Rockland Trust Mobile Banking Reviews

Rockland Trust Mobile Banking Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

Download the free Rockland Trust Mobile Banking app and manage your account 24/7
right from your mobile device or tablet. Rockland Trust Mobile Banking allows
you to deposit checks simply by taking a photo of the front and back of the
check, view account balances and activity, transfer f...

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If there’s a way to contact, directly or through a customer support service, with a live website IT technician I have not found it. Regular customer support personnel are great but aren’t always able to explain technical issues. For example, during troubleshooting, a webpage they expect the customer to see isn’t what is seen. I can’t remember for sure, there may have been a time or two when the regular customer support agent transferred me to an advanced support department. I may be thinking of a website. I have made suggestions for changes to the website in the past, usually through regular support. One item I suggested to change was on the check and deposit image viewing page. There was a drop down list. It had two choices and was on the left side of the top menu bar. I also believe it had to do with the labeling of the button. There was no indication that the button had two choices. I again believe the default was check view. Deposit view wasn’t indicated. My suggestion was to get rid of the drop down list and make the choices into two buttons.


Love it!

Their online bank is probably one of the only reasons I still bank with them. I live in the south now, and they don’t have Rockland bank here, but their online bank is so good I can’t leave haha. They have great customer service, every time I’ve had an issue they fix it or explain the problem. Their customer service line also has real people! No sketchy people with thick accents reading from a script!! App will show a purchase on my account that I made 5 mins ago (seriously!), checks ready right away! You can’t beat that. Ive been with Rockland for 5+ years and two moves. I’ve tried other banks but Rockland has them all beat! The only reason I gave 4 instead of 5 stars is because there are the occasional glitches. Sometimes you click on the account history or try to deposit a check and an error message shows up. Nothing too major and nothing that has lasted longer than 5 mins. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


Nice features with one hiccup

My previous bank is a large bank that allowed me to login and see all of my accounts personal and business on one login. I can only take photos of my personal checks on that account and I had to do a separate login for a business which is fine but I’d say 85% of what I did was checking balances and seeing when things clear which can be done with the one login for the business login was just used to take pictures of checks for the business accounts. Other than the lack of this feature of RocklandTrust is pretty good.


needs serious updating

RocklandTrust consistently lags behind other banking apps I’ve used for different accounts, which is a shame, because Rockland Trust is the only bank I use given their stellar customer service when it comes to in-person banking needs. 2 stars because it generally does what I need it to, but it’s seriously lacking on multiple levels. 1.) infrequent updates to handle software changes (many of my complaints will probably be linked to this, so take them as you will) 2.) no easy access to account data - I probably wouldn’t complain about this if I didn’t also use Simple, which offers an AMAZING app that easily tells me, among other account data, what my routing number is, and which is far more intuitive and user friendly when I compare it to the RT app. 3.) frequent app crashes 4.) multiple login requirements (not for password error, but because the account screen simply won’t load). 5.) variability whether the system will accept mobile deposits - not for amounts, but for random error messages that leave me frustrated I bothered signing my check and feeling forced to physically go to the bank when I didn’t have time for it in the first place 🤨 I’m sure there is more I’ve been frustrated with in the long time I’ve been using RocklandTrust, but the bottom line is this - do better, Rockland Trust. RocklandTrust is a really inaccurate and poor reflection of the amazing banking that keeps me with your company.


Improve usability

1) Too long for deposits to show up online. Things deposited on a Friday or Saturday might not show up as deposited online until the following Tuesday or Wednesday - even direct deposits from employer 2) Had to write in a note in order to see my Acct number and the Routing number - otherwise numbers not readily visible 3) only have the option to set up a bill pay date pay about 1 week after you request it - why can’t it be sooner? 4) set up reminders to be sent to my email about a bill due, but don’t ever get the email reminders and Rockland Trust has never fixed it despite multiple conversations with customer service. 5) better now, but use to be a constant problem regarding the system not approving the picture of a deposited check. I would like someone to contact me to see how some of these issues can be addressed. Thank you.


