Wish - Shopping Made Fun Reviews

Wish - Shopping Made Fun Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-27

HOW IS WISH SO AFFORDABLE? Wish connects shoppers directly to over 100 million
manufacturers, so shoppers can find affordable goods. There’s no middle man,
so prices are lower and the quality is the same as what you’d get at the
mall. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE We take your security seriously...

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Wish - Shopping Made Fun Reviews

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    Long time customer...

    I’ve been a customer of wish for years. I think it’s fun & often come across things I didn’t even know where available. However abt 15% of the time the products are not as shown or the quality they claim to be; I don’t even bother with buying clothes here anymore because that was a joke! But the worst part is getting stuck with items I don’t want or flat out cant use. Why is returning something SO HARD!? Recently my son bumped me while I was going thru my cart & I accidentally hit the pay button. I tried to cancel it immediately but to no avail what so ever. I was unable to immediately cancel this & when I tried to stop it thru customer service it was nothing more than a useless collage of suggestions at me, not me getting to state what exactly was wrong. I tried several times their way but kept getting messages saying it would take 2-3 business days for them to even respond! So of course it will go thru by then & I will have to start the gawd awful process of trying to get my money back.... This IS NOT CUSTOMER FRIENDLY! I have kept several bad products over the years but enough is enough. Why is there no confirmation before making the purchase? Why are you so hard to reach?! A retail business is nothing without customers so why are yours treated with disregard? U should b as concerned with the entire experience as much as you are with taking payment! I believe I will b moving on to a new & more customer friendly shopping site...

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    I like it!

    I’ve been using Wish for years! I think their shipping time has quite improved. There automated in app customer service isn’t the greatest but recently it’s been alright. It’s been easy to get a refund on items I didn’t like after receiving them because they don’t fit well or because of some kind of imperfection. Just be careful to look at measurements of things in the description. The more product reviews with photo and video you leave the more points you rack up for discounts. They have two types of discounts, a regular discount on the asking price of items or a discount if you’re entire order including shipping. Use them wisely. You cannot combine discounts, don’t try, you will lose it if you try and can’t get it back even if you haven’t processed the payment. I’ve had two or three incidents where my items got lost in the mail, that wasn’t pleasant, but at least I got a full refund. Additionally, I’ve used the ship to store before, while shipping cost less, going to a store to pick up can be a hassle. One of my orders got lost shipping to a store so I don’t use that anymore. It takes up to three weeks maybe to get your orders, but it’s not that bad. And all garments should be ordered in larger sizes if you’re ordering in the US as they usually run almost two sizes smaller. Cool and fun stuff to look at and overall satisfied with my experience.

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    LOVE IT!

    I’ve been using this app for several years and have had little or no problem using it. Once or twice I have not received an item but was my account was promptly refunded. I can attest to what another reviewer said about confusion about FREE and a price that doesn’t seem to exist. FREE means the item is free but you will still pay shipping. Be careful though. An item from one store can be FREE with a $2 shipping charge and from another store the item may be $1 with a $1 shipping charge. In reality the cost is the same for identical items. In the case of an advertised price that doesn’t seem to exist, you do have to look through the options to find what item is actually the advertised price. It may be for a size or color you don’t want. Check everything before you click buy. Also check sizes on clothing. I’ve usually ordered 2 sizes up and have no problem. I do like the ability to create a WISH LIST so I can save items I’d like to buy at a later date. WISH’s customer service is very good. They answer promptly and courteously. Overall, I’ve been very satisfied with WISH and the products I have purchased from them.

