely on but soons i finished my 3rd delivery i go to swipe complete and it was taking right away so i had to do it a fews time this also happene with the first two but soons it went thru on the last one they banned my account saying i violated postmates agreement so i emailed them and ask how is that i only did deliveries nothing else and now i can even use postmates they said they will review it but i got nothing but crappy emails that had nothing to do with the situation so thats why i gave it one star because its not good to banned account with out warning and f how you might be violating the terms when all you doin is deliveries if customers service can reach out to me and actually help me and i can go back to making money to make a living i will give it 5 stars and also plz give warnings because i felt my account got banned because the app had a flaw where I couldn’t swipe complete once had to do it a few times and then account banned smh. But

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    Postmates is a Scam. Been working for them for a long time now. They will attract drivers with the promise of making money with their bonus. But beware, I once you start getting those bonus they will shadow ban you. It happened to me MANY times. One example: last night I needed 14 runs from 5-9pm to get the bonus. So I’m busy af from 5-8. Non-stop, like crazy. Made 13. And then, magically, my phone didn’t ring for one hour. And I’m in a busy area of the map on their app. In Hollywood. It’s all coding. When you’re about to get your bonus they will either stop sending you orders or they will send you orders that were refused by other drivers, orders that are so far you won’t be able to make that and one more to hit the bonus. Again, that happened to me TOO MANY TIMES. Scammers. I wish someone had money to sue them, but obviously if you’re working for Postmates it means you don’t have much. And that’s how theybtake advantage from their drivers. If you don’t hot the bonus you get paid $3 per delivery. It’s a joke. Also if you need to contact support, GOOD LUCK! You will get an automated email response with a broken link to reply after they don’t resolve your issue. Need to cancel an order because a merchant messed it up? Good luck finding a reason that it shows it’s not your own fault and that you will be punished. I could give a minus 5 stars to this company that treats their drivers like garbage. SHAME ON YOU POSTMATES!

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    It’s a great way to make some extra money on the side

    I’ve been doing Postmates now for over a year. It helps when a person needs some extra money when in a pinch. I’m not sure how I feel about the new version of the app because it seems as though you have to do some extra steps and it doesn’t seem to be so user friendly like the old app but I guess I just have to get used to it like any other updated apps. The only drawbacks that I encountered so far is that sometimes it takes awhile for an offer to come thru. There have been times when I’ve waited over an hour, during rush hours, to receive an offer while the map shows it’s a very busy area. Another thing that happens is the accuracy of the location and where I’m delivering to is not always that accurate so it leaves you scrambling to find the drop off while trying to notify the customer. All in all, it’s a great way to make extra money and from what I’m told it pays more than the other food delivering companies.

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    Super Disappointing 👎🏼

    I used to love doing this app, but as more problems came to the surface I have been starting to dislike it more and more. First off, customer service is completely terrible. When I first needed an issue addressed. all I could see how to contact postmates was through email. I hate emailing and it took me MONTHS to find the actual customer service number. Then my next problem which just recently started happening, and it’s a major issue that interferes with my orders. When I’m out doing an order and the merchant doesn’t have what they requested, my option to contact the customer DOES NOT WORK. I have called to let postmates know my number changed which I thought was the initial problem. I have deleted and reinstalled the app. Logged in and logged out. Updated the app every time there was an update, and still nothing!! It’s pretty upsetting and super unprofessional that I have to cancel an order because I can’t contact the customer to get items replaced! Second, I see way to many orders of customers ordering items that the merchant aren’t even making anymore. Honestly this app isn’t worth it. You drive around just to waste gas because you sure won’t make up the money for it. I will sit in red zones and drive in red zones and even during bonus hours I don’t make decent money. The pay is horrible! Super disappointed in postmates, I recommend door dash. I’ll just end up deleting this app.

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    App Glitches

    I don’t know about other driver out there, but I’ve been experiencing app glitches almost every time I go out to deliver. The app won’t let me complete a delivery; sending an error that I’m not close enough to the delivery address when I’m standing on their door step. The app will go blank when I attempt to complete a delivery forcing me to restart my phone which doesn’t always work. Another is I’ve picked up an order and the screen goes blank once I’ve completed the pickup. So now I have someone’s food in my car getting cold and I don’t know the drop off because the app is having a tantrum. My latest issues is the first mentioned issue, and I’ve been waiting for approximately 14 hours for support to reach out to me because I cannot complete a delivery, via the app that is. The actual food was delivered 14 hours ago, yet the app refuses to allow me to complete and move on. So now I can’t work even if I wanted to. There needs to be an override to complete deliveries when there is a technical issue with the app. Within the other issues it only offers: “order damaged” “my car broke down” or “cannot reach customer” when none of these are my issue. There needs to be a better way to get in contact with support.

