Autotrader – Shop All the Cars Reviews

Autotrader – Shop All the Cars Reviews

Published by on 2021-07-07

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Autotrader – Shop All the Cars Reviews

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    Glitchy, Poor results and too Expensive

    I have been using Autotrader for years. The last few times I have used it not only is it glitchy and freeze up, but the quality of the results were not inclusive of many many other results found on other competing websites. Step it up or I will start my car searches where the results can be found. I have also sold a few cars on Autotrader. The last time I TRIED to sell a car I was SHOCKED how expensive it was. Tried it for a few weeks with only a few calls, all tire kickers. I put the same car on another site after a few weeks on Autotrader and we had ten calls in two days and the car was sold within a week. So, again poor results. Autotrader needs to lower the cost to list a car to solve their two biggest problems. 1)Not enough listings 2)because it’s to expensive to list a vehicle. Look, I think Autotrader has been the goto in car searches/selling over the years, but they got too big for their britches! Come back to reality Autotrader and realize you are getting your clocks cleaned cause you got greedy.......

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    Best car shopping app!

    I love this app. I browse it weekly, sometimes daily! I wrote a review a while ago suggesting they make an option to sort vehicles by uploaded date so we can see the newly listed ones as a filter so we don’t keep looking at all the same ones we don’t want. It finally happened! So I just want to thank you whoever updates this app and say it’s amazing now!! I love it even more! Keep up the great work. Also maybe have the private seller ones show us at least a state that it’s located in so we know if we want to even bother with it! That would be cool. And one more idea: can we please have an option to get rid of a vehicle in our saved searches that doesn’t meet our needs so we don’t have to keep checking it again and again? Meaning: let’s say I search for a Fiat and I put in specific criteria and save it. Ok so now I check that saved search every day and if I find a vehicle that I definitely don’t want to look at again within my search I would like to have the option to get rid of it within that saved search. Thanks!!! . :-)

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    Great app, been using it for years

    I’ve been using the Autotrader app for about 4-5 years now. It’s had its ups and downs, but overall it’s been my go-to car shopping app. Love the saved car and saved search options and enjoy the mix of dealer and private party listings. With that said, there are a couple of areas where the developers could make some improvements: 1. You can’t modify your saved searches. Once you have saved a search, you can’t change the max price, you can’t later add extra criteria to it and you can’t even rename it. I’ve been waiting for this feature for years and I’m still waiting. 2. You can’t see the location for private party listings. Not sure which update caused this, but for a while now there’s no way of telling what state/town the seller is located. With dealer listings they give you the full address, website and phone number - with the private party sales I have to guess from the landscaping if it’s a quick drive or a long plane ride away from me. 3. Old abandoned listings: I sometimes save a listing and it’s still on the website a year or two later. Is it still for sale? Does anybody check with the seller? Anybody care at AT? Maybe a days listed column would help consumers get an idea of how long it’s been listed and also sellers should be required to update their ads once in a blue moon. That’s all I’ve got for now...still love the app

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    Can you maybe unbreak your app?

    For the most part I love Autotrader. I find it very useful. I found my most recent vehicle purchase on it. But you guys really need to hammer out the glitches in your app. If I get particularly far in scrolling through a search the app just decides it can’t handle it and shuts down. Then I have to restart my search from the beginning and try to scroll back to where I left off. I think to myself “maybe I should check to see if there’s an update that fixes this.” Yes! An update there is. Great, let’s try this out again. Problem definitely “fixed.” It’s not crashing out of the searches any more because it will only let me see....oh, I dunno....50 of the results? Out of 1600. Yeah that’s just perfect. That’s exactly what I was hoping for. Just show me those 50 cars. And let’s forget all about the other 1550 I might be interested in. God forbid you let me see them, because obviously your app can’t handle it without crashing. I’m rolling my eyes so hard that if I was driving, I would crash like your app. Or, I just update my brain to the new software version that only lets me see 5 cars on the road at a time, and then I would never crash. Because that’s how things work, right?

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    This app is just short of great but for the reasons it’s not, are nothing short of frustrating. If you search for cars and set a mileage or price parameter, lets say under 20,000 miles under $10,000. The search returns 80% of your results with cars that have unlisted mileage. Unlisted mileage doesn’t mean they forgot to list the mileage, it means the mileage is so high they don’t want you to know until you look into the vehicle. There’s no way to exclude these high mileage vehicles (or unlisted as they say), & its a huge waste of time to make people view them. You can’t sort them out to show only actual low mile vehicles, they mix the unlisted in with lets say 15,000. Even if you sort from low to high mileage, still mixes them all up. They could have made a minimum mileage search option, or a “exclude keyword”, but what they should do, is FORCE the advertiser to list the mileage. It is what it is, so put it in the ad. Auto Trader, you need to fix this, and stop making this a frustrating experience. Should be easy and enjoyable. Your developers clearly don’t USE the app, just test it. Maybe you should actually use it for a change, and work on sorting out these issues.

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    If it Ain’t Broken, Don’t Fix it

    I agree with a prior review. AT was clean and generally simple. The best in my opinion. Not a bunch of hidden menus and options with overly complicate (IT nerdy) ways to use the tool. Competitor tools tend to overwhelm the user and are confusing to navigate. I’d set all of my advanced settings, multiple vehicles at times, and hit search. And, I’d save the search or vehicle(s) and periodically set alerts. If I were to improve anything - realizing AT must satisfy both the retailers/sellers and buyers experience - I’d continue efforts to only show vehicles asked for under set query parameters. Meaning, if I say Toyota Tundra CrewMax, under 75k miles, max $30k, within 25 miles, don’t show me vehicles that don’t match this criteria. It’s annoying and I abandon tools that do this. Asking the user if they’d like to see similar vehicles or those further out or more dollars, etc. would be fine - though essentially running a finite report criteria and getting back incorrect results is a pain. Clean, Simple, Accurate!