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    Don’t fall for their traps

    It’s a useful site if you have the time to wait for products, sometimes up to 3 months. When using the coupon codes, a lot of the discounts don’t go towards shipping do you get either buy a product for $2, get a 5% discount, and pay $3 for shipping, or you can get a “free” product, but pay $5 to ship it. You just have to be careful. THEIR LIMITED LIMITED QUANTITY DEALS ARE A SCAM! Sorry for the caps but out of the 60 attempts to get an item during one of these deals, none, absolutely none, have gone through. I don’t understand why they do this as it just pisses the customer off. They do give you a refund but make sure your card company allows for several credits. This was fine print that I’ve never known about. My credit card company, that I’ve had for over 5 years, only allows 4 credits per day, and after that, they charge. So to clarify: I thought I was getting a deal, was very excited for the deal, but then found out it was false. They refunded me the $2. Since I’d bought 8 items at $1/piece, and $1 shipping for each, I was refunded my $16, then charge $10 for each of the 4 additional refunds. In other words, I paid $40 for items that I’ll never get. Because of this, I’ll stick to Hollar, overstock, and Zulilly. TL/DR: use this app sparingly, don’t expect to get what you pay for(and in cases of quality, sometimes you get exactly what you pay for). And you might end up losing money.

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    Long term shopper

    I've been shopping on wish for years and I have to say I have had some products show up being poor quality but I have had many items be fantastic quality. As of my use of wish right now I am satisfied except for the shipping stuff and a pricing issue. Shipping is irritating as all hell for a couple reasons 1~ shipping is way to expensive often times it's more pricy then the product selected and there is no discounts for shipping 2) shipping takes a really really long time for a lot of items and they change the shipping date on you too so when you try to contact a wish support agent about it they tell ya that if it's not received by xx-xx-xxxx (usually about 1-2 more weeks) then to contact them before a specific date to have the issue resolved. Now for the pricing issue I mentioned above, they false advertise the pricing on (not all but most) items they will say one price then they ask you to select your color or size when adding it to the cart then as soon as you select your choice 8/10 times the price changes and you can't find the product for the price it was originally set at for the product. Besides these things I am satisfied with my experience using wish and having this knowledge I keep it in mind when shopping with them

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    The negative Reviews are true

    I‘ve had problems with items not matching the descriptions that went unresolved, but the latest problem baffles me. I got a great deal on an item and received, not that item, but a letter and “free gift.” The gift was some pillow case with puppy pictures on it- useless to me. The letter explained that due to a quality problem at the factory, my item would be delayed 10 days. Wish, however, marked the item as received on the app once my letter was delivered so I contacted them with the photos they requested of my package and letter. At this point, I had been waiting for this item for well over a month and was hopeful that I would receive it- I told Wish this. However, they immediately issued a refund, which they falsely claim I requested, and have made no sense in my repeated email inquiries with them. They advised me to buy from another seller even though that took my price from $20 to $40 through another “store.” I’ve done that and am still waiting for the item, but in my opinion, wish cancelled my sale and made me pay double without any explanation. Was the first store a scammer? Is the second store really the same scammer as the first? Have they heard of this letter/gift scam? I have bought many things from them, but since they won't tell me what is going on with this, I don't trust them anymore. I told them to help me understand this since I planned to write a review, but they have offered no assistance.

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    Don’t put your faith in this app

    At first, my experience with Wish was alright. Super long shipping, but decent items for cheap prices. A few months ago, I ordered a bundle of items, and one after another, they each came broken. Broken. How lucky am I that several orders arrived broken, all in a row? So of course I try to contact support, and they immediately give me a refund ((A few I didn’t ask for a refund, I was just trying to let the store know their item was broke and they gave me a refund)). The reason I gave this app one star is because since I “requested too many refunds” (again, a few I didn’t request refunds) I am now blocked from contacting support. Four or five contacts about broken items made me “blocked” from contacting support about anything. The only way I “may be determined to be back in good standing” is to buy more. I am not about to go on a shopping spree on this sketchy website after my experience, just to be in “good standing”. Right now they’re not in good standing with me. I can not ask questions about orders that have not arrived, or get refunds on orders that never arrived. There are still things that I ordered months ago that have not came in and have no tracking info, but wish will not let me contact the sellers because I am blocked. I am very frustrated with this and do not plan on using it ever again. If you use this app, just prepare yourself for the worst and read reviews carefully.