Review of Rockland app

Rockland app is easy to use because of it’s well laid out format or design. Having all the options of all available activities in 1 column on the left, which is where your eyes immediately go to, makes ease of use. When pressing on an option a second option or subfolder appears The menu is easy to navigate. When selecting the account menu, the information appears in boxes for each account with the name and total. By individualizing, each account, you can quickly obtain the information that you are searching. This is just one example of why I give RocklandTrust a 5 star rating. Floss


Too restrictive and limiting

App is laid out quite nicely and intuitively, so it is particularly painful to write this review. As one tries to execute transactions that RocklandTrust appears to allow (with clear prompts along the way, etc.), such as paying a loan from a linked external account, error messages pop up without any clear description or explanation. It turns out (after having to call customer service multiple times) that this is NOT allowed. It is absurd in this day and age for one to not be able to pay from an already-linked external account. Beyond that, though, if it is going to be so, at a minimum RocklandTrust should not offer the option and/or provide a descriptive error message. This logic also applies to the arbitrary $2k external transfer limit. Security measures are important (and appreciated), but there is a distinction between what is proper risk management and what are ridiculous and extreme restrictions that hinder a customer’s ability to conduct their business. My interactions with most RT individuals have been positive, but I do not have to deal with all these issues with three other banks I have relationships with, and so, I must say I am unlikely to be a return customer for RT shall these conditions persist.



The Rockland Trust Banking App is one of the easiest Banking App’s to not only log into but also use. I have another Banking App from a competitor and it takes so long to just open it that if it wasn’t for its branch location to my work I would just close the account and delete RocklandTrust off my phone. I have been a Rockland Trust customer since 1994 and I am truly glad I have stayed. Your telephone C. S. R. have been most helpful the few times I have had the need to call as well. It is to hard in this day and age to still find a Buisness that stands behind what they advertise. Thank You!!


Rockland Trust

Love the Bank AND their mobile app. RocklandTrust is an easy to use tool that provides immediate real-time access to my accounts, 24-7. And technical support, to get me started and / or to respond to any questions that I have had, has been excellent. The “Bill Pay” feature is terrific and easy to set up and use. All payments to creditors have always been issued “on time” and promptly confirmed on dates of transactions via email. Could not be more satisfied with my banking relationship, whether at my local branch or through use of their on-line services.


Mobile Deposit feature works half the time

RocklandTrust is convenient and generally works well; however, there have been a handful of occasions now where the mobile deposit feature is flaky. Sometimes it boots back to the login screen in the middle of the photo capture (I have been trying multiple times a day for three days now to deposit a check and it still keeps booting me). On other occasions there have been issues with the orientation of the screen when you attempt to capture the check photos for the deposit. Considering this feature is my main reason for having RocklandTrust, I find the inconsistency very frustrating.


Works fine, and has improved from the beginning

RocklandTrust does everything I used to do with key entry telephone banking and of course it is much faster now to check balances or transfer money. Some things you still need to visit the bank or pick up the phone to get done, and Rockland (which has been the second acquirer of my original bank) has retained staff at locations they took over and remained courteous and efficient. The speed and functionality of RocklandTrust has also improved since I started using it a couple of years ago. I am happy with the bank and RocklandTrust .


Review of the Rockland Trust Smartphone App

I use RocklandTrust all the time; it is really comprehensive and allows me to do pretty much all my banking on RocklandTrust . The ONLY complaint I would have is that it only shows the last 2-3 transactions as far as the Bill Pay feature is concerned; it would be much better if it showed a longer history of Payments/Transactions. (That’s the reason for the 4 Star review versus a 5 Star one!) Thank you, in advance, for adding or enhancing that feature!! —Prasann T. (Customer for over 10 years!)


Billing payment display and other issues

When I go into my bill pay it does not show when I paid that bill last or if it is pending or future. I have to go somewhere else to find this now and it is very confusing.I have made multiple payments on accounts because of this. Deposit of checks by picture is the worst. This gives an incorrect error of declined deposit due to picture quality or no endorsement when it has one. Update- still happens. Check pictures don’t work and freezes. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. Have downloaded new app and did not fix the issue. Love online banking ,but not RocklandTrust.


