Mango Health Reviews

Mango Health Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-29

Mango Health takes care of your daily health routine, to make it fun, easy, and
rewarding. Feature highlights include: reminders to take your medicine and keep
up with healthy habits, drug interactions info, a health history, and best of
all - points and rewards! HOW MANGO HEALTH SIMPL...

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Mango Health Reviews

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    Taking Meds - Awesome App!

    I began using this app to help me keep track of my medications and to set reminders to take the meds. This is a great app! And it is ENTIRELY free with no annoying ads or hidden “stuff” that makes you delete the app. You add your medications including the dosage, frequency, color, shape and time. You’ll even receive alerts in your Mango Inbox on important needs to know information about your meds and possible interactions. Then you customize your alarm. The alarms are limited, but the app is so helpful that doesn’t matter. By doing this you now have reminders set for yourself and when you visit your doctor(s) or pharmacy you have a list of your meds (cause you know they’ll ask). The app also allows you to track your weight, blood pressure and blood glucose. You can also set reminders for your water intake and exercise. The app has additional features that allows you to earn points and rewards. I haven’t used it long enough to understand how that works, but I’ll find out. I can’t say enough good things about this app. Great app! Thank you!

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    App has its issues

    Recently I’ve been having issues with how the app has been tracking water intake. If you look at my History, it shows I’ve met my water goal for each day over the past week. But if you view the habit detail (chart & log), it shows 0 servings almost every day since 12/31 except Sunday and what I’ve captured for today. Also, back when the time changed, all of my reminders got screwed up. Instead of a reminder triggering at 8pm, it was triggering at 7pm. And when I tried to edit it back to 8pm, it would appear to accept the change, but it would actually save it as 6pm...moving the reminder even earlier. And I just figured out that back around the same time, it changed my reminders for my monthly vitamin D from the 1st (in the evening) to the 6th (in the morning)...probably when I was having issues trying to correct the time of day reminders. So when I tried to move the reminder back to the evening on the 6th of the month, after having already taken the medication that morning... I got reminded again at the evening time, so I selected skip. And found out the next day that it registered as a missed dose and broke my medication streak I had going.

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    So Very Helpful

    Although I have just begun using this program, I am forgetting to notify Mango that I have taken my doses. It just takes a few days to get into the rhythm of reporting after I take my prescriptions. Great app, though. Easy to use. This is an update to my initial review: Having this app is like having my own personal "mother" who gently reminds me that it is time to take my meds. I really love this app. And an update to my update, I was experiencing a problem with my evening medication would not show as being taken, although I had reported on the app at least twice that I had taken the dose. Then a medication that I split one dose between morning and evening and which had been showing and recording correctly, just disappeared and I could not fix the problem. An email to the Contact us was responded to the next morning. The customer support at Mango Health is first rate. I was informed that they were working on a fix, and within a day or two, they had made the app work for me. So I continue to rate this app as five stars. It is a great app to have if you want to keep track of taking meds as scheduled, or keep track of the amount of the medication that is left and when it is time to refill, or if you want to know about drug interactions. I can highly recommend this app which does all of these things. At the beginning of 2018, I am still so happy with this app, particularly because I am getting forgetful. 😱🤯😨😜🤪

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    Outstanding!! One Suggestion!!

    I’m blown away by this app! Everything is absolutely on-point. It’s attractive, intuitive, engaging, and creative. Most medication reminder apps are as dry and dull as you might expect from something so mundane as a glorified alarm, but Mango turns typical on its head. The interface, the game, the PRIZES! (Does YOUR med reminder do that?) I’m in love! I have just one suggestion as a new user: Allow “groupings”, by which I mean that the user can select multiple meds to group together as one collective reminder (i.e, “Morning Meds”). Keep the option of receiving individual reminders, but also give users the ability to further streamline their medication management. Thank you for the awesome (FREE!) app. I appreciate that you don’t make me pay to access your amazing work. If you’re stuck buying medications in the US, you don’t have much left over for in-app purchases. This is fantastic, and I’m going to tell everyone I know!

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    Most useful app on my phone!