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    horrible customer service

    I've been sending emails back and forth with their support team for over a week now and have gotten nowhere. The DAY AFTER I created my account it was hacked into and over $40 of my wish cash was spent by someone else. After this occurred I couldn't log into my account anymore and whenever I attempted to reset my password I was told that an account with my email address didn't exist. I know for a fact it was the correct email, as I have emailed receipts for the two items I purchased the night I made my account. In a week's worth of emails and sending many screenshots proving the issue they've hardly addressed the hacker issue at all and all they've given me to try to fix it all is "uninstall and reinstall the app and restart your phone" and "here's how to reset your password" as if they haven't read a single word of what I've been emailing them about the past week. I'm so unbelievably frustrated and just want my money back that this hacker spent. Not to mention the two items I did order never even came. I don't want to use the app anymore this experience has been so terrible, I just want my money back. Their support won't help me and I'm not sure what to do now, I've repeated myself so many times on the issue occurring and they just aren't listening. tldr: don't get this app because if you get hacked and someone else spends your money, their customer service won't help you.

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    Really good but......

    What I like is that the prices are affordable (obviously) and you can see reviews with pictures and videos. Plus it saves your searches. Things that I would like to see change in are paying with credit. It sometimes would be more convenient if you just paid with cash. A lot of complications come with an app generating your credit card number. There is always something that could go wrong. For example, if you were to press the wrong number while you were filling out information for your purchase, who would have to pay? It might be someone who is in debt and has no money! I know that probably would never happen, but the thought of programers seeing people’s credit card number and address while they are telling mail workers to package and wrap something that isn’t theirs (and might be private) gives me chills. Maybe a better alternative would be for people to mail money to your company before you give them their purchase. Just gives us notifications about where. I’m not saying get rid of credit, but I think that you should still have cash (or€,£,¥ etc.) as an option. Thanks for the possibility of you listening to my opinion.(or lecture)

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    This app took my money

    I’ve used this app for a few years now, but I’ve only ordered about 10-15 items total. I ordered 5 things this past September, and only received three of them (in mid December btw). They all arrived a week or two after the delivery date, yet I still left decent reviews and even uploaded photos. One of the orders was 2 sets of lashes in different lengths, but the shipping was never updated and I never received them. I finally requested a refund two weeks ago, 3 1/2 months after I originally ordered them. They said it could take up to 14 days to receive it. I checked my account and the refund wasn’t there, so I went to my app and it said my account was flagged for “excessive refunds”, when it was the only time I’ve EVER requested a refunded, and it was duplicate items from the same company. It won’t allow me to contact support any further, and I can only get my account “in good standing” by continuing to shop. Why would I continue to shop when I’m missing items and/or a refund, and I’ve never requested one before, and left reviews on every item I’ve gotten? This is unacceptable and the worst customer service policy ever written. Such a rip off. I don’t expect expedience from Wish, but this was ridiculous. Never spending another dollar on here. I’m currently looking for options to rectify my issue and receive my refund. I’m deleting the app once this happens.

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    Items I ordered

    A lot of the times I order stuff and never receive them! U will send me a notification asking if I got it and of course I state no then I either get refunded or ask for wish cash. I have ordered several items that NEVER EVEN LEFT CHINA, from which ur tracking says, then I’m still awaiting for items and then u tell me I’m “Flagged” for getting refunds for stuff I never received?! That doesn’t make any sense, or if that my fault. I have seriously considered not to order again from you all, and I actually haven’t been. Due to NEVER GETTING MY ORDERS! Why am I the one at fault for something that is happening on ur end!? Then u claim it’s supposed to be in on a certain date when I check u then tell me to what even longer due to “ weather “ conditions? It’s been summer time, what weather conditions are there, yet ur website says it’s still in China? It makes no sense to me and I don’t feel like u punishing me is right! I’m not gonna just not complain about it. I’m gonna tell u the truth and say that no i didn’t get it, but somehow ur putting the blame on me, and flag me for ur own faults! It’s not fair and still I’m waiting for a men’s ring that was supposed to be in on the 16 now ur telling me to wait even longer! NOT FAIR! Truely unprofessionally! You have lost a great customer and it’s sad that I have been treated in this manner!

