Danale Reviews

Danale Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-27

Under WIFI or 3G network environment, you could monitor and manage your
IPC/DVR/NVR devices anytime and anywhere. 1. Plug-and-Play, easy to use 2. Free
to watch, snapshot, record and Pan-Tilt control online videos 3. Support cloud
storage service and alarm message push function 4. IPC/D...

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Danale Reviews

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    I just purchased a zoohi 1tb 4 camera system. Reading a lot of reviews with the same issues i ran into. The box HAS to be hard wired to your WiFi modem in order to view the cameras on your phone. The amount of transmitting the unit can output is enough for the 4 cameras but can not reliably transmit to another source, it can only transmit the video to the actual HDMI through the box if you do not hardwire it with an Ethernet cord directly to your modem. This is not mentioned in any of the instructions and i believe they are trying to avoid saying so to avoid false advertising. If you connect the box to your router/modem, the modem is the responsible unit for transmitting directly to your phone, so long as you have access to your WiFi network on your phone via an established connection. Hope this helps anyone dealing with issues with their systems.

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    Ugg, it’s ok

    I’ve used this for 2 years to check on one child and it’s ok, bare minimum, you can log into app and see for 10 seconds. You can talk into the microphone and hear via the microphone (though not at the same time which is trivial but annoying). This weekend I got very frustrated when I played with the picture flip button and CANNOT flip the video back, despite closing, deleting app and smacking it against my head 5 times. My son has epilepsy and I need to see him the right way when I want to, this app let me down when I needed it with a VERY simple (yet for some a lifesaving) blip

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    At first it was fine, I was able to see each time motion was activated on the cameras, then one by one they went blank. It was recording on the NVR but not sending to the phone and there is a several second delay between live footage and phone viewing "live". At any rate, after some investigation on ANRANs site I discovered you have to be subscribed to their cloud. Fine, whatever. Tried to subscribe and purchase and it doesn't let you! So basically when away I get notification that a motion sensor has tripped but nothing to view. That's not anxiety provoking or anything. The customer service is terrible took over a week to reset a password because they were on holiday????? Seriously? A five pound rock was launched through my window while I was sleeping... The camera was mounted a foot from the window. It didn't pick up anything. But it will pick up a freaking gnat flying in front of the lense. Amaze balls.

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    This app and the associated cameras are complete garbage. One camera has tv static almost all the time. The app won’t let me connect to see the feed while in my own WiFi or even on cell data. Only works in some WiFi zones. I get 500mbs+ download speed on this phone so I know it’s not the phone or the router. Used to work fine, didn’t even update it, it just stopped working. Fix it and I’ll change the star rating. Otherwise this is complete crap. Update: it’s gotten worse. Now it tells me my cameras are offline and I have to unplug them and plug them back in to get them to work almost daily. The app still doesn’t work with cellular data and barely works on WiFi. How do you continue to dish out such a garbage app? Fix it! For those of you looking at this.... don’t get it. Return your cameras before it’s too late for something that actually works!

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    Camera ok. Some app issues.

    Update 2: back to 1/5. Camera records only one hour from midnight to 1am then stops. Resetting camera doesn’t work. Update. From 1/5 stars to 2/5. Fixed problem with extracting videos of events. The physical camera is great. Good picture. Motion detection sends alerts for movement appropriately. I bought an SD card for recording of video, however even with an SD card you can’t just view the “motion events” at the push of a button unless you have their subscription. I CAN go back and literally watch hours of recorded footage, and skip to the motion event, which is ok, but it’s tedious and I cannot just jump and watch the footage which triggered the alerts, which is why we buy the product to begin with. I wish that were different. I got the SD card, and opted out of the subscription service. I shouldn’t still have to buy the subscription.

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    Works well but...

    Bought the APEMAN BABY MONITOR camera to use with this app. Image and night vision look great! Works very well for our use as a baby monitor. Motion and sound detection are very sensitive so I just turn off those notification. Video and sound lag a second or two but this doesn’t bother me. The blue light on the camera is pretty bright but doesn’t bother baby. I’ll probably still tape something over it to cover it up for nighttime sleep. MY BIGGEST ISSUE is the app will sometimes crash. I don’t usually see it happen but I’ll leave the app open on the iPad during the night with the sound on and almost every morning I wake up to it having had crashed at some point and I need to go in a refresh it. Why can’t it just refresh on its own?? I’d like to see this issue fixed and maybe an option for audio to run the background. I like the camera and app. For the price it’s worked out really well! If it would stay on all night that would be perfect!