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    To be honest........

    Postmates is a wonderful gig for instant income between paychecks. They have some perks. One advantage other than instant finance was the $5 boost if you successfully drop off orders during their given time frame....11am til 2pm and 5:30pm til 9:30pm. However, the promotion didn’t last which is displeasing due to the fact that the $5 actually made the gig worthwhile. I would recommend that anyone considering postmates should have maximum patience. I’ve driven 20 minutes across town to pick up an order that ended up being cancelled just to get paid .20 (cents). The map that postmates provides needs to be fixed because it gives false direction. Also keep in mind that postmates doesn’t have a number to call for drivers in need of assistance with technical support or just general needs for drivers. I have also driven to restaurants whom no longer accept postmates orders and have had to call the customer to inform them of the inconvenience which is highly unprofessional on postmates behalf. Overall, though I’ve listed some concerns, as I’ve stated before, postmates is only beneficial for instant cash between checks. It is time consuming and drains the mileage on your car but at the end of a 5 hour shift for postmates, here I’m Wilmington, NC, the most I’ve made was around $40/maybe $45.

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    New version super glitchy

    I just updated the app and it’s even worse than before. Now I have issues seeing my order number; it won’t show up on the bottom of my screen until I open either my profile tab or the other tab (on the left), then close the screen, then my order number will show up. Can no longer see my balance, and the app is loading up orders with no regard for ppls food. It wanted me to take a 45 minute detour (driving, ordering/paying, waiting) for another order between picking one up and dropping it off. Imagine having to wait that long from when your food was picked up, let alone how long it’s been sitting there before I got to it. This is a great way to get zero tips. Fix the bugs and work on your algorithm. Update: when you get an order that you have to order, pay, and wait for it’s usually because the restaurant isn’t an official part of the program, so Postmates calls in the orders. I’ve had many restaurants tell me they have tried to distance themselves from Postmates, but Postmates just does a work around. If they can’t get through, they foist it off on us at .07$/minute. Meaning when you wait 30 min for an order you are making $2 as well as missing out on the quicker orders. Be careful, drivers.

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    Postmates does not care about their fleet!

    Do not waste your time with this company! They did not care about their fleet drivers at all! I spent 20 minutes at the restaurant placing the order and confirming it with the employee. Just as I was about to check out, the order was canceled with no compensation! This was despite being in contact with the customer about the progress of the order. I am certain the cancellation did not come from them. Postmates decided to cancel the order because they thought it was taking too long, even though I was diligently doing my job (the merchant was slow and barely spoke English). After spending 20 minutes on this order and the embarrassment of having to cancel the purchase after everything was made, I spent 30 minutes on hold with support to find out what happened with this order, only to be told they could do nothing to compensate me. This is almost an hour of my time and energy wasted on slave labor for this company because I’m not getting paid one penny for it. Absolutely despicable! Competitors like DoorDash at least give half pay if the order is canceled after you arrive at the restaurant, and their pay is better. I will not continue with Postmates as long as they continue to treat their drivers like trash!

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    This app is infuriating

    Ok so started doing Postmates cause I thought it would be a good way to earn extra money considering work has been a little slow lately. I see they have a deal going right now where you complete 55 deliveries and get $400 guaranteed — sweet! Problem is, I went out today planning to get 10 deliveries done. I started at noon and it didn’t even send me an offer until 12:40. First order took a half hour to complete with waiting for food and then driving to the drop off location 20 minutes away. So they take forever to send you offers, claiming there aren’t any near you, then when you drive into a hot spot, they send an order, and it’s 10 miles away from your location. I had to drive two towns over for my first delivery. You have to drive to the red zones on the map or they won’t even offer you a delivery, and when you do get into the red zone, it almost feels like the app purposely updates right then and suddenly the red zones are all the way across town. I drove around for 2 hours today, wasted so much gas, and didn’t even make $10. $10/hr isn’t even a good wage either. I really thought this would be a good way to make extra money but it’s a scam. You do all the work and the company rakes in the money. Also, people rarely tip.