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    Where do I start?

    I have a love and a hate for WISH. So first off let me say, the jewelry is pretty much exactly how it looks in photos and as long as you size your ring up 1 or 2 sizes, it all fits beautifully and looks just as good as any costume jewelry I’ve ever bought anywhere else. Pretty much everything else on here is you get what you pay for. Anything clothing wise is usually not going to fit unless you size up at least 2 sizes. The fit guides aren’t much help either, I order based off how reviewers said it fit. My biggest complaint is with prices. Often it will say one price (like a shirt $4), then when you click into the item it’s not only not that price, it’s no where near it! The $4 shirt is all of a sudden $13 with $5 in shipping too! And for the quality I’ve gotten with the clothes on here, I’d never spend $20 on a shirt! I’d rather go to Walmart lol. And also with prices you’ll see the same items multiple times, different prices...smh it’s ridiculous I’ve also bought toys on here. If you have kids that really play hard with their toys, don’t bother cause they won’t hold up

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    Crappy Customer service

    I’ve used the app for two years now. Mostly decent experience. Some items arrive early some arrive very late. On my last order I had multiple purchases for cute jewelry. Most of them showed up within the expected window, 3 did not. Apparently something about the refund policy changed to only allowing refunds within 30 days of expected arrival. Due to personal life issues I didn’t follow up to see which jewelry orders were missing till 4 days after this deadline, so they were no longer refundable. Explain how my not receiving what I order is my fault??? They offered wish cash and no other interaction by which to question that option or NOTHING AT ALL...so I submitted the three items for wish refund. 3$ for the first. 2$ for the second. An error on the third. I tired to resubmit. It told me the item had already been refunded. I checked my wish cash balance. Still 5$. I tried their other contact support. Same automated system. Same, “you’ve already been refunded.” At this point I’m done. The products themselves are mediocre at best, you get what you pay for, but punishing your customers for your lack of follow through and availability other a 3$ refund. Naw. To the User: make sure you stay on top of the delivery date and refund window or prepare to be screwed.

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    Not as good as I thought

    Ok so first of all that extreme discount that you see on the app is not true at all. If you go to eBay and look for the same product, it is the same price and the same brand. Items on wish is not really $50+. Another thing is that I ordered many things from wish but only a few came. Like right now I ordered about 16 things from wish and only 5 things came. I took advice from the other reviews and refunded my items when it was way past the expected delivery and wish blocked my account from refunding anything after a few times. I understand why I got blocked but if wish’s app had a valid tracking number and actually came, I wouldn’t have to refund anything. Honesty I think that if you see anything you like you should just search it up on eBay as the tracking is more reliable and the items came on time. And lastly don’t think that the coupons that they give you is a huge discount because after a while wish starts to add tax to some of the items and beware that the ‘free’ items can’t have coupons applied to it so might as well find things that aren’t free but about the same price. I have it 2 stars because when the items do come, the quality really good but it’s not that bad for the price you pay for it.

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    Don’t count on anything

    Everything on this site comes from China. Have fun waiting a month. It would have been worth it for some great deals. But over the years, I have actually received less than 10% of the items ordered. To get refunds is like jumping through hoops. When you get jewelry, just ignore that it says sterling silver. Even if it says .925. Nothing I’ve ever gotten has been stamped and everything has turned my finger green very quickly because I’m very allergic. And I believe those might be the only items I have received. I am very ill and spent a significant amount of time hospitalized. Even though their OWN tracker showed that items were either delivered to other states or sent back to China, either way, clearly stating that they never made it to my house, Wish refused to assist me because too much time had passed. Well. Excuse me for my critical and incurable illness. However when YOUR OWN TRACKER states clearly that I paid for items that weren’t delivered to me, why the hell does it matter how much time has passed. Rip off artists, I might be too ill but I have good friends who will take you to the mat with the better business bureau. Thieves. Connivers. Not worth the dollar you might pay for the item you don’t get. It adds up. They are making lots of money by making people give up. Despicable company. You should be ashamed.

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