Constant log outs

While I am able to complete deposits, RocklandTrust consistently and abruptly logs me out in the middle of a mobile check deposit. When I try to log back in, RocklandTrust just idles (spinning wheel). I then have to completely close RocklandTrust and re-login. There’s also a bug with taking photos of checks whereby I take perfectly clear photos of front and back, but when I click submit, RocklandTrust will tell me I have an invalid front image. When I then take a new one and click submit, it then tells me I have an invalid back image. All of these issues have gone on for the past year+ and I’m hoping RT starts fixing these bugs, as it they really slow down the efficiency of RocklandTrust and can be quite frustrating when I have 5+ checks to deposit.


Best Bank in USA

Rockland Bank is superior to any bank in this area or state. I have recently relocated to another state. I opened an account - expecting the same quality of service. That is not the case. The employees at Rockland are friendly, recognize me when I go to the bank. I have contacted Rockland Bank over the years and the availability to speak with someone seven days a week is not available at most banks. Rockland hired only exceptional because Rockland is an exceptional bank.


Perfectly useful

Does everything I need. Deposits checks, makes transfers, shows me my balance. Prior to this version, I could check my balance and transactions against my other app by not fully switching apps (iOS), and I could still see the list on the screen by just double-tapping and scootching the other apps to the side. Now, I have to be fully into the Rockland app for the screen to load again with my transactions. Not a dealbreaker, but it was a nice perk in the past. Maybe it’s a security issue and they “fixed the glitch”.


Continue to charge me

I’ve been going through tough times. I’ve tried to tell Rockland to please stop putting through things if the money isn’t there. I had a $10 charge cost me $35 and in the last 3 weeks about $300 in bank charges and even a $35 fee for a negative balance. I’m the last one to leave a negative comment about anything and always try and find the positive in everything and I admit I’m struggling but to take advantage of a customer like this who obviously has had better times. Well the whole family banking and we are here for you goes out the window when u see 8 or more $35 charges on your account. For a few simple mistakes I made . Joe


This app as well as the bank needs a lot of improvement

RocklandTrust works sometimes. Online banking is not that great. The customer service agents (over the phone) need more training. Let’s talk about the customer service line... horrible my boyfriends account was locked after over 15 minutes of questions about his identity and the agent still determined it wasn’t him. I’ve had several occasion where my card has declined (with enough funds) and I’ve called and no can tell me why. I’ve even complained at the branch and send emails and I’ve never received not even an apology. This bank definitely needs to improve and provide more reliable service.


Little flawed but gets the job done

Here’s the bad before the good, creating an account on Mobile was nearly impossible, had to call no big deal but not functioning as intended. The other bad is not being able to see your Acct number on mobile at all besides the last 4 digits, even though it’s difficult on the website too. Other than that RocklandTrust has all the functionality of the website and offers everything you need to get done. Could be a 5/5 app if they polished it up a bit.


Poor Customer Service

No one at Rockland Trust cares that RocklandTrust is not working in favor of the customer. It’s difficult to make mobile deposit due to automatic receipt emails (2per deposit). The service will no longer let you direct pay new people that are non corporations. Basically mobile deposit is a nuisance on top of being aggravating. Bill pay is only for who is convenient to the bank. If you have something other than cable, electric, mortgage or credit card you must write a hand check and mail it yourself. This was not the case and six months ago. Rockland trust customer service claims “there’s nothing that can be done“.

Is Rockland Trust Safe?

Yes. Rockland Trust Mobile Banking is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 6,153 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Rockland Trust Mobile Banking Is 34.5/100.

Is Rockland Trust Legit?

Yes. Rockland Trust Mobile Banking is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 6,153 Rockland Trust Mobile Banking User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Rockland Trust Mobile Banking Is 34.5/100.

Is Rockland Trust Mobile Banking not working?

Rockland Trust Mobile Banking works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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