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About: Jobandtalent is the first on-demand staffing agency that integrates the full process of selecting,
hiring and managing within a mobile app
Headquarters: Madrid, Madrid, Spain.


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What is Job Talent? Jobandtalent is an app that helps professionals find long-term job security with renowned companies, providing peace of mind and professional support, as well as opportunities for professional growth. The app offers hundreds of job opportunities in various sectors, including hospitality, telemarketing, and logistics.


- Long-term job security with stable income

- New work opportunities at the end of each contract

- Employment contract and legal compliance handled by Jobandtalent

- Professional support from a dedicated team

- Opportunities for professional growth and career building

- Hundreds of job opportunities in various sectors

- App available for download to start working

- Contact support team for any doubts or suggestions.

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Jobandtalent commits to find you constant work with renowned companies for you to enjoy professional stability Why use Jobandtalent? Long-term job security Generate a stable income working in prestigious companies that search for professionals with expertise & experience like yours. Jobandtalent will send you new work opportunities at the end of each of your contracts. Peace of mind & professional support So we can ensure the best service in terms of salary payments & legal compliance, Jobandtalent is responsible for your employment contract. We also provide the support with a great professional team that will help you solve any of your requests. Professional growth Build a strong career with Jobandtalent working for some of the best companies and find new work opportunities thanks to exemplary work history. Hundreds of jobs in your city Each day, hundreds of companies post new openings in Jobandtalent in every sector: hospitality, telemarketing, logistics... And many more How can I start working? Download our App now! Do you have doubts or suggestions for our App or to find work? Contact us on [email protected]

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By ًواحد من الطيبين


Very good and fun app

By Rodrigonesta

Super útil

Muchas muchísimas gracias por crear esta app :)

By Ramon Cardona

Gracias infinitas

Dios les siga bendiciendo por seguir ayudando al mundo

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