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    Text on description page is all scrunched up

    Love this app, and have used it for years. However, recently the description pages of individual cars is all messed up and scrunched into the middle of the screen, overlapping and thus making it unreadable (and the autotrader app UNUSABLE). I have tried removing it and re-downloading it. I have tried it on different devices. Still the same problem. Still does not work. Autotrader app guys, here’s an idea: before you push a new update of the app out —- test it to make sure it actually works!

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    Website, fantastic. App, worthless.

    AutoTrader is a massive and wildly successful company. They are the leading website for car searches. I love their website and they have been my go-to for years when buying/shopping for a vehicle. That said, their app is so poorly done it’s embarrassing. The app frequently crashes and the crashing problem has existing for a long while. With the recent dark mode update, the app looks terrible. The option wheels hide the text. The functionality is clunky at best compared to the online website. If I want to search for example a Nissan Altima and Maxima in both SL and SV trims, I have to search for 4 separate vehicles. I should be able to select multiple makes/models/trims in a list the way the website allows. I should be able to narrow down mileage limitations more than just the 5 allowed on the app. I could go on and on, but it’s nothing that other users haven’t already complained about. It’s just a shame that a company with nearly one thousand employs won’t do anything about it.

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    Bugging out

    I love this app bc of the wide variety of vehicles I can find. However, there are quite a lot of posts that have no mileage posted whatsoever. That is a major drag due to the fact that you can’t weed out those postings within your searches. Lately, I’ve been searching for vehicles on a day to day basis and saving quite a few that I have my eyes on. I love being able to go back and look at them and see which one would fit my needs best, well all of a sudden the list of saved vehicles has now disappeared, and I can no longer save new vehicles either. An error message appears stating, “oops. We stalled. Please try again”. I have tried restarting my phone, logging out and back in, and even not using the app for a few days. And it still appears. Please fix this. Thank you.

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    Functional but annoying

    Overall the app ok, however I have seen two issues. The first is I have went to go test drive cars but they were already sold yet they were showing available on the app. I realize this is could be the dealerships fault for not updating their data but it could also be the app’s fault for not syndicating the data everyday, but nevertheless the integrity of the information shown is still compromised. My second issue is more annoying than anything. The AD vehicles show multiple times on the same screen which skews the results. If the AD vehicles only showed once at the top of the screen I would have given it 4-stars.

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    Needs Improvement

    I have used this app for a couple of years and one thing I’ve noticed is the developer doesn’t improve the app very often. I find it stalls on a regular occasion regardless of the device. And when I set my search criteria to not show vehicle without photos or price somehow they still show up. I don’t understand how someone can try and sell a vehicle without pictures or price. Really need to set that as required information and tell accounts that use stock photos they will lose the privilege of this site if that is continued. Would make a lot better experience for everyone. De-Clutter Autotrader

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    Love autotrader

    Absolutely love autotrader. Bought a car and found other cars for others. 1 thing missing for me and would love to see included...on the website users can choose to hide or remove certain selections from the search. The user is also able to leave a comment as to why they want the particular selection to not be included in the search. For example...searching for a manual transmission, but the search results include automatic transmissions. The auto transmission cars should be hidden or removed because they were not included in the search criteria and should be flagged

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    Year selection view is disabled?

    Great app. But I think the most recent iOS update messed up functionality. I don't see the years to select from. Additional, note that might help you QA is to test the app on the new IOS update with dark mode on. It might be something to with the background color selection as well. Good luck. Hopefully, the next release should resolve this. Additionally, the app crashes if you perform too many searches. Maybe memory cache?You have to close the app and reopen to restart the search.

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    Has worked ok up to recently

    I’ve used it for a few years. It’s worked fine. A few options missing from full online version would certainly make it better. For example, ability to select multiple trims under same model instead of having to add another car/model/trim. Also, it has started crashing on a regular basis the past couple of days. I can only view a few cars then it locks up and eventually crashes/closes. Still not fixed. Freezes up, crashes, does not allow you to view car details when clicking the more arrow. To the point app is useless and I just use browser. I’m on latest iOS and latest app running dark mode.

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    Sorta works

    App is great to search for local vehicles. Plenty of filters to narrow down exactly what you’re looking for. However it’s always been a bit buggy on iPad. Using the favorites for saving vehicles or searching has always been hit or miss. Sometimes it saves and sometimes it just doesn’t. Lately it appears to have stopped working all together. The apps shows no saved cars or searches even though I know I’ve had them saved previously. Hopefully this gets figured out soon.

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Is Autotrader – Shop All the Cars Safe?

No. Autotrader – Shop All the Cars does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 279,363 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Autotrader – Shop All the Cars Is 15.6/100.

Is Autotrader – Shop All the Cars Legit?

No. Autotrader – Shop All the Cars does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 279,363 Autotrader – Shop All the Cars User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Autotrader – Shop All the Cars Is 15.6/100.

Is Autotrader – Shop All the Cars not working?

Autotrader – Shop All the Cars works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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