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Published by on 2022-09-22

Get all your deals, coupons and rewards in one easy place with up to $300 in
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Reported Issues: 15 Comments

By Debbie Schnider
Nov 03 2022

Albertsons app works fine at home but when trying to connect in store it states a connection problem. I turned off my home wifi and connected to "Albertson free wifi" in store and it still has a connection problem...

By Robert Struzinski
Oct 20 2022

After downloading I couldn't get the app to let me sign in, errors every time. Chat was no help 3 times they told me everything was fine but still had errors. 2 days later I was able to sign in, had no idea how to get the discounts applied to my purchase. No employees knew how to do ot, paid way too much. 3nd time I went to the service desk and they gave me a refund, luckily there was an employee who was on the ball and showed me how to get the discounts applied.

Now I can't get the app to change stores from Texas to Arizona, it did this last time I tried to use it. I used their app years ago when it 1st came out and had no problem, why can't people just leave their working apps alone? They keep changing it till it's junk, it's not just this app but every single app ive ever used has ended up broken due to constant changes. There isn't 1 single app available that's worth the time to even bother trying to use.

Apps have proven to be a complete joke, devs can't write their way out of a digital coupon! I guess that's how it goes when you hire high schoolers to represent you're on line presence.

I picture a table of execs all in their late 60s agreeing that they need one of those app thingies that the kids are always texting to. Then a few remember that their grand kids are great at writing computer programs and they're hired sight unseen and never even fill out an application before they get started on writing an app for the first time in their lives. They produce this piece of garbage and then help to write the Offer Up app! Proving their skills are not good then move on to bigger things only to find out that they really have no idea how this works.

Albertsons and Fry's have no business working with anything that uses the web or a computer ever! Fry's app was no better and didn't work for a long time, this one is just useless in every way. Poorly planned, not tested confusing to use, bad ideas within it like click on the coupon and the list moves while the coupon disappears. Who does that? I would never have thought that was a good idea! Then the employees have no idea how the sales work or how the app works since they have never used the app or shipped at any grocery stores in their lives since they still have mom doing that while they live at their parents home yet.

5 workers a with their phones out while I'm standing there at my self check out trying to get someone to help me out! As much as I hate frys, after my Albertsons experience, I have no choice but to go back to Fry's. Prices are so out of control now that Fry's has taken advantage of the 5 it 6% inflation and doubled their prices! I can get better deals at Circle K on many items I used to buy at frys.

Let's just say I don't do much grocery shopping any more unless I have to and I only buy certain items without bothering with their time consuming app that only gives a small discount if I buy 2 huge boxes of stuff I'll never use it eat. Or offer savings on their awful organic overpriced terrible tasting stuff. Never see a usable coupon out of 500 they post. Only see good deals once I'm at the store, those never show in the app! So sick of big companies screwing us consumers!

By Joy Walsh
Sep 05 2022

Went to the store and tried to open the app. to view "My List". The app would not stay open. Four different Albertsons employees tried to help me. They didn't inow what to do and had never seen that. They did comment that the wifi in their store was not very good. I tried it at home and had no problem. This was a very frustrating shopping trip for me as I depend on my list to be sure I buy everything needed. Needless to say I forgot a few things.

By elizabeth o'flarity
Aug 09 2022

Your app says its not compatible with my android phone so how am I suppose to get the deals?

By Trisha
Jul 24 2022

Deals “unclipping” themselves once I leave My List page. Frustrating that we have to clip deals twice to begin with.

By Linda Cowen
Jul 20 2022

Digital coupons are not loading as well as associates offers

By Sharon Van Horik
Jul 20 2022

I just downloaded the Albertson app on my phone but it won't let me choose my store in Lake Forest, California. Very frustrating.

By Barbara Wolfe
Jul 18 2022

For the last month we have not been able to log into our account- therefore we have not been able to get the deals and ALL of your coupons have been "digital only". Sometimes the store gives us the special sometimes not. This happened from Thanksgiving thru Christmas also. We had to reset our password then. What do we need to do now?

By Pamala J Poitevint
Jul 18 2022

Albertsons App hasn't worked all week. Tried a new password. Deleted App and reset it. I have turned off my phone and restarted. Message on sign-in states unable to process your request at this time????

By Daniel Heindel
Jul 10 2022

App does not remove checked items during shopping.

By Jeffrey Strada
Jul 03 2022

can not download the app on my phone, can only get to eastern New Mexico and Alberquerque Albertson's markets ( I am in Arizona ). Or I can dload the employee app, I am not an employee. I have to dload just for u Coupons on the computer at home.

By Ruth
Jun 30 2022

When I try to search Deals from iPhone all I see is SERVICE PROLEMS.

By Sheronda Powell
Jun 23 2022

Each time I access the app I get the following error message:
Service problem, resources not found, error code 404.
I Uninstaller & installed the app several times. I went into the store for help & they couldn't help. I did a chat & they wanted me to sign up with my credit card information, that's a big NO!!

By Cindy Frugoli
Jun 12 2022

I was using the Albertsons app just fine for a few years now it won’t work. Dry frustrating having to have the cashier put the ad prices in for me. Please help. It says app not compatible with my phone now.

By Veronica
Jun 05 2022

Not getting deal prices when going to checkout on app

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