Saucey: Alcohol Delivery Reviews

Saucey: Alcohol Delivery Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

Saucey is alcohol delivery at the push of a button. ASAP or scheduled delivery.
No order minimums. We’ll deliver beer, wine, liquor, mixers, ice and party
supplies within the hour. So why use Saucey? Picture this: It’s Tuesday at
5:59pm. You think about it, and you realize you went a who...

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Reviews (29)


the absolute WORST app i have ever used.

They advertise delivery service under an hour, my estimated wait time ALONE was “89 minutes,” that’s not including the time i spent playing russian roulette with vapes trying to figure out “what they had in stock”. turns out, the shop was just saying they didn’t have any of the flavors i wanted in stock (substituted about 15 times by the end of it, repeating flavors). FINALLY got through to support after waiting 20 minutes & guess what, they MAGICALLY had the flavor in stock that i wanted - one that they had said wasn’t in stock, hmmm 🧐. guess what? that was the FIRST time i used Saucey . i absolutely tried to give Saucey a few chances (5 to be exact), i ordered off here 5 times in an attempt to be able to say that it was a *decent* app, but it’s absolutely terrible. this situation repeated to varying degrees each time, usually worse than the previous experience though. ALSO - NONE of the drivers knew how to scan my ID card. NONE knew what they were suppose to do & asked me, THE CUSTOMER, “how do i scam your ID? I don’t know how to scan it to approve your delivery”. teach your drivers how to use your app before sending them on a delivery. i will be deleting Saucey & never using it again. don’t waste your time w this one.



I’ve never left a review before, but I feel like Saucey needs it. I placed an order today and was given an estimated delivery time of 30 minutes. Well, the driver and estimated delivery time kept changing. After the third time I contacted customer service to cancel the order, because I was worried I wouldn’t be available by the time they finally arrived. I got an immediate response confirming my cancellation. I thought it was all good...Then an hour later a driver texted me frantically asking if my order had been canceled. They were outside my house! All I could do was show them confirmation I’d received that my order was canceled...but now I’m pretty sure this guy didn’t get any money from the 30+ minutes it took him to pick up and deliver my (canceled) order. We all know apps like this treat their drivers like dirt, but this really cemented to me that I shouldn’t be using services like this anymore. Maybe in the future they could consider communicating promptly with their drivers (not to mention making them employees and giving them some amount of job protection 🤷🏻‍♂️). Anyway I’d recommend not using Saucey.


Don’t waste your time and money!

Saucey is trash! I knew something wasn’t right about it from the very start because they don’t have a customer service number, but I tried to do the right thing during this pandemic and stay in the house. Not only did the guy never show up with our beer, but he lied about us not answering our phone and proceeded to yell at my girlfriend and hang up on her. Then he said he would come back, and when the ETA said he was outside he really wasn’t and kept sending us to voicemail! How very unprofessional. They don’t give you enough info on the driver either. No description of the car or how they look like most major deliver apps do. Not to mention they claim we will get a full refund but it won’t be until 5-10 business days!!! I would’ve just went to the store if I’d known they would just send us off like that. In fact I would’ve saved about $20 bucks had I gone to the store since they are obviously overpriced. My beer normally goes for $10 but I paid $16 just so I can practice social distancing. We spend $40 and got nothing in return! How frustrating right! Trash trash trash!


First Time Service User

I was looking for cigarette delivery since the local store was getting renovated and didn’t feel comfortable driving anywhere else. I came upon this app and noticed they delivered tobacco products. After going through available products I chose the brand I wanted and a six pack of beer. Everything was easy, accessible, and easy setting up the account since it was my first time using service. After getting age verified for purchase of tobacco and adding payment card the check out was quick and I received notification of confirmation that order was being prepared. Definitely very easy to use and I was especially pleased with time it took for items to get delivered. From confirmation of order received to delivery of items to my house was only 45mins; started order around 9:30pm. My new favorite app delivery service going forward.