    I’m one of those people that believes that smart phones should make us smarter. Since downloading Mango Health one month ago, I have not missed a single dose of medication! This is a great feat for a forgetful, busy-minded person like myself. Knowing that my medication is being managed makes me feel like I can be more productive with my time. Thus, I am smarter because of Mango. 😉 A couple things the developers might consider adding in the future to make the app more ingenious. 1. Option for variable dosage amounts when the medication is taken more than once a day. (As in, your prescribed 1 dose in the AM and 0.5 dose in the PM) 2. A time log of when the medication is taken, “on time” and “late” indicators in history, or rewards for taking meds on time. Reminders, snooze, and last calls help to make sure you take your meds everyday, but if it is best for you to take your prescribed dose at the same time every day, wouldn’t it be good to note that one has gone off schedule? There’s a wonderful satisfaction about seeing your “progress” on the app, being rewarded for points you accumulate, and keeping up your streak. I would argue that if one fails to take their time-sensitive pills within a reasonable window, that may result in reduced points or a lag in their streak, some sort of reminder that urges the user to stay on top of their medication to get the best out of the app. Thank you Mango Team!

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    Started out Good, but went bad /only 1/2 star.

    Let me say that I am at Level 8, with over 6700 points earned. I’ve been doing this for a while earning from 0 to 15 points max per day. This app started out with good intentions. But it has fallen flat. In the beginning, I worked hard to follow my dosing times and earn points. Then, when I finally earned enough points to start getting rewards, I found out that it was rigged. First, I thought you could pick your reward from the point level you achieved. But no, you have to hit a “piñata”, one chance per week, and if it “ breaks” you get to choose your reward. However there is no way to hit the “ piñata” hard enough to break it on the first try, apparently the only way to win. And when it finally breaks ( remember, you are actually hitting your iPhone screen.. ) and you look at the list of people who won, most times it shows no winners. Now the app is hitting me with “missing doses”reminders for medicines that are on my list but for times that ARE NOT the scheduled dose times. The App is making up dose Times, and it’s is intermittently responding to the touch screen, when This App is getting deleted.

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    Best medicine app ever! + 1 suggestion

    This is the best medicine reminder app ever! You add in the medicine name, instructions on when and how to take it, how much you have, and what it looks like. Then Mango Health will tell you information about the medicine and if there is risk of OTC reactions and interactions. As you take your meds you get points. Points add up and you get to the next “level”. This is the awesome part: you get entered into a weekly raffle if you take your meds as directed. The prize to the raffle is REAL money! If you win, you choose if you want a gift card with the money on it or if you want to donate the money to an organization. The higher the level you’re on, the higher the prize money! I was on level 7 and I WON!! $75! It was the first time I’ve ever won ANYTHING in my life! This was about two or three years ago. Level 8 is the final level and it’s $100. Now it’s not just about medicine. Now you can track food, mood, and other things. It’s pretty rad. Suggestion: it would be cool if there were more than 8 levels or more point-related goals. I’ve been on level 8 for two or three years. I have 10,110 points. I get that once you win a grand prize, you can’t win again but I wish there were badges or some other goals to reach. Like, “congrats- you’ve used this app for four years!” (Which I have lol).

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    Just ok

    This App was recommend by my online pharmacy. They offered a gift card for signing up, so I did. I would not have done it otherwise. The app itself it ok, but not great. Adjusting and inputting information on the app is not all that intuitive or as flexible as desired. Every day I have to wait for the app to load and sign me in just so I can tap the check mark indicating I took my medication - which I always do anyway. I don’t always have my phone on me, and mornings are busy, so sometimes I forget to mark it until it’s too late to get credit - which is dumb, since I actually took the medication on time. The raffle is a joke. I won a $1 gift card the very first time (I’m guessing everyone wins the first time in order to get you to keep playing). But since then - nothing. I assumed that the higher I leveled up the more chances I would have to win. Even if the prizes were small it would make people want to keep leveling up. I don’t really see the point. Honestly, it’s just easier for me to set up reminders on my phone.

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    App keeps changing my medicine type

    I keep putting the type of medicines as liquid and eye drops and by the end of the day, it says tablets again. It’s frustrating me! In addition, I am having trouble relocating the times my daughter took the medicine. I need to reference that (or my husband does) so that we know when to give the next dose (not sooner than 6 hrs). Also, my doctor is advising me to give medicine to my 7 week old, so I think it’s stupid the app won’t let me. An app is not going to change my opinion on what my doctor is telling me. To improve the app, consider making a feature where you can put the medicine schedule for others and add a caregiver to have access to the same schedule (without making us sign in on the same account.) Also, make it so that the schedule notifies you in a certain amount of hours. (For example, first medicine dose is at 6:30 am, so the next dose is 6 hrs later at 12:30 am. If the app registers I didn’t take the medicine until 7:00 am, next dose is 6 hrs later at 1 pm.)

