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Published by on 2022-07-30

Under WIFI or 3G network environment, you could monitor and manage your
IPC/DVR/NVR devices anytime and anywhere. 1.

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Reported Issues: 41 Comments

By Bernice
Nov 20 2022

Why can't I find this apon my android phone Samsung. I bought the cctv camera and suppose to scan this barcode..it says try again later something went wrong.

By William T Martin
Nov 14 2022

Danale app starts to open on windows pc and then disappears. I uninstalled and reinstalled, no change. App used to work on this laptop. I have the app installed on my phone, it works fine. Any ideas?

By Raj kumar
Nov 11 2022

It's crashed within 5 to 10 Sec. Not working properly. Pls resolve the issue.

By Niamh Daly
Oct 25 2022

The app keeps crashing after about 30-60 seconds on my android tablet. I have deleted the app and reinstalled it, I have reset factory settings on the tablet and nothing is working. We need to have it up all the time and it used to work until about 2 months ago.

By Kimberly Mcnutt-Hodes
Oct 16 2022

I have placed the app on two cell phones. On both phones the app will only stay open a few moments before it crashes. It does take two or three seconds in some intervals and can last up to 20 seconds to 30 seconds other times. Even when you place the record button on recording movement it will crash. I have deleted the program several times and reinstalled with no change

By Jose santos simao
Sep 18 2022

On my phone when i am watching After seconds Turn off and i Start The APP again and do The same all The times

By Jose santos simao
Sep 18 2022

After seconds Turn off and i Starr again and do Theo same

By Robert Miller
Sep 02 2022

Is anyone monitoring these customer issues? We seemed to have an authentication server issue this morning. Now, videos are up but won't load to 100%. Same as countless others have complained about. Who's running this circus?

By John L
Sep 02 2022

Unable to log in on Danale app.
Error says “ unknown user name “

By Danielle
Sep 02 2022

Andriod Danale app keeps crashing, says has bug!
Cameras working great

Please fix the issues

Aug 29 2022

App stops at 85-95% buffering and can not
view live feed from cameras. Then app crashes.

By Maria Cabrera
Aug 27 2022

I can not see any images when I open the app in my iPhone

By Chrys Hawkins
Aug 26 2022

The images are great but the app completely shuts itself down after about 15seconds I have deleted the app and re installed it but no change I have had no problems until about 3 months ago is there a problem with the update?

By Ken W
Aug 19 2022

Two cameras. App says both offline. Tried reset - says connected to Wi-Fi , connected to server, then setup says no cameras on network. Live view says both offline. SD playback works on one with card , and is current. Weird. Apparently others have same problem. Hope you fix fix this. I loved them when they worked. Now they are worthless. Also, occasionally the camera says not connected.

By Ronald Vechinski
Aug 18 2022

App keeps dropping.

By Richard
Aug 18 2022

Keeps losing connectivity

By Randy Bishop
Aug 13 2022

Starts to load, reloads then crashes.

By Patrick Clemaron
Aug 08 2022

Andriod Danale app keeps crashing, says has bug!
Cameras working fine.

By Clay
Aug 04 2022

My app is not working wanted to manage my phone call I pressed denied. Now the app does not work

By Don
Aug 01 2022

Android Danale app crashes multiple times. Camera views are working while app is running.

By Tina Decourcey
Jul 30 2022

Says it had a bug and keeps kicking me out and to update once danalefix the error. Not good enough

By Jeff DeCaprio
Jul 29 2022


App simply stopped working yesterday, cannot view cameras at all?

By Molly
Jul 29 2022

App won't open and just shuts down. I even tried on another device. Deleted and redownloaded and still nothing???

By Michiel
Jul 29 2022

Launching Danale app, get Network error, please retry.

By Tierney king
Jul 29 2022

Keeps kicking me out says it has a bug???

By D lebold
Jul 28 2022

Unable to download app

By Charlie
Jul 28 2022

When I try to open the app it says it has a bug and to come back later. Cameras are working properly, just can't get app to open

By Evelyn Sennett
Jul 27 2022

When I try to open the app it says it has a bug and to come back later. Cameras are working properly, just can't get app to open

By Pasek Balázs
Jul 24 2022

Good afternoon. My problem is that I cannot see the camera images on the phone. Incorrect amounts were deducted from my account in 06-07 months. And the customer number is not good either. I have attached the certificates. Please solve the problem as soon as possible so that I can see the camera images.

By Pasek Balázs
Jul 24 2022

Nem látom a kamera képeket telefonon.
A elmúlt két hónapban a számlámról téves havidíj elvonások tőrténtek.

By Flavius
Jul 22 2022

I can't login to app .
when i scan QR code send me a text doesn't exist

By Sandy Millington
Jul 22 2022

My danale keeps saying its offline, now it keeps telling me to add new device? When i try this it says 'network connected' but my phone cannot find the device ?
But I also noticed before it started asking me for a new device, that it was miraculously set for China time, not UK time as it originally was?

By KisP
Jul 22 2022

Danale Cloud Service not working. I use a NVR with 4 cams.
My Danale App says "Device is offline" , but the NVR notifications and recordings are working. It's weird. I deleted from my account the NVR and I tried re-add the NVR but it is not add never again. I hope, they are working on the soluiton.

By Leo Hollander
Jul 22 2022

My device is online butt on my app hey is saying offline and reconnect is not working reset modem did not work al so

By Laura millard
Jun 14 2022

It will not send a code to my phone to reset my password I forgot it

By Marius Joldos
Jun 13 2022

App stops at 80-90% buffering and does not update video from cameras.

By Malcolm Agdoma
Jun 08 2022

I am unable to download cloud footage directly to my phone storage. I have an area for local files but on recording the footage it doesn't save down

By Emily Cartrette
May 14 2022

I can’t view any of my cameras from my phone.

By demetris
May 06 2022

screen loads to 96% and stops

By Anthony J Maturin
Apr 25 2022

My app freezes up loading at about 80 to 90%

By Emil Munteanu
Apr 16 2022

No conection to the internet... There were no device located on your network

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