I found Saucey during lockdown. Overpriced, but what can you do. The card I use for Saucey is only being used for Saucey and nothing else, and I have not left my apartment for more or less 300 days. The reason I assign specific credit cards to specific apps is to recognize fraud charges, just in case. I received a call from my bank that my credit card had been used to purchase airline tickets and had managed to spend $700 from my account (not more since my card had a spending limit) but even though it had been topped, they kept attempting SEVERAL more airline ticket purchases with my name and card. Wrote to costumer service and they replied that they can only see the last 4 numbers of the card so they are not responsible- as if anyone with common sense these days would think duplicating a card requires all the numbers, and not a software- waiving responsibility and suggesting I file a police report. I have. But to the rest of you BE WARNED. $700 and it wouldve been more if they could.



This the most awful app i had they don’t know the real time of the delivery the. You can’t speak with any one over the phone you can only text which mean they can text you back when ever they want to text you back then they never tell you that you have to wait until some pick it up and then bring it to u they shouldn’t do the count down until the driver have your order plz don’t order for them you can catch a cab walk around the block take a shower watch tv and take a nap before they make it to you with your order


Overpriced- please use Vivino or Drizly instead

I’ll start with this. The API and UX is pretty solid and it is easy to sign up. However, once you see the pricing of their products, that’s simply insane. $35 for La Crema Chardonnay (from Sonoma Valley) when you can get it for $22-$25 on the other two platforms?!? Captain Morgan for $40 (are you ok?) Sauvignon Blanc from Oyster Bay for $24 when you can get it for under $15 guaranteed anywhere else. I don’t know what their fees or charges are but that’s at least a 30%-40% higher than other platforms. Granted, I reside in Manhattan so prices might be even higher than other places but I know as a fact that the other two platforms are more price friendly than this one for the city. Evidently, I didn’t bother to order over the platform and I know from a friend that their customer support is lackluster.


Never delivered

Horrible customer service and horribly designed app. Beware, you can not identify the driver and Saucey will estimate a delivery time that will constantly change until eventually it becomes NEGATIVE minutes. Then when you call it will direct you to a automated message that will say to text a number that will hardly respond or help at all. I waited 2 hours and eventually they told me that the driver who I can’t even contact had come and I failed to accept delivery. Even though I stood downstairs my apartment building for 10 minutes when it said courier arriving in 3 minutes and even waited afterwards with not a single missed phone call and Saucey saying courier arriving soon. Long story short Saucey is crap and not prepared to deliver alcohol under any stress. Also very unhelpful when issues arise. I will never use this again.


Saucey is so awesome - I can’t even...

I ordered a Barefoot Bubbly Rose, or so I thought. The driver arrived promptly and handed over the bag to me. Thanked him, went inside and found a bottle of Pink Moscato (ewww). I rushed outside to catch the driver before and told him he brought the wrong bottle. We looked at my order together and, sure enough, I’d selected moscato. :( I sent a text to customer service, told them of my error and recommended finding a better way to differentiate between Rose and Pink Moscato. Saucy called me, almost immediately, and gave me a credit for my dissatisfaction!!! Even though it was MY error. Then...just post the ordering of my new bottle, I received another call — unfortunately, they didn’t have what I wanted in stock nearby, so they upgraded me to a new bottle, at no charge. I’m not a big written review leaver, BUT, in this instance, I had to write this out just to say how AWESOME this app is. Use them, often...and they deliver more than alcohol, so you can get your munchie fix on too. 10/10 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ FOR LIFE! 🥂


My Heroes!

My first time using Saucy. Amazing! The delivery guy was FAST I got updates along the way. As it was my first time? He had to scan my ID and that took maybe 30 seconds. The entire experience was uncomplicated, painless, and way too easy. It’s a bit more expensive than buying them yourself, but on a day like today when it’s pouring rain and you got a flat tire? Its almost decadent Totally recommending this to all my tobacco smoking weed smoking booze drinking friends. You guys are the greatest!!


Would not give a refund for missing items

They said i needed to take a picture of my items. This was after the fact they make it hard to contact them for missing items. It should be a simple button on Saucey instead i had to send them an email they contacted me the next day. The items I purchased & had delivered were on my friends boat so of course I couldn’t take a picture i told to ask the delivery person they said only way to get a refund is with a picture. Was a rip off. Never received any updates on my order, til the was here delivery guy said he was with DoorDash so it seems like Saucey funnels through DoorDash. Next time ill order directly from DoorDash. Deleting Saucey will never order from them again.


