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About: The Rocket Science Group is a privately held company that provides corporate communication services.
Headquarters: London, England, United Kingdom.

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Product Details and Description of Mailchimp Marketing & CRM

Mailchimp Marketing & CRM helps you market smarter and grow your business faster with tools like reporting and analytics, email marketing campaigns, contact management, sales tracking, brand content studio, Facebook ad management, newsletters and marketing recommendations. Whether you are an e-Commerce store owner looking for instant sales information or an entrepreneur working to scale up, Mailchimp Marketing & CRM helps you take advantage of key moments and get more done on the go. What you can do with Mailchimp: • View detailed reports and analytics • Quickly learn how all your marketing campaigns are performing with our summary dashboards and detailed performance metrics. Get alerts when you have new sales and customer activity with our instant or daily notifications. • Manage contacts with CRM on the go • Monitor the audience dashboard for an overall view of your marketing activity or see details about a specific customer. Add new contacts or share your sign-up form with prospects directly from your mobile device. • Create marketing campaigns wherever you are • Create email campaigns, send newsletters, manage Facebook and Instagram ads, add photos from your phone library to the brand content studio, and save your work for later - all from the mobile app. About Mailchimp: Mailchimp is an All-in-One Marketing Platform built for small businesses. With tools like reporting and analytics, CRM on the go, email marketing campaigns, and content studio, you can put your customers at the center of your marketing, so that you can market smarter and grow your business faster. If you enjoy using Mailchimp, please leave us a review. If something’s not working right, you have a great idea you’d like to share, or you just want to say hello, reach out via [email protected]

Top Mailchimp Marketing & CRM Reviews

  • By Greensmith Home Inspection


    This company has been the find of the year for me. The very idea that mailchimp allows small businesses to use their services for free until they grow large enough to require paid services, is awesome in itself. But then once I started using the service and scheduling daily email blasts, from the very first week I started picking up as much business as I receive from my paid Google ads. MailChimp is truly the best thing out there regarding business emails!

  • By El rezo

    Easy to use with great features!

    I’ve been using Mailchimp for a while now and when reaching out to you database, there’s the hard and old fashioned way to do it OR, you can use the great features that even the free accounts offers. Stats and reports to let you know how your email campaigns are doing, who opened, who didn’t, where did your email got the most clicks, on and on! Great product and system when you want to scale your business!

  • By byFrancheska

    Super Easy!!

    Love being able to send emails from my phone! Ive been behind on my email marketing because I was using another platform that did not have an app for phones and I am not at my desk all day. I literally lay in bed and send emails. And Mail chimp is MUCH cheaper and does the job. However, I am with shopify so I am wondering if they will ever get back connected so that I can track sales. But I see them coming through right after I send my emails so I know its workin. SUPER HAPPY CUSTOMER!