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    Good experience but could be GREAT!

    I do love Postmates but there are small features that would make using the app better and a greater experience, especially because driving is essential with working with Postmates. Some improvements could be instead of marking hot spots by colored areas, provide an address or specific restaurant. Otherwise I’m zooming in which could be dangerous if I’m driving and navigating with no navigation to where I should actually be heading. Also, higher pay for orders that require sitting and ordering instead of “ready for pick up” because what happens is, while waiting for the order or God forbid the merchant is backed up already on orders. For example, drivers spend a lot of time on “one, $4 order” when they could have picked up 2 “ready” orders in the same time, and made $8. And something I personally find truly annoying, when the app glitches and you can’t call or text people when you have arrived. Other than that, I love the app, and I would recommend you have a steady job and make extra money off Postmates, not a main source of income.

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    Great Side Hustle & Experience!

    I’ve been off and on with Postmates since 2017. Now, I’m doing this everyday(2-6 hours), weekend is busy and look forward to it as street parking is free, fast but easy pace with lots of customers. So far my experiences has been excellent with very few problems picking up food and delivering it to happy customers. Tips: Make sure to include extra condiments and utensils, double check your orders. Carry a cooler with ice packets for cold drinks(really helps on longer drives) and extra hot bags. My Examples: app crashed(lost customer address), restaurant no longer carry a food item, extra long lines and wait time, don’t panic and call or text your customers immediately resolving the situation on the spot, communicating with your customers will make them feel important and cared as a customer, great customer service is everything! Again, great side hustle for purchasing gas, groceries or treating yourself something nice much better than working a part-time job for someone else. Mahalo & Aloha!

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    Joining incentive SCAM

    I joined postmates to make a little extra cash. After trying to join and the page closing on me and having to reopen it “from where I left off” I found out that postmates selected my market area as the OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE USA. Like, my market area should have been in Oregon and they put it in Massachusetts. Then upon realizing this and reaching out to postmates SEVERAL TIMES, they refuse to help me with my joining incentive by changing my delivery area to the correct area. They refuse to offer any other bonuses while my *month long* joining bonus is active. Sure, I can deliver in my area, and will likely continue to.... but that’s not what I signed up for. Also, because of this, it seems the friend that I was invited by will also be screwed out of their invite bonus because of this whole thing. So, there you have it. Postmates does not stand by their word. They refuse to call me to figure it out even after they asked me to provide specific time frames, time zones, and phone number so they can return a call. All they do is email the same exact copied and pasted message and tack on a different agent name. I’ve got I think 3 or 4 different names now of agents who refuse to find out what happened and refuse to help me with this situation.

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    Full time deliever for ASU college Tempe/AZ

    I’ve done 1043 delieveries on bicycle for ASU college area-Tempe Az since last October, I do this full time, and since March 2019, the average of working 25 delieveries a day for $100 plus tips, has dropped to 3 delieveries-some days, 5 others/or none.. for $15 sometimes. Since the time I’ve started, they’ve implemented direct deposit cash out... added better gps response....but appear as the lesser of alternatives to deliver for. -And this is due to lack of available offers, and $4-$1=3 for each order (This being said, I do this full time still.. $400 a month.. “used to be $1,200 a month”) But the two things I want changed, ability to choose priority of where’s next to drop off.. Too many times I get an order that’s 1 block away to drop off, but another order is added that needs me to make this order wait another 15 minutes, I should be able to tell the app this order first is the better alternative route Second, I like the new drop off and pick up conformation, and payments per delievery set up in this 2 step system But go back to 4, or more.. $3 an order isn’t bad, but 4 was already low, and your hurting your company image by paying delieveriers less to be more secure. I still support and use postmates fleet as my means for living, but if they cannot fix this downhill slope, I’ll end up going back to working somewhere for hours everyday for $10+ hr

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Is Postmates - Fleet Safe?

No. Postmates - Fleet does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 106,119 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Postmates - Fleet Is 15.9/100.

Is Postmates - Fleet Legit?

No. Postmates - Fleet does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 106,119 Postmates - Fleet User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Postmates - Fleet Is 15.9/100.

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Postmates - Fleet works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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