Option to cancel order if requested alcohol not present?

I’d placed an order for a specific game day beer that was in stock according to Saucey — after submitting the order I was notified it wasn’t available and the only option I had was to select a replacement beer (no order cancellation option). Ideally Saucey would be able to keep some form of a tab on the inventory the stores they deliver from has in their CRM. If they can’t do that then I’d love the ability to cancel an order (as I’d rather grab an alternative beer from a corner store myself). Aside from this feedback, great UI and experience!


Solid for Alcohol, Not for Snacks

I wrote a review of this app before which was unfavorable. But I’ve used it for the past few months and they consistently have great service for alcohol delivery. They always get the correct order for alcohol. However, if you wander into the snacks section be warned. They often deliver the wrong product by substituting a cheaper version. This might not mean much to some. But there are certain frozen lasagnas that work and some that taste like cardboard. Cardboard was delivered. I’ll order food from a reliable service in the future and only rely on this app for booze as intended.



So I’m adding to this review. Again, I love the service and haven’t had too many issues with that, but Saucey needs updates. Now every time I tip and rate my delivery person, it asks me to do it twice. Sometimes 3 times. Im only ever charged once, but I have to do it a few times for it to work, which seems a little unfair for the delivery people if someone doesn’t do it again and they miss out on tips. Delivery is fast, but the tracking on Saucey is rarely accurate and slow.


BEWARE - Terrible App & Customer Service

Waited two hours for delivery that never came. When I contacted customer service they cancelled the order and told me to reorder. Waited another two hours and they cancelled it again. Customer support said there was an engineering glitch. So after wasting countless hours trying to get my delivery I ordered through Postmates and had my order in 30 minutes. I will never use their service again.


App is wonky

I put my address in and when Saucey shared it with my driver it was a totally different apartment number a block away. Not only that, he only found me because he put the address in Waze - Saucey tried directing him to a building a mile and a half away. I felt so bad he wasted so much time that I gave him a large tip to hopefully make up some of the difference he could have gotten with other deliveries, but you guys should really fix the map! Shouldn’t be the customer or the drivers losing money because of your platform. Giving it 3 stars though because my delivery guy was great and the wine was pretty good.


I’m AMAZED at how fast the delivery was

I tried Saucey today courtesy of my office manager and am floored by how efficient it was. I completed the delivery details and my champagne was at my door within 15 mins. Not sure if I got lucky but will definitely look into Saucey next time I need some alch. Did look at the prices which are quite steep compared to me going to a grocery store but from an efficiency perspective I’m a big fan!



First and foremost Saucey is user friendly and sign up was a breeze. In regards to my 1 star rating, it’s due the fact that there are no drivers here that can do delivery in my area. It’s one thing for the area I live in but to even use my work address as reference to hopefully source out a driver (I work 15 miles away in another city) just to put that to no avail there were still no drivers nearby. It was helpful to see the note the developers left that explained new locations will be added eventually. I host a lot of functions/parties year round and to have a tool like this where someone can help would save so much time. But until I’m able to use the service on Saucey my rating will be a 1 star.


Used to be good.

Won’t use them anymore. They used to give you an eta and then turn up in that time. The last two occasions the eta grew longer and longer to point where I might as well have gone to store and bought it myself in a quicker time frame. The last time this happened my order was accepted at 6.48pm and the eta went 7.26 to 8.40. No message, no reason, nothing. I asked for them to cancel the order and they issued a $7.99 charge. Outrageous and rude. There issue not mine yet they saw no problem telling me that the charge was “ non negotiable” I’m done with them. As I said, used to be great but I don’t what happened and I don’t tolerate poor treatment. Plenty of other services out there.


Strike Two

Well they jack up the prices on the liquor from what you could buy them at the liquor store but I expect that unfortunately you also have to have a fee to get a delivery and then expect you to pay a tip on top of all that after using it the first time I got a coupon in my email to use with Saucey for first time buyers but when I try to use it it I was told I’m no longer a 1st time buyer. Second time I discover they delivered only 2 of 3 items w/o sending me a message informing me of that. Maybe We will never get to strike 3..