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    Great Reminder

    It is nice to have a constant reminder when meds need to be taken. Easy to set up & use. Only downside is that when I take my medicine but forget to record it with the app, the history is wrong- shows a false missing of meds & won't let me enter correct time taken. Now that I’ve used this app for some time now, I had reached the highest level (8) and would be well into the 10 thousand range if the app had not suddenly froze up on me- I had to uninstall then reinstall- only to discover that the score that their system had saved for me was way back to 9700 range. And at that point when you factor in having to start back all the way back there and with my percentages being so messed up with the bug that occurred after the reinstall, I mean the app really isn’t something that I want to continue using at this point and I hate to say that because up until the last couple weeks it was great. But I need something more reliable,more consistent.

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    Update broke app, now won’t load

    March 10, 2019 App now won’t load after time change, hangs on Loading screen even after force quit and reboot phone. Overall a very good app. Things I'd like to see changed: - other apps provide a snooze dialog WITHOUT interrupting what you're doing and having to go into the app to snooze - multiple robust snoozes. Sometimes I'm busy or don't take my med for a few hours, I need something that won't stop nagging me until I've taken it - today I took my med 30 minutes before the reminder, and it would NOT allow me to log it as taken Previous review After updating to the latest version, the app was hanging and crashing, but after rebooting my phone the app is working fine and is faster as advertised. Great support with timely responses, too. Previous review: I really want to like this app, but there a a few big issues. First, I really don't care about winning prizes, I just want to be reminded to take my med. The designers put more focus into the reward aspect and preventing people from cheating when they missed a dose; I hardly ever take mine at the same time every day, and the new update makes it even harder to accurately track if you haven't taken your dose in the narrow time window. The update is even less intuitive and informative when you try to correct a missed dose, which makes the quantity remaining incorrect. I just need something that will nag me without fail until I take my med, not quit after three tries.

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    Healthy habits

    This is a new app for me and seemed to be working well for about a week. Then it stopped recording healthy habits while is just a short list of them. The steps was not correct in mine when it worked. The day it stopped the next morning hydration habit stopped needs work! For meds after you get them listed and add how many is on hand it seems like a reminder when to reorder. If you get meds at to location like local and 90 day it will be wrong. For instance I am gave a med to be on long time but need fill first one local and get one 90 day sent to me it reminds me to order from both and no way to take the one off. Will give a few weeks but if habits do not work I will delete. I deleted and not sure when I wrote this review but today is September 30th 2019. And received email to update review or contact them. I stand with my review the app needs work to be helpful, and since it feels like along time since I deleted app maybe they have fixed.

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    Very helpful!

    I have always had a problem remembering to take my medication. But with this app I have remembered to take it for over 600 days. I have an Apple Watch too so if I’m on the go I can still get a reminder and track it on my app. I have memory issues and I like that it tells me when my meds are running low so I can refill my prescription. The point system keeps me motivated and the little articles at the top seem to always correlate with my life at the time like traveling with meds, why to drink more water, and general tips for healthy living. I love this app and have suggested it to many people I know who are struggling to keep track of their meds. Plus I just won a $75 gift card to target so I’m buying myself a little gift for keeping myself healthy! Thank you!

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    Helpful App to Keep You Accountable

    If you have to take a certain amount or variety of meds, it can feel cumbersome and feel easier to delay or dismiss than stay on a regimented schedule. However, Mango Health has helped to keep me accountable, not only through reminders, but also because seeing "0" next to days where I didn't take my meds or took them too late shows me an actual representation of how diligent I am being with taking what I am prescribed. My only comments for developers would be to add the ability to customize a medicine or supplement if it isn't listed, as well as add "Habits" for iOS, too (although I know those are two things already under consideration). Highly recommend this for anyone taking medication for any length of time.

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    Great app

    Sadly, it seems that I am turning into one of those people who has trouble remembering to take his meds. Mango lets me set reminders to take them on time. “Mango time” has become a running joke at my house now. I really like the drug interaction feature - it finally answered the question of why my blood sugar was going crazy after starting a new blood pressure med. The only issue I have is with entering my blood glucose. The number wheel starts at 100 and occasionally while I am scrolling it up it will reset to 100 so I have to start over. Minor inconvenience overall though. Would be nice if it talked to HealthKit so I didn’t have to enter stuff manually. The Qardio app already records my blood pressure, so maybe Mango could pull that data automatically?

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Yes. Mango Health is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 9,002 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Mango Health Is 52.0/100.

Is Mango Health Legit?

Yes. Mango Health is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 9,002 Mango Health User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Mango Health Is 52.0/100.

Is Mango Health not working?

Mango Health works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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