TodayTix – Broadway Tickets Reviews

TodayTix – Broadway Tickets Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-23

TodayTix is the highest-rated ticketing app for a reason. Browse thousands of
theatrical experiences in 15+ global cities, access exclusive prices on both
same-day tickets and advance performances, and check out in seconds via multiple
convenient payment methods. No matter where you are,...

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TodayTix – Broadway Tickets Reviews

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    Easy app, GREAT seats

    I use this app often as it’s most convenient to find great seats last minute for big and small shows. I like the breadth of shows available and the ease of finding and buying good seats. I don’t mind daily reminders. I have no app notices on my phone except for this one which is saying a lot. No social media, no news, nothing except this one lol! The reps are very responsive if there’s a problem getting to a show. I find that helpful (one time I fell before a show I’m partially disabled and they reached out to me to find out if everything was ok!). Since standing in long lines at tkts isn’t an option for me, I rely on this app. I do wish there were more options for seats that took disability into account since that’s my issue. For example, when there are several seats in the aisle available, I wish I could sit there instead of crammed into a middle seat that’s harder for me to get to and sit in. But as the app is now, I don’t see that and a few times I see empty seats next to me or nearby that are empty aisle seats. Only issue I have so far!

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    A Great Resource

    I have been using TodayTix for about six months now. For someone who is theatre-obsessed but on a tight budget, TodayTix has been a fantastic resource for cheap tickets (and even free ones sometimes!). The app itself is easy to navigate, with options to bookmark shows that you’re interested in and to activate push notifications for when tickets are available for a show (particularly time-sensitive ones like day-of rush tickets). They provide a lot of really good information about the shows (brief summary, running time, location, closing date, etc.). Once you do get the tickets, they send out very detailed emails on how to pick them up, one of the ways being their concierge service, through which TodayTix employees hand you the tickets directly right outside the theatre. I’m so grateful for TodayTix, a company that, I think, is at the forefront of making theatre accessible in the digital age.

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    Use This App

    Ticket prices are good. You may do a little better at TKTS or other sites, or you may not, but the concierge service is so incredibly easy that it is worth using this site. Order the tix online, meet the TodayTix concierge at the theater, get your tix, go inside. No muss, no fuss. Only downside: you don’t know your exact seat locations until you receive your tix. You order a “section”. Our seats have always been good and worth the price, but not always what we expected. For example, “Orchestra” and “Side Orchestra” are separate sections, “Side” being less expensive. I ordered “Orchestra,” but seats were Side Orchestra, albeit 6th row center aisle, so great tix, no worries. They tell you the seat locations of others who previously ordered in your section, but I have yet to receive seats as good as those folks did. All in all, extremely satisfied and my go to app for discounted tix. I see many Broadway plays.

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    My Fair Lady-Lincoln Center, Ain’t too proud and Mean Girls-Kimmel

    It was really easy to get onto the site and order the ticket but it was a bit of a glitch walking around the Lincoln theater trying to find the person with the red jacket outside who actually had the tickets. And also for Ain’t too proud in New York we wasted precious time in line, went into the theater but they sent us back out to find the person with the red jacket. The last time I used Tix Today it for Mean Girls at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia it was smooth and easy. There was no one outside. We just got in line in the building and the person at the box office had a Separate Group of tickets in an envelope that were Tix Today and there were my tickets! It was so nice walking in with everyone else, with all of my friends. It was perfect! Thank you for making Ticket buying/Theatre Going so fun and stress free! Paula Diggs Smith

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    Interim review- still evaluating

    Unfortunately, standing in line for a long time with my knees just doesn't work. Downloaded on the basis of a review & initial experience has been very favorable. App seems very usable & filters were a definite aid for us to identify some 'target' shows. Had (low cost) lottery success for 1st show last night & pleasantly surprised by front row center Mezz tickets - great deal! Just used "Best Available" discounted Orchestra seats for Matinee today, which were really Side Orchestra, but 7th row in pretty packed house & very serviceable for that particular show. You're not going to get hottest shows last minute, but might in advance, the cost has been good & seem competitive - although some other avenues may be as good or better, &, as I said, my knees are thankful. Couple more sets of show tickets pending, but experience has been good thus far.

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    Wonderful app for Show Tickets

    This app is a good and easy way to get hard to find seats at a more affordable price than through Ticketmaster/Telecharge, especially if doing so last-minute. The types of tickets you can procure through TodayTix are same-day/next-day/next-week lottery tickets to certain shows, as well as same-day Rush Tickets at a deeply discounted price. You no longer have to line up at the Broadway/Off-Broadway box office at 9 or 10 am to obtain Rush Tickets. Instead, you open the app to access the shows you’ve “unlocked” by sharing to social media and stand on a “virtual” line at those times to purchase tickets, while a TodayTix agent is literally standing in line IRL to reserve those tickets (& seats) for you. For a small fee, they also offer a concierge service for discounted tickets you buy (in advance) via the app for a future show. The agent will be standing outside of the theatre in a red shirt on the day of to hand-deliver your tickets and save you the showtime headache of trudging through the box office to obtain them. Very convenient. This budget-friendly app really is helping change the face of how the average person can make getting out to catch that Broadway show (or similar performance event) they’ve been yearning to see an accessible reality.

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    This review is for the Harry Potter lottery in particular. If you don’t win the lottery, you may get an email saying you have been selected for the opportunity to buy tickets for $95 per person, per show. You only have ten minutes to decide, and I wanted to buy these tickets for my fiancé as an engagement present. Unfortunately, you can’t look at your seats before you buy them. But I’ve used TodayTix before and I thought this was some kind of special price! But when I picked up the tickets, I saw that they were way up high, seats that I could’ve bought for less than $95 for sure. I feel really, really sad about this. I have been waiting to see this play for over a year. I entered the lottery every week and never got it, so I was really excited to see an offer come up. I loved the play, but we were so far away! And it’s not the kind of play you can really watch again and have the same experience. I deleted TodayTix because I feel like their prices are misleading. You’d be better off just going to the show’s website directly.