I love it!

I love this app! I never have to leave home and once in a while they'll throw in some promo codes! I got to send wine to 3 of my friends for free which was awesome! It's an amazing app that just keeps getting better and better. Oh and the couriers are extremely cool! Thanks this app for bringing to life what we all wanted😉 all that plus a bag of chips that you can also throw in that order :)


Customer service

With this app (as with many comparable apps), you pay notably more, than you would at the store. Adding delivery fees on top of that (and the much dreaded, guilt-imposed tip), your costs will be higher. That said, this app has excellent customer service. I’m not speaking specifically of the drivers (they vary, but are typically fine). The owner/ manager (e.g., the lovely man I typically communicate with via phone and text) is excellent. This makes this app stand above the rest. It remains a de-centralized, customer-service oriented business.


Great Service

My order has been late a couple of times, but here is the main thing: DO NOT come to the door with bare bottles in hand! Subtlety, please. And let us take the bottles out of your this app bags inside the door while checking ID! I was house-sitting with nosy neighbors. Having said that the customer service response is stellar - and you can’t fault a wine delivering app. Prices are a little high, but I get it. Your saving me a trip to the store! Work in the promptness and subtlety and you e a stellar gig!


Horrible customer Service and Overpriced

I ordered a soda at 11:10 pm, and Saucey estimated a 20 minute delivery. When I called or texted they said it would be till 12:45 am that I would receive my order. I cancelled did but they still charged me the 8.00 delivery fee for not delivering my item. They didn’t even waive the fee even if it was their fault that the order had been ridiculously delayed into the wee hour of the morning. ***they raise the prices ridiculously in their app!!! Thought that if people are willing to pay gold prices that they would have gold customer service and support. EPIC FAILURE, closed account and moving on the next app.


Dark patterns

Saucey tries to convince you to turn on notifications, several times. They use dark patterns where they make the option to opt out difficult to see, and on the iPhone X difficult to access. They misleadingly tell you that you need to enable notifications to get delivery notifications, when in fact all delivery notifications are delivered via text message whether you have push notifications on or not. Push notifications are only used for marketing spam.


It’s always double the time that’s quoted... and many times triple the time.

👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 on false advertising... they get you to place an order with them (instead of a competitor) based on the quick delivery but I haven’t had a single order delivery anywhere near the estimated time. As soon as it’s close to the original delivery time, the time changes to another 20 min... at the end of that... adds more time. Take a look at you SLAs and start making reasonable estimates - otherwise all your customers (myself included) will use one of the many other options available.


Slow Delivery, Terrible Customer Service

I’m honestly quite baffled at the previous stellar reviews, since, at the time of this writing, my delivery has yet to arrive since I placed my first order 5 days ago. I have e-mailed customer service twice with zero response. Unfortunately, based on my experience, I highly discourage anyone from using this service. If you do try this service, try purchasing a cheap item first, to test the professionalism. Don’t make the mistake I did by purchasing a higher-priced item. Hopefully you’ll have a better experience than I did.


Super fast and exactly what I ordered!

Thanks!- will definitely order again in the future!! The girl that made the delivery was also super nice. As she scanned my DL- she explained how everything works! Also- I was really glad to see that I could give a tip after she left( I never have cash on hand!)- so that really helped! Thanks, See you again soon, Vanessa


Great app

They are consistently reliable and on point. Yes there might be shortcomings once in a while (like any app or service) but I gauge a company by how they manage expectations with customers and the overall experience. Drivers are nice and friendly, apps feels better than most others out there and gifts are huge!

Is Saucey Safe?

No. Saucey: Alcohol Delivery does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 29,922 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Saucey: Alcohol Delivery Is 14.1/100.

Is Saucey Legit?

No. Saucey: Alcohol Delivery does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 29,922 Saucey: Alcohol Delivery User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Saucey: Alcohol Delivery Is 14.1/100.

Is Saucey: Alcohol Delivery not working?

Saucey: Alcohol Delivery works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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