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    Works great for the price

    Installation wasn't bad at all, it just took us a minute to realize only I could create an account and login then I had to have my husband create an account so I could share the camera with him so he could login so we can both view our son's nursery at the same time on our phones. The lights on the camera are pretty bright at night and we realized this after we installed it on the ceiling facing our son's crib, but it doesn't seem to bother him now after a few weeks. Would LOVE to see the app integrated with Alexa spot, that would truly be icing on the cake!

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    Nice App

    Bought the nexHT several days ago. Downloaded Danale app. Easy to install. The latest version released yesterday seems to have fixed a problem I encountered. Videos would not play back. Working perfectly now. Alerts work as intended. Fairly intuitive to use but you have to look at all screens to fully configure the app to camera. I also have an Arlo Q. Much better camera but 3-4 times more expensive. The nexHT is a keeper.

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    Needs an update. Lots of small glitches.

    This app desperately needs an update. There are a couple of small glitches that make it difficult to use. For example: 1. The motion detection sensor is stuck on “High”. I can turn it off, but when trying to change it to “Low” or “Medium” it just jumps back to “High” and notifies me of every bug that flies by every 60 seconds. 2. The date and time will not synchronize with the phone. Even when I select my time zone, it just keeps changing back to the default timeline that came with the camera/app.

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    Works.. but needs more

    I have been running this for about 2 weeks. Kind of hard to figure out but once you do it does what it's suppose to do. It's not fancy but gets the job done. I don't know if it's the app or software for the cameras but my motion detections is useless, doesn't work at all. If I want to look for someone coming to my door I have to guess about what time they come and watch the video in real life speed to see if they did show up. There IS NO FAST-FORWARD option when watching recorded video which would be amazing!

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    Works with many different brands of cameras

    I have two different brand of cameras that work with this app, so its good to look at more than just one brand of camera. The both cameras that I have work excellent, less than a second of lag to get a live view. I wasted almost $200 on 1 arlo camera that has almost a 10 second lag to connect. This app paired with the cameras that i have are definitely worth it.

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    App bugs need fix

    Both Appls Danale and HomeConnect apps lot of bugs need to be fixed asap. When I set NVR for Record Setup for Motion detection, Time, Weekday: Everyday for all 4 cameras and clicked apply then motion detection reset it back to camera channel 1 default settings. Also both Apps can play back only 1 channel recoded. Need to be fixed asap ! This is the worst app I have ever seen.

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    Motion Sensing needs improvement

    **Amending my previous review to 1-star. The app works fine if all you want to do is watch the live feed, which you can do for free. I, however, subscribed for 7-day playback. This morning, I noticed that some stacked boxes had fallen and I tracked down the event to a recorded 1:50 clip. But I cannot play or download the clip! It will only play 1-second of the clip before exiting. The entire clip is there - I can skip to any point in the clip - but I can only play 1-second from there before the player closes. This is useless! I know Danale was is relatively cheap and they say you get what you pay for, but I am not even getting what I paid for. Original review: Motion sensor alert triggers twice a day - once in the morning and once in the evening - for no apparent reason at the least sensitive setting. Suspect it is due to the sun rising/setting - but this change is gradual, so it shouldn't be setting off the motion sensor.

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    Do not use this app. Buy a different product. While SafeVant does manufacture nice cameras - heed this warning. The Danale app is awful. The notifications push for about a day. There is no way to troubleshoot the app. If you are silly enough to pay for a cloud susbscription - beware that it will only record one channel. Make sure you set up the most important camera as “number one” because that is the only one that will record. I was spoiled by zmodo, who marks the activity on the playback. Be prepared to sit through and guess on this app’s playback. I could continue...just say no. We are going back to zmodo.

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    Improves with updates

    At first, this app was irritating and would randomly close itself, but with every update that’s put out, it works better and better. I only use this for home security so I don’t need anything crazy fancy or top of the line. This app works very well for those who know how to have patience at times.

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Is Danale Safe?

No. Danale does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 372 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 2.0/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Danale Is 17.2/100.

Is Danale Legit?

No. Danale does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 372 Danale User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Danale Is 17.2/100.

Is Danale not working?

Danale works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Keval
Jul 21 2021

The camera does not pick up every time, 2 minute videos after paying the $6 a month are a waste of time, selective it seems, not very good at all

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