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    So great!

    I tried this app a year ago when I visited New York City and we booked one show this way Based on the recommendation of a New York City resident who used it. It really simplifies buying tickets and puts the power of getting into Shaws right in the palm of your hand through your cell phone. It’s great for those who like to pick which shows they want to see about a week prior to visiting New York City. It’s best for buying up to four tickets, but any more than that you probably should work directly with theater. The only thing that I seem to be missing was the more popular new shows that released did not offer tickets through this app as they were often sold out. For example in May 2018 we could not get tickets on this app for dear Evan Hansen, Hamilton, or mean girls.

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    Smooth & easy process

    There are lots of discount options and I subscribe to a number, like Goldstar and TDF. TodayTix has competitive selections and prices, helpful email alerts and curation, and a really simple interface. It’s the winner for me so far. I’ve used it without any hiccups three times this month, my first month with the app, and am so far both impressed and pleased with the whole shebang. I’ve seen two shows I would never otherwise have heard about (both very different from each other, both worth the ticket cost) and saved a good chunk of change on the one I’d been eying awhile on their services. I’m giving this a 5 based on those successes and on the simplicity of using it. Definitely a keeper on my phone.

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    Great options

    Today Tix is my go-to ticket source for most things but especially when I’m looking for last minute tickets. I can usually find reasonably priced tix for a same-day show and I can purchase on line to pick up at the theater. Great alternative when I don’t feel like schlepping down to TKTS or just don’t have the time. The service and communication are excellent. I’ve never had any problem at all finding the concierge outside the theater. And for will call options, the tickets have always been there exactly as promised. Generally the seats are pretty good. They will warn you if your discounted tix might have an obstructed view or whatever. Overall I’m very happy with them and will continue to rely on them.

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    Love this App!

    At least once a month I get to see something fantastic at a very reasonably discounted price. We all love saving money and many of us can’t afford things at regular price anyway. This app is so consistently excellent in that I’ve never had an issue, it’s become part of my routine to check out what it offers several times a week. I also spend time sharing it and discussing things to see with my Airbnb guests, (who often sadly already paid full price to go see a show and feel frustrated they didn’t ask me first… and that’s even when I’ve told them that I can help them with getting tickets to shows when they book!) It’s a great app and I recommend it to everybody!

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    I love Today Tix!

    I have had a lot of luck using Today Tix! I won the Friday Forty lottery to get the $40 tickets to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, where we had front row seats. I was able to purchase Rush tickets to Apologia at the Laura Pels Theater and was seated in the Orchestra Section. I bout the cheapest tickets to Waitress at the Brooke Atkinson Theater; though I sat in the back row for that one, I had a perfect view. I also won free lottery tickets to the Public Theater’s Mobile Unit’s Production of a Midsummer Nights Dream and felt like I was a part of the play. I have had a lot of luck on Today Tix with the lotteries and rush tickets as well as discounted tickets to musicals, plays, opera, concerts, etc. and plan to use them frequently. It is a great service!!

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    Today Tix

    Today Tix is a great application for those invested in attending theatre performances whether it be Broadway or Off Broadway in New York, Los Ángeles and many locations around the world. From all time classic mainstays to more recent productions the app allows you to search shows from all genres. The design is accommodating and lively just like a show with bright colors and a easy to scroll list. The app not only succeeds in discovery of theatre productions but in the purchase of them as well. The app displays deals, promotions, a 30 days out advance and even uses a lottery so lucky winners can purchase tickets at a discount. Just as a guide to see what’s playing Today Tix proves useful but with the ability to purchase tickets in a myriad of ways the application proves to be a must have.

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    Great app great deals

    I was so nervous the first time I used this. ( June 2018) Just the idea of showing up to the theater and waiting for some people in red shirts to hand me my tickets scared me. However the deal was good and the reviews seemed to confirm the validity of the app. I didn’t even tell my husband where I got the tickets from until half an hour before picking them up because I knew he would be nervous too, and he was!!! But thankfully everything went just as described! The today Tixs representatives were there with tickets in hand (Anastasia) 30 min before the show and we got great seats!! I’ve done it 3 more times since (hello dolly, Once on this island and carousel) and was just as pleased each time! :)

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    I buy tickets all of the time for this company & I can only say PHENOMENAL things about them. I love everything about their service. They have last minute deals and GREAT!!!! Customer service! I will be using Today Tix to go on my theatrical adventures! GREAT SOURCE, GREAT SHOWS, GREAT TICKETS! What more could you ask for!? What I would like to see more is having tickets accessible to buy closer to the time of show. Such as an hour prior or even 10 minutes until opening! Would be a BEAUTIFUL way for me to buy some really AWESOME last minute seats! Can’t thank you enough! GO TODAY TIX! I would love to become a brand ambassador or anything along the lines for this company simply because of HOW WONDERFUL their service is!

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact TodayTix – Broadway Tickets customer service directly
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Is TodayTix – Broadway Tickets Safe?

Yes. TodayTix – Broadway Tickets is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 26,679 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for TodayTix – Broadway Tickets Is 37.7/100.

Is TodayTix – Broadway Tickets Legit?

Yes. TodayTix – Broadway Tickets is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 26,679 TodayTix – Broadway Tickets User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for TodayTix – Broadway Tickets Is 37.7/100.

Is TodayTix – Broadway Tickets not working?

TodayTix – Broadway Tickets works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of TodayTix – Broadway Tickets to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a TodayTix – Broadway Tickets customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using TodayTix – Broadway Tickets.

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